You Are The Proud Winner Of The SaveMe Oh Award

Why the jury and the people choose you?


Your nostalgic secondlife that uses memorabilia to conjure rich tales with autobiographical overtones to amplify characters without overdramatizing them engagingly crosses the line into farce. Taking a straightforward documentary approach you highlight aspects of the everyday that would escape notice if you had not focused our attention on them, from the body language of patrons to the atmospheric views.

Using Secondlife as the basis of your work, your images transform into strangely impersonal renderings of avatars, landscapes and events. Your technique of outlining every form and modulating every highlight and shadow yields a mosaic effect that homogenizes the subjects and their surroundings.

Emotion is a strong component of your mixed-media homages but it never falls into sentimentality.

The web of visceral shapes is simultaneously captivating and repellent, as if the internal organs of an alien creature had been dissected for scientific investigation.

The garish colors of modern synthetic materials are emphasized to gigantic proportions. You rub our noses in the tawdry brilliance of kitsch.

You mix the strong colors of synthetic pigments with the earthy tones of natural ones, blurring the boundaries between them with milky veils. Scraped layers of liquid pixels cause further blending of the two realms.

Snippets of visual information gleaned from the mass media as a kind of code, with intense dots and dashes, bars and blips signaling information too removed from its sources for us to decipher. The slow process seems to progress from pleasure to irritation to pain, and watching it induces a trancelike fascination, a complex environment that recalls a real world. It offers a pointed critique of wasteful consumerism.

Your work is gnawing activity, playing off the natural and the synthetic, the creative and the destructive, against each other.


Congratulations with your award. 

SaveMe Oh: and the Save Me Oh Awards 2009, who will be the winners????

Apmel Goosson: ohhhh the suspense!!!!!!

SaveMe Oh: Ladies and Gentleman , its an honor to anounce the first winner

SaveMe Oh: he must have already smelled it

HP Darcy: NOO

Velazquez Bonetto: uhhhhhh

SaveMe Oh: as he is already standing on the field of honour

SaveMe Oh: winner of this years SaveMe Oh Award


HP Darcy: jippie !!!

Sole Jie: clap clap clappppppp

Velazquez Bonetto: bravooooooo

Josina Burgess: wohooooooooooooo

Roni Navarathna:      ♪♪♪♪>~~~APPLAUSE~~~<♪♪♪♪

Josina Burgess: Applause!!

SaveMe Oh: he will now recieve his award

HP Darcy: PFFF sick

HP Darcy: FUN

SaveMe Oh: give the man an applause, he dont get it so much

HP Darcy: ow i’m s happy

Josina Burgess: he just said he never wins something!!!!

Sole Jie: congratssss HP

SaveMe Oh: then we go to the second winner, I call Dan Yapungku to the stage.

Dan Yapungku: hello dear ladies and gentleman

SaveMe Oh: He is the winner of this years award for the laziest Belgium

SaveMe Oh: sufferer of the rusian empire

Saxoni Fenstalker: Way to go Dan!

SaveMe Oh: and still standing strong

Dan Yapungku: Thnnx Thnx a lot ….

Velazquez Bonetto: bravooooo

Dan Yapungku: First of all I like to thank all the people that made it possible for me to stay strong to get survived in being lazy

SaveMe Oh: a good speech DAN

Sole Jie: YESSS

Dan Yapungku: Second I like to thank the russian empire

Dan Yapungku: if the russian didn’t discovered the russian roulette I already died and couldn’t be here to recieve this wonderfull award

Dan Yapungku: the award I could recieve from the creative hands of the queen of the flying dutchmans Save Us

Josina Burgess: hahahahhahaaa

SaveMe Oh: and then I would like to call AMPEL to the stage



Apmel Goosson: i HATE THIS

Josina Burgess: Applause!!

SaveMe Oh: And then the special award for the almost biggets swedish blog writer

Cisko Vandeverre: where is my prize .-))

SaveMe Oh: we hoped the real winner would be here, but she is not there yet

Roni Navarathna: awwwww

SaveMe Oh: so we give the award to AMPEL

Apmel Goosson: I´ll give it to her

SaveMe Oh: as second best

Apmel Goosson: this is the worst moment of my life

HP Darcy: Look Apmel. You can wear your Award ㋡

SaveMe Oh: give this cold hot man from sweden a big applause

Apmel Goosson: I´ll never be the same again

SaveMe Oh: speech speech speech AMPEL

Starshine Halasy: Hooooo!!!

