Rezz Day Party on SaveMe's Estates

That "SaveMe's Estate 1" was on Two Fish was of course no surprise but..

SaveMe Oh: Hi darling
SaveMe Oh: always the first

SaveMe Oh: hi sweetheart
SaveMe Oh: Ampel was not at all kissing me
SaveMe Oh: I swear
ROSE (rose.borchovski): hello ex fish
ROSE (rose.borchovski): you can kiss ampel the whole day
Apmel Goosson: what!!??
ROSE (rose.borchovski): save planned to leave fish!
Apmel Goosson: OMG
Apmel Goosson: so you have a pre marriage argument now?

Luckally Apmel´s friend Bock dropped in just then...

Bock McMillan: WOW Apmel warned me it would be colorful - still I am overwhelmed LOL
Apmel Goosson: hehe..i did warn
Bock McMillan: You are looking after me very well, Apmel buddy, Milli will be proud ;)

And then all the bridesmaids to be popped up with plumber's drain cleaner rubber suction cups with wooden handles oin their heads!!

And without further ado we all moved to "SaveMe's Estate 14 P".

ROSE (rose.borchovski): the Pirate one)
SaveMe Oh: welcome in my other new sim
Kandinsky Beaumont: haha
Cat Shilova: ahaha you are crazy

That´s where Apmel noticed Betty, beautiful as ever in curls, and accepted a Toilette Plunger Hat from Shit Couture. This was going to be crazy night!

Apmel Goosson: hi Betty
Betty Tureaud: hi Apmel
Cat Shilova: Ampel, this plunger suits you so perfectly

Marmaduke Arado: i think no decent rezday party should be without walls and stairs
Marmaduke Arado: so i brouyght some along

Kikas Babenco: and a piano!

Thirza Ember: this is perfectly insane
claudia222 Jewell: haha hi there

Kandinsky Beaumont: is it gonna be another of these parties ending up in total..

Kandinsky Beaumont: No it is an orgy as usual

The orgy continued at LEA as we moved to "SaveMe's Estate 4 LL".

Apmel crashed (and missed the orgy!) but came back in in time to go to "SaveMe's Estate 11 Oh" which turned out to be Immersiva!

Thirza Ember: I have spent my whole time in SL avoiding this sim
Iono Allen: lol Thirza
Snow (snowbody.cortes): immersiva...

Slutligen landade alla i "SaveMe's Estate 13 U"UWA (!) där SaveMe mjölkade och bjöd på ost och flygplan annat smått och gott efter tårtan.

Kandinsky Beaumont: First we take Immersiva then we take UWA
Apmel Goosson: hehe kandi
SaveMe Oh: and dont forget Pirats
Apmel Goosson: where is jayjay?
Kandinsky Beaumont: If he finds you here intruding like this Apmel he might throw you out of that jury thing

SaveMe Oh: dear friends, stay here, dont move, I will be back tomorrow
Penumbra Carter: its tomorrow now
SaveMe Oh: Rose is calling me

No more A Room With A View

När Apmel kom tillbaka till brottsplatsen, platsen där SaveMe Oh igår kväll/natt höll en oinbjuden invigning för Pirats Art Network Galleries på LEA28, så syntes inte ett spår av det som lyckligtvis blev bevarat på film. Jag lägger ut den så fort jag får tillgång till den. Till dess får ni låta er nöja med några stillbilder från Apmels kamera och chattlogg :))

DJHaraway: wooo!!!
SaveMe Oh: but I have books as anticonception
SaveMe Oh: that will scare him off
DJHaraway: books are very effective
Cat Shilova: its well known!
ush Underwood: well .. another notorious party...

Apmel Goosson: my philosophy gets damaged from all this partying at nights
DJHaraway: philosophy Apmel?
Apmel Goosson: haraway you mean you haven´t read my major works??!!
DJHaraway: *erm* *cough* uhhh nope
Apmel Goosson: I have 600 readers worldwide..AT LEAST

SaveMe Oh: Im in Ampels mind
Apmel Goosson: THAT EXPLAINS IT!!

DJHaraway: Save I hope you are filming today
Kikas Babenco: that's dangerous save me!
SaveMe Oh: Iono filmed and Ed

SaveMe Oh: yes
SaveMe Oh: and your remarks about Estelle are send to Sylvia
Apmel Goosson: I will be executed
DJHaraway: we will all testify in your defense Apmel don't worry

Kikas Babenco: when is the next opening?
SaveMe Oh: Sunday in Sweden
DJHaraway: with estelle

Jag står för chipsen.. Estella är väl ett chipsmärke?