SaveMe Oh exhibited on UWA as the best artwork ever in SL !


 What is the best artwork of SL ?:

SaveMe OH

go vote for her
under row
3th from right

Metaphysical Writer: Spam? Spam usually works against you. Perhaps you should rething this strategy.
SaveMe Oh: depends what is your goal
SaveMe Oh: I am not here to win an idols contest but to be art
Metaphysical Writer: I can guarantee you lost my vote
SaveMe Oh: I cannot care less
Metaphysical Writer: you have been muted
SaveMe Oh: since now?
SaveMe Oh: anyway I dislike people with dogs


Omvänd kampanj

Enligt reglerna för konsttävlingen på UWA är det förbjudet att kampanja för egna eller andras konstverk.

Så vad gör SaveMe Oh? 1) hon ställer ut sig själv som konstföremål 2) hon ställer sig framför röstningstavlan med sin konstnärliga knölpåk 3) hon kampanjar ihärdigt

SaveMe Oh: What is the best artwork of SL ?:

SaveMe OH

go vote for her
under row
3th from right

Det hörs ända till Norge!

Apmel Goosson: shouldn´t stand here where people vote
SaveMe Oh: it works great
SaveMe Oh: the best artwork next to the voting board
SaveMe Oh: how easy you want it?
ush Underwood: i tried to vote
ush Underwood: didnt work
ush Underwood: stroke
Apmel Goosson: how can people vote for you nif you knock them down?

Röstningstavlan fungherade inte men det uppstod snabbt en kö med avatarer som var redo att ta "ett slag för konsten" från SaveMe.

Apmel Goosson: the votingboard doesn´t work
SaveMe Oh: maybe its destroyed by my popularity
Apmelina Slingshot: how many votes have you managed to bang in i wonder
SaveMe Oh: When all you alts come its half SL

SaveMe Oh: peopel really are touched by art tonight
Cat Shilova: ah sorry, I guess i dont understand art
Cat Shilova: protects whats left of her teeth
Kikas Babenco: I'm protecting my precious art bump
Marmaduke Arado: art is anything you get hit with
Marmaduke Arado: causing an impression
Cat Shilova: quite an impression. true
Cat Shilova: is spitting teeth on the ground now
Marmaduke Arado: my turn to be hit again by art - one more please saveme
Marmaduke Arado: it's addictive!

The Day Velazquez Bonetto Was Hit By Real Art

As you all might know I am exhibited on the moment in UWA as the best artwork ever in SL.

Velazquez Bonetto: hi saveme

Kandinsky Beaumont: Hi SaveMe I just wondered where you were in this

SaveMe Oh: I am exhibited here

Kandinsky Beaumont: good piece of work, right I can see that now, very 3D

SaveMe Oh: very good, I would say the best

Kandinsky Beaumont: probably as usual…

SaveMe Oh: yes, sorry, I also can’t help that

Kandinsky Beaumont: No it is your extreme talent.

Kandinsky Beaumont: I know you should maybe have a tip jar to collect help for your suffering

SaveMe Oh: I am not that desperate

Kandinsky Beaumont: I am seriously tired of all the pictures without inhalt

SaveMe Oh: yes me too, everything here looks like a standstill for more than 3 years

Kandinsky Beaumont: I am desperately looking for real raw political art I sl…where is it?

Kandinsky Beaumont: there is You and some others but mostly there is coquettery

SaveMe Oh: yes, its an old ladies tea party

SaveMe Oh: Like Josina who is close to us

Entering chat range: Josina Burgess (19m)

Kandinsky Beaumont: yes I saw her things over there

SaveMe Oh: you think she was already hit by an artwork?

Kandinsky Beaumont: I haven´t seen much of her actually but I remember a banning of you…that’s when I lost interest

SaveMe Oh: that’s the good thing when you are banned, you don’t have to see their shit anymore

Kandinsky Beaumont: tell me are you here all the time? hehe must be like doing military service

SaveMe Oh: I have 37 alts

Kandinsky Beaumont: Hi Velasques

SaveMe Oh: don’t worry, you have to see it as a limited edition of me

Kandinsky Beaumont: sorry for bad spelling Velazquez

Velazquez Bonetto: nop

SaveMe Oh: he had to Google it himself too

Velazquez Bonetto: ah saveme is the handcontroled moving artwork

Kandinsky Beaumont: hehe

SaveMe Oh: I am the artwork

SaveMe Oh: nothing more, nothing less

Velazquez Bonetto: yes I know

Kandinsky Beaumont: always well dressed also

Velazquez Bonetto: is on the attached table

SaveMe Oh: did an artwork already hit you once?

