Censorship in Second Life

This notecard i recieved today from Henry125 Petrov, officer of Public Townscape

Hi, SaveMe Oh. Several members have recently came to me regarding concerns about some of the pictures you are selling as well as the penis you are selling on your platform in the Blue Area of Public Townscape at 148,189,235 since they depict nudity, violence and questionable religious overtones that some people might find offensive. Second Life’s Community Standards on Indecency which I am bound to enforce as an Officer of Public Townscape states “Second Life is an adult community, but mature material is not necessarily appropriate in all areas (see Global Standards below). Content, communication, or behavior which involves intense language or expletives, nudity or sexual content, the depiction of sex or violence, or anything else broadly offensive must be contained within private land in areas rated Mature (M). Names of Residents, objects, places and groups are broadly viewable in Second Life directories and on the Second Life website, and must adhere to PG guidelines.”

Although Public Townscape is listed as a mature site it is not private land but owned by the Group Public Townscape. Therefore those pictures that depict nudity, violence and possible religious intolerance are not appropriate material for viewing in Public Townscape. I am therefore requesting that you remove these objects from your platform. I realize you are an artist and this might be an objectionable request from your viewpoint, but as I stated earlier I must take in consideration what is best for the Public Townscape Group and follow the Second Life’s Community standards that we all agreed to abide by when we first joined Second Life. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation. Henry

[9:33]  Henry125 Petrov: Hi SaveMe I hope you had a lovely holiday and I saved your prims as promised. Did you recieve my note I sent you about the pitures and items on your platform?
[9:33]  SaveMe Oh: thanks for saving, the note i missed, because i crashed during my first relog
[9:34]  Henry125 Petrov: Ok I will send you a copy now
[9:34]  SaveMe Oh: ok
[9:34]  SaveMe Oh: holiday was great btw
[9:36]  Henry125 Petrov: I am glad you had a great time on your holiday
[9:39]  SaveMe Oh: i read your note. I dont sell any penis on my museum. All the other works are artworks and are only there for the viewer to make up a point of few. As i only use myself as a model i think i claim my freedom of speech.
[9:39]  SaveMe Oh: i hope censorship is not becoming part of SL
[9:40]  Henry125 Petrov: I am sorry but just because they are of you doent mean they are not against second lifes community standards. I could have removed them in your absence but decided to wait until you returned
[9:41]  Henry125 Petrov: as I said in my note you dont own the land just allowed to place prims in Public Townscape.
[9:41]  Henry125 Petrov: This is not just my dicision but was discussed with other officers before we came to this conclusion
[9:43]  SaveMe Oh: i know, and i know i’m always in the hand of “the rulers” like in RL. Still i make my claim for an artist to be free in her work as long as i don’t offend people personal. All the others, who don’t want to see it can just fly by.
[9:44]  Henry125 Petrov: the bottom line is thet either you remove these items or I will remove them for you . Your choice. We are obligated to enforce Second Lifes Community Standards.
[9:45]  Henry125 Petrov: You are welcome to remain here as a member of Public Townscape but without those items.
[9:46]  SaveMe Oh: I’m only showing SL as it is, with its possibilities, but i understand we disagree on this. It makes me sad that obvious creative people turn out to be defenders of the conservative systems
[9:47]  Henry125 Petrov: I am not centering on you, there have been other members that have been required to remove questionable material.
[9:48]  Henry125 Petrov: I dont make the Second Life Community Standsards but was elected by the group mebers to enforce them.
[9:48]  SaveMe Oh: i know, i don’t blame you personal, although always somebody seems to have to be the executioner.
[9:49]  SaveMe Oh: maybe you can share my opinions with the ones who complain?
[9:49]  Henry125 Petrov: I dont find these part of my job pleasing but necessary.
[9:49]  SaveMe Oh: i understand
[9:50]  Henry125 Petrov: I will be happy to share your views but that will not make a difference in the fact that they need to be removed.
[9:50]  Henry125 Petrov: so do you want me to just return those items to your lost and found folder?
[9:51]  Henry125 Petrov: You are welcome to put up more apropriate pictures of you and your family in sl
[9:52]  SaveMe Oh: am i really reading this well? My family? Where can i puke?
[9:52]  SaveMe Oh: lol
[9:53]  Henry125 Petrov: well I suspected you wouldnt agree with this decision and that is fine but that doesnt change what must be done.
[9:53]  SaveMe Oh: asking an artist to remove artwork and replace it for her family?
[9:53]  SaveMe Oh: i cant stop you, although i wish
[9:54]  SaveMe Oh: freedom of speech is still a long struggle to reach.
[9:54]  Henry125 Petrov: Know I realixze you are an artist and rerspect that and was looking forward to your presentation of your play in Public Townscape.
[9:54]  SaveMe Oh: There is already a movie on Youtube
[9:55]  SaveMe Oh: From the performance in SL Italy
[9:55]  Henry125 Petrov: Great.
[9:55]  Henry125 Petrov: But still I must insist those items must go.
[9:55]  SaveMe Oh: You also better watch out yourself with that devil sign on your T shirt.
[9:56]  SaveMe Oh: Maybe they also dont like that!
[9:56]  Henry125 Petrov: Thank you for the concern for me but.
[9:56]  SaveMe Oh: And a beard may also look suspicious?
[9:56]  Henry125 Petrov: Well I am not going to sit hear arquing with you about this.
[9:57]  SaveMe Oh: I understand. Please dont let my items get lost.
[9:57]  SaveMe Oh: Wish you lots of wisdom
[9:57]  Henry125 Petrov: I will retuurn them to your inventory.
[9:57]  Henry125 Petrov: They will be in your lost and found folder.
[9:57]  SaveMe Oh: And enjoy your censorship.
[9:58]  SaveMe Oh: Hope you can live with that.
[9:58]  Henry125 Petrov: Fine thanks I am sorry this has happened.
[9:58]  SaveMe Oh: Me too
[9:58]  Henry125 Petrov: But like I said you can replace them with more apropriate pictures.
[9:59]  SaveMe Oh: thats a bad remark against an artist, better say nothing.
[9:59]  Henry125 Petrov: This has nothing to do with any personal feeling about you, only the material.
[9:59]  SaveMe Oh: Picasso, Goya and Rembrandt agree with you for sure.
[10:00]  SaveMe Oh: With all their nudes.
[10:00]  SaveMe Oh: Lets close the museums.
[10:01]  Henry125 Petrov: You are welcome to maintain your museum as long as it complies with community standards.
[10:02]  SaveMe Oh: Diversity of humans makes that their are no standards, only the enforced ones.
[10:02]  SaveMe Oh: Who is the strongest. And for the moment it’s them.
[10:03]  Henry125 Petrov: Ok I am not going to stand here arguing with you. You have a right to your views on this matter but that doesnt change anything.
[10:03]  SaveMe Oh: I will continue to work as a sincere artist.
[10:03]  Henry125 Petrov: Ok great and I hope you decide to remain as a member of Public Townscape.
[10:04]  SaveMe Oh: And I will try to fight narrow mindedness and restriction of personal freedom. And sure I stay, I dont run away.
[10:05]  Henry125 Petrov: Good we need mebers that have strong views on all issues.
[10:05]  Henry125 Petrov: Bye
[10:05]  SaveMe Oh: At least im happy to hear that.

10 minutes later Henry removed and returned to me almost 50 pics.

  • They are afraid of human body. That kind of brain-disorder is not rare. Unfortunately.
    As I have heard that sim is giving something like 125 prims for being freely creative. hmmm…. not so freely is it comes out….

  • I don’t see how you can characterize this as censorship. It’s merely editing, or enforcing standards on private property that this island owner wishes to maintain.

    You’re welcome to buy your own land and put what you like on it, and also you’re welcome to shop around for other galleries or rentals.

    I find your work facile and glib, trying to shock people with nun’s outfits, or Lenin, or Muslim head-dress — well, it’s been done many times, and it’s not every interesting.

    What I don’t think this guy can claim is that he is enforcing SL Community Standards. It seems clear from the context and the series that this is art. Is it broadly offensive? Oh, I dunno. Let the Lindens decide, not another resident.

  • Prokofy, maybe i forget to explain that Public Townscape is an experimental area where you are encouraged to build for free according to your own sights, with a very limited primuse of 125. So they ask you to be creative. But then they want to limite your creativity again. Thats the weird thing. They dont advertise it as private property, but as a free playground for creative people. Thats what’s anoying me.

  • There is a sign on the ground that says “Build whereever you want and build whatever you want!”

    It seems odd that they would suddenly decide to remove those pictures because someone might find them offensive. If that’s the case, they should take down works of classical painters which are posted in other mature areas of SL which are more revealing.

    Some people just can’t seem to deal with seeing the human body. Also, while some people may judge someone’s work to be “facile and glib” others might like it. It is not up to one person to decide what everyone should or should not see.

    As for letting the Lindens decide. There’s one problem there. The Lindens have stated publicly that the only part of the grid that they consider to be Second Life is the mainland. Islands are under their own rule. So, you see, the Lindens *can’t* decide.

    Regards, Anony

  • « Open Letter to AugmentationistsCensorship in Second Life
    January 15, 2008
    A very dear friend of mine brought this to my attention. So I went and researched the sim of “Public Townscape” for myself.

    While the “caretaker” seems to think he was acting in everyone’s best interests, this is a case where he’s pushing his own agenda. There is always a fine line between what people think is lawful and what people think is offensive. None of the pictures found on the flickr site seemed to be particularly offensive to me. Even if they were, censorship of the kind carried out by Henry125 Petrov doesn’t seem justified.

    There is a sign on the ground that says “Build wherever you want and build whatever you want!” Which seems to suggest creative freedom.

    It seems odd that they would suddenly decide to remove those pictures because someone might find them offensive. If that’s the case, they should take down works of classical painters which are posted in other mature areas of SL which are more revealing.

    Sincerely, Anony

  • Censorship 2 in Second Life

    The batlle for freedom continues. This notecard i received today after they banned me from Public Townscape and returned all my prims.


    Hi SaveMe Oh,

         You were previously warned about you violation of Second Life’s Community Standards Indecency Clause and I took the required action after you failed to voluntarily remove the objectionable material.

        You have again violated Second Life’s Community Standards in that the Disclosure Clause states “that remotely monitoring conversations, posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without consent are prohibited in Second Life and on Second Life Forums.” Not only did you place my original warning as well as my private conversation log on your web log without consent, you shared this same information in the form of a note card to a member of Public Townscape.

        In lieu of these two violations of Second Life’s Community Standards that all members have agreed to abide by when joining Second Life, you are being banned from Public Townscape and all your prims will be returned to you. You have the right to appeal this decision by submitting in writing to any Officer of Public Townscape your appeal as soon as possible. You also have the right to ask for remission at a later date and the Officers of Public Townscape will decide on that matter.

                             Henry125 Petrov,
                             Public Townscape Officer

    As friend of saveme, and as a person who still believe in a SL free of falses concepts of moral, those that kill everyday the imagination and the artistics expresions in the real life, I helped to saveme puting in her museum some of those pics that some persons understand like ofensives. The reactions of those persons was this one:

    Hi Sole Jie,

    I have returned to your inventory’s Lost and Found Folder a number of signs that you had placed on the platform of SaveMe Oh because of its objectionable content. Please refrain form putting up any similar signs in Public Townscape in the future. Henry


    When i received this note card, i couldnt refrain the need to answer:


    Dear henry ,

    I never saw an attitude like which im seeing in the townscape, in all my SL, neither in all my RL. the sad of all this is that is more relevant the opinion of some persons shorts of minds, and whith dirtys imaginations. that the opinion or expression of a girl who only wanted to show a reality.. not only a reality in SL (that for sure exist) thats a reality of the RL too.

    the morality concepts that is being aply in that land. were typicals in the beginings of the last century, not in these times, and the results of that kind of attitude is good knowing for a middle of the world.. represion and fear

    I dont have idea who can feel ofended for a few pics that only show the reality that you can see all over the SL, and in RL too, but for sure that or those persons, never spent a second of their lifes (second or real) in take a round in this world and see the reality, persons like those are killing the spirit of SL, and i dont acept that nobody, kill my dreams world, that one in which everybody can express theirselfs whithout feel afraid. That one in which if you dont want to see a thing you simply can look to another side, and ignore the reality, a perfect right of those persons who prefer live in the dark.

    When all the history of the townscape started, the spirit was the freedom, ¿where is that freedom?, and please dont talk about that saveme ofend whith her pics. cause as i said before, you can fly away of that place and ignore the pics, the ofended in this history are not those person. the ofended is Saveme Oh, is Me, and are all the persons that believe in the freedom.

    I dont use to be a ofensive person. I never had a fight in this world, and right now i feel absolutly desapointed whithe the townscape and the ideas that they are trying to show to the resident.

    Only hope that in the future. exist or not the townscape, this world dont start to have that kind of ideas. cause that will be the definitiv end of SL. And of the work of many persons tht worked hard for make a world free. where nobody can hurt even if they want to doit. thats the magic of SL. and thats my concept of SL. This world dont have space for that kind of minds, I HOPE, AND I PRAY.

    Now of course you can ban me too, i dont care, right now there is nothing in that land that make it atractive for me.

    Excuseme for my bad english. hope that dont result ofensive too, that a spanish woman have the courage to write this lines in english


    I dont have any intention that nobody feel attacked directly whith this note card that i send. i dont think that he (Henry) be the person who have the responsability of all this problem , the responsability is, of those persons that dont acept the minds and the points of views of anothers persons. thats what make me feel scared.

    Those pics can be all that you want to say of them, the artistics expresions are there for make you feel something, good or bad, the important is that you react whith those pics, but never that you try to hide them, cause thats too a way of intolerance, and the intolerance is too forbide in one of the clauses of Second Life’s Community Standards.

    The problem is not exactly that saveme or me were baned of that land. ( i am not sure if i have been baned. and really right now i dont care), the problem is that the false moral concepts. and the hipocritical reactions start to act in SL, thats what really makes me feel furios in all the history, i dont want for me and for nobody a SL like that. Sorry, i was born in SL a few months ago and i start to love that world, dont want to think in exiles right now that i start to enjoy my SL…

    SOLE JIE.. 

    Censorship in Second Life 3

    The ones who removed my pics and banned me, keep an air of fairness. They allowed me to appeal their discission. Thursdaynight at 1 PM pst, they will judge my case. Out of curiosity i go because who will be the jury? Avatars just like you and me who by change where voted for as officers by other Public Townscape members. Where they screened? Do they own the property? Why are they in a position to judge? Because they have a moral qualification or because they dont work and can be all day on SL? Why not my neighbour from around the corner, or my dog? But lets be positive, at least i get more then the ones on Guantanamo Bay.

    Maybe my name will make them weak, or maybe in secret they have my nude pics hidden underneath their beds. Or should i be afraid that they execute me on the spot?

    As nobody ever saw this court working i am very curious. When you are too take a look on Thursday at 1 PM pst somewhere here:

    TOWNHALL AREA (yellow), public townscape (163, 217, 28)

    This i found on anther blog:

    Living in the Metaverse
    gonzo fenomenology of virtual worlds
    Is Publishing Chatlogs Legal?
    Posted in society | Friday, 31 August 2007 |
    One small piece of Nipplegate was Iridium Linden’s response on Burning Man blog. After the attempt of censorship and all the things she said, her comment was:

    I’d also like to remind you that pasting chat without consent is a violation of the Community Standards.

    Well, let’s examine that a bit.

    Community Standards of Second Life, paragraph 4: Disclosure:

    Remotely monitoring conversations, posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without consent are all prohibited in Second Life and on the Second Life Forums.

    Nobody said nothing about posting on other blogs. And this is not the first time we have this situation. It already happened to Honey Wendt, and it finished with Meta Linden’s apology.

    Only thing that is forbidden by Community standards is posting chatlogs on Second Life’s official site and on official forums. But, even that is ridiculous. Public chat is (now, this is a clever one) public! It is something you’ve said loud on the street. It is not something you have whispered in your friend’s ear. So what is the catch here? I guess it is the first word of the quoted paragraph. It says remotely. That means by placing a logging device somewhere on the sim. That means spying. Well ok, that should be a no-no. But, copy/pasting what you have heard on the street… let’s use some common sense.

