Artists Chat

Before an exhibition could start in Pirats we had to suffer this “artists” chat. Unfortunately I didn’t reach the opening of the exposition.

CADEL Aboubakar: coucou tshirttt

Merlina Rokocoko schreeuwt: bonsoir à tous , hello all

Framboise Despres: Bonsoir a tous et toutes, hi all, buenas noches a todos

Natsha Lemton: coucou soeurette

nessuno Myoo: ciao mari, ciao aloisio, Merlina, newbab ciao a tutti

nessuno Myoo: seas hello, hello Aloisio, Merlina, newbab hello to all

Maryva Mayo: ciao ness ㋡

Maryva Mayo: e ciao a tutti i nuovi arrivati

Aloisio Congrejo: zhora…..

Aloisio Congrejo: ciao

tshirtkikill Straaf: bref hello all

Aloisio Congrejo: bonsoir

Sia Oh: bonsoir

Mitch Shelman: hi hon

Ni Lemon: hi sweet thanks

tshirtkikill Straaf: bonsoir moya

Ni Lemon: Bonsoir a tous

Moya Janus: salut

Moya’s translator: salve

casta Oh: coucou sia

Adamo Grau: ciao a tutti

Busterbugsmetropolis Robonaught: bonsoir tout le monde :) )

Sia Oh: Coucou Cassou :)

Natsha Lemton: coucou sia

Aloisio Congrejo: buonasera a tutti

nessuno Myoo: ciao adamo :) Hello Adam:)

Merlina Rokocoko schreeuwt: bonsoir à tous , hello all, ciao tutti

Zhora Maynard: ciao =)

Maryva Mayo: ciao a tutti ㋡

Mitch Shelman: hi zhora

Zhora Maynard: ciao alo=)

Aloisio Congrejo: ciau

Anley Piers: bonsoir ; )

tshirtkikill Straaf: coucou

MathieuL Bravin: coucou casta salut Anley

casta Oh: coucou mathieu

casta Oh: coucou tt le monde :)

SaveMe Oh: can we skip the HI and COUCOU?

Zhora Maynard: bonsoir casta

Natsha Lemton: salut casta

SaveMe Oh: and BONSOIR?

geoffrey Enzo: hello

casta Oh: coucou zhora

SaveMe Oh: and SALUT?

Werner Kurosawa: Bonsoir a tous

SaveMe Oh: and HELLO?

LolaLove Lecker: Bonsoir

Natsha Lemton: coucou nessuno

Scarp Godenot: Hello SaveMe!

nessuno Myoo: hi natsha :)

Scarp Godenot: Bonjour saveme!

nessuno Myoo: Natsha hi:)

Aloisio Congrejo: ciao isa

Nayeli Moonwall: rebonsoir Lolalove

LolaLove Lecker: rebonsoir Nayeli Moonwall

Natsha Lemton: salut poulet frites

Isabella Alphaville: CIao ALoisio

Natsha Lemton: hello scarp

Werner Kurosawa: ciao shelina

shellina Winkler: buonasera )

Werner Kurosawa: Buona sera

nessuno Myoo: uella shellina ciao :)

nessuno Myoo: ciao sol :)

Merlina Rokocoko: hallo werner

Merlina Rokocoko: ciao tutti

Monroe Snook: hello all!

Werner Kurosawa: Hi Merlina

Maryva Mayo: re- ciao ai nuovi arrivati ㋡

MathieuL Bravin: hi monroe

Merlina Rokocoko schreeuwt: Bonsoir et merci à tous d’être là.

Monroe Snook: hello all hope everyone is wonderful

Solkide Auer: bonsoir a tous le monde

Zhora Maynard: bonsoir solkide

giada Cortes: buonasera a tutti

Werner Kurosawa: Ciao Solkide

Zhora Maynard: ciao giada=)

SaveMe Oh: ciao Adamo

SaveMe Oh: coucou monroe

SaveMe Oh: hello isabelle

SaveMe Oh: applause aloisio

SaveMe Oh: bravoooooooLing

SaveMe Oh: balmung hello

SaveMe Oh: HIIIIIIII Natsha

SaveMe Oh: bravooo Cadel

SaveMe Oh: applause ANley

SaveMe Oh: clap clap Straaf

SaveMe Oh: Loup bravo

SaveMe Oh: Igor hi

SaveMe Oh: lol Moya

SaveMe Oh: bravo cadel

SaveMe Oh: hello

SaveMe Oh: hello

SaveMe Oh: hi

SaveMe Oh: ciao

SaveMe Oh: coucou

SaveMe Oh: hello

SaveMe Oh: hi

SaveMe Oh: bonsoir

SaveMe Oh: bravo

SaveMe Oh: applause

SaveMe Oh: clap

SaveMe Oh: clap

SaveMe Oh: hi

SaveMe Oh: coucou

SaveMe Oh: bravo

SaveMe Oh: ciao

SaveMe Oh: hi

SaveMe Oh: how are you?

SaveMe Oh: blah blah

SaveMe Oh: blah blah

Merlina Rokocoko: Saveme Oh PLEASE STOP OR BYEBYE

SaveMe Oh: bye bye please

SaveMe Oh: or show some art

Merlina Rokocoko: Ok SO BYEBYE


You are no longer allowed here and have 15 seconds to leave.

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

SaveMe Is One Of The Best Artists In SL (Eden Toll)

[13:43]  MathieuL Bravin: You have been ejected from ‘PiRats’ by MathieuL Bravin.

[13:43]  SaveMe Oh: coucou

[13:44]  SaveMe Oh: are you an art group or a fascist network?


[13:47]  Loup Erin: No fashist, just no promotion, spam or other pub

[13:48]  SaveMe Oh: announcing a film is spam???

[13:48]  SaveMe Oh: in an art group?

[13:50]  Loup Erin: Pirats manages the promiton and publicity leaflet and cat pirates, if you have a content,  request before

[13:51]  SaveMe Oh: when i ask they ban me first, smart one

[13:52]  Loup Erin: because, is not your first mistake

[13:52]  SaveMe Oh: I dont make mistakes, I make art

[13:53]  Loup Erin: yes, but ask before distributing your content

[13:53]  SaveMe Oh: disturbing is the best art sometimes

[13:55]  Loup Erin: Pirats is an art group and not to promote diverse content, even if the content is artistic, it must be presented to staff pirates before release

[13:59]  Loup Erin: Pirats do not censor, but control the content, Pirats is an association RL, is partnered with a company of communcation (Art Com ‘), all communication is made by this company

[14:02]  SaveMe Oh: For me Pirats until now is a group where communication is impossible

[14:04]  Loup Erin: Well, leave the group?No?

[14:05]  Loup Erin: If you do not like Pirates, why are you coming back?

[14:07]  SaveMe Oh: you pretent to have an art group, i make it, so i belong there. When you start a secret service group I will not join

[14:08]  Loup Erin: If you join the group is as “Everyone” to be informed of events, not to make the promotion, there are special group for that



[13:46]  SaveMe Oh: [13:43]  MathieuL Bravin: You have been ejected from ‘PiRats’ by MathieuL Bravin.

[13:46]  CADEL Aboubakar: aille

[13:46]  ling Serenity: houlala

[13:46]  Sledge Roffo: ha ha

[13:47]  LolaLove Lecker: oh c pas bien

[13:47]  SaveMe Oh: again

[13:47]  Anley Piers: aie aie

[13:47]  Albatroz Hird: heuuuuuuu

[13:47]  Anley Piers: c le soir ling

[13:47]  Anley Piers: mdr

[13:47]  Denis1 Troncon: il a fais quoi comme connerie ?

[13:47]  ling Serenity: ouais an

[13:47]  ling Serenity: lol

[13:47]  CADEL Aboubakar: VIVE Mathieuuuuu

[13:47]  Irena Hamelin: c’était quoi, cette histoire de vote ?

[13:47]  Leyla Ireto: encore?

[13:47]  Albatroz Hird: si je peux lire, c’est que c’est pas moi

[13:47]  Ana Hinchcliffe: I’ve just receive a request to vote for you Savee Oh.

[13:47]  Albatroz Hird: ^

[13:47]  Ana Hinchcliffe: Stop it!

[13:47]  Ana Hinchcliffe: I don’t want to hear about you anymore.

[13:47]  Alizarin Goldflake: congratulations :)

[13:47]  CADEL Aboubakar: mathieu tes le = fort

[13:47]  Isabella Alphaville: me too

[13:47]  Ana Hinchcliffe: Well done.

[13:48]  LolaLove Lecker: Mathieu t un vilain… tu vas avoir la fessée

[13:48]  CADEL Aboubakar: hello les pirats

[13:48]  Isabella Alphaville: why dont we get an option to vote AGAINST  you?

[13:48]  Sledge Roffo: haha

[13:48]  Irena Hamelin: oui, tout à fait d’accord :-)

[13:48]  Bibi Questi: how do i close the window?

[13:48]  Albatroz Hird: vting against who ?

[13:48]  CADEL Aboubakar: albaaaaaa

[13:48]  CADEL Aboubakar: kikouu

[13:48]  Ana Hinchcliffe: I will vote for you to be reported by all groups you have been griefing.

[13:48]  MathieuL Bravin: hi Sledge

[13:48]  Sledge Roffo: x

[13:48]  Sledge Roffo: :)

[13:48]  MathieuL Bravin: hello alba

[13:48]  Sledge Roffo: Hi Matthiu…:)

[13:49]  Irena Hamelin: vous avez bien fait de l’éjecter ^

[13:49]  MathieuL Bravin: coucou Ana

[13:49]  MathieuL Bravin: salut Irena

[13:49]  Albatroz Hird: tu as viré qui, Mat ?

[13:49]  Rose Borchovski: OMG Ana Ligten up

[13:49]  Roland64 DeCuir: je trouve la video pas mal. Une parodie autour de Warhol et de La Joconde.

[13:49]  Ana Hinchcliffe: Salut Mathieu!

[13:49]  CADEL Aboubakar: albounetttt

[13:49]  Isabella Alphaville: ciao Mat

[13:50]  MathieuL Bravin: Ciao Isa

[13:50]  Ana Hinchcliffe: Quelle video?

[13:50]  Roland64 DeCuir: mais peut-être y a t-il des risques d’insavion de demandes de voites….

[13:50]  Isabella Alphaville: If you are still rich, will you marry me pls?

[13:50]  Roland64 DeCuir: invasion*

[13:50]  Isabella Alphaville: teasing :) )

[13:51]  CADEL Aboubakar: albounetttttt

[13:51]  Roland64 DeCuir: la fille qui s’est  faite éjectéer à demander de voter pour une video à elle sur Vimeo….

[13:51]  Isabella Alphaville: xxxxxx

[13:51]  MathieuL Bravin: non pour divers spam depuis plusieur semaine et injure “[13:44]  SaveMe Oh: are you an art group or a fascist network?”

[13:52]  Isabella Alphaville: good question!

[13:52]  Roland64 DeCuir: ok, je connais pas les raisons

[13:53]  Albatroz Hird: i vote for fascist art lovers !

[13:53]  Isabella Alphaville: please can we have a nice discussion and not let all of our days be ruined yet again by  this vile woman

[13:53]  Rose Borchovski: what!!!

[13:54]  CADEL Aboubakar: albanounetttttt

[13:54]  Ana Hinchcliffe: there we go again!

[13:54]  Isabella Alphaville: I think it best to ignore her

[13:54]  Albatroz Hird: l’extrême dans l’extrême

[13:54]  CADEL Aboubakar: :( ((((

[13:54]  Albatroz Hird: salut Cadoulette

[13:54]  CADEL Aboubakar: haaaaaa

[13:54]  MathieuL Bravin: salut Alba

[13:54]  Ana Hinchcliffe: Oui. Je suis fascist.

[13:54]  CADEL Aboubakar: kan meme

[13:54]  Ana Hinchcliffe: Franco is my leader!

[13:54]  CADEL Aboubakar: ana chut

[13:55]  Albatroz Hird: salut Mat

[13:55]  PouletFritesMayO Boucher: c’est bon les crepes à la confitures ;-)

[13:55]  Albatroz Hird: quoi haaaaaaaaa ?

[13:55]  LolaLove Lecker: moi je préfère au nutella

[13:55]  Irena Hamelin: Ana , do you know about you tell ? Are you so young ???

[13:55]  Albatroz Hird: salut le coquelet

[13:55]  Ana Hinchcliffe: Mussolini is so handsome that I dream with him everyday. Love him.

[13:55]  Ana Hinchcliffe: lol

[13:55]  CADEL Aboubakar: moi je prefere les pates de fruits

[13:55]  PouletFritesMayO Boucher: miam

[13:55]  Ana Hinchcliffe: I’m 50 years old.

[13:55]  MathieuL Bravin: moi je veu des chocoooo

[13:56]  CADEL Aboubakar: matttttt

[13:56]  LolaLove Lecker: et que pensez vous du kinder bueno ?