Kandinsky Beaumont: Taking care of her creation

SaveMe Oh hits Velazquez Bonetto with her baseball bat

SaveMe Oh: how did that feel?

Velazquez Bonetto: yepp nice argumentation

SaveMe Oh: is that interactive art or not?

Velazquez Bonetto: sure it is

SaveMe Oh: unscripted

Velazquez Bonetto: not really, your whole body is scripted but from the Lindens

SaveMe Oh: he is such a bore, always try to destroy an illusion

SaveMe Oh: he doesn’t realize that it is the illusions and stories that count

Kandinsky Beaumont: sorry have to leave you now…

Kandinsky Beaumont: I close my eyes for dreams…

SaveMe Oh: do you want to leave yourself or you want help?

SaveMe Oh hits Kandinsky Beaumont with her baseball bat

Kandinsky Beaumont: o god I am thrown away like trash did you hit me SaveMe?

SaveMe Oh: you were struck by an artwork

SaveMe Oh: touched by a work of art

SaveMe Oh: it moved you

SaveMe Oh: Josina, were you already touched by art?

SaveMe Oh hits Josina Burgess with her baseball bat



SaveMe Oh hon slutar då aldrig att förvåna mig... bra det!

”I am unbanned at UWA, but now locked up in a little exhbition box between banlines.”

Jaha ja igen då... konstnären som alltid utmanar - det måste jag bara se med egna ögon även om att plantera 1.800 snöklädda träd var dagens prio No ETT:

Och där var hon. Vad annars... rätt söt i en box. Som en ”Barbie” fast med intelligens och inte i rosa... och med vassare tunga:-) Varför hon blev bannad? Ingen aning men det är säkert någon upprörd.. över något...

Utställningen är i alla fall öppen för ALLA ANDRA och kan ses på (SLurl):- - där man även får rösta på sin favoriter/er... Vem jag röstade på? Gissa EN gång!


From Soror Nishi's blog:

...and Saveme Oh is creating her own theatre, as she does, on a specially defined area of the show where she has a tiny parcel where she is unbanned.... it's like a SaveMe Oh enclave, a sort of performance art ghetto. I find it very funny. Jayjay and SaveMe have created an ongoing soap opera/performance which I love.


Australian Art Repression

SaveMe Oh: am still banned, who you gave the trigger this time?

Jayjay Zifanwe: hmm ok I have to check who did it, and ask why first

Jayjay Zifanwe: I know you did good service for 2 days but my people do good service for 2 years

Jayjay Zifanwe: so I have to give them that respect

SaveMe Oh: ok, then I send out just a note card to notify the people, and in case of reversion I will send one again

Then he unbanned me but locked me up in an exhibition hole from 2 square meters where I cannot communicate in chat or act with people, the best artwork of SL muted in a box! The perfromance killed!


Jayjay Zifanwe: hey were you staying in the spot allocated to you? or not? You should be able to be in your area without problems (2 square miles of UWA prison)

SaveMe Oh: you should start supporting Guantanamo bay instead of art, you are far better as a sadist camp commander.

Jayjay Zifanwe: nah c’mon… you’ll look cute. Trust me

SaveMe Oh: you do everything to frustrate art. Why? For what are you so afraid?

Jayjay Zifanwe: afraid? Just a balance

Jayjay Zifanwe: I found out why you got banned and by whom

Jayjay Zifanwe: but they don’t want me to tell you who

Jayjay Zifanwe: they said you were hitting people

Jayjay Zifanwe: and not being in your area

SaveMe Oh: that is part of the performance dummie

SaveMe Oh: touched by art

Jayjay Zifanwe: well you performed so well people thought it was real and got frightened

SaveMe Oh: that’s a lie, I touched them only once

SaveMe Oh: and they are beaten back 5 meters

Jayjay Zifanwe: yeah I heard what happened

Jayjay Zifanwe: I understand it

SaveMe Oh: it was full, 2 days long

SaveMe Oh: you restricted that

Jayjay Zifanwe: hmmm a new entry for December

SaveMe Oh: a permanent entree I should say

SaveMe Oh: yesterday I performed all afternoon with Kikas and Marmaduke

Jayjay Zifanwe: yes I know you suffer for your art

SaveMe Oh: I don’t suffer

SaveMe Oh: but you are too stupid what is really interactive art

SaveMe Oh: you hold on to the old stuff and pretend to be a university

SaveMe Oh: you should be ashamed of yourself

SaveMe Oh: I mean that

Jayjay Zifanwe: well I always find a way for you

SaveMe Oh: you do

Jayjay Zifanwe: no matter who complains

Jayjay Zifanwe: but I have to balance things

Jayjay Zifanwe: it’s the way of nature

SaveMe Oh: but you hold it back for your students

Jayjay Zifanwe: nature

SaveMe Oh: I have no other option than to play with your rules

SaveMe Oh: but your rules suck

SaveMe Oh: in a learning environment

SaveMe Oh: you teach your students also to become better without experiments?