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    Meet the judges

    As you all already know to well my face, dear reader, you are for sure quite curious who will be my judges tonight when i have my appeal hearing in Public Townscape. From an anonymus officer of Townscape who is dedicated to my case i recieved two pictures of officers who will tonight decide about my future in Public Townscape. First there is Henry 125 Petrov.


    This charming and very polite gentleman is very good in cleaning out property in less then a second and he returnes prims as nobody else can. Always accompliced with a very correct but explosive notecard. According to himself he was elected by the members of Townscape for this job and we better believe him. About his knowledge about laws and rules, his right to be the law and carry out the rules, we don’t know but he takes it very serious. The “democratic” process who gave him this position must be in his eyes totaly valide. Rumours say he would like people to call him King Henry.

     Second in line is Nina2007 Rossini.


    She was the one who send my notecard to her, about Henry’s actions, immediately to him. So if i was violating the rules of passing private messages she did so too. Nina is the queen of rules, she lives by the rules, sleeps by the rules and will never do something bad. Townscape should be proud of her. And i don’t believe a word from the rumour she has a secret affair with Henry. 


    Judgement Day – Prologue

    When you are on a trial are you allowed a legal presentation? And is it allowed that the judgement takes place in secret, without any observers? In Second life it is possible by groups of selfacclaimed judges. First read how I and my lawyer Sole Jie try to get both access to the trial. If you want to know why i am on trial read my contributions in the CENSORSHIP articles.

    [13:00]  SwingingOnAStar Kidd: Hope your swollen eyes went down[13:00]  nina2007 Rossini: no TP Savee please[13:00]  Sole Jie: hi all[13:00]  Sole Jie: sorry i have to be here[13:00]  nina2007 Rossini: you cant stay[13:01]  Sole Jie: and that why ?[13:01]  Henry125 Petrov: Sole you have to leave this is a private matter[13:01]  Sole Jie: why ?[13:01]  Henry125 Petrov: because group rules forbid it[13:01]  januh Kilara: this a not public meeting[13:01]  Sole Jie: is a public question of a member of the townscape[13:02]  You: and Sole is my lawyer[13:02]  Henry125 Petrov: either you leave or we will task action against you[13:02]  Sole Jie: i want o be here[13:02]  Sole Jie: haha[13:02]  Sole Jie: yes of course[13:02]  Henry125 Petrov: I am sorry[13:02]  Sole Jie: thats the rules[13:02]  Sole Jie: no you are not[13:02]  You: i can take a legal representing[13:02]  Sole Jie: thats the problem[13:02]  Sole Jie: you will need to ban me[13:02]  nina2007 Rossini: Sole, we have not all this night for the hearing so please let us and you will see your friend later, thanks[13:02]  Henry125 Petrov: SaveMe I told you when I set up the hearing you and officers only[13:02]  Sole Jie: no Nina sorry but not[13:03]  Sole Jie: this affects me too[13:03]  Sole Jie: and ill be here[13:03]  You: i know, but my lawyer advised me[13:03]  Sole Jie: if you don’t want i talk i will not[13:03]  Sole Jie: this is not a banana republic[13:03]  Sole Jie: or it is ?[13:03]  Henry125 Petrov: sole this is your last warning[13:03]  Sole Jie: don’t have any intention to go out[13:04]  januh Kilara: its only provocation sole[13:04]  Sole Jie: no is not provocation[13:04]  Sole Jie: is a right[13:04]  You: no its not, its a legal right of every accused[13:04]  You: to be represented by a lawyer[13:05]  Sole Jie: i will not speak if you don’t want[13:05]  Henry125 Petrov: Sole when you joined group you agreed to abide by group rules so please do and leave[13:05]  Sole Jie: but ill be here[13:05]  nina2007 Rossini: SaveMe, it’s up to you to take the decision, please, you accepted the hearing with the officers, so be adult and tell to your friend to leave[13:05]  Sole Jie: sorry when the rules trespassing the humans rights[13:05]  Sole Jie: no[13:05]  You: i can not decide for other peoples actions[13:05]  Sole Jie: i will not speak[13:05]  Floriano Flossberg: hi together, sorry for being a little late[13:05]  Sole Jie: but this affects me[13:06]  nina2007 Rossini: well, maybe we should change place, but if you tp your friend, it’s your action not her[13:06]  Sole Jie: this is a secret court[13:06]  nina2007 Rossini: hi Flo[13:06]  Sole Jie: and don’t give the right of defence[13:06]  Sole Jie: that go against the rules of moral[13:06]  Sole Jie: and as i told you[13:06]  Sole Jie: i dont talk[13:06]  Sole Jie: if you dont want[13:07]  Henry125 Petrov: that is not the point sole the rules state you cant attend this matter[13:07]  januh Kilara: we can mute her and she can stay … ?[13:07]  Sole Jie: the rules state are down the moral and human rights[13:07]  Sole Jie: here and where every you been[13:08]  nina2007 Rossini: Sole, you will have the exact resume of this hearing after i think from your friend[13:08]  Floriano Flossberg: i somehow have the feeling you will be able to read everything that happens in SaveMe’s blog, sole; and we want to start soon; can you do us the favour please?[13:08]  Sole Jie: sorry. i don’t have faith[13:08]  You: don’t assume things[13:08]  Sole Jie: how can i be sure that is all extract in that blog ?[13:09]  nina2007 Rossini: Flo, could we go in an other place?[13:09]  You: let stay to the facts[13:10]  januh Kilara: what do you want SaveMe talk are waste time ?[13:10]  You: not at all[13:10]  You: when there is talk there is a way[13:10]  nina2007 Rossini: ok but you need a public for that?[13:11]  You: i don’t see public[13:11]  You: i only see me and my lawyer[13:11]  AE04BKG Silvera: someone is taking photo again[13:11]  nina2007 Rossini: SaveMe, if we cant have the hearing the officers will take the decision by vote without the hearing, as you like[13:11]  Floriano Flossberg: well, since we have to discuss a matter…. and have to start now….we do the following: we will speak in prive group-chat of the officers group (i’m sorry sole, this are our rules right now); i’ll send you an invitation to this group SaveMe….[13:12]  Floriano Flossberg: and please lets take a seat[13:12]  Sole Jie: well that go against the human right Henry[13:12]  Sole Jie: be sure what are you telling[13:12]  Sole Jie: my client can defend by her self[13:12]  Henry125 Petrov: all officers put on sandbox group title please[13:12]  Sole Jie: but she have right of the presence of a lawyer[13:13]  You: come[13:13]  nina2007 Rossini: you have to be a little far januh[13:13]  nina2007 Rossini: i mean to be able to seat[13:14]  januh Kilara: thanks nina[13:14]  nina2007 Rossini: yw[13:14]  AE04BKG Silvera: who is taking snapshots please?[13:14]  AE04BKG Silvera: i would like to know[13:20]  You: Sole, do you think i should accept that they want to do it in secret?[13:21]  Floriano Flossberg: and i don’t want to waste all our time here… so please decide now if you want to be there or not[13:21]  Sole Jie: Save please do it[13:21]  Sole Jie: i don’t think that you had to do it[13:21]  Sole Jie: in fact im sure that is illegal[13:21]  Sole Jie: butt

    [13:21]  Sole Jie: you can do it

    [13:21]  You: ok

    Judgement day – first act


    [13:19]  Henry125 Petrov: ok we shall begin[13:19]  Henry125 Petrov: this hearing will decide whether my banning of you will be up held[13:20]  Henry125 Petrov: I we expect everyone to act as adults and respect to each other[13:20]  Henry125 Petrov: I will present a short summary to you all and then will take any questions[13:21]  Henry125 Petrov: then SaveMe you will have a chance to respond[13:21]  Henry125 Petrov: then the officers will recess and vote privately and report back to you the results[13:21]  Henry125 Petrov: any questions[13:22]  Henry125 Petrov: ok lets begin[13:22]  Henry125 Petrov: lets begin[13:22]  Henry125 Petrov: have presented to the Officers of Public Townscape a detailed account what occurred leading up to your banning once you submitted your appeal. I will quickly summarize the facts now. On January 3, 2008 after consulting with several other Officers I sent SaveMe Oh a note requesting that she remove from her platform certain pictures that was found to be possibly offensive to some members and not in compliance with Second Life’s Community Standard’s Decency Clause. Since SaveMe Oh was on holiday, I waited to discuss this matter with her upon her return on January 13, 2008. She claimed her right to freedom of speech and refused to remove these objects from her platform so I returned those objects to her inventory. My intent at that time was to allow SaveMe OH to remain a member of Public Townscape with just this warning. She however again violated Second Life’s Community Standard’s Disclosure Clause by posting on her Web Blog my original warning to her and my private conversation log to her without my c[13:23]  Henry125 Petrov: She also shared this same information in the form of a note card to a member of Public Townscape. After consulting again with several Officers of Public Townscape, I issued the banning from Public Townscape to Save Me Oh.[13:23]  Henry125 Petrov: consent[13:23]  Henry125 Petrov: consent[13:25]  Floriano Flossberg: ok.. so the banning concerns the matter of “disclosure” in our rules and the rules of SL;[13:25]  Henry125 Petrov: has everyone had an an opprtunity to read what I just posted and is there any questuions I can answer for anyone[13:25]  Henry125 Petrov: yes flo[13:25]  Floriano Flossberg: maybe it would be best to ask SaveMe about this now[13:26]  Henry125 Petrov: the original violatioj was handled with a warning to SaveMe Oh[13:26]  SaveMe Oh: the facts are correct[13:26]  Henry125 Petrov: save Me Oh would you care to respond now please[13:27]  Henry125 Petrov: SaveMe this is your opportunity to defend yourself please do[13:27]  SaveMe Oh: first problem is after 1 warning the immediate removal of more then 50 pics[13:28]  Henry125 Petrov: ok do you care to add anything else to the conversation[13:28]  SaveMe Oh: no explanation which was wrong or not, no explanation who was offended by them, no explanation why they would be offensive. and why it shouldn’t be allowed[13:29]  Henry125 Petrov: well this was explained to you in the warning I gave you in writing and also in our private IMi[13:29]  januh Kilara: SaveMe  it is against the privacy to tell who did not  want the pictures[13:29]  SaveMe Oh: concerning the banning after releasing the notes: This place says PUBLIC, so there should not be secret affairs, just like this meeting[13:29]  SaveMe Oh: my privacy and integrity is also on stake[13:30]  Henry125 Petrov: Second Lifes Community standards disclosure clause say otherwise as I explained to you when I issued the banning[13:30]  SaveMe Oh: you people seem to think you are the only ones who own the truth[13:30]  januh Kilara: you must respect the feeling of other people[13:30]  Henry125 Petrov: we are trying here to protect your privacy[13:31]  SaveMe Oh: and don’t misuse the word respect[13:31]  Henry125 Petrov: would you care to ad anything else SaveMe[13:32]  SaveMe Oh: as an artist i feel deeply attacked by you all, i see you as censors who try to force a new ruling[13:32]  SaveMe Oh: this is how dictatorships starts[13:33]  SaveMe Oh: and you all seem to be quit happy with that, and that scares me[13:33]  Henry125 Petrov: please stick to the point and the reason for the banning we all can appreciate your artistic talents[13:33]  SaveMe Oh: i stick to the point i want, as i hope freedom of speech is also still a value here[13:34]  Floriano Flossberg: maybe i can add a few lines, i guess SaveMe is concerned about townscape becoming an over regulated place[13:34]  SaveMe Oh: i do[13:34]  Floriano Flossberg: well now i was too late, you just said it[13:34]  SaveMe Oh: i was in peace here for a long time[13:34]  Henry125 Petrov: yes it is but that is not the issue before us you were banned for violating the disclosure clause[13:34]  SaveMe Oh: i didnt change, so it must be you all[13:35]  Henry125 Petrov: is there anything else you like to say on the point of the banning[13:36]  SaveMe Oh: yes, i think its a cowardly act for people without arguments to get rid of me[13:36]  Henry125 Petrov: does any of the officers have any questions for me or SaveMe[13:36]  Henry125 Petrov: please ask your question Nina[13:37]  nina2007 Rossini: SaveMe, if we vote for you again in the group are you ok for respecting the rules, first to read them after to respect them, and secondly you will not send again private discussions in any note card or blog?[13:38]  Henry125 Petrov: can you please respond to Ninas question SaveMe[13:38]  SaveMe Oh: i want to hang again my pics, if you want with a warning or some kind for the unaware visitor.[13:39]  SaveMe Oh: Notecards in public townscape should be public[13:39]  Henry125 Petrov: this is not the issue before us today about your pictures[13:40]  nina2007 Rossini: can we find a solution together to let SaveMe put her pics but in privacy? i mean in her house maybe, not showed to alls in the sky?[13:40]  SaveMe Oh: and private conversations concerning this case i don’t accept as private because that means i could never let people know what is happening to me[13:40]  Henry125 Petrov: I am sorry the private conversations of individuals can not be released without the persons consent[13:40]  SaveMe Oh: i can agree that i will warn people before that i will use their conversation[13:40]  januh Kilara: why shouldn’t i vote for banning  you after reading your blog?[13:41]  Henry125 Petrov: ok does anyone else have any more questions for SaveMe[13:41]  SaveMe Oh: de facto, to force everybody to speak always in public with me[13:41]  nina2007 Rossini: i asked for something[13:41]  Henry125 Petrov: yes Nina[13:41]  nina2007 Rossini: if there is a solution to let SaveMe put her pics but in privacy[13:42]  SaveMe Oh: i don’t want to be part of a secret society, i want to be in PUBLIC townscape[13:42]  nina2007 Rossini: in her house maybe but not showed to alls the members in the sky[13:42]  Henry125 Petrov: well that issue can be discussed later but now we are here to decide on the issue of her banning only[13:42]  januh Kilara: saveme  why should i vote for you after reading your blog  please tell me[13:42]  SaveMe Oh: you should vote for me Januh because you like an open society [13:42]  SaveMe Oh: maybe i can make them appear only when clicked on[13:42]  SaveMe Oh: the pics[13:42]  nina2007 Rossini: you know SaveMe, the term Public doesn’t means that all is autorised[13:43]  nina2007 Rossini: when you enter in a Public garden you can read a sign, no dogs for exemple, it’s a rule[13:43]  Henry125 Petrov: any further questions for SaveMe[13:43]  Floriano Flossberg: yes i have one, Henry[13:44]  Henry125 Petrov: SaveMe doo you have any further comments before we adjourn to discuss mater and vote[13:44]  Henry125 Petrov: please ask your question Flo[13:45]  Floriano Flossberg: SaveMe, we have to put the topic of the pics away for a moment….. then the initial question of nina was “will you read/respect our rules” in future if we vote for you? (the question about the pics will have to be another topic in the future)[13:45]  Floriano Flossberg: can we have a short yes, no or maybe to this?[13:46]  SaveMe Oh: i can agree that i will not have private IM anymore, or i will warn people before they start to speak with me[13:46]  SaveMe Oh: i will notice everybody that i can use convesations[13:46]  Floriano Flossberg: ok i have an answer to what i wanted to know… i would be done now …[13:47]  Henry125 Petrov: so you are saying you will possibly publish private conversations in future[13:47]  SaveMe Oh: no, i will warn people before they start a conversation like that with me that i could use it[13:47]  nina2007 Rossini: well, you didn’t warning us about this conversation, so you will not publish it?[13:48]  Henry125 Petrov: ok flo could you please remove SaveMe from sandbox group so officers can discuss and vote[13:48]  nina2007 Rossini: SaveMe could you answer to my question?[13:48]  nina2007 Rossini: SaveMe could you answer to my question?[13:48]  Henry125 Petrov: do you care to answer Ninas question saveme[13:49]  SaveMe Oh: i will maybe use it because all your actions create a big discussion on internet about censorship[13:49]  SaveMe Oh: and free people have a right on your thoughts[13:50]  Henry125 Petrov: ok fine that is your answer[13:50]  SaveMe Oh: all newspapers could close otherwise[13:50]  nina2007 Rossini: ok i have my answer[13:50]  Henry125 Petrov: floIs there anything else[13:51]  januh Kilara: yes good idea[13:51]  Floriano Flossberg: saveme, i ‘ll remove you from the officer group now; ty for sharing your thoughts on this with us

    Judgement Day – conclusion

    [14:10]  Henry125 Petrov: SaveMe we have discussed you banning and the majority of the officers have upheld your banning . You have the right to seek readmission in the future[14:11]  SaveMe Oh: do i get a reason?[14:12]  Henry125 Petrov: the reason is you violated second Lifes community standards disclosure clause[14:17]  Henry125 Petrov: SaveMe I am respectfully asking you to leave now Public townscape

  • WOW. That was a great hearing. very similars to reals hearings. haha.. yes. in the times of inquisition were verrrry similars,. and dont by the way to doit (even in inquisitions times were publics). no, i meant by the cuestions that were in that place being disguising, yes, similars points of view about what a person can or not do. Conclusion: SL can go against the rules of moral and freedom in some places. and if i dont want to see a thing, i can hide it cause i want. of course that i dont have any intention to look to another side …. i want to look there exactly in that place, and if i dont like what i see.. that thing will desapear.. cause im free.. but YOU NOT.. is clear my dear??