[13:56]  CADEL Aboubakar: moi je mange matt

[13:56]  CADEL Aboubakar: :) )

[13:56]  Denis1 Troncon: kinder ? dégueu !

[13:56]  MathieuL Bravin: oum

[13:57]  MathieuL Bravin: moi je prefaire les leonidassss

[13:57]  Irena Hamelin: It is revolting to read some things on a chat, Ana. I cannot let it without reaction :-( (((((

[13:57]  LolaLove Lecker: non les ferreros rocher c meilleur

[13:57]  LolaLove Lecker: abusé denis, on se marie pas tous les deux -_-

[13:58]  Irena Hamelin: Je suis réellement choquée de lire des propos comme ceux d’Ana sur ce chat, je vous le dis, ça me révolte. Désolée.

[13:58]  Albatroz Hird: c’est dégueulasse, le kinder bueno, je sais pas comment on ose faire manger ça à nos gosses

[13:58]  CADEL Aboubakar: lola c est la surprise du kinder :) )

[13:58]  Denis1 Troncon: pates à la carbonara ! y’a rien de mieux !

[13:58]  Ana Hinchcliffe: test

[13:59]  Deesselle Destiny: ben oui

[13:59]  LolaLove Lecker: si on part par là, vaut mieux une tarte flambée <3

[13:59]  Igor Ballyhoo: I demand that Ana is baned for declaring as faschist

[13:59]  PouletFritesMayO Boucher: oui cabo mais sans viande

[14:00]  Igor Ballyhoo: I ask for Ana to be  banned from pirates for beeing openly faschist

[14:00]  Irena Hamelin: Continuez de parler de chocolat si vous voulez, des propos fascistes et pro Mussolini, je ne peux pas laisser passer !

[14:00]  LolaLove Lecker: sans lardons ça vaut pas le coup

[14:00]  Denis1 Troncon: ah ben non ! et sans crème non plus !

[14:01]  Ana Hinchcliffe: Versace est fascist Irena.

[14:01]  Ana Hinchcliffe: J’aime le chocolat aussi.

[14:02]  Ana Hinchcliffe: Vous ne le savais pa?

[14:02]  CADEL Aboubakar: chutttt calme lalalalalala

[14:02]  Rose Borchovski: these are sick jokes Ana,  and that you feel better then SaveMe it not really justified

[14:03]  Albatroz Hird: bon, ben sur cette jolie mésentente politique, je vous laisse, j’ai du boulot… et je vous offre une grosse boîte de chocolat suisse pour vous réconcilier

[14:03]  Igor Ballyhoo: faschists killed over 30 members of my family in ww2 Ana

[14:03]  Irena Hamelin: Il y a eu trop de souffrances et d’atrocités commises au nom de ces idéologies et que Versace soit fasciste ou pas n’y change rien, je me fous de Versace

[14:03]  CADEL Aboubakar: bisouille albaaaa

[14:03]  Ana Hinchcliffe: Do you really think that I’m fascit?

[14:03]  CADEL Aboubakar: albanounetttttt

[14:03]  Roland64 DeCuir: cela se vérifie. plusq on est désemparé, sans réponse et plus on bouffe dans nos mondes bien repus.

[14:03]  Anley Piers: ( cadeling , j’ai fini , voiloù ) lol

[14:03]  Igor Ballyhoo: I belive what ppl declare as, you said you are

[14:03]  PouletFritesMayO Boucher: good je prefere cela ;-)

[14:03]  Ana Hinchcliffe: I don’t believe!

[14:04]  Ana Hinchcliffe: Seriously. How can someone think about it?

[14:04]  Rose Borchovski: fisrt we bann and now we chuttt everyone

[14:04]  Pol Jarvinen: je suis d accord on plaisante pas avec le fascisme

[14:04]  Ana Hinchcliffe: those who know me know who am I and what are my belifs.

[14:04]  Pol Jarvinen: ce chat commence a sentir mauvais

[14:04]  Irena Hamelin: surtout que pour beaucoup de gens, maintenant, ces mots ne veulent plus rien dire,

[14:04]  Pol Jarvinen: je suis d accord .on ne peut pas faire l’apologie du fachisme meme en plaisantant.votre chat commence a sentir mauvais

[14:04]  Irena Hamelin: I you are not, it is not a joke to tell it so ,

[14:04]  MathieuL Bravin: no politics in the chat, the incident is closed please

[14:05]  Igor Ballyhoo: it is not closed

[14:05]  Irena Hamelin: No

[14:05]  Isabella Alphaville: POl she has just sent a notice from CARP art Gallery Diabolous

[14:05]  Rose Borchovski: you complain about Saveme about her Irony ( which is so connected to her art) your irony about fascisme is  really griefing

[14:05]  Igor Ballyhoo: if she is not faschist, I demand appology for bad joke

[14:05]  Ana Hinchcliffe: Pardonnez mois.

[14:05]  Irena Hamelin: It is important to clear it !

[14:06]  Igor Ballyhoo: I spent whole fucking life fighting bloody faschism, I am sorry for not beeing able to joke about it…

[14:06]  Irena Hamelin: Ana, par humanisme et pour la mémoire de tous ceux qui sont morts et ont été torturés, réfléchis avant de dire n’importe quoi, je me suis sentie insultée pour des gens que j’ai aimés.

[14:06]  Irena Hamelin: merci.

[14:07]  Pol Jarvinen: le 11 novembre ca la fout mal de faire l apologie du fascisme

[14:07]  Irena Hamelin: Et excuse-moi, Matthieu, mais je ne pouvais pas laisser passer ça, même sur second life

[14:08]  Pol Jarvinen: i agree with irena

[14:09]  Pol Jarvinen: and igor

[14:09]  Artistide Despres: me too

[14:10]  Denis1 Troncon: y’a une difference entre le fascisme de mssolini et le nationl-socialisme  de hitler… ou je me trompe

[14:10]  Pol Jarvinen: je pense que je vais quitter pirats vite

[14:10]  Isabella Alphaville: DO you realize we have all let her start arguments again?

[14:10]  Isabella Alphaville: so she succeeds again!

[14:11]  Rose Borchovski: so we blame saveme again, wowwww

[14:11]  Isabella Alphaville: I just got a notice from her for CARP

[14:11]  Isabella Alphaville: and Art Gallery  Diabolus to vote

[14:12]  Isabella Alphaville: she succeeds as provocateur

[14:12]  CADEL Aboubakar: Alllez les amis on va oublier tout ça et repartir sur d autres bases

[14:12]  Isabella Alphaville: I agree

[14:12]  CADEL Aboubakar: On va se faire une soirée detente

[14:12]  Rose Borchovski: we are not discussing saveme here, I know you like to put her on a cross, she is a provocateut that is her ART

[14:12]  CADEL Aboubakar: tous au club pirats

[14:12]  Isabella Alphaville: great

[14:12]  Josina Burgess: why all this fuzz????? dont you see she is holding you a morror?  Here is Art to discuss Not ego’s “)

[14:12]  Isabella Alphaville: now can we talk about something else

[14:13]  Josina Burgess: *mirror sorry:)

[14:13]  Rose Borchovski: joking about fascisme isn’t

[14:13]  Artistide Despres: you’ve got it Rose

[14:13]  Rose Borchovski: Saveme is a stand up comedian

[14:13]  Isabella Alphaville: We should send her a copy of this discussion

[14:13]  Rose Borchovski: full with irony

[14:13]  Isabella Alphaville: she will be very pleased

[14:14]  Rose Borchovski: thank god for irony in this self appreciating art world in sl

[14:14]  Isabella Alphaville: who cares what she is??

[14:14]  Josina Burgess: I am sure she will love it because by only 1 sense she started up a discussion:))

[14:14]  Rose Borchovski: I care

[14:14]  Rose Borchovski: I care a lot

[14:14]  Josina Burgess: i care too:)

[14:14]  Werner Kurosawa: freedom of speech

[14:14]  Isabella Alphaville: well then Rose perhaps you are in the wrong group

[14:14]  Loup Erin: and if we talk about something else? no?

[14:14]  Loup Erin: ^^

[14:14]  Rose Borchovski: I think every one should be able to create art  freely in sl even when it is annoying

[14:14]  Werner Kurosawa: yes

[14:14]  Pol Jarvinen: i agree

[14:14]  Selavy Oh: this was really an interesting accident

[14:14]  Rose Borchovski: but we cruxify her

[14:15]  Pol Jarvinen: i will leave piratsd

[14:15]  Isabella Alphaville: might I suggest a Saveme Oh Group in which you can discuss all you want about her merits and faults

[14:15]  Selavy Oh: and you should say thanks to saveme

[14:15]  Isabella Alphaville: yes we all thank her

[14:15]  Isabella Alphaville: its wonderful

[14:15]  Werner Kurosawa: thank you and save me C’est la vie

[14:16]  Antib Milo: can you all of you stop your arguments (nobody will be agree tonight) then stop please all of you and wait to see what will happen after owner of this group will realize this incident ?

[14:16]  Artistide Despres: hi Selavy !!!

[14:16]  Josina Burgess: Art is there to touch you emotionally or rationally, but Art  has to bring at leat a bit of emotion to the viewer, the creators of Art are the  necesarry glew in our world of the past and today. Artists ring bells, shock, cick ass or touch you deeply, But let you Think

[14:16]  Selavy Oh: hi artistide :)

[14:17]  Werner Kurosawa: Right Josina

[14:18]  Rose Borchovski: and Saveme is so succesful in doing what Josina describes

[14:18]  Antib Milo: and dont forget that art masturbate your ego sometimes too…

[14:18]  Isabella Alphaville: great

[14:18]  Artistide Despres: that is the difference between Art and wallpaper

[14:18]  Rose Borchovski: at least it is good to have finally a discussion about this, we should no chuuut up again

[14:19]  Pol Jarvinen: you re right rose

[14:19]  Antib Milo: continue your discussion no problem in your own group please

[14:19]  Rose Borchovski: Art is politics

[14:19]  Isabella Alphaville: VIVE LES ARTISTES

[14:19]  Werner Kurosawa: also the mind

[14:19]  Rose Borchovski: this is also our group

[14:19]  CADEL Aboubakar: youhouuuu

[14:20]  Artistide Despres: yesssss

[14:20]  Artistide Despres: art cannot be splitted from politics

[14:20]  Rose Borchovski: until we are banned

[14:20]  Werner Kurosawa: otherwise we couldn’t talk her

[14:20]  Antib Milo: and dont impose it to all as ” a fachist could do”

[14:20]  Josina Burgess: art is for us like breathing air, we all need it otherwise we would not be here and create or watch or collect. Its very interesting to see all the developments in SL and what it does to all of us. We all seek for an audience to show what we do,  and  save me is a important factor to shake us up when we are sleeping in:)

[14:22]  Loup Erin: is not the Art of Saveme is punished.  just the facts, Pirats has a communications company to manage: the information, documents, marketing and other. All publication of pirats are created by Pirats

[14:23]  Rose Borchovski: Saveme is part of the culture landscape of sl

[14:24]  Loup Erin: yes

[14:24]  Josina Burgess: i understand that loup:)

[14:24]  Josina Burgess: as a group you have to find the balance between all ot that

[14:25]  Loup Erin: yes Josina

[14:25]  Rose Borchovski: but now we only applaud and when someone becomes annoying we bann and shut that person up, that can not be good for any group

[14:25]  Isabella Alphaville: well perhaps this discussion was a long time in coming

[14:25]  Isabella Alphaville: and needed to be had

[14:26]  Josina Burgess: i thnk discussions are needed, to find out where we all stand and where we are going to

[14:26]  Isabella Alphaville: Personally I dont think it a matter of free speech at all

[14:26]  Pol Jarvinen: its the first discussion i see on this chat

[14:26]  Rose Borchovski: when we bann pple we become exclusive, and that is scary

[14:26]  Isabella Alphaville: and also I dont think it a matter of art either

[14:27]  Rose Borchovski: it is an important matter of Art

[14:27]  Isabella Alphaville: she wants to ruin things

[14:27]  Isabella Alphaville: that is a problem

[14:27]  Rose Borchovski: freedom to express

[14:27]  Rose Borchovski: not all Art is sweet and beautiful

[14:27]  Rose Borchovski: it also should irritate and make you stand still

[14:27]  Josina Burgess: i dont think so isabella, Its our interpretation of what we think, but is it the truth?

[14:28]  Isabella Alphaville: ruining an exhibt or a group or a discussion is not creating art

[14:28]  Loup Erin: le musée du Louvre ne fait pas de publicité à Versaille

[14:28]  Artistide Despres: provocation is necessary for the awareness and awakeness

[14:28]  Rose Borchovski: Saveme is not ruining she is a creator, a unigue person

[14:28]  Loup Erin: yes rose

[14:28]  Isabella Alphaville: provoking just to provoke

[14:28]  Loup Erin: But the publicity on pirats Chat and Notecard, is created by Pirats Only

[14:28]  Isabella Alphaville: is not art to me

[14:28]  Josina Burgess: sint that what many artists did and do???????