Josina Burgess: hahahah fantastic

SaveMe Oh: people, he is a little shy

Apmel Goosson: I do not deserv this..I am the second biggest shit i sweden

Roni Navarathna: So modest is Apmel. lol

Velazquez Bonetto: hahaha

Apmel Goosson: you will here about this in my blog

SaveMe Oh: Then I call RONI to the stage

Josina Burgess: woot roni!

SaveMe Oh: For being the biggest groupie of AL, and always carrying his guitar

Starshine Halasy: hehe

Roni Navarathna: hahahahaha. That’s me

SaveMe Oh: you win the SaveMe Oh award

Roni Navarathna: Thank you very much for this award. It is so rare that groupies are appreciated :)

Apmel Goosson: no it´s mostly prostitutes that get all the credit

Roni Navarathna: They get paid more too. LOL

SaveMe Oh: then i call CLOVIS to the stage

Saxoni Fenstalker: Go Clovis!

SaveMe Oh: CLOVIS won the award for being the only man who was voted for all the time by the same woman

Saxoni Fenstalker: lol

Luik: LOl

Roni Navarathna: LOL

Saxoni Fenstalker: still dont know who could have done that

Clovis Luik: thank you

Saxoni Fenstalker: applause!!

Clovis Luik: this award will help me speak even less in the future

SaveMe Oh: then I call to the stage Velazques, the old guy in the back

SaveMe Oh: For being the only one who can stand Josina every day he recieves this years AWARD

Roni Navarathna: hahahahaha

Josina Burgess: hahahahahahahahhaah

Josina Burgess: is this a roast????

HP Darcy: hihihi

Velazquez Bonetto: ojjeee

SaveMe Oh: wear it with proud

Josina Burgess: Applause!!

SaveMe Oh: he is too confused to speak maybe

SaveMe Oh: Then I call on the stage for the best young artsist award YAIA

SaveMe Oh: nobody does better buschairs then she does

Josina Burgess: speech!

Yaia Nishi: ty saveme … :)

SaveMe Oh: thank the jury

SaveMe Oh: then i call to the stage SOLE JIE

Josina Burgess: Applause!!

Josina Burgess shouts: sole!!


Sole Jie: I will try


Sole Jie: haha

SaveMe Oh: walk very carefully

Sole Jie: is a miracle that i can walk indead

HP Darcy: Why is she getting this award?

Sole Jie: good question

Josina Burgess shouts: because she earned it and the jury sais so HP!

HP Darcy: oww ok

Sole Jie: hahahahahahahahaha…

Saxoni Fenstalker: lol

SaveMe Oh: FOR being the lousiest lawyer in Secondlife. You could prevent me from being banned by the LINDEN over and over again but you didn’t and for being my secret one and only lover nun

Saxoni Fenstalker: I’ve heard that nuns make good lovers

Josina Burgess: lol:)))

Sole Jie: love you .. if i prevent all those banns you could be so bored … you should thank me for my bad work!

Sole Jie: xxx

SaveMe Oh: she is the best nun lover in the world

SaveMe Oh: Only people, please tell her to get rid of the tail, its worse then HPs moustache

Apmel Goosson: nunfucker

Sole Jie: thanks to my family, my friends. my lovers.. the saints of all the worold

HP Darcy: whaa, noo

SaveMe Oh: then I call to the stage ALIDA

Josina Burgess: woihoooooooo

SaveMe Oh: is she awake? can somebody kick her?

Josina Burgess: alidaaaaaaaaaa

SaveMe Oh: ALIDA

Alida Hammerer: here i am, sorry i just arrived

SaveMe Oh: ALIDA won this years award and nobody knows why, but she won

Oh: give her an applause

Alida Hammerer: wow

Saxoni Fenstalker: YAY!!

Velazquez Bonetto: hahahahah


Starshine Halasy: Hooooo!!!

Alida Hammerer: i’m so glad you exist!

SaveMe Oh: speech alida

Alida Hammerer: i’m very moved

SaveMe Oh: what is better then win an award just because

HP Darcy: What the fuck, we are all winners. But i use to be a loser

HP Darcy: Howcome

Josina Burgess shouts: you won hp!

Alida Hammerer: this is the most beautiful day of my avatar-life

SaveMe Oh: and then I would like to call Starshine on the stage

Josina Burgess shouts: wehheeeee star!!!!

SaveMe Oh: FOR THE BEST Afro hairdo of 2009 she wins the award

Josina Burgess shouts: wowww:)))

SaveMe Oh: shake it baby

Josina Burgess shouts: speech!

Starshine Halasy: thanks you save me, oooh I feel very special to win this award

SaveMe Oh: thank the jury

Starshine Halasy: thank you save me and thank you jury

Starshine Halasy: can I go now?