  • Anyone who takes on the role of Judge in a free, (or so they call themselves) community obviously has no conception that art is meant to be viewed by all. Narrow minded people are the cause of all the wars, hunger, pain and evil in the world today.

    The only one to judge is the one we perceive to be our Higher Power. It seems to me the very people who use His name in their efforts are the very people who do not live by the standards of love, acceptance and peace.

    I am not sorry for you, for you know who you are. I am sorry for those who think they over-rule create talents no matter how they are displayed. If our Universe had not wanted us to be creative individual would we have then been nothing more then sheep?

    It is ashame people in this world have not learned that Higher Love is acceptance of all things. It does not matter if one likes it or not. What one calls trash another calls treasure.

    I treasure you and believe places like Second Life are becoming less free then they would have us believe.

    Do not be angry. Love the ones who persecute you. For Love is the greatest of all gifts and by vibrating on a level of love you raise yourself above the common man who fights so hard to prove their worth.

  • Censorship in Second Life 4


    I found my father back in a devistating state, first his affair with the French girl didn’t turn out to go so well, but he refuses to tell me what is the problem and second he get a warning from censor Henry125 Petrov himself.

    What happend? In Public Townscape, where I am banned they had a chaircontest and i asked my father to put the chair, as seen on the pic above, there too. He was very scared to do so but finally he agreed and could see the humorous effect of it. So he placed the chair there in the field. It was returned to him the same day. When he placed it again the next day he recieved a notecard with a warning from Henry125 Petrov (see his pic in Meet The Judges).

    And now the poor old man is shocked and affraid that he will be the next victim of Henry125 Petrov and his group of secret police. He was asked by Henry125 Petrov to respect the role of Officer of Public Townscape. And when he place the chair again he will face a illegal trial just like me.

    My father almost didn’t dare to tell me this whole story because Henry125 Petrov even forbid him to tell me about this warning. So the dictatorship already goes so far that one person forbids another person to tell his daughter what had happend. I start to be very curious who is Henry125 in real life and if he also busy all the time to silence the people around him. I hope in next townscape elections he is not re-elected, but for sure he will be a candidate because he must love the power.

    Everybody who want a free Censor Henry Chair, please IM me.

  • [16:07] Henry125 Petrov: I returned your sign that refences your move of “Buttlove Country” since I previously stated that erm is not acceptable in Public Townscape. I fyou want to put up another sign that is acceptable to community standards that is fine,. Henry
    [16:08] Syndall Jansma: erm?
    [16:09] Syndall Jansma: What is erm?
    [16:10] Henry125 Petrov: typographical; error ihnore
    [16:10] Henry125 Petrov: ignore
    [16:10] Syndall Jansma: Oh, whats not acceptable?
    [16:10] Henry125 Petrov: th term Buttlove Country some peoplr find it offensive
    [16:11] Syndall Jansma: O,o
    [16:11] Syndall Jansma: Are you serious?
    [16:11] Henry125 Petrov: I had warned you and your sl sister about that term in past
    [16:11] Syndall Jansma: How am I supposed to direct people to our group land if I can’t include the name?
    [16:11] Syndall Jansma: Oh, she said it was the term ‘faggot’
    [16:11] Henry125 Petrov: well refer to you avatarts name
    [16:11] Syndall Jansma: ???
    [16:11] Henry125 Petrov: both terms
    [16:11] Syndall Jansma: So I’m not allowed to say Buttlove?
    [16:12] Henry125 Petrov: not in PublicmTownscape
    [16:12] Syndall Jansma: LOLOLOLOLOL
    [16:12] Syndall Jansma: How about Hiney Preference?
    [16:12] Syndall Jansma: Is that acceptable?
    [16:12] Henry125 Petrov: if it ism acceptable other areas of sl that ism up to landowners
    [16:12] Henry125 Petrov: know that would not be acceptable
    [16:12] Syndall Jansma: How about Rump Enjoyment?
    [16:13] Syndall Jansma: What is a synonym for buttlove that would be acceptable?
    [16:13] Henry125 Petrov: please stop, bneing feciuos
    [16:13] Henry125 Petrov: no it isnt
    [16:13] Syndall Jansma: Well it is not refering to anal intercourse, I assure you.
    [16:14] Henry125 Petrov: if you camt abide bu our simple rules I am sorry
    [16:14] Syndall Jansma: Well I need to know what would be acceptable if I cannot include the group name. It is confusing as to our old members if they cannot have a guidance to the new parcels if they do not know what the landmark is directed to.
    [16:15] Henry125 Petrov: Well like I said please refrain from anatomical refrences
    [16:15] Syndall Jansma: If you would kindly let me know what would be acceptable to you, I would surely fit the new landmark giver to your standards.
    [16:15] Syndall Jansma: Anatomical meaning any part of the body?
    [16:16] Henry125 Petrov: like I said can t you just refrence you sl avatars names
    [16:16] Syndall Jansma: Well, its group owned land. Our avatars specifically do not own it.
    [16:17] Syndall Jansma: How about B.L.H.Q?
    [16:17] Henry125 Petrov: that is true pt is group owned the only thing I an saying is that your new area is at the refrence location
    [16:17] Henry125 Petrov: no
    [16:18] Syndall Jansma: That sould be pretty acceptable because it does not directly state the term “Buttlove”, therefore residents not within the group should not be offended
    [16:18] Henry125 Petrov: are you and Fatima planning on giving up your platform in Public townscape?
    [16:18] Syndall Jansma: Because they would not know the acronym
    [16:18] Henry125 Petrov: I specifucally said no
    [16:18] Syndall Jansma: I just need to know what is acceptable
    [16:19] Henry125 Petrov: I told you a refrence to your avatars name or anythuiing else that isnt offensive
    [16:19] Henry125 Petrov: I cant be any clearer than that
    [16:20] Syndall Jansma: Are we not allowed to have a platform?
    [16:20] Henry125 Petrov: I f you persist in using any offensive terms I will hjave no recourse but to remove it
    [16:21] Syndall Jansma: We have already moved. Its fine, you may delete the platform. Have a nice day :3
    [16:21] Henry125 Petrov: yes you are welcome to have a platform like an y member as lomng as you follow group guidlines
    [16:21] Henry125 Petrov: ok I wiull delete it bye

  • Tell that bitch Henry 2 eat a dick up till he hiccup!

  • Censorship in Second Life 5

    As my poor father get the chair so quick returned i decided that all the members of Public Townscape have a right to own a copy of this object of resistance and so i send everybody a present with the following message: As this chair was rejected by censor Henry I offer it now for free. Please place the chair somewhere visible, sit on it and speak freely about whatever you want. Freedom for all.

    Part of the people rejected the gift but others followed my call and placed the chair in Public Townscape. On the picture you can see one member just rezzing it in front of Henry and Nina. This member, Syndall Jansma, also had his inconveniences with Henry 125 Petrov. Read their hillarious dispute about the word BUTTLOVE in his comment under: Censorship in Second Life 4.

    Another avatar was so upset by the chairaffair that he took the right in his own hand and build a swimming pool in the green area, wash away all the other chairs, i was told by my father, who spoke Januh Kilara about it.

    My afternoon was filled with IM from people who supported my actions and ofcourse reactions from the supporters of the new rulers. For example Myself Ah, who started a very normal discussion  but soon started to call me a bitch and other words i prefer not to put here. He said Henry and others where his family and i disrespected his house. On a certain moment in the IM conversation i catched him doing just what they are accusing me of, passing through secret IM convesations. He was copy and paste my IM talk directly to Henry:

    [15:20]  Myself Ah: sorry, accidently copied that
    [15:20]  SaveMe Oh: wrong box
    [15:20]  SaveMe Oh: henry is on the other
    [15:20]  Myself Ah: [15:17]  Myself Ah: do you mind the picture in my profile? [15:19]  Henry125 Petrov: no why
    [15:20]  Myself Ah: Yes he is
    [15:20]  Myself Ah: becuase i had to ask him tHAt.

    Another serious threat i get from two fellow dutch avatars, Ald Ibbetson and Taffy Hynes, who want to force me to take the articles and pics about his affair out of my weblog, when i would not listen in one day they would take their measures. They would find me!

    After i get bored of their repeating way of talking like an old taperecorder i left and they start to mistreat my dear friend and lawyer Sole Jie. Those people with their mouth full of rules and regulations couldn’t wait one second to call her, who is really the sweetest person in the world, ugly and a transexual. Some quotes:

    [14:34]  Alf Ibbetson: but i am pretty and you are very ugly thats our difference.

    [14:35]  Alf Ibbetson: a male in female clothes hahahahahaah

    [14:36]  Alf Ibbetson: i dont want to see anything about a BI

    [14:37]  Taffy Hynes: then maby your are are transexueel.

    Here is a clear proof that all this so obedient citizens are wolves in sheepcoats and they will not hesitate to destroy whoever is in their way to get themselves a better Second Life.

    I strongly disaggree with Henry125 Petrov, but at least he stays a gentleman till now. Maybe i have to invite him for a cup of thee.


  • It appears you do not understand what you did. You preach that Public townscape is a dictatorship. you attack my friends with harsh words, and you act inncocent.. There ARE rules in Second life and Definately in public townscape. You say Second life is Real life, although you do need a Real liife to know what one is. while I try to ezplain why you got banned nicely, you keep saying that henry, who IS my friend , is evil, and doesn’t care about the wellfare of public townscape. He does, and becuase YOU didn’t respect the Guidelines set up with being in public townscape, you got banned. i tried to explain in the rest of the Im, which you Failed to put up, probably becuase everyone would have seen the truth. Everyday, people ask you to take pictures, and hurtfull words down. all you do is tell them no without careing. you continuosly scape the bottom of the hole to find anything that you can twist into something horrible, like my profile picture, of a child avater sleeping on a stuffed animal. You then tell me that the child in that picture is having sexual intercourse with that stuffed animal. You ma’am are a sick minded indiviual who desevered to be banned, and then turn around and blame your problems on your father.

  • Seriously there is nothing hilarious about your public harassment on an open blog, of these people and you do know its against TOS to publicly display chat
    The conversation with Cyndal was not funny, just seemed like a spoilt brat being stupid when told she was in the wrong.
    IN PG areas buttlove would NOT be appropriate and her baiting Henry was exceptionally disrespectful and AGAINST TOS, to have rezzed a sign with BUTTLOVE on it
    She should have been reported to Lindens
    And you telling people you are a linden, you own SL and check up on residents, if you are you just broached your own set of TOS and community standards
    And if you are not YOU should be reported because simply your an idiot
    Grow up and get a REAL LIFE stop playing in SL because its effected your brain

  • About Judas people like you i just wrote my last comment. First i don’t know this Cyndal type at all, but i support every right he or she has to say or do what she wants. It’s not me who has to grow up, but your kind of people who think they cannot function if they are not ruled and regulated well. Start thinking and making descissions for yourself, instead of hiding behind TOS, Bible, Scientology, The Red Book, das Kapital or Mein Kampf. Let your free spirit do the thinking for you.

  • Myself the Bitch Ah eat lickin balls again i see. the only reason ya got any friends AT ALL is cause people mistakingly thought you were ‘cool’ cause i let ya hang around but we know why we did that so me and cheeto could orbit ya lmao. i think that shit streak quad orbited ya too. i know he trapped ya. you are and always were merely entertainment. any turd ex friends of mine u r welcome toem they couldnt make it either.

  • Meet the judges 2

    10 new officers where elected yesterday in Public Townscape. AE04BKG Silvera, Alf Ibbetson, Coco Jaxxon, Henry125 Petrov, Januh Kilara, nina2007 Rossini, Petronilla Paperdoll, SwingingOnAStar Kidd, Taffy Hynes and Wayne Schlegal.

    Who gets the most votes? Nobody, there was no voting. Just the people who where candidates became automaticly officers because they needed 10 and there where just 10 candidates. So this people have now the power to decide everything in PS just by being on a votinglist. Democracy was never that easy. Elected without any rules they can now rule the other citizens. As long as you feed them with enough honey they will treat you nice. That’s a comforting thought


    From left to right: Floriano Flossberg (founder of PS, who has to explain in his thesis why a free SL society turned out into a dictatorship of a few), nina2007 Rossini, Henry125 Petrov, AE04BKG Silvera, Alf Ibbetson (a new officer who offends my friends in a nasty way) ,SwingingOnAStar Kidd, Januh Kilara, Coco Jaxxon, Wayne Schlegal, Taffy Hynes and Petronilla Paperdoll.

  • SaveMe,
    can you explain why are you looking all the time to what happen at townscape?
    SL it’s a big world! many places to visit, many things to do! do you have psychological problems? yes maybe!
    you say that you are victim, but you have no impression that across your blog, it is people of townscape and particulary officers, that are the victims of your harcelement?
    you were banned, and about the reason, even is if it’s arbitrary – what is not case here, because every person who links up all that was said, understands- it you should keep the face and to pass to something else!

    or then you have nothing else to offer on your blog of interresting? apart bring back what makes this officers, what makes your father? besides they wonder if this father exists, if it is not your second avatar of which you still serts you to tell things or then to go were you are banned to try to put riot and to bait those who in any case ignore you! you dont see that the residents of townscape are not in charge of you? they are adults and act as it is, not as provocative teenagers in evil of attention trying to attract looks.
    you are well going to end up getting tired one day, know that it will be before them! they like what they make, they make it for a good reason! they have concerns which exceed from a distance the childishness which you show

    besides, you say that you are an artist not? you have to show nothing of what you make? or then you cultivate the art of criticism and malicious gossip?
    In that case go on just like that, I think that you are a master in this domain…

    without resentment SaveMe

  • Dear watcher,

    The question is a simple one, in a free building zone there are avatars who can build.
    Only after a while it turns out that some can decide about others. The question is why them? And what gives them the moral right to do so. Nothing more, nothing less.


  • I remember these turds. let me tell ya a little about public townscape. When i swooped in it as a rezz on, damage enabled , terrian edit enabled waste land
    where ahandfull of people gobbled up all the prims and the rest (yes ME!) covered their lil builds with land and water! Then after being attacked by some furry tards (POLAND) I spent my free time emptying the sim and rezzing cocks in their houses.

    since nobody got to play in public but me, they called a super organizers meeting! where i was declared one of the origional officers.
    then came all the crap
    floriano would order a meeting. we would spend 5 hours debating, decide something. then act like it was never decided. floriano thinks that democracy is debating, and changing rules. he just wants to compromise and comproise to the poin that his unelected flunkies are mini despots in his absence then wants to hold endless mettings about wht they did while he was off. punishing no one, even the guilty.
    when i realized what a collosal waste of time public was (constant 3 or 5 hour meetings to resolve stuff already decided, and RULLES that were created only because the SOUND good, but were never enforced) I quit public townscape.

  • Judgement Day – New Victims

    After my illegal trial and banning by the junta of Public Townscape, they found a new victim, my poor father Cupido Oh. Tonight he has to stand trial. Ofcourse just like in my trial behind locked doors without any objective observer or a lawyer to defend him. What are they accussing him of? This is what he told me: 1. He put the CENSOR HENRY (see earlier article) chair in his house. 2. He placed a PARENTAL ADVISORY sign on a platform of another resident in the green (free building) sandbox area. 3. He stood on that platform when Henry125 Petrov called that harrasment and ordered him to leave.

    Why you think Henry has the 125 in his name? Because all the man wants is to steal as much 125(prims) from residents he don’t like, to give after those prims to his own friends who can’t build now because the parcel is full. No judgement is done there, they just search for easy victims to kick, 125, out. 125 is the maximum amount of prims you can use. And who are the easy targets? The olderly people in SL who try to find their way on the internet. It’s a shame and a big disgrace. I try to convince my father it’s just a virtual game, but on the moment he is suffering in RL. They took away his hobby. Who are they that they can abuse people without consequences. I hope somebody will stop this selfacclaimed Gods. I promis i go on fighting them until freedom is  back for everybody in Public Townscape.