[14:29]  Antib Milo: this group is not made for politic … please respect it talk about art as much as you want but please stop this discussion here

[14:29]  Isabella Alphaville: she attacks personally

[14:29]  Isabella Alphaville: I agree with Antib

[14:29]  Loup Erin: yes antib

[14:29]  Artistide Despres: each important step in art coincided to a scandal and a provocation

[14:29]  Isabella Alphaville: why not start another group for those of you who want to discuss politics

[14:29]  Loup Erin: ^^

[14:29]  Isabella Alphaville: Artee I dont agree

[14:29]  Rose Borchovski: we are discussing art

[14:30]  Pol Jarvinen: yes

[14:30]  Artistide Despres: hernani, cubisme, dodecacophonisme

[14:30]  Rose Borchovski: yes

[14:30]  Loup Erin: ^^

[14:30]  Artistide Despres: photography, started with scandals

[14:30]  Isabella Alphaville: so who thinks that Save Me’s provocations consititue ART???

[14:30]  Antib Milo: art is made first to show what beauty there is in the world and not to provocate something else than good emotion and good vibes

[14:30]  Pol Jarvinen: me

[14:30]  Rose Borchovski: Saveme is an artist Isabelle,

[14:31]  Rose Borchovski: that is what she is breathing

[14:31]  Isabella Alphaville: PLs answer

[14:31]  Artistide Despres: no Antib, you are talking about wall paper

[14:31]  Josina Burgess: art is also there to show the evil and the bad

[14:31]  Loup Erin: Save me has been banned for his behavior only…

[14:31]  Isabella Alphaville: who thinks that Save Mes provocations constitute Art???

[14:31]  Isabella Alphaville: exactly Loup

[14:31]  Pol Jarvinen: i do

[14:31]  Artistide Despres: me too

[14:31]  Denis1 Troncon: art is not to “shox” but to express what you feel, Antib  !

[14:31]  Antib Milo: pfff artiside you are talking you about masturbation  your ego masturbation

[14:32]  Josina Burgess: still with only 1 sense a discussion started:) and thats interesting

[14:32]  Isabella Alphaville: yes that is true Josina

[14:32]  Isabella Alphaville: a discussion on what constitutes ARt

[14:32]  Josina Burgess: right

[14:32]  Rose Borchovski: and yessss, I agree, It feel like a breath of fresh air going through Pirats, I’m so relieved that this is happening

[14:32]  soror Nishi: eeek

[14:33]  Isabella Alphaville: and what are teh limits of the First Amendment on Free Speech

[14:33]  Loup Erin: Please…

[14:33]  Isabella Alphaville: ah another county heard from!!!

[14:33]  Loup Erin: Please…

[14:33]  Loup Erin: I ask you sincerely, to terminate this debate, everyone has their opinions, and nobody will have reason or twists

[14:33]  Loup Erin: please…

[14:33]  Josina Burgess: for free speech there are no limits,  free speach is free speech

[14:33]  Isabella Alphaville: THis Group is full of provocateurs!

[14:33]  Isabella Alphaville: That is what makes it a lively group

[14:33]  Rose Borchovski: Loup you should be grateful and proud that this discussion found a platform in your chat

[14:34]  soror Nishi: well…there are limits to free speech, i’m afraid

[14:34]  Josina Burgess: when not diabolus is always open for debates:)

[14:34]  Isabella Alphaville: but personally I draw a line between something being considered a work of art when it is intended to be solely a personal attack

[14:34]  Antib Milo: art dont needs arguments or discussion art is made for all and not only for intellectuals art makes emotion or not the rest is pure speculation often done by untalenteous artists

[14:34]  Chance Hermit: ah celui-là il va te plaire

14:35]  Chance Hermit: un container

[14:35]  Isabella Alphaville: ART ART  wonderful ART

[14:35]  Chance Hermit: sxusez, mauvais tchat :) bonsoir à tous

[14:35]  MathieuL Bravin: coucou Chance

[14:36]  Chance Hermit: coucou Math

[14:36]  Artistide Despres: ok, do you imagine Art is for your eyes, or for your brain?

[14:36]  Chance Hermit: et les autres of course

[14:36]  MathieuL Bravin: ca va?

[14:36]  soror Nishi: or for your heart?

[14:36]  Loup Erin: The debate did not end … I am a member of staff Pirates … Saveme has been banned for his behavior … only …

[14:36]  MathieuL Bravin: bonsoir Elisa

[14:36]  Loup Erin: bonsoir Elisa

[14:37]  Josina Burgess: look with your heart, not only with your eyes or brain

[14:37]  Antib Milo: salut elisa

[14:37]  MathieuL Bravin: salut Antib

[14:37]  Antib Milo: lut mathieu

[14:38]  Antib Milo: sorry but i have a bit of pain to look something if i close my eyes

[14:38]  Denis1 Troncon: heart, brain and eyes are linked !!!

[14:38]  Antib Milo: denis is right

[14:38]  Josina Burgess: hahaha

[14:38]  Josina Burgess: you know what i mean

[14:39]  Antib Milo: i dont ask to art to make me cry history and politician do it so well art for me is the celebration of beauty only

[14:40]  Isabella Alphaville: I agree that art should be provocative

[14:40]  Antib Milo: then become a politician

[14:40]  Isabella Alphaville: or that it can be provocative

[14:40]  Isabella Alphaville: but I disagree that what save me oh does constitutes art

[14:40]  Rose Borchovski: well the in your eyes I better stop making art Antib, it is far away from being beautiful, curious how you would call it

[14:41]  Merlina Rokocoko: Hello, hola, hallo, ciao, olà, bonsoir……..pirats

[14:41]  Trill Zapatero: you can look at anything from any perspective, lots of that is in the eye of the beholder, the perspective that is

[14:41]  MathieuL Bravin: coucou merliiiiii

[14:41]  Antib Milo: salut merlina

[14:41]  Josina Burgess: not all isabelel but when an artist needs to open eyes on a certain subject he hat a full right to try to get the attention for what he or she thinks is important.

[14:41]  ling Serenity: coucou

[14:41]  Trill Zapatero: interpret it as beauty, interpret it from a political standpoint, all is possible

[14:42]  Merlina Rokocoko: Euhhhhhhh ??????? what’s happens?

[14:42]  Trill Zapatero: truth is beauty too

[14:42]  Trill Zapatero: hi

[14:42]  Rose Borchovski: we finally woke up

14:43]  Loup Erin: Coucou Merlina

[14:43]  Merlina Rokocoko: I just heard that someone said that Pirats is a fascist network group.?

[14:43]  CADEL Aboubakar: coucou merlouille

[14:44]  Rose Borchovski: euh?

[14:46]  Merlina Rokocoko: SaveMe Oh: are you an art group or a fascist network?

[14:46]  Artistide Despres: ???

[14:46]  Rose Borchovski: the only thing I can find is  chat from save me pasted into this chat

[14:46]  Daco Monday: ))

[14:46]  Rose Borchovski: that was not in this chat

[14:46]  Daco Monday: fascist grup…))

[14:47]  Isabella Alphaville: yes that is exactly how this chat began

[14:47]  Isabella Alphaville: perhaps you came in later

[14:47]  Rose Borchovski: no

[14:47]  Daco Monday: merlina ))

[14:47]  Isabella Alphaville: I have just copied the whole chat

[14:47]  Rose Borchovski: I have been her fron the beginning of chat

[14:47]  Rose Borchovski: that part was pasted by Mathieu

[14:47]  Merlina Rokocoko: i ask for everyone one thing, it’s not utile  to answer to saveme Oh provocations ! stop to answer her

[14:48]  Rose Borchovski: this was  Imed to Mathieu this line

[14:48]  Josina Burgess: we  left all discussions about save me but were in a real discussion about what art can mean in general and if art must be provocative or not at some moments

[14:49]  Rose Borchovski: Saveme did not say this in this group

[14:49]  Josina Burgess: that is very interesting

[14:49]  Rose Borchovski: we had a very good  discussion and now we are back blaming saveme again

[14:49]  Antib Milo: and more constructive…

[14:49]  Merlina Rokocoko: it’s a copy from the group chat

[14:50]  Merlina Rokocoko: maybe you were not here when you came in the group

[14:50]  Rose Borchovski: yes, Mathieu copied that from his private IM into the group chat

[14:50]  Rose Borchovski: saveme never said that herself in this chat

[14:51]  Rose Borchovski: and it has a ? at the end of the sentence

14:53]  Josina Burgess: i dont think we must discuss the yes or no’s or I think this or I think that’s, More interesting is toy hear opinions from other artists, art lovers and collectors about what they think aboyt freedom of speach, provocative art, art and politics, etc etc

[14:53]  Rose Borchovski: ))

[14:53]  Pol Jarvinen: i agree

[14:54]  Loup Erin: ^^

[14:55]  Josina Burgess: there is a big  amouint of artist on SL . all of us are ecperimenting here with new art and developments, how do we see this?

[14:56]  Merlina Rokocoko: we never eject Saveme Oh cause we don’t like her art ! just for insults and provocations

[14:56]  Merlina Rokocoko: that’s it

[14:56]  Josina Burgess: sure merlina

[14:56]  Isabella Alphaville: exacly

[14:57]  Eden Toll: How about us all play nice.  part of sl is radical expression as long as it fits inside the linden labs TOS guide  lines

[14:58]  Rose Borchovski: I better get dressed then

[14:58]  Josina Burgess: yes and shut up, maybe:))

[14:58]  Eden Toll: nope your fine as long as your in a mature sim :-)

[14:59]  Igor Ballyhoo: here you go children, one neat sandbox named SL, so you play you are free and you fell free to play art

[15:00]  Igor Ballyhoo: as long as it is under TOS

[15:00]  Josina Burgess: what is TOS?????????

[15:00]  Igor Ballyhoo: TOS is law

[15:00]  Josina Burgess: whast kind?

[15:00]  Eden Toll: Terms of service guidlines

[15:00]  Igor Ballyhoo: private law

[15:00]  Merlina Rokocoko: Tos is not a problem Igor No ?

[15:01]  Igor Ballyhoo: law is problem if it is not created by ppl, but by goverment

[15:01]  Igor Ballyhoo: that is what history teach us

[15:01]  Eden Toll: really not an issue unless your in a pg sim

[15:01]  Igor Ballyhoo: we should create tos, ppl who live here

[15:01]  Newbab Zsigmond: Please, this group is an Artistic group not a polical one

[15:02]  Igor Ballyhoo: Newbab, is guernica painting art or politics?

[15:02]  Rose Borchovski: ))

[15:02]  Newbab Zsigmond: Pirats do what art need for its free expression

[15:03]  Newbab Zsigmond: Pirats Group is free

[15:03]  Newbab Zsigmond: Everyone who want can join and leave it

[15:03]  Antib Milo: is guernica except political dimension a major master piece ?

[15:03]  Eden Toll: Let savemeO back in?

[15:03]  Antib Milo: is guernica beautiful?

[15:03]  Rose Borchovski: yes then let her back in)

[15:03]  Eden Toll: Please ….

[15:03]  Ellectra Radikal: art is an  acting critic

[15:03]  Ellectra Radikal: is it political?

[15:04]  Newbab Zsigmond: Eden ! Pirats group in’t close

[15:04]  Eden Toll: shes a little bit naughty but we love it

[15:04]  Ellectra Radikal: an artist is always taking position

[15:04]  Ellectra Radikal: in front of the world

[15:04]  Ellectra Radikal: the exterior world

[15:04]  Merlina Rokocoko: Eden Save me Oh not ejected cause her art but for insult and provocation  to people

[15:04]  Ellectra Radikal: and his inside word

[15:04]  Ellectra Radikal: art is a provocation

[15:05]  Rose Borchovski: )))))

[15:05]  Eden Toll: yes..

[15:05]  Ellectra Radikal: art is an insult to the public

[15:05]  Ellectra Radikal: because it’s free

[15:05]  Ellectra Radikal: absolutly free

[15:05]  Ellectra Radikal: and now

[15:05]  Ellectra Radikal: in this world

[15:05]  Merlina Rokocoko: if i come front of you and insult you , you call that art?

[15:05]  Ellectra Radikal: what is free is insulting

[15:05]  Ellectra Radikal: art is an insult

[15:05]  Antib Milo: art was in first a projection of a dream (primitiv art)

[15:05]  Ellectra Radikal: art is polititical

[15:06]  Ellectra Radikal: art is a provocation

[15:06]  Ellectra Radikal: lol

[15:06]  Ellectra Radikal: a dream

[15:06]  Ellectra Radikal: ???