SaveMe Oh: to look only backwards?

Jayjay Zifanwe: well we let them push the envelope

Jayjay Zifanwe: and then don’t let them fall over the edge

SaveMe Oh: when I beat them slightly they also don’t fall over the edge

SaveMe Oh: they are not children

Jayjay Zifanwe: really saveme

Jayjay Zifanwe: some people were intimidated by it

Jayjay Zifanwe: I dont understand too well why

Jayjay Zifanwe: as they should know you better

SaveMe Oh: me neither, and that why I dont believe it

Jayjay Zifanwe: but there are all sorts of people here

Jayjay Zifanwe: well you may choose not to

Jayjay Zifanwe: up to you

Jayjay Zifanwe: i wouldnt bother standing here

SaveMe Oh: I will continue of course

Jayjay Zifanwe: if I didnt care

SaveMe Oh: your ignorant followers deserve that

SaveMe Oh: I only act because I care

SaveMe Oh: otherwise I would not be doing this

Jayjay Zifanwe: touche

Jayjay Zifanwe: :)

SaveMe Oh: kiss

SaveMe Oh: we talk another time about the mariage


SaveMe Oh’s Break Through


SaveMe Oh, strong critic of  UWA IDOLS events past, have finally broken through to claim the top spot in the first round of the new UWA 3D Open Art Challenge! SaveMe’s work, SaveMe Oh  which mesmerized the judging panel, took the L$10,000 first prize. To quote fellow artist, Thoth Jantzen in admiring SaveMe’s work, “I’d never seen sarcasm and cynicism in sculpted form before”.  SaveMe, who has won numerous  prizes in all kind of competitions comes now in automatic qualification to the Grand Finale Round.

Commenting on the win, SaveMe  said; I am totally unsurprised and really really care a bullshit for this recognition of my work, it makes me wanna puke and it’s another push for me to continue destroying hippie work in SL and  experiment with all the knowledge that I have to send them in an heavy rotation back to Woodstock. I only want to  thank Cheesus  who was and is my mentor and took me along in the world of bullshit and make me see that it’s only OH ART that makes the difference in Secondlife. Thank you very very much! “

So I’m not speechless and don’t have to cry fake tears and it’s almost an insult to be recognized along with so many bullshit artists and works of art.

I prefer to shit on all these prizes. The SL F-Art prize and the DOGFOOD prize are given by totally nobodies who think their names on the judges lists are more important than me, SaveMe Oh. So  I hate to participate in this very open challenge where anyone can propose their own vision of art because the last thing I wanna know is this mediocre points of view.

71 entries were received from normally knitting old ladies and old man in pampers in their anti Alzheimer training program for the first round of this new Challenge with represents a sad collaboration between self acclaimed pseudo art houses and aquarelle groups in Second Life. These include The University of Texas San Quentin (UTSQ) led by Dr Carmen Fies, SL F-Art, led by Gleman Jun & Sunset Quinnel, CRAP led by Josina Burgess & Velazquez Bonetto, Pirats Sad Network led by  Merlina Rokocoko & Newbab Zsigmond, FraudIsee led by Fau Ferdinand & Lizsolo Mathilde, Blow & Sell @ Avaria led by Florenze Kerensky & Barney Boomslang, DOGFOOD led by Frolic Mills & Giela Delpaso & UWA with Professor Ted Snell, Chair of the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council as Chair of the UWA judging panel.

FreeWee Ling in describing SaveMe Oh: As the curator of the UWA challenge I live and work with all these mess of works in a constant state of madness as they have so less quality but SaveMe Oh’s work is the only thing that cures the pain in a very intimate way. That’s why she also receives The Curator’s Choice award because it’s what I consider as be the best piece in the competition. Although you can call the other shit hardly any competition at all to SaveMe Oh.

Yesikita Coppola, the new official machinimatographer of the challenge can also go to hell because I will never appear in front of his camera as I am myself far better in filming me. And then without soft focus slow pending boring shots above shiny water parts.

SaveMe Oh is a complex work that is disturbing and dark. While shocking subjects tend to be sensational and unappealing to me I find myself really engaged by the quality of both her imaginative vision and her renderings in virtual space that combine elements of her real and virtual work.  SaveMe Oh is an imaginative and courageous emotional statement. SaveMe Oh is an intelligent and deeply thoughtful artist.