    Judgement Day – Light At The End Of The Tunnel

    My father is released out of the virtual prison he was kept in. Accused with ridiculouss accusations the verdict took yesterdaynight more than one hour. Obvious some of the officers start to realise that they are not one bit better or worse than the people they accuse. My father almost had a nervous breakdown last week, but he is allowed back in. Ofcourse he has to start building all over again because Henry125, whats in a name, deleted all his 125 prims before the trial.

    My father is trembling now, affraid of doing anything wrong. He feels spyed on the whole day and decided to make a big cube where no one is allowed to go in, and with big warning signs outside. And he is knocking doors now all day, because thats what they told him. That he should knock. So he dont dare to fly around anymore because the BIG BROTHERS and BIG SISTERS might feel harrashed when he flies by. Can i anywhere get the officers of Public Townscape on a trial for abusing an old man?


    Oath Of Secrecy in Public Townscape


    The secret Public Townscape Tribunal

    After one day of freedom my father was yesterday banned again because I publiced on this weblog what he told me about the last trial. Thats why I asked somebody, who always keeps me informed, if I could have the IM’s so now everybody can judge how this secret society works. First Henry125 Petrov send my father this notecard:

    The Officers of Public Townscape have voted for your immediate banning from Public Townscape for your violation of your Probation in that you have violated Second Life’s Community Standards Disclosure Clause in that you shared without consent of the Officers their private conversation logs which found their way on to your daughter SaveMe Oh’sWeblog, who is also a member of Second Life. You had been previously warned about the confidentiality of this mater and agreed to abide by Second Life’s Community Standards when you joined Second Life. Your prims in the Blue Residential Area of Public Townscape have been returned to your Inventory’s Lost and Found Folder. You have the right to request readmission to Public Townscape after a month and the Officers of Public Townscape will decide this issue.                   Sincerely,                  Henry125 Petrov                  Public townscape Officer

    As a reporter of the free press i now use my right to publish the IM i recieved to show how unjustice is done and how people misbehave and harass in the name of SL rules. Judge for yourself.

    [13:16]  Floriano Flossberg: I have presented to the Officers of Public Townscape a detailed account what occurred leading up to your banning once you submitted your appeal. I will quickly summarize the facts now.   On January 30, 2008, after consulting with several Officers I issued a warning to Cupido Oh that he had violated Second Life’s Community Standards Harassment Clause as well as violating Public Townscape’s Group Rules in regard to an incident involving Public Townscape member alf Ibbetson. Cupido Oh on that occasion had placed a sign on alf Ibbetson area in the Green Sandbox Area of Public Townscape without his permission and acted in a manner that was perceived as harassing to alf Ibbetson and his friend Ara Hifeng.  On February 12, 2008 I banned Cupido Oh for again being in violation of Second Life’s Community Standards Harassment Clause after consulting with several Officers. He on this occasion again harassed Ara Hifeng in the home of alf Ibeetson without any provocation on her part.[13:19]  Henry125 Petrov: is there any questions for me at this time[13:19]  Cupido Oh: yes, what is your problem?[13:20]  Henry125 Petrov: Cupido you are welcomed to present any evidence to support wehy the baqn should not be upheld against you[13:20]  Cupido Oh: i didn’t harass, or how you say that, anybody[13:21]  Henry125 Petrov: I there any further explanation you would like to give[13:21]  Cupido Oh: i placed once a pic to do a photo shoot in the green area on ALf’s platform, but it was in the green area and the thing was auto return anyway[13:22]  Henry125 Petrov: ok is there anything thing else you would like to add[13:22]  Cupido Oh: and second i did not harass, what’s her name, i only landed on the platform and when she asked me to leave i did[13:22]  januh Kilara: none should  but anything on platforms of other members[13:22]  Cupido Oh: the same on Alf platform, when Henry asked me to leave i did[13:23]  Floriano Flossberg: cupido what were your troubles with ara about?[13:23]  nina2007 Rossini: Cupido why you was on Alf’s platform?[13:23]  Henry125 Petrov: Cupido I beg your pardon you did not not leave immediately when I aslked you to[13:23]  Cupido Oh: so please stop the bann and handle me back my prims and help me please rebuild my home because im not such a good builder[13:23]  Cupido Oh: i did not leave immidiatly because we where talking Henry[13:23]  Henry125 Petrov: Is there anything else Cupido[13:23]  Cupido Oh: i dont want to be unpolite if anybody is talking to me[13:24]  Henry125 Petrov: Does anyone have any questions for Cupido[13:24]  nina2007 Rossini: Cupido what was you doing on Alf’s platform? Why this choice? there is many others platforms in the blue area[13:24]  Cupido Oh: And Floriano, i had no troubles with Ara? don’t even know her[13:24]  Cupido Oh: Alf is a Dutch, me too[13:24]  Cupido Oh: we talk sometimes[13:24]  januh Kilara: i read you moved through walls  cupido ?[13:24]  Cupido Oh: no, i cant[13:25]  Petronilla Paperdoll: “Residents are entitled to a reasonable level of privacy with regard to their Second Lives.”, according to SL community standards.[13:25]  Cupido Oh: have no money to buy those things[13:25]  nina2007 Rossini: i read you used a tool to walk in the house[13:25]  januh Kilara: you used her poseballs?[13:25]  Henry125 Petrov: Cupido why do you tbink Alf and Ara felt threatened and Harassed by your actions?[13:26]  Cupido Oh: i danced 5 seconds on a poseball, then i left because she asked me[13:26]  Floriano Flossberg: what did ara tell about this incident?[13:26]  Cupido Oh: no, i dont think at all, because i did not harass or threaten anybody, why should I?[13:26]  Petronilla Paperdoll: if you were not invited, you didn’t respect their privacy.[13:26]  Cupido Oh: Ara told me nothing because i left as she asked[13:27]  nina2007 Rossini: it is true that Ara invited you to leave and you tried to go inside her house?[13:27]  Henry125 Petrov: Flo that is in the note I sent to the Officers she said Cupido casme thru wall danced on Poseball and she felt threatened and harassed[13:27]  Cupido Oh: i fly around sometimes to see other peoples buildings[13:27]  Cupido Oh: i do that often out of curiosity what others build[13:27]  Henry125 Petrov: he did not leave according to Ara until I was summoned[13:27]  Cupido Oh: i thought this was townscape[13:27]  Cupido Oh: i am interested in architecture[13:28]  Petronilla Paperdoll: why not to ask to take a look? This would be better[13:28]  Cupido Oh: and i cannot walk trhu wall[13:28]  Petronilla Paperdoll: just ask[13:28]  Cupido Oh: and i didn’t know she was there[13:28]  Henry125 Petrov: meanwhile does any one else have any questions for Cupido[13:28]  Cupido Oh: i thought it was ALF his place, not hers[13:28]  Cupido Oh: i don’t know her[13:28]  nina2007 Rossini: Cupido, why we must trust you?[13:28]  Cupido Oh: i dont know her[13:28]  Cupido Oh: i dont know her[13:29]  Petronilla Paperdoll: do you usually go at Alf’s without invitation? Does he like this?[13:29]  Cupido Oh: why you should not trust me, i did nothing wrong[13:29]  januh Kilara: you don’t like alf cupido ?[13:30]  Cupido Oh: no, i don’t like him because he treated Sole and SaveMe really bad, and this time i mean really threatening[13:30]  Henry125 Petrov: Cupido have not you and your daughter had difficulties with Alf in the past?[13:30]  Cupido Oh: and where i stay polite he called them everything, i cant repeat[13:31]  Cupido Oh: he even threatened to have them thrown out of SL[13:31]  januh Kilara: but you were there to tease him to drive him mad…?[13:31]  Henry125 Petrov: well we aren’t here to discuss that issue only your banning[13:31]  Henry125 Petrov: we are not here to discuss anything but your banning[13:31]  nina2007 Rossini: so Alf is not your Dutch friend as you said Cupido, so the choice of his platform was not innocent too[13:31]  Floriano Flossberg: cupido, another question:[13:32]  Cupido Oh: yes it was a coincidence, the other times i speak with him in the sandbox[13:32]  Henry125 Petrov: Yes Flo[13:33]  Floriano Flossberg: would you consider to leave private platforms alone and only watch from a safe distance when you are following your architectural interest?[13:34]  Floriano Flossberg: would you consider to leave platforms of others alone and only watch from a safe distance in ayour architectural interest in the future if you’re not invited?[13:34]  Cupido Oh: are people not allowed to land on each others platforms?[13:34]  Cupido Oh: but tell me on which i cant go and i stay away[13:34]  Petronilla Paperdoll: I repeat (from SL community standards): “Residents are entitled to a reasonable level of privacy with regard to their Second Lives”[13:34]  Henry125 Petrov: well would you enter someone’s home in real life without permission?[13:35]  januh Kilara: don’t go through closed doors cupido[13:35]  Floriano Flossberg: well, lets say it this way: those platforms are kind of private, people build houses there and have wall… a clear sign they want some privacy in there…[13:35]  Cupido Oh: Would you judge your neighbour in RL?[13:35]  Cupido Oh: Henry?[13:36]  Cupido Oh: and Alf never told me he didn’t want me there[13:36]  Henry125 Petrov: we are here judging your actions in sl not rl[13:36]  Cupido Oh: an other time i was there talking with him[13:36]  januh Kilara: neighbours don’t go in my house only when i invite them[13:36]  Petronilla Paperdoll: apparently, he didn’t invite you as well[13:36]  nina2007 Rossini: the rules about the privacy in sl are not only our rules, but the rules for all second life[13:37]  januh Kilara: did you go in a house with a door cupido ?[13:37]  Cupido Oh: if he likes his privacy i wont go there[13:37]  Cupido Oh: and yes, i used a door, how i could go inside otherwise?[13:38]  Cupido Oh: and on his platform are no doors[13:38]  januh Kilara: and you will not do that again ?[13:38]  Cupido Oh: open air sandbox[13:38]  Henry125 Petrov: does that mean you will go into any one else’s house without permission in Public Townscape or any where else in second life[13:38]  Cupido Oh: no, i will not go to him again[13:38]  januh Kilara: and in other houses with doors?[13:38]  Henry125 Petrov: alf’s home was closed with a door Cupido[13:38]  Petronilla Paperdoll: “to him”? and what about other townscapers?[13:39]  Cupido Oh: when im flying around in SL and houses are not protected i go in if i am interested, when people ask me to leave i go[13:39]  januh Kilara: no all houses with a door are taboo![13:39]  Cupido Oh: Coco had her new house, i went in and visit here[13:40]  nina2007 Rossini: Cupido, you must ask before if you could enter or not[13:40]  Petronilla Paperdoll: people can feel annoyed, or alarmed[13:40]  Henry125 Petrov: well that is the problem you cant assume to enter someone’s home without permission either in rl or sl[13:40]  Cupido Oh: didn’t say knock knock first[13:40]  Petronilla Paperdoll: and if people is annoyed or alarmed, that’s harassment[13:40]  Cupido Oh: so you want to ban me for not knocking?[13:40]  januh Kilara: would you stop that?[13:40]  januh Kilara: in future?[13:40]  Henry125 Petrov: Cupido if you went thru the walls that is not knocking[13:41]  januh Kilara: go to houses of other people?[13:41]  nina2007 Rossini: in SL there is the chat for knocking Cupido[13:41]  Cupido Oh: I DID NOT WENT TO WALLS ARE YOU DEAF?[13:41]  Petronilla Paperdoll: shouting is not necessary[13:41]  Henry125 Petrov: well Ara statement was that you did[13:41]  Cupido Oh: well i suggest at least you read[13:41]  Cupido Oh: so ARA is a liar[13:42]  Henry125 Petrov: ok does anyone have any more questions for Cupido mor myself[13:43]  januh Kilara: please cupido tell me one again would you stop go in other houses in future?[13:43]  Henry125 Petrov: cupido would you like to say anything thing else before the officers consider this matter[13:43]  Coco Jaxxon: Sorry i crashed – but what i would like to know is why you feel it is ok to enter into someones home with out being invited[13:43]  SwingingOnAStar Kidd: It is called respect Cupido.[13:43]  SwingingOnAStar Kidd: We all need that.[13:44]  SwingingOnAStar Kidd: I’m sure you do too.[13:44]  Cupido Oh: hope you have some for me[13:44]  Coco Jaxxon: I do not like my own privacy being invaded[13:44]  SwingingOnAStar Kidd: Of course.[13:44]  Cupido Oh: i don’t feel any respect here[13:44]  Coco Jaxxon: in RL or SL[13:44]  Coco Jaxxon: And I feel rules should be adhered to[13:44]  Cupido Oh: i feel a group who thinks is superior, that’s a lack of respect[13:44]  Petronilla Paperdoll: we’re carefully listening at you, Cupido – that’s respect; I think[13:44]  Coco Jaxxon: for the sake of everyone[13:44]  SwingingOnAStar Kidd: Maybe you need to look at it in a more mature way.[13:44]  Coco Jaxxon: no[13:45]  Cupido Oh: i am mature, i think im the most old person here[13:45]  nina2007 Rossini: it’s you personal feeling Cupido, but be sure we all respect everybody and of course the privacy too[13:45]  Coco Jaxxon: You disrespect others by taking the liberty to enter into their homes without asking[13:45]  Cupido Oh: i was there before, so then its ok[13:45]  Cupido Oh: when i know somebody[13:45]  Coco Jaxxon: no its not ok without permission[13:46]  januh Kilara: that you dont like?[13:46]  Cupido Oh: as most off you also visit my place without asking[13:46]  Coco Jaxxon: invitation is paramount[13:46]  Cupido Oh: Henry visits my place without asking[13:46]  Cupido Oh: others did[13:46]  Coco Jaxxon: may be naked or other – it is not nice when people just pop by[13:46]  Coco Jaxxon: and a little scary may i add[13:46]  januh Kilara: t looks like  a public  place without  a door[13:46]  Cupido Oh: yes and i might be a pinguin[13:47]  Floriano Flossberg: hey, no penguin jokes here![13:47]  Cupido Oh: dont get foolish please[13:47]  Henry125 Petrov: Cupido when I visit a platform it is n the role of officer of PT I would never intrude on another persons area[13:47]  Cupido Oh: ahhh officers have privileges[13:47]  Cupido Oh: did you had a search warrant?[13:47]  januh Kilara: so would i[13:48]  Henry125 Petrov: officers have duties to perform at the forum[13:48]  Cupido Oh: now things get clear[13:48]  januh Kilara: never go into a house without invitation  first rule  in sl[13:48]  nina2007 Rossini: no Cupido, but the officers work it’s to go on platforms too to see if all is ok[13:48]  Coco Jaxxon: Officers are here for the greater good[13:48]  Coco Jaxxon: for ALL[13:48]  Petronilla Paperdoll: I remember the very beginning of pt – when I built my place: Flo ASKED me if he could get in.[13:48]  Cupido Oh: yes, double standards, i understand[13:49]  Coco Jaxxon: why are you not taking responsibility for your actions[13:49]  nina2007 Rossini: we hade recently a vote for officers, and i don’t remember your request to be a officer too[13:49]  Coco Jaxxon: people where upset by what you did[13:49]  Henry125 Petrov: if there are no more questions flo could you please remove Cupido from sqandbox group so officers can discuss this and vote[13:50]  nina2007 Rossini: no more question for me[13:51]  Henry125 Petrov: flo please advise me when Cupido has been removed[13:51]  Cupido Oh: yes, can i have my 125 prims back if decide positive?[14:08]  Henry125 Petrov: flo how do you vote [14:17]  Cupido Oh: how long? I need to go to bed?[14:17]  Floriano Flossberg: we have a close vote, i hope not long, but i’m not sure [14:51]  Henry125 Petrov gave you Officer’s Decision on Baning of Cupido Oh.[14:52]  You: ty[14:53]  januh Kilara: cupido you are cute but unfriendly some times[14:53]  januh Kilara: to others[14:53]  You: i never said i am a friendly person[14:53]  nina2007 Rossini: Cupido i’m sure you are not a bad person[14:53]  xnina2007: Cupido i’ m sure you are not an bad person[14:53]  You: but i try to be straight and honest[14:54]  SwingingOnAStar Kidd: Cupido, pls. be a good boy.[14:54]  januh Kilara: well in a community you have to accept some rules[14:54]  You: i accept you calling me, as 60 year old a boy, as a compliment[14:54]  januh Kilara: and be friendly to others sometime[14:54]  You: i am friendly to who deserve it[14:54]  SwingingOnAStar Kidd: It should make you feel younger, hehehe[14:55]  Coco Jaxxon: We want pt to be a happy friendly place[14:55]  You: the ones who abuse their power have no right on friendliness[14:55]  Coco Jaxxon: where people can relax and enjoy[14:55]  Chantal Harvey is Offline[14:56]  You: that’s a good idea, so encourage creativity instead of playing boss[14:56]  nina2007 Rossini: bye all[14:56]  xnina2007: bye DE[14:56]  SwingingOnAStar Kidd: Bye Nina[14:56]  You: do i get my prims back?[14:57]  Coco Jaxxon: We all do :-) promote creativity[14:57]  You: no you don’t[14:57]  You: some do[14:57]  You: others want to play president[14:57]  januh Kilara: cupido you are close to the edge of being banned from this place please be good so i made a right decision[14:57]  Coco Jaxxon: you must agree in any society rules have to be set[14:57]  Coco Jaxxon: and followed[14:58]  Henry125 Petrov: Cupido I have lifted your ban in each area of Public Townscape[14:58]  You: i agree[14:58]  You: but some misuse their powers and that’s an offence too[14:58]  Henry125 Petrov: You will have to wait for prims to be available like any bother new meber[14:58]  januh Kilara: please cupido !! Behave as a good man[14:58]  You: be honest with the powers you have[14:59]  Henry125 Petrov: just follow the group rules and the rules of sl and there won’t be any more problems[14:59]  You: don’t use them to enforce your own opinions[14:59]  januh Kilara: i will be the first to ask for your ban if you disappoint me[14:59]  Coco Jaxxon: nobody here has[14:59]  You: thats a treat, see what i mean[14:59]  Coco Jaxxon: all rules and procedures have been followed[14:59]  You: januh?[15:00]  januh Kilara: just be good[15:00]  You: reflect on yourself a little, please[15:00]  You: and please be good too[15:00]  Coco Jaxxon: Please don’t make this personal[15:00]  You: i dont[15:00]  januh Kilara: no problem[15:00]  SwingingOnAStar Kidd: we should be finished with discussion in this matter in Chat.[15:00]  You: i fight for freedom[15:00]  SwingingOnAStar Kidd: Go to IM if want to carry on. [15:05]  Cupido Oh: how close was the vote?[15:07]  Floriano Flossberg: cupidoh, it was realy close; and as a little hint…. better be like a peaceful flower the next time… it was a close decision, and next time you probably would not get this much voices in your favour[15:08]  Cupido Oh: fighting for freedom is never an easy job. Thanks[15:08]  Floriano Flossberg: believe me it was a fight:P and yw