[15:06]  Rose Borchovski: there you go Ellectra , well said))

[15:06]  Ellectra Radikal: Artaud was dreaming

[15:06]  Josina Burgess: well ist a fact: Save me is VERY Naughty, and sometimes peole really dont understand why she is doing like she is doing, an other fact is that we all speak different languages, that can lead to misunderstandings and misinterpretations

[15:06]  Ellectra Radikal: you are some kind of dreamer

[15:06]  Ellectra Radikal: but you are not an artist

[15:06]  Eden Toll: Art is communication what ever the topic.  Acceptance or insult is a personal and subjective

[15:06]  Ellectra Radikal: for sure!

[15:06]  Merlina Rokocoko: Me ?

[15:06]  Antib Milo: yes ellectra homo sapiens was making art before you

[15:07]  Ellectra Radikal: well

[15:07]  Ellectra Radikal: i have to work

[15:07]  Rose Borchovski: Saveme is not naughty she is a very very stron artist, who is provoking, which she does so well

[15:07]  Ellectra Radikal: because art is a lot of practice too

[15:07]  Ellectra Radikal: have a good night

[15:07]  Antib Milo: and when he drawn buffle or mamouth or what else he was dreaming

[15:07]  Isabella Alphaville: I dont think that personal attacks constitute art

[15:07]  Ellectra Radikal: i was just passing quickly

[15:07]  Loup Erin: Provoc in Art ok… but provoc and insult people in cchat no… sorry

[15:07]  Ellectra Radikal: and share the love

[15:07]  Eden Toll: Saveme is one of the best artist in sl

[15:07]  Ellectra Radikal: ;) )

[15:08]  Isabella Alphaville: and I dont think a limit on personal attacks is a limit on free speech

[15:08]  Ellectra Radikal: oups

[15:08]  Isabella Alphaville: there are limits to free speech:  You cannot shout fire in a crowded theater

[15:08]  Ellectra Radikal: i have to say that attacking someone personnaly is nothing else than agression

[15:09]  Josina Burgess: lol isabella but very right

[15:09]  Ellectra Radikal: and if an artist is agressiv, and he can be, it’s not art

[15:09]  Ellectra Radikal: lol

[15:09]  Solkide Auer: per modo di dire ennesimo buco

[15:10]  Eden Toll: Quiet woman never changed history

[15:10]  Ellectra Radikal: i am an artist, even if homosapiens makes art before me

[15:10]  Ellectra Radikal: you are realling takling nonsense

[15:10]  Josina Burgess: personal attacks that are mean  are never ok, is it critic? is it evil? is it to shake you so you start to think?

[15:10]  Ellectra Radikal: lolol

[15:10]  Ellectra Radikal: no need to waist my time

[15:10]  Ellectra Radikal: there

[15:11]  Ellectra Radikal: and maybe i understand that some could say some inslting sentences when reading such foolish ones

[15:11]  Newbab Zsigmond: I assure you we work hard for Art and its expression. If group thinks its normal that we are insulted doing this for everyone I prefer quit this group

[15:12]  Igor Ballyhoo: I prefere you not to quit

[15:12]  Ellectra Radikal: as i am always reading without answering

[15:12]  Ellectra Radikal: as the the first time i take time  to join a discussion

[15:13]  Ellectra Radikal: as you react treating me like i were stupid

[15:13]  Pol Jarvinen: me too

[15:13]  Ellectra Radikal: i dont want to purchase

[15:13]  Ellectra Radikal: i prefer to quit

[15:13]  Ellectra Radikal: and stop reading that

[15:13]  Ellectra Radikal: bye bye

[15:13]  Ellectra Radikal: good luck

[15:13]  Igor Ballyhoo: I think SaveMe did insult a lot of ppl back there, she chosed wrong way to express what she feel, but! She did move this group to finaly discuss art

[15:13]  Antib Milo: salut

[15:13]  soror Nishi: cccoooolll down people

[15:14]  soror Nishi: :) )

[15:14]  soror Nishi: smile

[15:14]  soror Nishi: its good

[15:14]  soror Nishi: nothing bad here

[15:14]  soror Nishi: we all love pirats

[15:14]  soror Nishi: but a bit of heated discussion is not a war

[15:14]  soror Nishi: relax

[15:14]  soror Nishi: breathe deep

[15:14]  Merlina Rokocoko: if saveme Oh  really like art ! she go away insult someoelse, or we leave !

[15:15]  Igor Ballyhoo: there is no war here, this is Pirats finaly exchanging ideas

[15:15]  Igor Ballyhoo: I agree she did wrong

[15:15]  Igor Ballyhoo: I agree she insulted ppl

[15:15]  Igor Ballyhoo: me to, I was there

[15:15]  Newbab Zsigmond: Soror, Thank you. Everything but war ! I quit this group if it can not find the calm

[15:15]  Igor Ballyhoo: but I think her intention was different…

[15:16]  soror Nishi: yes…we all love art…thats why people get excited

[15:16]  Igor Ballyhoo: I agree she deserved to be kicked out, she did interupt opening of exibit

[15:16]  Isabella Alphaville: I suggest that we have a round table discussion on these issues

[15:16]  Igor Ballyhoo: but I also say that SaveMe made us talk!!!

[15:16]  Isabella Alphaville: like once a week

[15:17]  Isabella Alphaville: but first everyone must drink some wine

[15:17]  Igor Ballyhoo: why once a wee? why not every moment?

[15:17]  Isabella Alphaville: so it is lively but also funny!

[15:17]  Isabella Alphaville: I meant an organized one

[15:17]  Igor Ballyhoo: I love talking to you ppl about art!!!

[15:17]  Isabella Alphaville: where we cd sit down and yell

[15:17]  Isabella Alphaville: I am very organized

[15:17]  Igor Ballyhoo: why organised? I am learning from all of you!!!

[15:18]  Igor Ballyhoo: I am thankfull to all ppl that chat here in pirats group tonight

[15:18]  Isabella Alphaville: I suggest that because this venue is the Pirats group chat

[15:18]  Josina Burgess: i suggest to have  once a month a great discussion about all kinds of art! it can open eyes and really help us to maybe change views and learn soemthing

[15:18]  Isabella Alphaville: I agree

[15:18]  Igor Ballyhoo: ppl who said clever things, ppl who said stupid things, ppl chatting about aspects of art!!!

[15:18]  Igor Ballyhoo: wtf is art group for if not for chatting about art all the time!

[15:18]  Isabella Alphaville: then all of this provocation will lead to something positive

[15:19]  Isabella Alphaville: this is Pirats chat

[15:19]  Josina Burgess: positive is good!

[15:19]  Igor Ballyhoo: yes, pirats are art group

[15:19]  Josina Burgess: maybe on another chat>?

[15:19]  Isabella Alphaville: it is for Pirats to decided what shd happen in this chat

[15:19]  Isabella Alphaville: yes I agree

[15:19]  Josina Burgess: specially  made for discussions?

[15:19]  Igor Ballyhoo: yes

[15:19]  Igor Ballyhoo: and what is this chat for then???

[15:19]  Isabella Alphaville: yes I agree

[15:19]  Rose Borchovski: I think Pirats wants us to stop now Igor

[15:20]  Igor Ballyhoo: for where did u get those shoes?

[15:20]  Josina Burgess: to discuss art in all his ways

[15:20]  Rose Borchovski: we better organise another platform

[15:20]  soror Nishi: could we do this on a blog? in comments?

[15:20]  soror Nishi: it could be very interesting.

[15:20]  Josina Burgess: ning?

[15:20]  Igor Ballyhoo: ok, if that is case, I apologise for talking about art in art group…

[15:21]  Igor Ballyhoo: I live for art and I know that many ppl here feel the same…

[15:21]  Artistide Despres: lol lol Igor

[15:21]  Igor Ballyhoo: what unite us is same love

[15:21]  Merlina Rokocoko: Talk about Art is a thing, be insulted by someone is another thing ! you can talk about what you want in this chat , but the respect of the others is the only rule i think

[15:21]  Igor Ballyhoo: yessssssss

[15:21]  Igor Ballyhoo: I agree 100%

[15:22]  Isabella Alphaville: I agree

[15:22]  Igor Ballyhoo: who ever insult other person deserved to be baned

[15:22]  Igor Ballyhoo: unless he or she apologise!

[15:22]  Isabella Alphaville: well that is what Save Me Oh did

[15:22]  Merlina Rokocoko: that we did ! only

[15:23]  Isabella Alphaville: banning someone who is insulting has nothing to do with banning free speech or banning art

[15:24]  Igor Ballyhoo: someone here on chat this evening declared as faschist. That is worse for me then what SaveMe did. I demande her to be banned or apologise… she apologised and it is fine…

[15:24]  Isabella Alphaville: it is the same as banning someone who yells fire in a crowded theater

[15:24]  Isabella Alphaville: Igor I may be mistaken, but I think that person was joking

[15:25]  Isabella Alphaville: while it is a terrible thing to joke about, that is what I thought she was doing

[15:25]  Igor Ballyhoo: if person who yell in theatre fire say it is joke, that makes it ok?

[15:25]  Isabella Alphaville: yelling fire in a theater causes people to run to the doors mass hysteria

[15:26]  Igor Ballyhoo: declaring as fascist do that thing to

[15:26]  Isabella Alphaville: I think you shd ask her if she was joking

[15:26]  Isabella Alphaville: I thought so

[15:26]  Igor Ballyhoo: who asked Save if she joked?

[15:27]  Isabella Alphaville: perhaps you are right

[15:27]  Josina Burgess: never judge when you dont know the whole truth,  better let us discuss what we all want to achieve with the art we are creating on SL

[15:28]  Josina Burgess: what drives us?

[15:28]  Newbab Zsigmond: Nous ne sommes pas contre la présence de SaveMe Oh dans ce group

[15:28]  Josina Burgess: why are we here to play around with prims and shapes?

[15:28]  Newbab Zsigmond: We are not against the presence of Saveme Oh in this group

[15:29]  Igor Ballyhoo: I am against anyone insult anyone in this group

[15:29]  Merlina Rokocoko: we are not against every one presence …

[15:29]  Newbab Zsigmond: Since 9 month Pirats is a quiet group

[15:29]  Merlina Rokocoko: sure Igor

[15:30]  Igor Ballyhoo: there is problem, art is not suposed to be quiet!

[15:30]  Josina Burgess: true igor!

[15:30]  Igor Ballyhoo: art is suposed to lead humanity to bigger achivements

15:31]  Merlina Rokocoko: day by day we try to help art expression to be taller in SL (i(gor you know that)

[15:31]  Newbab Zsigmond: I don’t talk about that Igor Josina

[15:31]  Igor Ballyhoo: I know you do Merlina and Newbab, dont take this conversation as critique

[15:31]  Newbab Zsigmond: I just want to say we are not in war in this group

[15:31]  Igor Ballyhoo: I will be first person to stand by you after what happened 2 days ago

[15:32]  Igor Ballyhoo: this is not war

[15:32]  Igor Ballyhoo: this is discussion

[15:32]  Merlina Rokocoko: now is a discussion

[15:32]  Newbab Zsigmond: Is it normal to be a part of group and destruct its action

[15:32]  Newbab Zsigmond: ?

[15:32]  Igor Ballyhoo: no!

[15:32]  Newbab Zsigmond: We have to learn about others

[15:33]  Josina Burgess: true

[15:33]  Newbab Zsigmond: About SaveMe Oh perhaps too

[15:33]  Newbab Zsigmond: but how to learn about a person who insult my work

[15:33]  Merlina Rokocoko: if someone respect art , he couldn’t attack people who is working to it

[15:33]  Igor Ballyhoo: when all that talk about me showing vagina in pirats was happening, I said if I cant do it, I will leave! I never tryed to force it. Forcing it would be gainst all that I belive in

[15:33]  Josina Burgess: thats hard to bear i can truly understand that

[15:34]  Josina Burgess: uterus Igor, Uterus:)

[15:34]  Igor Ballyhoo: no, uterus was ok

[15:34]  Velazquez Bonetto: hahahahahah

[15:34]  Velazquez Bonetto: #

[15:34]  Igor Ballyhoo: vagina was problematic :)

[15:34]  Josina Burgess: yes!]

[15:34]  Merlina Rokocoko: nono the vagina not the uterus josina

[15:35]  Newbab Zsigmond: 17 hours by day without wage to make that Pirats grow with you all, and I’m a fascist ?

[15:35]  Igor Ballyhoo: noone said you are

[15:35]  Rose Borchovski: no one said you are

[15:35]  Merlina Rokocoko: someone said Igor

[15:35]  Rose Borchovski: no

[15:35]  Igor Ballyhoo: I didnt hear that

[15:35]  Igor Ballyhoo: I heard question

[15:35]  Rose Borchovski: that is wrongly understood

[15:35]  Josina Burgess: In the 60ties I was a protestsinger, the first female protestsinger in holland, I used the Word “RAPE”in a song aginst the vietnam war..and my record was banned all over the radio

[15:35]  Rose Borchovski: and it was not in this group chat

[15:35]  Josina Burgess: I fight for freedom of speech

[15:36]  Igor Ballyhoo: I heard “is pirats group faschist”? I say no, it is not, that is all

[15:36]  Merlina Rokocoko: we never banned art work ! josnina ! we fighted to let exhib some !!!!!!! with Linden

[15:36]  Newbab Zsigmond: I inform you that Pirats is not a closed group, the best evidence is that Saveme Oh is still in the group. maybe she’s reading us now.