SaveMe Oh: i call to the stage PENELOPE

Penelope Parx: Me??? OOOOHHHHH

MillaMilla Noel: Penelope Penelope

Josina Burgess shouts: to the stage penelope!

SaveMe Oh: for being the best ART ADDICT of all SL

Josina Burgess shouts: wohooooo

Penelope Parx: thanks!!!!!!!

SaveMe Oh: and what would we do without ART ADDICTS when everybody else is an artist?

Josina Burgess: hahahahahhaaa

Penelope Parx: lol

Starshine Halasy: lol

Penelope Parx: we eat artist?

SaveMe Oh: she is our only fan

Josina Burgess shouts: yah!

SaveMe Oh: the only visitor in all SL, what a relief

Penelope Parx: yes….. i’m precious… lol

SaveMe Oh: And then I call to the stage MILLA MILLA

Josina Burgess shouts: millaaa!!

HP Darcy: Ow ow it’s so funny

Josina Burgess: Applause!!

MillaMilla Noel: ohhhhhhhh tks SaveMe, so proud

Velazquez Bonetto: bravooooooo

SaveMe Oh: for having the best DOUBLE NAME in secondlife

Josina Burgess shouts: yes!!

MillaMilla Noel: yeah

Velazquez Bonetto: hahahaha

SaveMe Oh: speech M&M

HP Darcy: It’s not easy to get this Award pfff

MillaMilla Noel: i love you Saveme, :) )))

SaveMe Oh: thats the best speech till now darling

SaveMe Oh: I call to the stage SAXONI

Josina Burgess shouts: hurray!!!!

SaveMe Oh: CLOVIS just payed me 1000 LINDEN to give you an award

Saxoni Fenstalker: LOL…I bet he did!

Clovis Luik: oops

Josina Burgess: hahahahahaaaaaa

Saxoni Fenstalker: probably trying to get me to stop stalking him LOL

Saxoni Fenstalker: I’ve never won anything like this before….or worn anything like this before….

Saxoni Fenstalker: LOl will cherish it always

Saxoni Fenstalker whispers: I will look cool flying around my home in this!

SaveMe Oh: I call to the stage Josina

Josina Burgess: oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

SaveMe Oh: its a big surprise, isnt it?

Starshine Halasy: Josinaaaaa!!!!!

Josina Burgess: yes i am soooo touched!

SaveMe Oh: for making the most realistic hyperformalism of 2009

Josina Burgess: awww thank you so much :) )

SaveMe Oh: speech

Josina Burgess: coming from your mouth means ssooo much to me

Sole Jie: bravoooo….

SaveMe Oh: i know sweetheart, dont hold back the tears

Josina Burgess: snif..

SaveMe Oh: just let it flow freely

Josina Burgess: ok, i try, snuf

SaveMe Oh: hope the award will not ruin your hairdo

Josina Burgess: i have no words…. deeply touched by this amazing, glamourous award

Velazquez Bonetto shouts: hahahaha Josi is also a victim of Saveme

Josina Burgess shouts: and they are soo rare!!!!!!!

SaveMe Oh: I call to the stage JULIET CHAMBERS

Juliet Chambers: Oh my… that is me?


SaveMe Oh: although nobody knows how it works exactly

SaveMe Oh: speech juliet

Juliet Chambers: *cries with joy*

Juliet Chambers: One thing is sure… I don’t deserve this prize :-)

SaveMe Oh: thats a jury decission

Josina Burgess: Applause!!

Apmel Goosson: nobody does

SaveMe Oh: we have no influence on that

Juliet Chambers: ty SaveMe *kneels and kisses her hand*

SaveMe Oh: dont overreact Juliet!


Roni Navarathna: Al read IMs please

SaveMe Oh: AL, AL

Starshine Halasy: Al’s already on the stage

Josina Burgess shouts: al!!

Starshine Halasy: yeah AL

SaveMe Oh: for being the best life performer of SL

Josina Burgess shouts: he is playing he cant read

Saxoni Fenstalker: LOL

HP Darcy: We all know he is a bit def

SaveMe Oh: lets see if he really plays life, when he accept the award he is lying

HP Darcy: heheh

Josina Burgess: hahahhaha

Roni Navarathna: lol

SaveMe Oh: or can he play with one hand?

Josina Burgess: not the guitar

HP Darcy: sure and masturbating whit the other

SaveMe Oh: HP wash your mouth

Juliet Chambers: ahahah

Apmel Goosson: nice skills

HP Darcy: sorry

SaveMe Oh: I call to the stage Ana Victoria

SaveMe Oh: is she refusing the award?