    Birthday Present

    I get my birthday present. My father and me are allowed in again in Public Townscape. We spent a lot of time achieving this and where banned several times, and maybe we will be in the future again, but today is a day of celebration.I promise all the officers who support me that I will use all my creativity to contribute to Townscape. To the officers who hated that I was allowed to return I would like to say; don’t see me as a pain in the ass, the world also need drama queens, they are quit harmless. Sole also surprised me with a big birthday present. A big green frog. But after a night kissing the slimy creature no prince appeared. And suddenly I realise; who wants a prince if she already has a princess.

    Rebuilding The Ruins


    Thinking over the steps to take

    After the tornado Henry125 Petrov destroyed all our possessions in Townscape now its time for rebuilding. Almost 250 prims where taken from us and now we have to wait patiently until there are some available again. My father was hit worse by Henry’s remorseless actions because he had theatre item’s standing there and with the shortage on prims it’s almost impossible to recreate it. But I try to help him to keep up the good mood and to be happy that we were allowed in again. And we found some unexpected friends, support from sides we didn’t expect it from. So we just put up our sleeves and start the tough work of rebuilding and praise ourselves happy with those new friends.Thanks all for the support, you know whom. 


    Rest after hard work
  • I’m sorry, but if you ARE truely a linden, then you would listen to the rules in the TOS
    it clearly states that Sl chat logs are not premitted to leave SL
    You clearly have broken that rule
    it also states you are not allow to bash another person’s way of living all becuase a piece of shit of a linden can’t keep her legs closed enough to read the rules.

    then after that building a mannequin of another person depicting them in a sexual posistion.

    i’m sorry, but you are a pathetic excuse for a linden, and you and your father need to be brought to justice in the eyes of the TOS, not by the codes you rightup by your bed.

  • Henrey had EVERY right, hell he could have banned you from public townscape for no reason , here why

    Sims get to develope their own rules that reside along side the TOS, an extension. if you say. Flor, any anyone in a admin posistion for the group and sim DON’T NEED TO TELL YOU hat your banned, they can bann you from anything

    And I think it’s reallly selfish of you to go off and continue to act innocent, and try to draw attention to yourself becuase of your whiney, non careing.

    Even worse, When i try to explain to you what you did wrong, You tried to hit on me and asked me out. You ma’am are a desperate whore

  • Shit, I bet that’s Myself Ah! Lil bitch want a foot in his crack!

  • Public Townscape NEVR in its history held that chatlogs WERE sacred and many throuh out that dumps sordid past have transmitted them WITHOU consent. MYSELF AH u lil turd and I KNOW it’s you. YOu were a noob shit streak is why ya whiny ass don’t know that!

  • Christians And Communists

    Just in one day of my second life I stumble upon two movements inside. First I met an anarchistic communistic utopist who wants to create an art colony completely ruled by its members with no money involved, and secondly some officers of Public Townscape, also ruled by it’s members, who judged me last months, now confess that the only judge is God. And both groups have problems with their principles. When my sister Boheme Oh asked the utopist if he was paid in RL for his work with students he was pissed off immediately (My sister Boheme is sometimes quicker than me to piss people off), so his revolutionary talk was reduced very quick. (This doesn’t mean his art island isn’t really great). Also in Townscape the confusion plays a part. Why two officers judge me first and say after they leave the judging to God? All comes down on the urge of people to implement their standards of living to others. In RL, when we are lucky, sometimes we have political ways to achieve a consensus of what is good or bad, although some may say the money rules. In SL people try to implement their believes in a quicker way, no democracy needed, no control, no approval of people. If you want to win here, be a friend of the owner. And so we all move as slimy creatures up in the asses of owners to get permission to do something on a land. The only way I can live with my slimy creature is to be a very artistic, hard to remove one, who laughs a lot about how serious people try here to achieve something that they should try in RL. Then they really contribute to a society.


    Dictatorship in Public Townscape

    I can publish pages with evidence, but I will do that later. Fact is that now even just talking with Henry125 Petrov and his husband Myself Ah get you banned in Public Townscape immediately. That Henry125 Petrov passes himself private conversations to others seems not a problem. Who is gonna stop this dictators who destroy other people’s pleasure in SL? Help me please to get rid of this guy.

    Banned In Public Townscape By This:

    This conversation get me and Sole Jie banned from Public Townscape again. And this conversation was not recorded by me but by Henry125 Petrov. He sended this to the owner of the sim Coco Jaxxon. Only by mistake he sended it first to the wrong person. Thats how I got it.


    [16:19]  OnlyYour Destiny: this was what Henry wrote to me:

    [13:33]  Henry125 Petrov: Destiny please ignore this  and don’t read this

    [13:42]  Henry125 Petrov: Silvia, what I sent you was meant for Coco so please don’t repeat anything in it MADE A MISTAKE SENDING IT TO YOU

    [14:59]  Henry125 Petrov: Silvia I asked you not to share this information It was sent to you by mistake

    [15:02]  Henry125 Petrov: I accidentally sent her a note that I was meant for coco and told her not to share it




    YOU is in this case Henry125 Petrov

    [12:33]  You: Hi sole

    [12:33]  Sole Jie: hi henry..

    [12:33]  Sole Jie: why roam leaved ?

    [12:33]  You: you need to ask him

    [12:33]  Sole Jie: what is all that history of the king ??

    [12:33]  You: it is more role playing

    [12:33]  MystiTool HUD 1.0.23: Entering chat range: Myself Ah (19m)

    [12:33]  MystiTool HUD 1.0.23: Entering chat range: SaveMe Oh (19m)

    [12:34]  You: Hi saveme

    [12:34]  Sole Jie: no i will leave this land. Really Henry is incredible that you don’t learned nothing of this land.. This lad always was and will be always a place full of fights of powers. as childs playing to be man

    [12:34]  SaveMe Oh: hi henry

    [12:34]  Sole Jie: incredible

    [12:34]  Sole Jie: what a disappoint

    [12:34]  You: so you no longer wish to be a builder sole

    [12:34]  Sole Jie: you look as a girl

    [12:34]  Sole Jie: oh henry you should relog

    [12:34]  Sole Jie: i want to be a builder henry

    [12:34]  Sole Jie: but not in a place where the good ones leave

    [12:34]  SaveMe Oh: all kings and directors

    [12:35]  SaveMe Oh: well well

    [12:35]  Myself Ah gave you RUTHEdGROUND FEET BE GONE.

    [12:35]  Sole Jie: and in a place where they are all the time fighting as child’s

    [12:35]  Sole Jie: who don’t share

    [12:35]  You: sole why did you say you want ed leave this land

    [12:36]  Sole Jie: :) ).. henry.. this land lost the original idea many time ago. im here since this land started. yes i never was in those fantastic meetings with flo

    [12:36]  Sole Jie: but the idea was really good

    [12:36]  Sole Jie: now is only a place where persons try to be the best

    [12:36]  Sole Jie: as stupid child’s

    [12:36]  Sole Jie: really im upset

    [12:36]  You: wel sole if you don’t like the way things are here you and anybody else are welcome to go live somewhere else

    [12:37]  Sole Jie: yes of course we are.. henry.. a pity that you dont accept a critic

    [12:37]  You: we have many people wanting to be builders and replace you

    [12:37]  Sole Jie: thats the start of all the communities

    [12:37]  SaveMe Oh: Sole you are deposable

    [12:37]  Sole Jie: ohh . haha. i almost cry

    [12:37]  Sole Jie: yes of course

    [12:38]  SaveMe Oh: they have the garbage bin already waiting for you

    [12:38]  You: as long as anyone follows community standards and group rules they are welcome here

    [12:38]  SaveMe Oh: puke

    [12:38]  SaveMe Oh: sorry

    [12:38]  Sole Jie: sorry.. you wrote the concept of community rights

    [12:38]  Sole Jie: and she too

    [12:38]  Sole Jie: yes both ct the same

    [12:38]  You: will saveme I am not going to argue with your nonsense

    [12:38]  Sole Jie: thats the silly

    [12:38]  SaveMe Oh: better not

    [12:38]  SaveMe Oh: im not sensible

    [12:39]  Stuart Seals is Online

    [12:39]  You: if you say so it must be true because I know you wouldn’t lie

    [12:39]  SaveMe Oh: but i cant resist you Henry

    [12:39]  SaveMe Oh: im intrigued by you

    [12:39]  Sole Jie: ok i go dont need this. really.. dont need it

    [12:40]  Myself Ah: Goodbye ^^

    [12:40]  SaveMe Oh: would really like to know what drives you

    [12:40]  Sole Jie: mayself please don’t jump to high. the fall down can be more painful

    [12:40]  You: that nice thast you are intrigued but yoy have so much potential if you would only use it for good rather than for destructive means

    [12:40]  Myself Ah: i can land on my feet, I’m not clumsy

    [12:41]  SaveMe Oh: but i really want to know

    [12:41]  SaveMe Oh: why you have the attitude you have

    [12:41]  SaveMe Oh: why you do it like you do?

    [12:41]  SaveMe Oh: what does it bring for you?

    [12:41]  You: you don’t know me how do you know what attitudes I have

    [12:42]  SaveMe Oh: i tell you i dont know, thats why i ask

    [12:42]  You: any society needs rules otherwise you have chaos

    [12:42]  SaveMe Oh: you have bad experience with chaos?

    [12:43]  You: wel you are a destructive force rather than a positive force

    [12:43]  SaveMe Oh: but do rules prevent that?

    [12:44]  SaveMe Oh: do you have a perfect world in mind?

    [12:44]  You: not in your case because you dont respect any authority that you don’t agree with

    [12:44]  Myself Ah: Well mabye if someone, wouldn’t be a anarchist, maybe some day you might actually follow the rules, and not try to weasel your way past them

    [12:45]  Myself Ah: No wouldn’t it?

    [12:45]  SaveMe Oh: i have an authority an respect problem, but could it be to challenge creativity

    [12:45]  SaveMe Oh: are you not killing that?

    [12:45]  You: creativity is good as long as it isn’t destructive

    [12:45]  Myself Ah: Creativity is good, were do you think SL came from, a tree?

    [12:46]  SaveMe Oh: destruction also brings new visions

    [12:46]  SaveMe Oh: and what about humour

    [12:46]  You: you unfortunately in the name of creativity and freedom of speech hurt people

    [12:46]  SaveMe Oh: do you have any sense of that

    [12:46]  Myself Ah: Destruction hurts many people, you hide behind your opinions and think you can run away from rules

    [12:46]  Myself Ah: Don’t you?

    [12:46]  You: You would be amazed at my sense of humour

    [12:46]  Myself Ah: do you like that?

    [12:46]  SaveMe Oh: for me there are no rules here

    [12:47]  SaveMe Oh: i do what i want to do

    [12:47]  Myself Ah: And someday that’ll catch up to you, while your being thrown away to jail!

    [12:47]  SaveMe Oh: they wont arrest me for that

    [12:47]  Myself Ah: I’m sure you’ll love your cell mate, bubba

    [12:47]  SaveMe Oh: i don’t kill people

    [12:47]  Myself Ah: wouldn’t you?

    [12:47]  SaveMe Oh: i don’t steal

    [12:47]  You: why do you feel there are no rules here?

    [12:47]  Myself Ah: i bet you would

    [12:47]  SaveMe Oh: SL is about imagery

    [12:48]  SaveMe Oh: you try to make it a police state

    [12:48]  Myself Ah: Oh really, why don’t you prove it! :D

    [12:48]  SaveMe Oh: to rule where you cant in RL

    [12:48]  You: when you signed into sl for first time you agreed to follow community standards you consistently break them and our group rules

    [12:48]  Myself Ah: you can’t prove it, oh well

    [12:48]  SaveMe Oh: i would love that you could do what you want and i can do what i want

    [12:48]  Myself Ah: until we ban you, then you can’t come back here!

    [12:48]  SaveMe Oh: but you are only busy to control

    [12:49]  You: well if you don’t like the way we run pt you can buy your own island and run it any way you want

    [12:49]  Myself Ah: then we’ll never see you again, and you can break other peoples rules

    [12:49]  Myself Ah: sound good?

    [12:49]  SaveMe Oh: do you think SL is my RL

    [12:49]  SaveMe Oh: its just a game

    [12:49]  Myself Ah: no, SL and RL is different

    [12:49]  Myself Ah: Duh

    [12:49]  SaveMe Oh: i wouldn’t cry a minute

    [12:50]  You: I have no idea what your real life is or don’t practically care

    [12:50]  Myself Ah: i wouldn’t care about your real life, even if you committed suicide

    [12:50]  SaveMe Oh: i am interested in yours

    [12:50]  SaveMe Oh: henry

    [12:50]  SaveMe Oh: really

    [12:50]  You: all I care is that you follow our guidelines and if not you are welcome to leave

    [12:50]  SaveMe Oh: i would like to know what is your drive

    [12:50]  Myself Ah: We don’t wish to explain our personal lives, to a manipulative person

    [12:50]  SaveMe Oh: why are you so obsessed with rules?

    [12:51]  Myself Ah: Because without rules, there would be chaos

    [12:51]  SaveMe Oh: Myself, im not talking with you

    [12:51]  You: sociiety is based on rules

    [12:51]  SaveMe Oh: you are just a dog of the boss

    [12:51]  SaveMe Oh: you think rules are the most important thing in live Henry?