[15:36]  Josina Burgess: she will surley love to read this

[15:36]  Rose Borchovski: great))

[15:37]  Eden Toll: :-)

[15:37]  Igor Ballyhoo: ofcourse she does, do u think she would miss her child – this conversation?

[15:37]  Rose Borchovski: so lets stay critical to eachother and grow in ART

[15:37]  Eden Toll: Lets stir some shit up :-)

[15:38]  Igor Ballyhoo: that was groce!

[15:38]  Eden Toll: SaveMe says COUCOU

[15:38]  Merlina Rokocoko: be critical is not insult people !!!!!!

[15:38]  Newbab Zsigmond: It’s evident we accept anyone in this group if we are not insulted. The one rule

[15:38]  Eden Toll: :-)

[15:38]  Josina Burgess: :)

[15:39]  Merlina Rokocoko: the only rule

[15:39]  Igor Ballyhoo: all I said tonight in this chat is effort to improve pirats group, not to help it close

[15:39]  Antib Milo: en tous cas ca en fait du kilometre de pixel ce soir pensez un peu a l energie depensée ainsi et la foret tropicale et la couche d ozone! ok je sors

[15:39]  Merlina Rokocoko: et pendant ce temps nous ne travaillons pas ^^ antib :-)

[15:39]  Igor Ballyhoo: SaveMe says COUCOU

[15:39]  Antib Milo: exactement et en plus on est tous a la bourre

[15:40]  Antib Milo: d ailleurs j ai du taf pour vous je vous passe la note crade demain

[15:40]  Merlina Rokocoko: oui ! mais c’est peut être ce qu’elle veut, que nous n’ayons plus le temps de travailler et que l’on se planet , Antib :p

[15:40]  Merlina Rokocoko: plante*

[15:41]  Rose Borchovski: SaveMe says COUCOU

[15:41]  Igor Ballyhoo: oui, oui

[15:41]  Eden Toll: :-)

[15:42]  Eden Toll: She’s everywhere in teh spirit of all good artist.. :-)

[15:43]  Pol Jarvinen: sure

[15:43]  Pol Jarvinen: art is freedom

[15:44]  Josina Burgess: art MAKES freedom

[15:44]  Igor Ballyhoo: Newbab and Merlina. You two put us all here together to have this conversation, you should be proud


[15:43]  Newbab Zsigmond: Hi

[15:43]  Newbab Zsigmond: What do you want exactly?

[15:48]  SaveMe Oh: today I just want to tell you all I made a new movie

[15:48]  Newbab Zsigmond: Why you don’t send us a message?

[15:49]  SaveMe Oh: I choose the means of publications available


[15:49]  Merlina Rokocoko: hello, Newbab crashed

[15:49]  Merlina Rokocoko: he will back

[15:49]  SaveMe Oh: hope not to serious

[15:49]  SaveMe Oh: dont want to kill him

[15:49]  Merlina Rokocoko: I hope^^

[15:50]  SaveMe Oh: give him a kiss, that helps

[15:52]  Merlina Rokocoko: we rar not against you and your presence in group, but we want to work all together for art and not against one againsts others . If you respect that your presence is not a problem. We have one idea to make Pirats a great group rl and SL for all people in group (and org), and we jus want to make that . to

[15:56]  SaveMe Oh: Just open up and don’t forget to laugh

  • Art is about art and not about ego? Bullshit. If Saveme is or does art its all and only about Saveme Oh ego.
    Josina engages for the freedom of speech? Would she also engage for the freedom of speech in a conference panel where someone from the audience insists on speaking up right into the presenter’s talk?
    The carpies are fancy of everything deviant. They do show great tolerance towards pretty everyone. Thats cool. Thats special. And thats nice.
    Saveme shows to be clever enough to not mess around with the only group that does not eject her. Finally someone calls her an artist. Thats nice too, as she so desperately is striving for it. Congratulation.

  • Dear Dan Coyote Antonelli, I am very glad there is finally someone who recognizes the ego of my avatar, I had so much work to achieve that as some people keep on believing there is a RL person behind me letting me do all those awful things. And yes, you are right, all is about me, around me and has me as subject because I am the most beautiful avatar of SL and that brings a responsablity with it. Should I hide? Should I let you forget how nice I am.
    And about the CARPIES, I really did the best I could to annoy them, abuse them and ridicule them but as they are the last living old hippies I am not able to fight them because whatever I do, they keep on loving me. The love me so much, I almost have a permanent allergic reaction. I will have to live with that. BTW, did you now also Roxelo Babenco wants to marry me?
    But at least those people don’t show my face all night huge on a billboard saying “don’t feed the throll” as you did in Brooklyn Is Watching. If I wear you I just would be happy to have the honour to have a Hyperfomalist Dog created after your image.

  • Wrong guess. Try again, Sam.

    Btw concerning carp, you didnt do your best, Saveme. You re just pretending.

    In fact, I love their strategy. It prooves to be efficient.

  • You are completely right, they found the solution to keep me quiet and harmless. Love and peace.

  • The conversastion started really good, was funny read how they had a discussion about chocolates, kinder buenos, moncherrys plus mussolinis, francos, hitles and all kind of sicologist problemes with the sad passt of our old europe, but when they started to talk about how amazing, cute and fantastic you (Saveme) were, OMG, about how great artist you were: OMFG. about how you shoked their poor and grey souls with your comments.. 14:23] Rose Borchovski: Saveme is part of the culture landscape of sl, Eden Tall: Saveme is one of the bests artists in SL.. ok.. something is going wrong in world…. Some person noticed that we are talking about DIGITAL ART???.. are they talking about guernica at the same time that they talk about your art SAVEME.. what is going wrongggg¿????? are they talking seriously?????? SAVEME `PLEASEEEEE,,, WE NEED TO TALK URGENTTT!!!!1

  • Art exists to trigger discussion, but you can only love me, dear Sole, thats ok.

    • of course i only can love you… but how can you call that a discussion??? I never readed a discussion before where they can mix fascismo, chocolates and art in the same pocket… OK OK was funy,, i almost feeled as if i had took a coloured pills.

  • Pirats, Visionairs Or Crybabies?

    Proud of exposing a vagina (Igor still didn’t stop laughing how they believed his explanation) but not hesitating to shut up people Pirats group send around this notice, read it and make up your mind. At least for banning they don’t need so much words.

    SaveMe Oh

    Important Information about the Pirats group We recall, so it’s necessary, that the Pirats group of Second Life depends of a non-profit RL organization, based in France. Even makes it to be non-profit implies that all people that work there are not remunerated. Thus, all leaders, Merlina Rokocoko (Nathalie Gobé), Newbab Zsigmond (Jean-Marc Larroque, Etoile16 Food (Dominique Vernageau), all members of the staff, MathieuL Bravin (Mathieu Laporte), Loup Erin (Elie Maurice) and Leonardo Eismann (Aurélien Aubert) are all voluntary and don’t benefit of compensation to their work nor a privileged right of exhibition. This team works daily, until 17h/jour, not knowing weekend, nor holiday days, to the organization and the development of Pirats in order to make an effective means of diffusion and expression of it for the art and Artists without no distinction of nation, language, religion, sexual orientation, political ideas, discipline. We have a leading idea in the procedure to arrive to results that we fixed ourselves, so much on SL that in RL, and we direct Pirats in this sense, as we want. It has never been said that Pirats was an anarchical or democratic group in which each could decide the future of the organization. But Pirats is also artist’s group. In this sense we want to feed us of this wealth and to adapt and to enrich in real time means to advance toward our objective by the contournement of constraints, monitoring and the dialogue that are offered us every day. We believe in all shapes of art and we believe that the art has multiple facets. It’s, among other things, an intellectual expression land, a source of emotion and a marvelous tool to awaken consciences and why not to change mentalities. For this the art must sometimes, often, to be a provocation, a lever that hires the reaction source of reflection, bringing the other to imagine that things can be different, that ideas didn’t freeze in the marble and that the certainty can be the enemy of the truth. We sustain strongly the artist’s right to be in shift facing what is established, to counter ideas received by his pictures, his installations and his performances. Shocking the human is not negative if the objective is to make take it conscience and if it’s the good the target. Didn’t we prove this frame of mind for example allowing Igor to expose his ” Vagina ” in one of our galleries in the setting of his coherent project, in opposition to Term Of Services of Second Life, even going until to defend this right against Linden Lab and taking the negative fallout risk ? Our affirmed objective is well to permit the free expression of the art in all its splendor. This group is the ideal means because it’s constituted of people who understood this. It’s there that we oppose to the gait of some. Is it judicious to break as much work and good will by the provocation within a group that claims exactly this right? Is this not a mistake of target? All the profit that we glimpse this gait that we conceive like Artistic is it not shattered by the fact that it preaches the convinced? Is it really necessary to sow the mess in a group of which all members are persuaded of the good founded of the gait and it tent by the hard work of each to make the world know a different idea? Is it useful to divide those that unite with a common objective in the name of the liberty to exercise without boundary-mark the right to the Artistic performance? You know all forces, courage and sacrifices that sometimes ask for the creation and the organization of that is necessary to permit this expression. You know all complex moments when it’s necessary to convince, to persuade of the necessity to let free this expression. We work putting all our strengths, pleasure to make is our force. We won’t lose this pleasure. We don’t force anybody to follow us, to believe in our project, to sustain us. At the time of the previous events that are shaken Pirats a few weeks ago you were numerous to show us admirably your support. The SL Pirats group is therefore the tool of this project. It’s not a tool free of personal promotion. Besides, never rights to create a Note or a Proposal were open to no member. This group will remain this tool and we don’t want anything to yield to those that tempt to impose their vision of the liberty. The abuse of the idea goes against the idea. What we saw yesterday in all the group was an aberration. The mess can be a privilege of the art but it must not go against it. And most prominent for was us probably the lack of respect demonstrated to the abnegation of those that works for all. We are open to the dialogue, to the discussion, to the sharing, to the constructive critique. But we will never sacrifice the liberty of all to the dictatorship of the liberty of one alone. We are conscious that this vision of things doesn’t suit everybody, it’s why this group is open, as it was always, as much to the entry as to the exit of its members. We have all same objective, it is an evidence, but we have all freedom to choose the method and an obligation, to respect the choice of the other. Merlina & Newbab and Pirats Staff

  • The respect from this people has as result that they allowed me back in the Pirats group, but they keep me banned from their SIM and they made it impossible to make notes of votings in the group. So letting me back in the group smells as a coverup for staightening the rules. And we know who rule: THE BOSSES!

  • girllll!!!! who can write alll that speach and dont die after that??????? OMG. are you sure they are not politicians ?? what a headdd acheeee…

  • It takes time, dear Sole, to bring the lost souls back to reality, be patient.

  • How To Get The French Creative

    Some weeks ago the French people in secondlife where almost dead avatars who forget to drop down. They spent their days with coucouing each other all day. So I decide it was time to wake them up and get them back on the creative track. Exercise for tonight was: Make new words with my family name OH. Here is the result of that workshop. I suggest people vote in group chat for the winner of this exercise

     Albatroz Hird: ou VienKeJeTeTienneOsh Oh

    Merlina Rokocoko: Ilfèpash Oh

    Albatroz Hird: ou TaMalOd Oh

    Albatroz Hird: GébonD Oh

    Merlina Rokocoko: vasàl’echaf Oh

    Albatroz Hird: GéMalOpl Oh !

    Albatroz Hird: peau de Oh ?

    Albatroz Hird: ou en p’Oh ?

    MathieuL Bravin: desgantsenp Oh

    Loup Erin: mank de p’Oh

    Albatroz Hird: efferalgant en ph Oh

    Albatroz Hird: efferalgantenp Oh

    Merlina Rokocoko: jeudem’ Oh

    MathieuL Bravin: cestfinicesjeuxdem Oh

    Albatroz Hird: ça va p’oh !

    Loup Erin: on garde le tempOh

    MathieuL Bravin: chap oh loup pour tonjeudem oh

    Albatroz Hird: n’Oh’thing

    Albatroz Hird: BasDeTonD Oh ?

    Merlina Rokocoko: situvasàri Oh

    MathieuL Bravin: sauvéladel oh

    Albatroz Hird: MonBosombrer  Oh

    SaveMe Oh: bravOh bravOH

    Albatroz Hird: sur SL, il y a plein de NoNn Oh

    Merlina Rokocoko: moncaféètroch’Oh

    SaveMe Oh: robOH

    Albatroz Hird: c’est jamais trop sh oH un café

    Albatroz Hird: ‘N Oh

    Merlina Rokocoko: onvaàlaplagemètonmaill Oh

    Isabella Alphaville: OH no not yet

    Loup Erin: En tout cas c’est pas bOh

    Albatroz Hird: mais c’est Rigol Oh

    Merlina Rokocoko: eg Oh isa

    Merlina Rokocoko: Haï Pepit’oh

    Isabella Alphaville: OH I Love ME

    Isabella Alphaville: Oh lets talk about me

    MathieuL Bravin: talecerv Oh plus baquel Oh merli?