Saxoni Fenstalker: thats unheard of

Roni Navarathna: maybe she is afk?

SaveMe Oh: afk in an award show?????

Sole Jie: she must be so exited that she cant move

Roni Navarathna: oops. I think she maybe have crashed

Apmel Goosson: clever girl..why didn´t I think of that

Josina Burgess: maybe lol

Roni Navarathna: Too much excitement :)

SaveMe Oh: then I call to the stage IRENE

Sole Jie: Irene is hiding

SaveMe Oh: you win the award because of this:

Well, if you want to sing out, sing out

And if you want to be free, be free

cause theres a million things to be

You know that there are

And if you want to live high, live high

And if you want to live low, live low

cause theres a million ways to go

You know that there are

You can do what you want

The opportunitys on

And if you can find a new way

You can do it today

You can make it all true

And you can make it undo

You see …Its easy

You only need to know

Irene Mastroianni: thank you SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: dont worry girl

SaveMe Oh: say it

SaveMe Oh: tell whats on your heart

Irene Mastroianni: thanks for the gift SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: its not a gift

SaveMe Oh: its an award

Irene Mastroianni: I hope I’ll not offended my shoulder monkey

Irene Mastroianni: I’m happy …. TY

SaveMe Oh: then i call to the stage OURAM

HP Darcy: I think the Award look best on Apmel

Roni Navarathna: Okay he is AFK. lol

SaveMe Oh: thats cheap for the comitee

Roni Navarathna pokes Ouram

SaveMe Oh: ah OURAM waked up

SaveMe Oh: for being away, you win the award OURAM

Apmel Goosson: HP I´ll kill you on the blog

HP Darcy: hihi

SaveMe Oh: we come to the last awards of tonighty

HP Darcy: finely: then the party can start

SaveMe Oh: please, all people who didnt win anything

Roni Navarathna: (drumroll)

SaveMe Oh: so to say the losers, who are not losers at all

HP Darcy: haha

Josina Burgess shouts: they are the biggest winners!!

HP Darcy: haha

SaveMe Oh: because just by being here they are winners too

SaveMe Oh: lucky bastards

HP Darcy: yeaah yeaah

Juliet Chambers: LoL

Starshine Halasy: hehe

Josina Burgess: Applause!!

Roni Navarathna: Hoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apmel Goosson: the ones that are not here are the REAL winners

SaveMe Oh: also a point of view

Sole Jie: hahah

SaveMe Oh: ok, one award was not collected, I will give it to myself

Roni Navarathna:                        *•.¸’*•.¸ ♥ ¸.•*´¸.•*

Roni Navarathna:                   .•*♥¨`•  BRAVO!!!!  •¨`♥*•.

Roni Navarathna:                     ¸.•*`¸.•*´  ♥  `*•.¸`*•.¸

Starshine Halasy: Hooooo!!!

Apmel Goosson: YAY

Josina Burgess: Applause!!

Velazquez Bonetto: hahahahaha

Sole Jie: for building the worst stage of the world ??

Roni Navarathna:   °○☺.LOL. ☺○°

Sole Jie: or to try to kill he winners ??

SaveMe Oh: dont say that sole

Velazquez Bonetto: hahahahahahaha

SaveMe Oh: Vela is listening too

Velazquez Bonetto: yepppp

Sole Jie: sorry but a stage with those hole is not good or health

Apmel Goosson: bye bye great peace of shit this was

Josina Burgess shouts: wonderfull al!!!

Juliet Chambers: Thanks all winners (and losers)

HP Darcy: Apmel, it was just the te same

HP Darcy: nothing left but SaveMe oh’s ,…. 

Clairwill Oh

I am delighted to be awarded, after-the-fact, this honorable prize from the most decorous, the most delightful, and most incandescent star in the Second Life galaxy: SaveMe Oh. Thank you, SaveMe Oh! I thank my mothers, my friends, and the villains who have made me what I am today, that I should be worthy to stand in this comment box.

I will endeavor, always, to remain worthy of this proud statue. Clairwil Oh clutches her gigantic statue and wobbles away under the blessed burden to the sound of digital applause. 

Banrion Constatine

I am honored to be one of the recipients of Saveme’s awards. Due to a prior commitment, I could not attend. I’m sure it was a spectacular affair. Congratulations to all the winners. And thank you, Saveme, for being so very generous. :)

Carmsie Melody

Ohhhhh, at last genuine acknowledgement for … for … well who knows? But i feel proud nonetheless. Congrats to all who participated in and coordinated this illustrious event, along with the very deserving award winners!