    [12:52]  You: i wont go down to you level of abuse I have always respected you but cant say the same about you yub respecting me

    [12:52]  SaveMe Oh: dont you think people can regulate themselves

    [12:52]  SaveMe Oh: i know

    [12:52]  SaveMe Oh: you are very correct

    [12:52]  SaveMe Oh: but that is also abusive

    [12:52]  SaveMe Oh: because you don’t take me serious either

    [12:53]  SaveMe Oh: you hide behind a facade of authority

    [12:53]  SaveMe Oh: and not as an equal human being

    [12:53]  Myself Ah: Look who’s talking Save me

    [12:53]  You: I take you very seriously I wish only the best for you. You have a lot of potential if you would just use it in a positive manner

    [12:54]  SaveMe Oh: in my opinion i use it in a positive way

    [12:54]  SaveMe Oh: im not destructive

    [12:54]  SaveMe Oh: i only try to create excitement

    [12:54]  SaveMe Oh: boredom doesn’t help SL

    [12:54]  SaveMe Oh: but use a sense of humour

    [12:54]  You: well MYself we will have to agree to disagree but the fact is if you remain here you will have to learn to follow the rules

    [12:54]  SaveMe Oh: don’t take everything so serious

    [12:55]  SaveMe Oh: and as you might know already, im quit a hopeless case in learning to “behave”

    [12:55]  You: no body is hopeless

    [12:56]  You: you must just make an effort

    [12:56]  SaveMe Oh: only remember, my objective is never to hurt

    [12:56]  SaveMe Oh: but to tickle

    [12:56]  You: well you do hurt


    [12:56]  You: your remarks are hurtful

    [12:56]  SaveMe Oh: your actions are hurtful

    [12:56]  You: and if you doint recognise that you have a serious problem

    [12:56]  Myself Ah gave you Photo0085.

    [12:57]  SaveMe Oh: you are just an avatar like me, nothing places you somewhere above me

    [12:57]  SaveMe Oh: you have no right on any superiority

    [12:57]  Myself Ah: neither do you

    [12:57]  SaveMe Oh: im not asking for

    [12:57]  You: I am not above anyone or below anyone but I do have a job to do here and will do it

    [12:57]  SaveMe Oh: i don’t tell anybody what to do or not

    [12:57]  SaveMe Oh: i don’t ban people

    [12:58]  SaveMe Oh: i don’t remove things

    [12:58]  You: are you saying that in real life you dint have to follow any laws?

    [12:58]  Myself Ah: If someone, came into your house, shouting insults at you, What would you do?

    [12:58]  SaveMe Oh: in real live laws are made in a democratic process

    [12:58]  SaveMe Oh: here every fool can play the king

    [12:58]  Myself Ah: Same here :P

    [12:59]  SaveMe Oh: and that i will never respect

    [12:59]  SaveMe Oh: i respect people with bright and creative ideas

    [12:59]  Myself Ah: If you, have a problem with me, I don’t care, you should really understand that

    [12:59]  SaveMe Oh: like flo

    [12:59]  You: el if you don’t like it here please find a sim that meets your values no one is forcing you to stay here

    [12:59]  SaveMe Oh: who have a vision

    [12:59]  SaveMe Oh: i have lot of people here who think the same

    [13:00]  SaveMe Oh: you 2 are the exception

    [13:00]  Myself Ah: don’t you get it, Flor is still in charge here

    [13:00]  SaveMe Oh: not the other way around

    [13:00]  You: well that’s fine you and theuy can think what you wish the only thing we ask is that you accept the rules if you wish to live here

    [13:00]  SaveMe Oh: be creative instead of wannabe rulers

    [13:01]  SaveMe Oh: and don’t ask me to do this or that

    [13:01]  SaveMe Oh: i will make my own judgement on what i do

    [13:02]  You: wel then you will continue to face difficulties here because the rules are not disappearing

    [13:02]  SaveMe Oh: im not busy with rules

    [13:02]  SaveMe Oh: dont think i abuse a lot of them

    [13:02]  SaveMe Oh: is also not my kick

    [13:02]  SaveMe Oh: to go against rules

    [13:03]  You: the fact is that breaking even one rule is unacceptable

    [13:03]  Myself Ah: breaking rules hurts people, many of them, and public townscape, living here is a privilege.

    [13:03]  SaveMe Oh: same point again, who are you to tell what is ok or not

    [13:03]  SaveMe Oh: do you have special rights?

    [13:03]  Myself Ah: Linden labs, who can ban you from SL

    [13:03]  SaveMe Oh: Did God send you?

    [13:04]  Myself Ah: in fact yes

    [13:04]  SaveMe Oh: are you the saviour of mankind?

    [13:04]  SaveMe Oh: are you contributing anything

    [13:04]  You: well when you own your own sim you can set the rules until then you are faced with dealing with our rules

    [13:04]  SaveMe Oh: i wouldn’t set any rules

    [13:04]  SaveMe Oh: i would let creativity rule

    [13:04]  You: then go create your own sim and have no rules

    [13:05]  SaveMe Oh: thats what makes SL great

    [13:05]  Myself Ah: Go pay 300US dollars a month for that! Have fun ^^

    [13:05]  SaveMe Oh: creativity means also to find ways to work without money

    [13:05]  SaveMe Oh: i know sims here who do

    [13:05]  You: well fine then you are welcome to go live there

    [13:06]  SaveMe Oh: and how much you pay to live here, Henry?

    [13:06]  You: the same amount that you do

    [13:06]  SaveMe Oh: ok, that makes us equal

    [13:06]  Myself Ah: We never said we weren’t

    [13:06]  SaveMe Oh: in some ways i think i respect you more then you do me

    [13:07]  You: I don’t think so

    [13:07]  SaveMe Oh: i would never try to limit you

    [13:07]  Myself Ah: Well it seems like you are

    [13:07]  SaveMe Oh: i would except every choice you made

    [13:07]  SaveMe Oh: no im not

    [13:07]  You: I talk you very seriously and am saddened that your potential good is overridden be your need to be destructive

    [13:07]  Myself Ah: it SEEMS

    [13:08]  SaveMe Oh: im fighting Henry because i disagree with him, not because i hate him, i dont know him at all

    [13:08]  SaveMe Oh: i am only curious what drives him

    [13:08]  You: I dont hate anyone

    [13:08]  Myself Ah: neither do I, i don’t hate a soul

    [13:09]  SaveMe Oh: mine is creativity, what is yours???

    [13:09]  You: I believe in creativity but yours rights end when to hurt others

    [13:09]  SaveMe Oh: you think avatars can hurt?

    [13:10]  You: avatars are just pixels on a screen

    [13:10]  Myself Ah: Avatars are people, like you and i, we have feelings, we are represented by characters in a game

    [13:10]  SaveMe Oh: but the characters play a role they choose for themselves

    [13:10]  You: there are people behind them that are being hurt by you and your friends

    [13:11]  SaveMe Oh: i dont think Myself is walking around in real also like that

    [13:11]  SaveMe Oh: and i don’t have pink hair either

    [13:11]  Myself Ah: these “Avatars” are controlled by people in RL, these are just chunks of data, without a host, a REAL person. They wouldn’t exist

    [13:11]  SaveMe Oh: relativate things a bit

    [13:12]  You: personally hope you have a successful life but don’t approve of your behaviour here

    [13:12]  Myself Ah: Now, Don’t people have feelings?

    [13:12]  SaveMe Oh: the guy who plays Donald DUck is not Donald Duck

    [13:12]  Myself Ah: yes or no?

    [13:12]  Myself Ah: Do people have feelings?

    [13:12]  SaveMe Oh: Im not SaveMe Oh

    [13:12]  SaveMe Oh: Henry is not director of anything

    [13:12]  Myself Ah: one word, yes or no?

    [13:13]  Myself Ah: Do people have feelings?

    [13:13]  SaveMe Oh: of course

    [13:13]  SaveMe Oh: yes

    [13:13]  SaveMe Oh: yes

    [13:13]  SaveMe Oh: yes

    [13:13]  Myself Ah: then why must you try to hurt peoples feelings?

    [13:13]  You: well save me I am not going to stay here and go around and with you it is obvious you wont change your views and I am certainly not going to change mine

    [13:13]  SaveMe Oh: im not trying to hurt people

    [13:13]  Myself Ah: But you ARE hurting peoples feelings

    [13:13]  SaveMe Oh: that can happen

    [13:13]  Myself Ah: and you don’t care?

    [13:14]  SaveMe Oh: all in the game

    [13:14]  SaveMe Oh: no, i don’t care

    [13:14]  SaveMe Oh: but its not my PURPOSE

    [13:14]  Myself Ah: So you don’t care if people get hurt?

    [13:14]  You: trhis is not a game this is life and in life people are hurt by you

    [13:14]  SaveMe Oh: im not here to hurt people

    [13:14]  Myself Ah: Well you ARE

    [13:14]  SaveMe Oh: but i don’t like people to kill my creativity

    [13:14]  Myself Ah: Then go somewhere else

    [13:14]  SaveMe Oh: i fight for my right of art and creativity

    [13:15]  You: well I wish you luck

    [13:15]  SaveMe Oh: i hope you mean that

    [13:15]  You: luck

    [13:15]  SaveMe Oh: and don’t mean it sarcastic

    [13:15]  You: but not at the price of hurting others

    [13:15]  Myself Ah: No, I’m serious, we don’t need a person, who doesn’t care about people

    [13:15]  Myself Ah: Simple

    [13:15]  SaveMe Oh: did any of you had to seek professional help after my abuse???

    [13:15]  Myself Ah: Learn it

    [13:16]  SaveMe Oh: come on

    [13:16]  Myself Ah: in fact I HAVE

    [13:16]  SaveMe Oh: cheer up

    [13:16]  You: that is not the point

    [13:16]  SaveMe Oh: but you need professional help anyway

    [13:16]  SaveMe Oh: myself

    [13:16]  SaveMe Oh: you have a very dark side

    [13:16]  Myself Ah: So do you

    [13:16]  SaveMe Oh: but Henry hasnt

    [13:16]  Myself Ah: if you think so

    [13:16]  SaveMe Oh: he is sincere

    [13:17]  SaveMe Oh: but on a way very different then mine

    [13:17]  Myself Ah: And you have to accept that i AM different

    [13:17]  You: that is true

    [13:17]  SaveMe Oh: and that intrigues me

    [13:17]  Myself Ah: and NOT try to hurt me, because i AM different

    [13:17]  SaveMe Oh: would like to know the reason

    [13:17]  SaveMe Oh: but probably i will never know

    [13:18]  You: well basically we aren’t asking any mere of you than anyone else here why is it that you have so much trouble following the rules when no one else does

    [13:18]  SaveMe Oh: And Myself, you did just the same then you are accusing me from, so we cannot make each other bad

    [13:19]  Myself Ah: I never accused you

    [13:19]  Myself Ah: or assumed anything from you

    [13:19]  Myself Ah: So please do not take y words out of context, and twist them around

    [13:19]  SaveMe Oh: Henry, try one week not to use the word RULES, replace it by love or trust or something

    [13:20]  You: ok thank you for your advice

    [13:20]  SaveMe Oh: dont think all the world is against you

    [13:20]  You: ok bye for now save me

    [13:20]  SaveMe Oh: ok, ty for your patience

    [13:20]  You: YW


  • Many persons think that the conversation started there. but dont.. at the begining i was whith MISTER MYSELF THE KING .. and i asked him why roam leaved. and his answer was… HE WAS JEALOUS CAUSE IM NOW THE KING. thats what drives me crazy. that guy was absolutly proud of that. and felt like a KING. and i remembered why that land always had problems.. just one reason THE FIGHTS OF POWERS.. those persons , the ones that show the tag of good persons are the only one who want the power.. they dont care creativity. they dont care nothing but theirselfs and the bann buton of the program. Thats what they want.. that land now is the terror land. i always was scared to say a wrong word to HENRY. cause he could bann me for nothing so i always acted as a good dog, but no more. if i acted good and i was banned there, then i will acted shit ,, they are who killed the imagination and creativity there, but they blame on SAVEME OH, is funy,
    They showed me how ba bad, and i will be in this way till they asked me sorry cause they banned me for nothing, i never was banned of noone place, i always was respectfull whith rules, but they simply wanted banned me and they did aproaching that COCO dont was there.

    Coco want to create a world of creativity. well we will see what think her real friends when they enter in that land and descover that they have to act like good dogs whith the GOD of that land, we will see how much time resist there Henry when he descover that he dont have the full power, and that he cant hide his real face and his real intentions all the time.

    I only sit and wait

  • Well SaveMe, I came on your web side interested by what I expected to find from an artistic point of view and I am disapointed to find only hate, complains and calls for revolution. I do not know who you are, but looking at the chat above I do understand why you were banned. I own a big island in SL and would never accept such a behaviour like yours from my residents, even the paying one. Don’t you know that your individual Liberty stops where starts the one of others (in SL as in RL). Hurting people that host you is an obvious call to be kicked out. If you are looking for a virtual world where the only rule is No rule, I invite you to create the CL ( ChaosLife ) grid and to enjoy it alone.
    By the way, I was initially interested by your chinese theatre performance and had in mind a proposal on my island. This chat has made me understand that I would run the risk to get in conflict with you, as you seems to reject any rule. i will not run this risk and find other performers. Good luck in your quest for anarchy.

  • Sad that I am always put away as trouble maker. In 80% of the cases i have no problems at all, creating, discutting, working in a team, making something beautiful, explore the posibilities of SL. I will go on just like that, and teasing in this weblog is part of the artistic work. Don’t qualify it falsly as a hurting exercise. Come to see some of the performances and tell me if you still feel the same. Only don’t ask me to obey the ones who pay. I’m not the slave of the wealthy. You are already speaking over what you accept from your residents or not, comes immediatly my question: Who are you to decide? A walking wallet?

  • How come myself ah’s face gets wet anytime Henry’s balls sweat! Cause he hanging on Henry’s nut hairs! These two turdz are prime examples of land manager flunkies! Tards who suck a land owner off to be able to ban eject people! Upon reflection i created these two snivlers! I was an officer at pt long before these pussies were. when i discovered pt my reign of terror began! I covered all the builds on the ground! Then i killed eveyone in the sim and prevented turds from tping (1 day ban from LL even though this wasnt against pt’s rules. But it was all them pussies could do) for these crimes they made me any officer! It was then that those two pussies iHenry and myself ah learned to pucker up and kiss ass! Cause everybody knew if ya said the wrong thing to me ALL your shit was going back! Me and Cheetobandit Hattrick used to orbit Myself Ah just to hear him whine! Aint nothig changed! He still a pussy!

  • And motherfuck that anonymous bitch savemeh! They all say that shit! “i was gonna but” tell her to turn her computer sideways and stuff it up her ass! For the record! If u are soft, squishy, a pussy and a bitch get on like ya been shit on! I def dont wanna hang out with ya!

  • Dear (……), , in first time. sorry my bad english. thats my card of presentation, yes my english is terrible.Btw.
    What you said in your comment dont have to much sence, if fact show me that you dont have idea what hapened in that land called PUBLIC TOWNSCAPE, before all , you should to know that Saveme Oh never had any chinese theater performance runing in that land , after that explanation, let me explain what hapened for that bann that sufered Saveme OH. All started as you can read in this post for a conversation that i started whith Henry (oficer of that land). I didnt suport more fights of powers, but those fights dont were created for Saveme, or for me. or for another resident of that island, no those fights started at the same time that apeared that island , everybody wanted be officer and have the reason, but things never changed even when COCO bought the island, the midle of the officers in that land cant handle the another half of officers, they talk shit betwenn them, but are so hipocriticals that dont show that in public, irony is the word most right to explain what hapend in PUBLIC TOWNSCAPE.