    Albatroz Hird: ce soir, je porte un ‘B Oh Chap Oh

    Chrome Underwood: we dont need you to trigger it tho, oh

    Merlina Rokocoko: tatayoy’Oh

    SaveMe Oh: We can also talk about you Isabella

    Isabella Alphaville: Oh who are THEY

    Loup Erin: je mange des gatOh coupé au coutOh par un sumOh, c’est ça ma journée de métrOh boulOh dOhdOh

    SaveMe Oh: Oh No

    Isabella Alphaville: AH OH YES

    MathieuL Bravin: Oh n’ Oh



    Pirats Honour SaveMe Oh With Expo

    After they banned me from their sims and groupchat the so called Pirats (the most conformist pirats I ever saw) honoured me during my absence with an exhibition. Here are the slurls.





    During the expo enjoy some of the words spoken by Pirats members:

    SaveMe Oh: Cuckoo, or Fuck the Swiss, http://www.vimeo.com/7946686

    MathieuL Bravin: no Spam please

    Pixels Sideways: not spam, saveme is just sharing what she likes to do in her spare time :-)

    Mumu Broek: je suis suisse et les gens ne savent meme pas de quoi il parle

    Mumu Broek: nous avons voter contre l’architecture

    Mumu Broek: pas contre les musulman

    Oisele Watanabe: Pourquoi SaveMeHo ne pourrait pas donner son opinion sur le chat de Pirat’s sous prétexte que c’est limité à l’artistique ?

    Oisele Watanabe: Je ne comprends pas pourquoi traiter ses messages de spam.

    MathieuL Bravin: puis aucun lien video ne peut etre envoyé sans l accord du staf (definition du spam)

    Oisele Watanabe: L’art non politisé est une fiction qui n ‘existe pas, ce serait bien d’avoir un débat là-dessus une fois, non ?

    SaveMe Oh: never listen to a staff, beginning of the end!

    Ana Hinchcliffe: Tout le monde veux faire de propaganda ici!

    Oisele Watanabe: Ce qui est réducteur, c’est de ne pas vouloir discuter des “sujets qui fâchent” et de se contenter tout le temps de coucous

    MathieuL Bravin: il y a d autre groupe pour ca rien ne t empeche d en creer un

    Loup Erin: pour les sujet qui fachent on peut ouvrir une autre conference Oisele ^^

    Elisa78 Barrymore: oisele, on est pas sur un groupe de politique, ni de conférence, ni ddébat

    Merlina Rokocoko: Je vous remercierai de ne plus avoir les propos xenophobes et nationalistes dont je viens d’avoir le copié collés

    Ana Hinchcliffe: Salut Mathieu! Mais qui avez dit que le gens veulent faire des effort?

    Oisele Watanabe: d’accord, pourquoi ne pas organiser une fois un débat sur l’art et la politique ? En marge des expos.

    MathieuL Bravin: pour notre cas nous n’avons pas le temp de gerer cela en organisant des vernissage propre chaque semaine

    Merlina Rokocoko: bonsoir Oisele, si tu veux organiser quelque chose libre à toi

    Ana Hinchcliffe: Il y a des groupes pour débats.

    Elisa78 Barrymore: Ben Oisele, tu viens de te trouver une occupation !

     Elisa78 Barrymore: ca coute que 100 lindens d’ouvrir un groupe

     Merlina Rokocoko: j’ai devant moi un copié collé de personnes ayant tenu des propos xenophobes dans ce chat

    Merlina Rokocoko: je vous rappelle que ce groupe est un groupe regroupant artistes et amateurs d’art

    Merlina Rokocoko: appartenant à pirats

    Oisele Watanabe: Si d’autres sont intéressés, alors pourquoi pas , mais ça serait bien que ceux de Pirat’s ne se contentent pas d’évacuer le problème à coup d’anathèmes contre SaveMeHo etc

    Merlina Rokocoko: Oisele, si le groupe ne te convient pas , il y en a plein d autres et les propos xenophobes n’ont pas à avoir lieu ici

    Ana Hinchcliffe: Opportunisme c’est le mots pour cela.

    Oisele Watanabe: je sais, j’arrête. Mais je regrette. Ce que vous montrez est très bien et je regrette le débat.

    Oisele Watanabe: A part ça je précise que si des propos xénophobes ont été tenus, ce n’est en tout cas pas par moi !!! Ce serait le comble ^

    Merlina Rokocoko: tu trouve que c’est un debat de critiquer negativemlent , faire du nationalisme et de la xenophobie?

    Ana Hinchcliffe: La victimizasion que Saveme Oh est en train de faire ici tout le jour est dejà trop.

    Oisele Watanabe: Merlina, précise quels propos que j’aurais tenu seraient nationalistes ou xénophobes ???????

    minijean Dodonpa: pour un debat , on est jamais si bien servit que par soi meme, forme ton groupe invite des gens, fait  tous les debats que tu souhaites, mais n’impose pas une direction que ce groupe ne souhaites pas prendre. sinon ça s’apparente à du preselitisme

    Merlina Rokocoko: je n’ai pas parlé de toi mais de saveme Oh

    Newbab Zsigmond: Pirats pourait avoir une activité politique, culinaire, de vulgarisation scientifique et que sais-je d’autre. Mais Pirats a décidé de concentrer son travail sur la promotion artistique. N’en déplaise à ceux qui pensaient y trouver autre chose. Pirats est Pirats et seul le staff de Pirats peut en décider autrement. Maintenant je demande à ceux qui cherchent autre chose que ce que nous faisons dans ce groupe d’aller le chercher ailleurs.

    Oisele Watanabe: OK, je me le tiens pour dit.

    Ana Hinchcliffe: Je veux pas reçois d’invitation pour tes exposition aussi Save me OH.

    SaveMe Oh: when I don’t do it myself in this group, no one will do it for me.

    SaveMe Oh: in other groups I send just sometimes a note

    SaveMe Oh: much more comfortable

    Newbab Zsigmond: SaveMe Oh has been ejected from ‘PiRats’ by Newbab Zsigmond.

    ling Serenity: strike!

    Eden Toll: again lol

    ling Serenity: :D

    Leonard Eismann: merci :)

    LolaLove Lecker: YAY !!!

    Chrome Underwood: smiles

    Ana Hinchcliffe: :)

     Merlina Rokocoko: she will come back ^^

    Ana Hinchcliffe: Non. SVP!

    Merlina Rokocoko: to insult people

    Ana Hinchcliffe: I can stand it anymore.

    Ana Hinchcliffe: Seriously!

    Oisele Watanabe: Alors soyez logiques, éjectez-moi aussi, s’il vous plaît.

    Loup Erin: pourquoi donc Oisele?

    Newbab Zsigmond: Tu as tenu des propos xénophobes Oiselle ?

    Ana Hinchcliffe: Tu peut sortir si tu veut.

    Newbab Zsigmond: si oui fais moi un copié collé stp

    Ana Hinchcliffe: Nous voulons parler sur art. C’est tout!

    Oisele Watanabe: non, mais si toutes les têtes qui dépassent sont éjectées de chez vous, je n’ai pas à y rester. Je n’ai pas entendu de propos xénophobes quant à moi. Je les ai peut-être manqués. Je manque d’air, dans votre chat, je n’aime pas les ukases. Bonne continuation, prolétaires de tous les pays, unissez-vous !

    ling Serenity: ouais c’est clair,on est tous des moutons ici Oisele

    Merlina Rokocoko: Oisele, quand on insulte les gens de par leur nationalites, couleur ou religion oui on degage

    Ana Hinchcliffe: C’est toi qui regarde marxisme partout.

    Elisa78 Barrymore: si saveme oh est prolétaire, qu’on m’apelle

    ling Serenity: allez, zouh

    Ana Hinchcliffe: QUe ridicule!

    Elisa78 Barrymore: Les insultes sont interdits par le tos

    Merlina Rokocoko: les propos xenophobes sont interdit aussi

    Ana Hinchcliffe: Pardonnnez moi mais je ne pas vu de choses parailles pendant le temps que le marxisme etait une nouvelle gauche. C’est drôle pour moi voir des chose comme ça.

    Merlina Rokocoko: oisele lis tous le chat et parle apres merci

    Ana Hinchcliffe: J’arrete ici.

    Merlina Rokocoko: je crois qu’il faut un psychiatre pour saveme non un groupe d’art

    typote Beck: je voudrais pas mettre mon grain de sel parce que je ne connais pas le débat, mais l’art par son rôle même est de tout temps lié au pouvoir

    typote Beck: et donc à la politique

    Merlina Rokocoko: le debat ,’est pas celui là typote, (bonjour quand meme)

    typote Beck: mais bon vous parlez d’autre chose

    Merlina Rokocoko: quelqu’un a tenu des propos xenophobes et racistes dans ce groupe

    Ana Hinchcliffe: Art peaut AUSSI être politique. Pas forcement.

    Merlina Rokocoko: les gens ont assimilés pirats à cette personne, saveme Oh pour ne pas la nommer

    Ana Hinchcliffe: Je suis d’accord Merlina.

    typote Beck: et il est raciste? c’est ça ?

    Ana Hinchcliffe: Rideau.

    Merlina Rokocoko: des artistes quittent et vident les galeries pirats , pensant que pirats est comme saveme oh qui lance ces propos xenophobes

    Merlina Rokocoko: une personne, qui n’est ni adherente de pirats, ni membre de l’association, et bannie des sims pirats  !!!

    Merlina Rokocoko: en aucun cas nous ne laisseront pirats etre assimilés à cette personne

    Carlo Seymour: Arrêter de vous bouffer , vous etes  vraiment de tristes pirates

    Merlina Rokocoko: je rappelle que le groupe est ouvert à tous, et qu’elle y entre et sort quand elle le veut

    Merlina Rokocoko: carlo ! oin ne se bouffe pas, mais des propos racistes et xenophobes n’ont rien à faire dans ce groupe

    Ana Hinchcliffe: Je tien plus. Ça fait combien de temps le Saveme Oh histoire?

    typote Beck: Je ne savais pas qu’il y avait une association. On adhère comment ?

    Carlo Seymour: rien que de parler de cette con…, c’est alimenter  le sujet

    Loup Erin: Va sur le site Pirats typote je t’envoi le lien

    Newbab Zsigmond: For those who did not understand. Pirats never asked Saveme take these xenophobic. Pirats refuses any form of segregation. We tried to accept Saveme sufferance despite its over-regular behavior. But now it is outlawed in our country and many countries worldwide. We can not agree with that. Thank you for your understanding.

    Carlo Seymour: haaaa enfin!!! le  “Merci de votre compréhension.” n’est pas nécessaire ;) ))

    Merlina Rokocoko: lol bah des fois on est obligé, il faut croire :-)

    Igor Ballyhoo: Newbab man

    Igor Ballyhoo: for how long do u plan to apologise for things that other ppl do or say

    Merlina Rokocoko: i don’t know igor

    Newbab Zsigmond: All time I’m responsive of this chat content

    Igor Ballyhoo: I mean, if I say ur nazi Newbab? Do u have to explane all ppl in group that ur not? This group is not made of complete idiots I think…

    Newbab Zsigmond: You’re right Igor

    Igor Ballyhoo: ppl know work of pirats

    Igor Ballyhoo: I seen all nations in pirats for this time I am with u

    Newbab Zsigmond: but I think some ppl of the group don’t understand all

    Igor Ballyhoo: do u feel like spending time on ppl who don’t understand so simple things?

    Newbab Zsigmond: I think problems in this chat are made by ppl who don’t understand

    Newbab Zsigmond: others are silent, oddly ….

    Igor Ballyhoo: it still surprise me how ppl take someone’s unchecked word more serious then all dids that are done

    Andromeda Klees: Je demande à tous les artistes de Pirats de rester solidaire et de s’unir contre l’intégrisme afin de protéger la liberté de pensée, de créer et d’aimer

    Merlina Rokocoko: merci Andro

    Igor Ballyhoo: stupidity is best example of eternity

    Igor Ballyhoo: it is endless

    Igor Ballyhoo: well Newbab man, who feel like leaving pirats for this, better go anyway :)

    Igor Ballyhoo: u need bit cleaning :)

    Igor Ballyhoo: I think someone is dooing u a favour :)

    Merlina Rokocoko: lol Igor

    Newbab Zsigmond: I think so !

