When artists are not allowed anymore to make the greatest outrages off time subject of their art we have reached censorship in its most fundamentalist appearance. That’s why SaveMe will play a concerto for the freedom of expression among those who are threatened with extinction.

If you want to make a statement against censorship, invite SaveMe Oh to repeat her performance and take care there will be an overkill of images on the social media and enjoy at the same time the extraordinary organ playing skills SaveMe Oh will demonstrate. Also her handling of the flute and the delicate touch on the tremolo arm are not to be missed. 

When visitors posted pics they made of the performance they found their Facebook accounts blocked or cancelled.



Cat Shilova writes: After 2 weeks, I was beginning to think that I had escaped it, but The Spell of Facebook’s censorship has finally reached my page. To be able to log again, I was summoned before The Rules Court and I had afterwards to cut a few too evident Roco Siffredi’s willies-dicks-cocks (not even with an hard on) featuring in one of my previous posts, to illustrate SaveMe Oh’s artistic installation in Second Life. As usually, “someone was offended” and signaled what prevented him/her to sleep calmly, hands ABOVE the duvet. I don’t think that “someone” is among my friends … but some of my friends are maybe not that much my friends. Though I guess that “Someone” must be Facebook itself.

*Waves to Marc Z.*