    After that conversation, and my desition to leave the group (of course nobody will cry never for that, cause i was only the stupid blondie bimbo who looks nice but dont have idea of nothing) cause a child called MYSELF told me whith all the haugtinnes that you can imagin that another officer leave the group cause WAS JEALOUS THAT HE IS NOW THE KING, they continued the conversation, as you can read, in that conversation Saveme Oh simply expressed her belief. a belief that share the most of the residents in that land but who are afraid to expose (such a land of freedom as you can see), Mister perfect HENRY125 PETROV, always so right, and who never go agains the comunity standars rules, copy and paste the whole conversation whith the intetion to send it to COCO (the owner of the land), (whith who knows which secret intentions). but by mistake the perfect Mister Henry send the notecard to another resident in that land, (too banned for that, but probably next time acepted again as one of the group, after, of course, suffer the insults “like BITCH”. that a few of those oficers gift her by her actions, ) that person who received the Note Card, and that always, as all the anothers residents, knew how was the attitude of the perfect HENRY, decide herself send the notecard to the group, just trying to open the eyes of those who think (if still nobody can think like that) that Mister Henry is perfect.. well.. that was the participation of Saveme Oh and me in that adventure. and only for that she and me were banned. but, let me explain you too how was that bann.. he (mister perfect Henry) seeing that made the mistake to send the notecard to the wrong person, send to that person an IM asking her that please dont send that notecard to nobody, that was a mistake, i supose that when he wrote that IM was absolutly scared, i can see him trembling and seeing in front of his eyes how his empire falling down, but as that person sent the notecard to the group, AND (this is important, i think) COCO DONT WAS ONLINE IN THAT MOMENT. his reaction is just BANN ALL THE PERSONS WHO TALKED IN THAT CONVERSATION, BUT NOT HIMSELF AND MISTER MYSELF BABY. so the only ones who were banned were Saveme and Me (Sole Jie) and of course that person who received the notecard, and which name i will not say cause i have a big problem, that i respect to much the privaci of another, cant say the same of anothers. So, mister perfect Henry, aproached the oportunity that Coco dont was online, and under the fear and the nervous pressed the button of BANN. (He love that damn button)

    WELL after this longg and im sure bored explanation, can you please explain which was our mistake?, which rule we broke? , what we made wrong?, why we where banned?, i am still waiting for an explanation, but of course i will never receive that .. i asked to COCO. she simply dont want to handle whith this situation, and acept our head as tribut to the work of her guard dog (at the moment, we will se in the future).

    You say that the behave of Saveme is bad, and cause that you denied offer her a theater for a play, just cause you readed that chat, well i readed, and readed, and readed that chat, and still dont see where is the problem. Maybe you are not a ownerland of SL ? Maybe you are simply tryin to put SHIT (sorry the word), above the head of a person cause you are part of this conflic and you are hiding yourself under a (………..falsename.-……)??. many cuestions, and as always no answers.

  • what a dumb ass turd henry is

  • TODAY i descovered that i was too erased of the friend list of miss COCO. and i tried send her a notecard whith my feelings in this history but she simply denied the notecard. Maybe she is over the heaven and the Hell.. btw. as she didnt acepted i have all my rights to explain how i feel, and i doit .. THIS IS THE SIMPLE NOTE CARD THAT I TRIED SEND HER WHEN I DESCOVERED THAT I WAS ERASED OF HER LIST OF FRIENDS……………………………………………………

    Whit my bad english i will try to explain you how i feel now. Nobody asked. cause nobody was interested

    You said that this kind of things can hurt you.. that we are all persons back our AVIS. whith feelings.. but you treated me now as if i were a bitch whitouth a reason,, i was banned of a land whitouth reason,, just cause i felt upset ?? just cause i acted as i could act in RL when i see that anothers persons have a reaction of childs who play to be kings and queens..? just cause i am human?

    One day i loged in SL and i descover that i was banned of a land, cause anothers persons acted bad (not saveme in that moment) a land in which i am since i was a newbie.. yes i joined and erased several times across my SL, just cause im a human. who react by feelings. but who never hurt anothers. and who always understood that the idea of FLO was amazin and interesting.

    All the times that i have a reaction of that kind i recognize when i am wrong a few minutes after, and use to say sorry, always, you liked those things, or thats what i suposed, but i cant say sorry when i didnt do nothing. i cant be a slave of a man who never wanted me in that land, when i never was against those rules that like so much in this world.

    You acepted that a person under your orders reacted as a child who was catched whith hands in a cake, When that person descovered that he was catched in a bad position he simply bann us. trying to clean the clues, and those persons who can destroy his empire just cause know him so good, he baned the inocents. to save his own skin.. aproaching that you dont was online. that was his reaction. but who paid were anothers..the inocents of the history.

    Today i descover that you too erased me of your list of friends . Yes of course. you are playin a game of matures. and I,, a woman whith a real life .. and with real problems is not important in that fantastic life that you are runing. You treated me as if i were a kind of Clon glue to the save ass, you forgot that i am a person behind an AVI. all the things that i defend on RL. and in which i believe were send to trash in SL.. in a land that i loved.. and i cant have even the deffence that all persons deserve, i didnt deserve even a word.. an explantion.. nobody till day give me the reason which i and save are banned talk of you rreal honnor. you say you cant show that land whith those fights to your real friends.. if you want to hide the humans deffects in SL to your friends, sorry but you will be desapointed soon, i will not be there to see it, but will be anothers, and anothers who will make you see that they are not right whith some desitions, if you want to live your sim alone in the future that will be the best way to doit.. baning all those persons who react as humans in SL when they feel hurted, i have faith that im not the only one human back my computer.

    Dear Coco. Dont sorry me for being a person of word, dont sorry me for being a person of heart, dont sorry me for being a person of faith.. dont sorry me for being a human, search the word FAITH in a dicitionary. you will be impressed whith the meaning of that word. I am not ashame cause nothing of that, cause thats the spirit of this world MY HALL OF FAITH. MY FANTASY WORLD. I will be always like this.. i love it. and the persons who have a heart love it too. i though you was one. but for you I NEVER WAS NOTHING. and now i see it clearly

    GOOD LUCK IN THAT PROJECT. you will find many stones in the road, maybe someday you understand that you are not the only one human in this world, and maybe that day you understand in this cause, who acted bad, and who dont have fault, me and save were only the guests in a play that we never wanted to join.


  • Fuck Coco! She is the type of turd in SL who BUYS notariaty. Turds like that are usally club owners. They quit after throwing good money after bad. And givin free prims to crack lickers like Myself “the bitch” Ah and Henry “triple zero” Petrov AND PAYIN LL 4 THE PRIVLEDGE! I am gonna do a history of that dump in an upcomin ish! I’M BACK DOLL! Just missed ya!













  • that lil puss Myself Ah the bitch cant even PRETEND to be meh! he aint got no stlye! heheheeehehe

  • freadian slip Myself Ah the bitch. i know ya sucked off Henry lmao


    A Message From Our Owner

    But first SaveMe’s message:

    First I don’t have a owner, secondly Jumpman Lame is not my friend but a pain in the ass (but such a nice one), third i am not responsable for his bad language, fourth i didn’t had any bad words for Coco and will not have, fifth if you want to have things your way just do so but don’t create a false image of freedom and open participation because this time no rules where offended, only Henry125 Petrov did by publishing private conversations, sixth i hope you succeed Coco but get rid of the sneaky slaves you surround you with, they will betray you one day because their interests are not your interests.

    I know you don’t believe a word i say, but still I wish you good luck

    SaveMe Oh

    Here is Coco’s message:

    A message from Coco Jaxxon to all her members.

    Well, Well, Well, the children have been busy. I have just finished reading SaveMe Oh’s Blog that she, Jumpman Lane and others quote about me and a transcript of the Public Townscape’s Group Chat from last night.  I am angry and very disappointed with all this since I am trying to create a real life business in Second Life, and all I find is that I am in the middle of a war. This is not good and I am so not happy. My feelings have been hurt as I do not hide here behind an avatar. My business is a real one, and this episode has real consequences for me. I have 350 people from my real life Studio 7 Organization waiting to come into Second Life to enjoy our sim and what we are trying to do. But how can I invite them now and what would they think of this situation?
         This thing with SaveMe and her disdain for Second Life’s Community Standards and our Group Guidelines has been going on since before I came to Public Townscape. Her and her friends have upset many here who deeply care about our sim including myself, and this continues to this day. They do they not realize that their actions have consequences. She says in chat that avatars are not really people, but if that was true why am I so upset? Of course we are real people trying to achieve real things. I have spent many sleepless nights trying to create something beautiful here for all to enjoy and yet people fight and argue. I pay a lot of money for this sim, and this project runs into thousands of dollars to maintain. And now a mess has been created. Jumpman, who I don’t know, is SaveMe’s friend and has slandered me on her blog and in chat. This is not good since they do not know me or do not understand what I am trying to create, and they certainly don’t seem to care. They bring people into their drama and cause issues for everyone.
           I believe in creativity for I am a creative, but not when it hurts others. I love all the creativity I see around me, and it inspires me even more and want this to continue. I look with pride with all that we have accomplished thus far together and look forward to exciting new adventures we can share. We have new people coming into our home so lets get ready to greet them with love and in the meantime get back to creating what will be one of the premiere sims of Second Life.

                                                       Yours in love & peace
                                                         Coco Jaxxon

    Coco, fuck ho-bitch! Just cause Henry and that lil bitch Myself Ah lick your crack for free prims dont mean anybody else on the grid give a fuck about what you planning at that dump! That shit floriano’s experament begged the question what would tards do in the face of limited prims, space etc. We got an answer in the likes of Henry000 Petrov and them ugly lil bitches (his alts? LMAO!) AND that lil ball licker Myself Ah. They’ll put their tounges DEEP in a motherfuckers crack for a free prim! And Coco! FUCK YOU! FUCK YA FUNKIES! FUCK EVERYBODY YA GOT IN SL AND EVERYBODY YA GOT COMING! YOU MENTION MY MOTHERFUCKIN NAME AND THE WORD WAR AGAIN! MENTION THAT BULLSHIT ONE MOTHERFUCKIN MORE TIME! I’ll show you a war like you never seen! You stink-bitch!

  • Coco! Motherfuckers that keep my name in their mouth end up with my foot in their crack! Wonderin where their sol ja ja ja jas at… You stink ass bitch!

  • say that 2 x



  • what a damn dummy. he shoulda signed his name hehehehe. like nobody knows that wasn’t Myself Ah The Bitch! (who incidentally prob HAS sucked off henry in some weird 69)

  • I own u lill bitch-made turds! (Myself the Bitch Ah, Henry the Ho! and alla rest of the ho-types in sl that just can’t make it!)

  • would be better when saveme sucks off my pusssy,BECUASE THATS EXCATELY WHAT I AM, I’M A HUG PUSSY SEEING HOW EVERYONE WHO WANTED TO BE MY FRIENDS I FORCED AWAY, SEEING HOW I’M THE REAL FUCKING JUMPMAN, and knowing the other one is probably saveme, in a lt, playing out her sexual fantisys

  • And futher more, I’m a girl, and guess what, Also jumpman, soooo that makes not only the other one a imposter, but, OH wait, Saveme a lesbien. Sooooo have a fun life Saveme, Oh and that jumpman account, the one that keep says “Myself the bitch Ah” ((i find hilariously funny seing how i hate that turd)) is not jumpman, but his Ex Sassypants Writer

  • Poor Myself Ah is trying to play the ALT game. A pity is that he is to stupid to be a good player. Lesson one is not to send messages with other names from the same IP adress. So, Myself Ah, or NOBODY IMPORTANT, or fake JUMPMAN LANE, or ChibiCho Hamaski, you are a sad case.
    Everybody who wants to help this poor bastard: send a mail to or

  • Hahahahaha saveme! There aint no helpin a turd like Myself “the bitch” Ah! Tard dont got sense enough to spoof his ip (what i learned from the Lindens) or to realize that diff posts have diff symbols OR that YOU savemeh as admin could see who posted what OR that motherfuckers cant recognize my style! THE BITCH (like i been sayin aint nothin but entertainment!) the posts with my pic are me logged into wordpress, the other which is blue has meh slutmag email and website. And in both of them Myself Ah is a bitch!

  • myself is clear when you write as jumpman. dont you noticed that you dont show the pic of jumpy when you talk like him??.. dont you noticed that he names are diferents ??.. pff omg.. you really are a child .. and coco know that ??. maybe she should to know it.. ??


    Wake Up Call For Coco Jaxxon

    Coco, i have no intention to buy any sim, i prefer to spend my money in RL. I have no objection you buy your sim and create what you want. The only objection I have is the suggestion of a free building space. It is free or not. Yours is not free, far from that, you created a platform for wannabe dictators to bully others. I don’t mistrust your intentions, so be a grown up girl yourself and admit you want to have things going your way for your money. Stop PT, and enjoy playing with your little friends, as you like. I will come and enjoy if you let me. But don’t think you are the saint or Mother Teresa, doing good. You also twist and manipulate to get it your way. No problem in a game like SL, btw. If you want it to be business like in RL, then you are on the wrong place.
    I also give freely in SL, my intrigues, my manipulations, my love, my jokes and my time and don’t ask anything back for it, and you are certainly not the hand that feeds me. Not even in an artistic way. Your music is not keeping me awake, Your buildings belong to the ugliest ones in SL and the sim looks likes it was hit in a nuclear attack. That’s what happens when you kick the artistic people out and let the civil servants rule.
    And when you write me a song, don’t forget the word SAVE ME. Already 31 artists did the same, and I use their songs in my SL performance. Please come and watch. Add me to your friends list and I send you the invitations.

    This is an answer on Coco’s comment

    Comment by C.J. on May 22, 2008 2:00 am
    I am not upset for me my dear – you write about things you do not know – you had your chance to take ths sim – you had your chance to make your changes and you chose not to – I am not rich – i work hard for my money -I came in to sl to realise a dream for my project in rl that helps many. I am also living a dream and trying to create something that is good – i do not ask for anything in return only that ppl be respectful – you do not know me or what i am trying to do – and i feel you do not care – you slander me and and drag me into a war that was not mine – I was a rsident also remember – I suggest you find your drama somewhere eles, pleae know it is not me you are hurting but those around you and around me.

    I could have closed the sim and started freash without care for anyone – but chose not to – I want my freedom to create also sweetie – but you insist on creating your drama for your blog and not careing for your own actions – I will write you a song and send it to you perhaps you will get the mesaage. hahaha you are like a child that is young and wants its own way without thought or feel for what is right and real – but listne my dear Save it is now time to grow up – know this…. i give freely so others can heve – without care for myslef – but when that is abused then lines are drawn – Did your mother not tell you to should not bite the hand that feeds you………………………………………..Now leave us out of your war and your drama……..

    And this IM she wrote to her new victim Ghostofgoat Alexandre (confidential)

    Hi Ghostofgoat:

    I am Ms Coco Jaxxon, the New Owner of Public Townscape, and may I please remind you that I paid for this sim to stay alive when no one else would.. All of us including you, had the opportunity to pay for this sim and take it over as a community, but none of you stepped forward. And now you rant, what for? I ask for nothing in return and pay for everything so we can have somewhere free and creative to live. Don’t you realize you get to live here and build for free? We still have a long way to go with this transition and the development of Public Townscape, and my staff and I are working hard to complete this task so we can move forward. All I want is people to be nice to one another and enjoy.

    So please stop your ranting, and let’s move on as I have work to do to complete this large endeveror.

    Peace to you and yours,

    And here is the notecard from Judas, Coco’s fine left hand

    Hi Ghoastofgoat,

    Thank you for your response explaining you reasoning for placing those signs on your platform. I have shared this information with Coco, and she has asked me to respond to you on her behalf of her thoughts on this issue as the new owner of Public Townscape.

    As you know you and I go back to almost the beginnings of Public Townscape and it has evolved from a time when Flo’s experiment began where he sat back and allowed total freedom without any intervention on his part. As a result we entered a period of total chaos with griefing and wars that were causing anguish among the majority of the members who only wanted to live in a community of peace and civility. It was at that we entered into our first set of Guidelines which I helped author. Although things improved somewhat, dissension continued by a small minority of our members. Ultimately after Flo graduated from the university, he came to the group explaining that he no longer had the grant that supported our sim and he would be forced to find other funding or the sim would have to cease being in existence. The group members were offered the opportunity to participate and a few members came up with a few lindens and ideas but nothing that would sustain us long term because the monthly cost of running a sim is quite expensive. Finally Coco Jaxxon came forward with a proposal that she would provide us the continual financial support with merging her real life non profit group Studio 7 with Public Townscape. Studio 7 assists over 350 underprivileged young musicians in developing their musical talents.

    This marriage between Public Townscape and Studio 7 will offer more varied possibilities for the members of our sim in the future. However this is a transition period, and we realize change is difficult for ourselves as well as our members. Public Townscape will not be exactly what it was when we first came here, but I can assure you that Coco is a creative individual and wants to give everyone the freedom here to express themselves, but to do this she needs the support of all the members of Public Townscape including yourself since she is under more real life pressures than you can imagine.