    Igor Ballyhoo: u should make her award :)

    Igor Ballyhoo: maybe I will let u have my vagina for that award :P

    Merlina Rokocoko: yes but a shit one :-)

    Rose Borchovski: igor they were speaking really nasty, I understood why the artist left

    Merlina Rokocoko: hahahah yes

    Ana Hinchcliffe: lol

    Igor Ballyhoo: who did?

    Rose Borchovski: I thin k it is time for me to leave aswell

    Merlina Rokocoko: some did Igor

    Igor Ballyhoo: who?

    Rose Borchovski: have a good life Pirats, I wish you well

    Igor Ballyhoo: Rose?

    Igor Ballyhoo: what is going on here?

    Ana Hinchcliffe: Bye Rose!

    Rose Borchovski: rose is done with Pirats, rose got a stamp , save me friend from pirats and therefor responsible for what saveme does

    Ana Hinchcliffe: Don’t look back Rose!

    Ana Hinchcliffe: Bye!

    Igor Ballyhoo: Rose? are u friend of Save?

    Ana Hinchcliffe: I think that this show should have an end.

    Ana Hinchcliffe: Too much of this Saveme Oh here.

    Ana Hinchcliffe: This person is really putting in jeopardy Les Pirats identity.

    Ana Hinchcliffe: Enough.

    Ana Hinchcliffe: Please stop this thread.

    Igor Ballyhoo: Ana

    Igor Ballyhoo: did u mute Save?

     Ana Hinchcliffe: No.

     Ana Hinchcliffe: I should have.

     Ana Hinchcliffe: I was also called fascist.

     Igor Ballyhoo: it is word that hurt Ana, strong one

     Ana Hinchcliffe: I don’r care because I know I am not. I know you are not.

     Newbab Zsigmond: I didn’t say u are

     Ana Hinchcliffe: I think we must forget it all.

     Newbab Zsigmond: I only say we don’t want to be

     Igor Ballyhoo: forget what?

     Ana Hinchcliffe: We know ourselves enough to think the worse of each other.

     Ana Hinchcliffe: The whole episode Igor.

     Ana Hinchcliffe: BUt if you want we can keep on discussing it till tomorrow.

     Igor Ballyhoo: I have no idea what episode ur talking about

     Ana Hinchcliffe: Episode? DId I said episode? I don’t remember.

     Newbab Zsigmond: Well Igor and Ana, if your talking together, please use IM

     Igor Ballyhoo: Ok newbab man, I am done talking :)

     Newbab Zsigmond: ;)

     Igor Ballyhoo: Rose left pirats

     Igor Ballyhoo: u lost one amazing artist, congratulations

     Newbab Zsigmond: congrats to SaveMe !

     Merlina Rokocoko: she does what she want , congrats to saveme

     Igor Ballyhoo: no, congratulations to all Pirats for not trusting in Rose more

     Igor Ballyhoo: Rose is not Save

  • Sorry , Saveme , but this photos are not from Pirats galleries :-) )))

    • I don’t know where you end up when you follow the given SLurls but when I am not blind it says: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bourbon%20Pirats/234/59/33.
      Several people send me pics from it today, so I would like to thank you very much for the honour.

      • the sim is Bourbon Pirats , this installation is not in one of our gallery, your friends have to show who is the owner of this tower installation. But it’s not us.

  • Whatever, I don’t care who’s paying for the land. It is PIRATS grounds and I am happy with the hounour. Inside, on the place where Mumu should expose the same. And you even send the pic to all your members. It is really a privilege to be loved so much, so I really don’t understand your paranoia.

    • “Whatever, I don’t care who’s paying for the land. It is PIRATS grounds” !! LOL
      The land in pic is not rent to Pirats and the sim is not owned by Pirats ;)
      With such a lack of discernment I better understand your fury against all Swiss indiscriminately.
      A great lesson in tolerance.

      • Newbab, darling, the signs in the expohall where Mumu Broek should expose are made by you, so why should I care where are exactely the borders of your little empires? Fact is that you love so much to be a ruler that you already start to delete people who even dare to talk with me. I understand that it is hard for people who want to play the boss and think they have a natural superiority and right on ruling and deciding, to meet people with a free mind. But I guarantee you that the moment you lighten up the world will look much sunnier.
        A big kiss from your coach to a free mind.

  • Sure, I’m the creator of the signs.
    Sure, those signs are installed in place of Mumu Broek exhibit.

    I just mean that to serve your “Art” of the chaos, you are ready to sacrifice truth on the hotel of discord.

    This may astonish some, frightening to others, confuse others. For my part, I find it terribly boring after just found it laughable.

    With regard to my mind, thank you for asking worry. But I think it is more open than yours because I accept that you are who you are, then you, you want to change me.

    Continue your way, we continue our own.

    See you in RL when you will be ready.

  • Dear Newbab, I will try to fulfill the high expectations you have of me. It makes me sad you think I am so boring and laughable, were on the other hand I admire so much your intellect, free spirit and visionair toughts. What a sacrifice you make for all the community to spend 15 hours a day, just for the good of us all. How can I ever thank you? When you unban me I will bring you a nice homebaked cake.

  • Am I Rafaella?

    After severe detective work the French Pirats succeed to track me down

    Merlina Rokocoko: could you ask to Rafaella to calm down
    SaveMe Oh: who is rafaella?
    Merlina Rokocoko: you know who is she
    SaveMe Oh: you won’t believe me, but no
    Merlina Rokocoko: hahahaha, Wang power
    SaveMe Oh: you are speaking in riddles, I don’t see a Rafaella here
    Merlina Rokocoko: here ?? no just her avatar
    SaveMe Oh: which is the avatar from that Rafaellla I really don’t know?
    SaveMe Oh: who is Rafaella????? And what is she doing?
    Merlina Rokocoko: Drawings corkscrew, calculator, theater posters
    Merlina Rokocoko: “le plat du jour”
    SaveMe Oh: I saw the corkscrew discussion somewhere, but I don’t understand it, I must have missed something
    SaveMe Oh: this is really a language thing, I have honestly no idea what you are talking about
    SaveMe Oh: when I would I would misuse it immediately
    Merlina Rokocoko: I’m talking about a girl … who think in sl she could be the devil hahahahahahah she s just a human
    SaveMe Oh: Are you talking about me? Do you call me Rafaella?
    Merlina Rokocoko: So sorry for her, cause her rl work is not great , but she have a desire….maybe we could be promote her,….. but she think that only provocation is the good way ( like me at 17 years old)
    SaveMe Oh: So you are calling me Rafaella?
    SaveMe Oh: And think im 17?
    Merlina Rokocoko: no
    Merlina Rokocoko: 24 for you
    Merlina Rokocoko: but rafaella brain yes
    SaveMe Oh: you have to send me info about your Rafaella, otherwise I can’t discuss with you.
    Merlina Rokocoko: oh yes :-) sure
    Merlina Rokocoko: i will
    SaveMe Oh: Is she for French something known?
    SaveMe Oh: must I google her?
    Merlina Rokocoko: no she’s not french
    SaveMe Oh: so why that name?
    SaveMe Oh: Am I missing something?
    SaveMe Oh: im not blond I think
    Merlina Rokocoko: hahaha like me
    Merlina Rokocoko: the name of your friend is rafaella wang
    SaveMe Oh: and why she is my friend?
    Merlina Rokocoko: cause she’s use your pc :-) )
    SaveMe Oh: Is she?
    SaveMe Oh: I just googled her and find her blog
    SaveMe Oh: and saw the plat du jour
    SaveMe Oh: Ok, You think I’m her?
    SaveMe Oh: This is very funny
    Merlina Rokocoko: no we don’t think
    Merlina Rokocoko: you are
    SaveMe Oh: I think your computer wizz has to redo his work
    SaveMe Oh: but i find it very curious
    SaveMe Oh: I would not mind to be her
    SaveMe Oh: her work looks nice

    Is It Too Big???

    Newbab Zsigmond: Hi Saveme

    SaveMe Oh: hi newbab

    Newbab Zsigmond: This party is for a real party tomorrow in a gay bar

    Newbab Zsigmond: We make a film

    SaveMe Oh: great

    Newbab Zsigmond: You know how is difficult sometimes make a film

    Newbab Zsigmond: can you take off your object please

    SaveMe Oh: I could help you

    Newbab Zsigmond: it’s too big

    Newbab Zsigmond: The person who make the film ask me you take it off

    SaveMe Oh: He is allowed to use the image

    Newbab Zsigmond: but he can view everybody

    Newbab Zsigmond: he can’t

    SaveMe Oh: avatars are not important

    SaveMe Oh: a message is

    Newbab Zsigmond: Yes but only yours

    Newbab Zsigmond: ?

    SaveMe Oh: you are the last one I answer questions to, as you are only interested in your own. And when you can’t get it your way you exclude people

    Newbab Zsigmond: that’s what you think, not reality

    SaveMe Oh: you never give me proof to think otherwise

    Newbab Zsigmond: because we don’t listen and you don’t want to see

    SaveMe Oh: You don’t have to listen to me, I don’t have to listen to you, could be a great team

    Newbab Zsigmond: well for the moment this is not the question. If you want we can talk about another time how we can tolerate each

    SaveMe Oh: when you lift all your bans and stop removing my movies I detach the item. simple, not?

    Newbab Zsigmond: no blackmail please

    SaveMe Oh: you ask me something, iask you something

    Newbab Zsigmond: yes, blackmail

    SaveMe Oh: no, i don’t force you, and i can’t force you and i never will force you

    SaveMe Oh: I dont use your methods

    Newbab Zsigmond: my methods ?

    SaveMe Oh: and tell the moviemaker he can mute my item

    SaveMe Oh: yes your methods

    SaveMe Oh: for me you are a person who wants to be the boss

    SaveMe Oh: not an art lover

    Newbab Zsigmond: You judge another time

    SaveMe Oh: I already judge, but i always hope I’m wrong

    SaveMe Oh: but in your case, no sign of change

    Newbab Zsigmond: but we respect your presence here, we don’t say nothing about

    SaveMe Oh: I know, but I am almost sure that you would love to eject me

    Newbab Zsigmond: you’re wrong

    Just at that moment the simowner ejects me

    SaveMe Oh: so who did just now?

    SaveMe Oh: for sure you say now: I don’t know

    Newbab Zsigmond: I only want we can cohabit

    Newbab Zsigmond: what ?

    SaveMe Oh: they just ejected me

    SaveMe Oh: ok

    SaveMe Oh: you can be happy now

    SaveMe Oh: succeeded again

    Newbab Zsigmond: Well I not the owner here, he ask me to ask you remove your object

    SaveMe Oh: typical he asks you, don’t you think?

    SaveMe Oh: he didn’t ask me personally, don’t even know who the owner is

    Newbab Zsigmond: It’s a sim PG, he don’t want this

    SaveMe Oh: self censorship at the fighters for gay rights, there is a long way to go

    Where Are The Times Pirates Didn’t Need Lawyers?

    One day, during an Oberon Omura exhibition, 3 members of Pirats were nice enough to keep on dancing in secondlife one hour, while I was all the time punching them in order to record a satirical movie. In the movie you see one pixelate avi punching another pixelate avi. Like Tom beating Jerry or Willie Coyote hunting Roadrunner. After release of this funny movie the PIRATS start a crusade against me and my movie to get it removed everywhere. They are the true exponents of “art lovers” without any sense of humour. Now judge yourself. Is this violent, is this harassment or defamation. Are they now famous????? Would you call your lawyer?
    My lawyer is living on the Canarias Islands and is very lazy or having fights with again another new boyfriend. Sole Jie, where are you?

    Watch the movie here:


    This the host recieved:

    I must inform you that you host on your server on websites almere.org and dial.nl a video made by a person calling herself Saveme Oh.

    This video show a violent attack to our nonprofit organization for Art.
    I’m president of Pirats Art Network, a French registered nonprofit organization (#W1 1100144 Préfecture de l’Aude – France).

    SaveMe Oh use a modified Pirats Art Network registered logo to denigrate our registered French nonprofit organization for Art.
    - She said “Pirats Sad Network” in place of “Pirats Art Network”.
    - She threats Merlina Rokocoko and Newbab Zsigmond that are our artists names registered at French fiscal administration.

    It’s a copyright violation and a defamation.

    Our website : http://www.pirats-art-network.org
    SaveMe Oh website : http://savemeoh.wordpress.com/

    It’s not the first time she harass someone or one community, Vimeo.com, MySpace, Youtube and others removed the same video on their website for defamation, associating us as a fascist group.
    We must inform you that we contact French authorities and our lawyer for a legal action against her and all persons or organizations that promote this, for copyright violation, defamation and harassment.