    Regarding your sign specifically, we would agree that your sign is not offensive from the criteria you use. However this kind of protest can have an adverse effect on Coco, which ultimately can affect the future of you and everybody else in Public Townscape. Coco believes in freedom of expression, but everyone’s freedom should be tempered with how this might hurt others and this sims very survival.
    We are therefore requesting that you remove those signs from your platform and allow us to move forward in the development of our sim. You are welcome to contact Coco, myself in any concerns you might have, and we will try to address them. You might also want to consider taking a more active part in the future of our sim. Again thank you for your comments.


    And as always this results in Henry’s hobby, execute somebody;

    Dear Ghostofgoat:

    Please be advised that you have been banned from the sim Public Townscape and all your prims in the Blue Residential Area have been returned to your inventory for the following reasons:

    1. You were advised to remove certain signs from your platform in our sim and failed to do so which is a violation of our rules which state “Instructions of an Administrative Staff Member have to be accepted and violation of any of these rules can lead to exclusion from the sim Public Townscape.”
    2. You violated Second Life’s Community Standards of Disclosure in that you released a private note card sent to you by Coco Jaxxon which appeared on the Web Blog of SaveMe Oh. The Disclosure Clause states that sharing conversation logs without consent is prohibited.

    Henry125 Petrov
    Director, Public Townscape

    Modern City Planning Experiment Transformed In SM Dungeon

    And SM doesn’t mean SaveMe in this case.

    Public Townscape is transformed in an SM dungeon and castle. Everywhere pictures annex tipjars from new mistress Coco Jaxxon (is she in need of money?), places to kneel for the new mistress and a cage to be locked up. Just before my banning I already catched the mistress with her two beloved dogs and heel lickers Henry125 Petrov and Myself Ah (aka ChibiCho Hamaski) in a Mistress/Sub scene. The medieval castle and Flo’s dragon on top of the building shows the new perspective. Slaves who want to participate are now welcome to sign in. For just a beating and a little humiliation once in a while you are the proud owner of 125 free prims. You only have to bark if the mistress calls you.

  • IF that dump IS a nonprofit they better be followin the rules as such or we’ll see about gettin those turds shut down by LL or the IRS (if they are in the US). WE ARE THE PRESS and we are gonna scrutinze them turds. Coco you Ho i got my eyes on you! and tell ya lil bitches (Myeelf Ah the bitch and henry the ho i said wat up!)

  • I saw that ho Coco’s Myspace! She is like a thousand years old! SHE NEEDS TO ROLL HER OLD ASS BACK UNDER THE DUMPSTER SHE ROLLED OUT FROM UNDER! And to her funkies (Myself Ah The Bitch and Henry000 The Ho Petrov) I cant hear ya when ya talk with a dick in ya mouth! Spit each other out!

  • My affairs with the Knight of Timbuktu

    “Hun, by my decree, I command you to come give you beloved Queen a hug”, I would say with that sweet and gently voice which only a person in love can generate. Sun, I knew, aside of his protests was as eager for our romantic time as I; and what followed made ‘Romeo and Juliet’ look like amateur. The great affairs in our case had stories telling, romantic dances, gorean rugs, hot steam tubs and the occasional kungfu fighting. And so every day, we created a world of our own, impervious to the busy timetable of workshops and real world issues around us.

    He was my knight, my knight from Timbuktu. What was it like in Timbuktu I would ask every once in a while and never receive an answer. This unknowingly was pure rhetoric, for an answer I never did wish to get. Timbuktu must be the place where all his stories transpired. His no man’s land, no time zone.

    That set me up for an audio visit to this mysterious land where reality took a backstage. “Are you in a war zone”, I asked. I forced it out of him with the information that would make me feel vaingloriously for many a passing day, secured of my superiority due to this exquisite piece of information.

    Gradually and unsuspiciously, he fed me with information in the more worldly sense too. Well actually, he was not a real knight or or have any royal attachment, except by my decree as Queen of my land, and he never even would afford a place of abode in the second life. He roamed the sl for hobby but somehow was struck by my lightning love to land in my castle, and he pledged his unrequitted love for the Queen and left his vitual heart in the homestone of my musical studio. I went along and role played the romance and was caring and gallant enough not to refuse the bits and pieces of information that he offered on improving my land.

    I considered my gesture highly benevolent and had no doubts that this would easily qualify me as a tolerant and respectable Queen. He was a million things to me at the same time, considering the envy and curiosity it created in the royal subjects of my vitual land and fans of the real world when I proudly introduce him as my passionately loyal Knight alongside with the others waiting in attendance for the Queen. A group tag over the head of his avatar indicating him as the Royal knight of the Queen.

    Our affair continued for months and we never missed a date. Then merger of the landscape got in the way of my timetable and patience. Slowly arrogance, egoism and stress perverted my mind. My pride started to inflat and I tolerated no advice contrary to my thoughts and business vision. I took no time to eject people who were not in alignment with my business vision and propaganda, and I started to realize that faminity and my relationship with Sun did not go well together. We still met occassionally but the unassuming love was tarnished for once and all. My smart mind got the better of a simple heart. He understood this better than me but was not stoic enough to prevent the pain from reflecting in his voice and his words.

    One night, I decided to commission the start of a role play sim to create a monarchy upon my (the Queen’s) decree, and suggested that Sun could continue with his “I command you to come give your beloved Queen a hug” leitmotif character. This tore him apart and tears welled in his eyes; unknowingly mourning the death of our affair. For the first time in our knowing, I did not respond to his call. In the days that followed, and for the first time in many months, I felt that he started to come to my land less often. He stopped calling on me. Time had emerged to end his dream.

    Things were never the same again. I was now party to a dark secret of his. He lost his natural flair, and he walked away. That night I knew I let lose the dragon in me and it scorched the sunflowers in the beautiful garden of his heart.

    We drifted apart after this episode. He visited our neighbourhood less. My interests wandered and I lost the attachment, burdened by the vagaries of the hurried world around me. I did not have time for the roaming knight anymore. I let him go back to his world where time had stopped for him.
    In the days and weeks to follow, when I chanced upon any object which would cause something in me to snap deep inside, I take no hesitation to eliminate its presence and impact. But when time had returned to hear my inner voice, I realised that there was no Knight to share with me my hardfought victory.

  • Because the language i have to write in is not my native speak i am not capable to answer your shakesparian words in the same poetric way you did, my poor misguided, wounded and misled wannabe queen, but i will comfort you with this promise that i will take care of the broken hearts you’ve created around you as you yourself can take care of the bad advisors you have surrounded you with.
    Let the dollarsigns no longer blind your obsessed eyes and go on a search for the true people. They are the ones carrying the holy grail, out of which they will even allow you to drink, although you don’t deserve it. But it’s not hate they are spreading but an open mind in a ever changing future. They are prepared to face the challenge with humour, creativity and inventivity. Are you?

  • Wtf are ya lettin this granny woman spam ur blog for Saveme! Enuff bloggin about turds like Myself Ah the bitch! Henry the ho! And that elderly bitch Coco! ALL THESE OLD ASS MOTHERFUCKERS PLAYIN SL HEHEHEHE!

  • I agree i get carried away in a weak moment, but i was happy somebody was capabel of putting together a story instead of your maximum of 2 lines at a time when you are in a creative mood. All the times the word TURD also becomes boring.

  • That story sucked! It was alla bout some turd queen and a gay knight! I got bored and stopped readin it! Myself Ah The Bitch pretendin 2 b me was funnier!

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    But you are no different… dickhead…small and good not to last…and like turds.

  • Be a born loser and admit your defeat as you are ousted from PT. Or if you wanabe a hero to stick to your turf and fight your grievance and learn from SaveMe in her drama-queen style which gain her fans’ admiration for her creativity, not like the way you hit one below the belt and move your turf out of secondlife and attack on the vulnerable real life of Coco Jaxxon. This is not good play….

  • Mother fuck you bag of turds! I didnt get tossed outta pt! I told that shit streak Flo to eat a dick up till it hiccup! And fuck u furriers! Sole Jie, Dokan Dryssen, and Savemeh Oh r the only furriners I like!

  • Fuck you last two bags of turds! I wasnt ousted! I quit and told that shitball Flo if i EVER saw his bitch ass again it was on. I NEVER saw that ho! U pill whores must be snortin Loratabs!

  • Saveme is dutch so she dont mind granny women

  • Keep your shitcake you fuckin turd! And keep my name outta ya mouth before you end up with my foot in your crack! You stink bitch!

  • Myself Ah The Bitch is the Queen and Henry125 The Ho Petrov is Myself Ah The Bitch’s man-cake. Coco Jaxxon must be an old dried up turd somebody shitted out and forgot to flush!

  • Hey you losers, are you all now talking with yourself in an endless cue of alts? How sad? You can also just talk to me, and i will answer you. Thats always better then endless conversations with yourself. I promiss i won’t bite immediately.

  • To be honest, it besieges me whyl Sole got herself involved being ejected by henry. I read the recording of the Chat between Sole Jie, SaveMe and Henry and thought Sole was really innocent in the doing. She merely took issue on subject but was polite enough not to break any rules of Public Townscape or humiliate the administration.

    It was utterly wrong of the directors of Public Townscape to leash out the capital punishment on Sole Jie..for all the goodwill she had for particularly Coco Jaxxson.

    The decision was most disappointing…

  • This case has been one fraught with acrimony and controversy. Many points have been raised, some of which I have understood, others completely bewildered me. But all the points raised centred around one subject: Whether there was malice on Sole Jie’s part when someone published that recording of Henry which was meant for Coco Jaxxson.

    Let me deal with this point. It is clear as daylight that the Administration ejected Sole Jie
    not because their reputations were tarnished but that it was a way to stop campaigning over the issue of freedom, creativity and fairplay over the administration of Public Townscape.

    Instead of letting the public decide, they have invoked power conferred to the administration to eject and insisted that Sole Jie was part of a coalision to bring trouble and threaten the peace of Public Townscape. In the process, they put the Reputation of the Ownership of Public Townscape in an untenable and unenviable position. This is a tragedy that history will not kindly look upon.

    But a hearing is what we have and tribunal cases are about seeking the truth and allowing that truth to surface.

    As I pointed out, the question centres around whether there was malice on Sole Jie’s part.

    I believe Sole Jie harboured no prejudice or hatred towards any member of the administration, much less any malice. On the contrary, I believe she wishes to see Public Townscape emerge as top SIM in sl. She is so high in her moral to hate her opponents would drag her down to their level of rancour and deceit which has no place in what she was trying to help achieve for Public Townscape. More so I believe Sole would find it too draining and distracting to harbour those emotions.

    But Sole Jie’s Christian faith guides her and it is a faith that compels me to build her Hall of Faith for Public Townscape, and to remind her to fight for justice and to treat her fellow men and women with compassion.

    The Administration tempts and taunts some others to get out of homeless status and get back into the stream of Public Townscape life that the directors sit as lords and masters. Believe
    me, in such an environment it is a temptation that can be overpowering. I feel sorry for them but I don’t hate them.

    But I wish to tell them that ultimately it isn’t about Sole Jie, SaveMe, Henry or Coco Jaxxson. Neither is it about Studio 7 or the 350 real life artistes who are waiting to gain a free home in Public Townscape. It is also most certainly about this author. It is about Public Townscape and the residents who live in it.

    It is about what is just. It is about compassion and how we treat our fellow men. It is about freedom and human dignity.

    A society stripped bare of these virtues is a society unable to embrace humanity. But what is society without humanity is a thought too frightening to entertain.

    Ms Coco Jaxxson kept on repeating how she paid to salvage and owned Public Townscape and how much she has stored in the reserves. That is the tragedy of the Queen. For all her creativity and intelligence, he does not possess enough of the wisdom of life but endangers the freedom and human dignity that she in her own whole life was trying to promote.

    Many lies have been spread about truly great leaders. And yet these lies have never been able to snuff out the greatness in these individuals. On the contrary, their legacy grows in size and intensity.

    Ms Coco Jaxxson fights all her demons within herself to try to shore up her reputation. In the process, however, she destroys the very legacy that she so desperately desires to establish.

    Ms Coco Jaxxson must understand that integrity cannot, and does not, come from the grandiloquence of one’s speech, it must shine forth from the righteousness of one’s heart. If that light of righteousness is dim, no amount of persuasion will change reality.

    I hope Ms Coco Jaxxson can takes some little time to ponder. We all have decisions to make in life. I have made mine and I am at ease with it. You have yours to make. I wish you wisdom and honesty.


  • Ty vm fairplay.. that was my fight in that history, but nobody was worried, and nobody wanted hear what i had to tell. Yes SL is a game, but even in games should have fairplay, and they didnt had. Coco was in the side of a child who acted silly just cause she need his help in that land. and now they acuse us that we are finishing the PT, thats false, they will have always that kind of things in a land, if you are not ready for that then maybe they should bann everybody who have the stupid idea of to say then a opinion, soon that place will be empty. sad but true. btw. really when i read that damn comversation i dont see either which fault had Saveme, is too selfish bann a person just cause dont share your ideas, yes i know all that history about that they can bann you for nothing, they say that often, but really.. is unfair the same, yes saveme can be shark.. hard in her comments. and ironic. but look under those comments.. dont be easy, find an explanation, she love art, she love express herself, is that bad ?, is she really who atack them, or was the officer which name i dont want to name anymore, who atacked her often, like a bird over your head all the time. looking close what are you doing, is that a good oficer ??, who dont let you live in peace, dont know.. i have a clear idea of things that hapened there, and i dont use bad words to explain me, just cause i dont know how say those bad words in english, but really when all that history hapend and save and me and even the girl who showed that conversation were banneds, i wanted say bad words, i assure you. They said that they wanted a funy place where you can be free, Lies, ALL LIES, even saveme won a contest of costums,, is she so bad that they decided that she was giving fun in the party,??,, think on that, she is creative, exactly those things that they want for that place, is silly that just cause a boy was catched whith hands in cake we were banned, BUT AS THEY SAY, THEY CAN BANN YOU FOR NOTHING.. TAKE CARE.. MAYBE YOU BE THE NEXT.


  • Shut up saveme u turd! WordPress sux! Sometimes my messages post hours later and logs me in as anonymous! I wrote a long one today tellin fairpuss to keep sole jies name outta the turds mouth! 4 example!

  • Hoi, You Jumping bean airhead..what matter is with me tell me friend FairPlay to leave my Big sister Sole Jie out from mouth. You dont own my Big sister and you had not right. YOU only shit all the time, an left your turds everywher in Public Townscape for others to clean up, so serve you right they throw you out And i hear they ejected Sole because they mistakely believe Sole is your good friend and behave inside like you. i felt sorry for Sole and i wish one day she is welcomed to come back to public townscape together with SaveMe, then i will
    wait at sandbox and make red carpet to welcome them. only if they are arond, there is fun in public townscape… Coco..please i beg you please let my big sister and Saveme come back…. but not jumpingbean airhead… he is too naughty …

  • i am in very deep love for my muse, but he has unrequited love for another woman who had affected him so much and stolen his heart. That woman dun deserve his love coz she mainly used him to work for her. i fall crazy for my muse and he dun know what my brain towards him is. But he is haunted by the ghost of that woman everyday and showed me no feelings. I think that woman put a curse on my muse and it wont help me at all.
    What do you advise me to do Save Me?

  • When i go to PT in disguise i see the dispair and devestation all around me. Some left 125 prim junkies are building the same old boring shit that they already did for ages, ugly castles, made out of poor pics stolen from the internet, and nobody is having fun anymore. I advise you to attack the place and provoke a wake-up call for all the living dead there. And first do your best to convince that wanna be queen of yours that true love is hidden in the persons who dare to say the truth. Not because they are on a damage mission, but on a mission to enlighten the worlds of so many less talented, who are fully welcome to enjoy the imput of creativity. Sharing ideas is the magic word, not playing kings and queens.
    BTW, im not gonna Slave you, but a good beating is an option.

  • What is all this crap about?

  • Agitator’s should be hanged as they all preach hatred!!!!

  • DEAR SLAVEME. Im still alive.. dont you saw that.. dont you noticed.??… yes hone was fantastic knwo you. till the moment in which you desapeared. you only show your soul in this pages,, is sad.. im still in that world. and in PT dont finish the world. in fact the world will finish wihth PT. and i will stay in that world stil whith or whithouth PT. If you want to know something of me, you just need to talkme. is easy. open friends box, find my IM … and voilé.. i will be there.

  • Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Obsequiousness!