    Jean-Marc Larroque
    Pirats Art Network

  • your lazy lawyer is bussy fighting with anothers.. sorry me girl.. these guys i supose dont have nothing better to do in life.. and they have tons of lindens dollars to spend in real lawyers to fight against pixells.. life is so sillyyyyyy…. if you see a tom and jerry film nobody feel scared. but if you hit a tons of pixels with falses names you must be a bad person. really.. thats sooooooo silly. they want free publicity and youa are giving them what they want. the day that SL desapear they had spent tons of lindens in NOTHING.. funy thing.. you win again. LMAO

  • really if a guy enter in my office telling me that want to denunce a girl called SAVEME OH in SL cause she made a silly film like that i can laugh for a week or so.. but HEY take care. there are persons for everything in life. and i am sure they will find a lawyer withough sence of humor.. thats life, even the second one.. but the cuestion issss. they will iniciate criminal laws????. for hurts????.. any doctor can sign that????… or civils?? they had lost something with that fillm??? money???.. how much?? who can say that???.. or maybe honour actions?? exist any honour hurted with that film??,. how many people saw that film?? how many persons know that organization and think after see that film that they are fascits???.. can they prove that???. how?? to say “Pirats Sad Network” is criminal???.. is the word SAD a crime???.. is the honour hurted with that word?? to hit a bunch of pixels is a threat??? in wich country???… OMG girl… i am busy fighting with real persons.. if they pay them for the laughs PLEASE.

  • Dear Sole,

    I my darkest ours of fear of being deported to a French jail like ALCATRAZ you lightend up my life again. Thats why you are my one and only lawyer. I feel completeley free again to say to all PIRATS, lick my ass!!!!
    And you, my dear Sole will be the first person I will invite for IDIOTS – The Fools Network. You will be member of honour without the obligation to wear an armbandage.

  • hahah… dont feel so free please… i have seen donkeys flying in the courts,.. haha.

  • Independent Artists Crushed By Simowners

    More and more poor skilled simowners find themselves more important than the artist they host. In the beginning they keep up an image of being art lovers who love to host the works from various artists, but the turning point has come where the simowners wants the audience to focus on themselves and expect compliments for their good Samaritan behaviour. The ones who saw the poor painting ability of Merlina Rokocoko (PIRATS) or Josina Burgess (CARP) compared with the exposure they create for themselves must agree that is pure injustice that those amateurs decide who is in or out of the SL art scène. Of course it comes always down to the point that the one who pays decide, but it’s a sad development. Now they are all day busy tagging themselves in the most boring movies in the metaverse, the ones who are of openings of exhibitions. PIRATS produce this bullshit weekly, so a hell of a lot tagging to do, CARP is a little less frequent as they are the champions of reproduction, remakes of The Wall or Metropolis, done over and over again, and the openings, just as PIRATS, always the same ritual. At PIRATS nobody looks at the artwork as it is a sad market of 100 “artists” a week, where it is obligate to say coucou to Newbab Zsigmond or Merlina Rokocoko. In Carp you are not forced to say hello to Josina Burgess or Velazquez Bonetto but you have to wear sunglasses as they love to crush you under a firestorm of floating screensavers and particles from which they love to take millions of pics. And of course Josina expect you to accept her invitation to join her dancehud. That means floating like a hippie thru her texture bombardment.

    The space an artist is given is also always of the same boring construction, the labyrinth tree structure of PIRATS, where an artist almost can’t present any work, is holy like the sacred grey wander fields of CARP. The simowners of both places think they invented the Columbus egg.

    Al those developments, together with the sad contests organized everywhere by simowners too lazy to do themselves some work make the environment in which artists have to do their work a business of artwhores who listen as dogs to their bosses.

    It’s time for a league of artists who decide themselves where and under what conditions they present their work, not controlled by simowners or secondlife owners who tell them what to make, in what colors, and how big.

    OMG….did I really write that down??? Of course it’s only a scream for attention from a sad avatar that lost all credibility (quote from Debbie Trilling). I am begging on my knees…please Merlina and Josina, close me in your arms again, please…I need a mother.

  • Oh, SaveMe, you found THE point!!

  • probably why so many people have their own land… join us! outside the “art” world and into the new way. the good way. the way ahead. fuck big art.

  • I agree with you !!

  • Ban Lifted

    After more then a year piRATS have lifted their ban against me and replaced it by a ejecting policy. One member of their security forces is made free to concentrate 24 hours a day on me to follow my moves. It must be the involvement of the French in the Libian war, they can no longer pretend to free the Libian people and ban on the other hand people on their own holy French soil.

    I accept this freedom as nothing more then normal, being send out for all these time had not any justification by these selfacclaimed judges.

    As we also see a lot of performances in piRATS lately maybe they realised themselves that this is the only just path to follow. The days of rl paintings on virtual walls are a dead end anyway. If Newbab needs me to destroy the useless buildings there I offer my help.

    Will CARP and CAERLEON and IBM and IMMERSIVA, KELLY YAP and UMTS do the same?



    When A Little Help From Your Friends Is Not Appriciated

    Cherry Manga: Aloha SaveMe

    SaveMe Oh: I have Pirats furniture, shall I put it up for sale? To help Pirats?

    Cherry Manga: hehe unsure that Pirats will be happy of this help SaveMe

    SaveMe Oh: if its brings in money, why not?

    Cherry Manga: there are tip jars, but I won’t take any diplomatic risks :D

    SaveMe Oh: I would like to add it as my contribution

    SaveMe Oh: are they that narrowminded that they cant laugh about themselves?

    Cherry Manga: that’s to them you should ask, personnally I have no particulat sens of humour for crtics as I told you for you waterfilm

    SaveMe Oh: so who is the boss of the event?

    Cherry Manga: Me, them, everyone :P But nope, seriously I don’t appreciate sad network piece

    Cherry Manga: as to me it’s everything but not sad

    SaveMe Oh: but if it sells?

    Cherry Manga: well, the goal is to support, no to moke

    SaveMe Oh: this is also support

    Cherry Manga: communication can be difficult by times, and maybe the first degree to see your piece here can be taken as your usual comment about pirats, you cannot tell pirats is crap then claim t support them

    SaveMe Oh: Support crap can also be art

    Cherry Manga: But we could speak hours about it SaveMe, but sorry I really don’t think it’s a good idea

    Cherry Manga: if you truely want to give money, there are tip jars here ;)

    SaveMe Oh: Money I don’t have but my creativity is all at your service

    SaveMe Oh: Thats why I make my own tables

    Quan Lavender wearing a PIRATS SAD NETWORK sign

    SaveMe Oh: And when we sell a Ban SaveMe Sign?

    Cherry Manga: I don’t know what to tell you SaveMe, I just wonder why it’s so fun to you to use others logos and moke them and show yourself, blogging others words…

    SaveMe Oh: what about this Pirats Ban SaveMe sign?

    SaveMe Oh: for the charity event?

    Cherry Manga: no comment

    SaveMe Oh: we could auction it for the highest bidder?

    Cherry Manga: the fact is that Pirats brings auctions, not you :)

    SaveMe Oh: I try to help…


     Dari Undercroft wearing a PIRATS SAD NETWORK sign, next to Anley Piers

    Claes Hax wearing a PIRATS SAD NETWORK sign

    Holala Alter wearing a PIRATS SAD NETWORK sign

    Important Notice From Pirats Art Network

    I recieved this notecard in my mailbox???

    As you all know artists are stupid idiots who can’t think properly and arrange their own business.

    Tonight we can give you good news.

    Regarding the necessary pampering of those artistic idiots that hardly know how to lick the asses of Linden Lab clean so no shit is sticking around their buttholes anymore we have squeezed a large amount of money out of this artistic scum of the earth but we still need to find about $ 800 USD. For this we are confident as we trust we can find idiots enough to pay our bills.

    Regarding the future of Pirats Art Network. There is no question of continuing under the present conditions of funding as those idiots we feed on as parasites will be around forever. Among the options open to us now, as we are wealthy again are large sims but only when they meet our four requirements:

    - The fuckability over time of the participating artists,

    - The reduced costs for the simowners,

    - The technical quality of the frames of watercolor paintings,

    - Ensuring that Pirats continues to use artists independently.

    After no discussion at all, as we know better, without any guarantees, as we always can jump to the next highest bidder, we have chosen the cheapest proposal that met these four points.

    The ugly old simulator we can finally close and open a simulator on loan from the Committee of the LEA who we paid a nice bonus.

    This interim solution will enable Pirats Art Network have time to keep the dumb artists quiet for a while so we can lay the foundations for a new sustainable economic model for ourselves as we have nothing to contribute to art but we do like good food.

    By the generous actions from those artists, their gifts, their testimonies, they have all proved that we were right to buy a bigger dining room and hired some maids.

    Thank you again all for your confidence.

    We are fully and freely alive until the artists die.

    Or to put it in another way: has the work of an artist in a virtual world to be locked up twice (1. In a frame with the personally chosen nails from Merlina and 2. In the ugly Newbab buildings who are the follow up after his LEGO period)

    After the poor Pirats had to abandon their “how do I make concrete look like concrete” buildings due to financial problems they licked their way into LEA. Last week I was so sweet to open that sim for free but when I was there I got again a big shock, they are rebuilding exactly the same. Are we going to see the resurrection of the ugly Igor Ballyhoo building next door too? When Flora Nordenskiold from Nordan Art also licks her way back in to LEA?

    SaveMe Oh: Did Andy Warhol frame his works?

    Newbab Zsigmond: Did you evolve sometimes?

    SaveMe Oh: You will see at the second opening of Pirats on 5 march. Please keep the side space open for it and don’t ban me so we can see how much you have evolved.

    Merlina Rokocoko: ‎5 march will be not the second opening of PiRats, but an opening at the PiRats sim. No need to ban you, because a lot of people told us that they muted you.

    SaveMe Oh: They don’t want to offend you, in secret they watch, just like porn.

    Merlina Rokocoko: They don’t offend us when they watch at you. It’s their work in exhibition, not ours.

    SaveMe Oh: hey, who rebuild those ugly buildings?

    Merlina Rokocoko: PiRats is only a tool, the works in spaces is artists stuff

    SaveMe Oh: They have again to fit in the spaces you 2 find important

    SaveMe Oh: I am glad my tools are not that visible after building a house.

    SaveMe Oh: what about invisible tools, somewhere a Pirats sign in the far end corner?

    SaveMe Oh: why you have to “frame” the artists again, now you could start with something completely new?

    SaveMe Oh: Why you don’t offer an empty “tool”?

    Merlina Rokocoko: We do not force artists to expose their work at PiRats.

    SaveMe Oh: Can you explain me why there has to be a PIRATS building?

    Merlina Rokocoko: why don’t you let other artists choose what they want?

    Merlina Rokocoko: As usually, you don’t respect the others, you always talk about freedom, but you never let the others have their own choices.

    SaveMe Oh: Always when I ask a real question you duck away, so one more time; Can you explain me why there has to be a PIRATS building?

    Merlina Rokocoko: Can you explain me why there has to be a SaveMe Oh?…for the same reason: all peoples, all choices, all mind have the right to exist

    Merlina Rokocoko: I already answer

    SaveMe Oh: second time avoiding the question, so one more try; Can you explain me why there has to be a PIRATS building?

    Merlina Rokocoko: I already answer

    Merlina Rokocoko: and nowwww… our famous Saveme is preparing a new post on her blog with all this discussion :-)

    SaveMe Oh:  When you insist.

    SaveMe Oh:  Where do I send the bills for my promotion activities? Is there something left from the Indiegogo budget?


    March 3th - 2012


    Can I Be A Quan Lavender?

    With trembling knees I present my attempt to do an interview like the famous Quan Lavender.


    Newbab Zsigmond: Did you take all pictures ? Can I go now?

    SaveMe Oh: Only one, you are not that intersting

    SaveMe Oh: Did you allready called your wife to see me?

    Newbab Zsigmond: You are not so interesting

    Newbab Zsigmond: When I see you after so long I think you’re the antithesis of the theory of evolution.

    SaveMe Oh: I was exactly thinking the same when you added here your first prim again

    SaveMe Oh: with that old Pirats texture

    SaveMe Oh: I thought…after all that time…

    Newbab Zsigmond: Maybe, but I don’t say I’m creative

    SaveMe Oh: seems the brand is still more important than the art

    SaveMe Oh: but lets wait what all those months of abscence did to you

    SaveMe Oh: Did you miss me?

    Newbab Zsigmond: No, not really

    SaveMe Oh: did you miss SL?

    Newbab Zsigmond: No

    SaveMe Oh: Why you came back?

    Newbab Zsigmond: To do an Art Kahos

    SaveMe Oh: And what is Art Kahos?

    Newbab Zsigmond: You lost memory

    SaveMe Oh: No, but I never understood the difference between all the things you did, It looks all the same to me. So what is Art Kahos?

    Newbab Zsigmond: I’m not responsible of your misunderstanding.

    SaveMe Oh: So can you explain it to me?

    Newbab Zsigmond: No I don’t want

    SaveMe Oh: Let me ask it in an other way, what are your plans here?

    Newbab Zsigmond: Art Kahos 2013

    SaveMe Oh: meaning??? You invite people? You rebuild your bunker? You going to present watercolors of Merlina??? What is Art Kahos 2013?

    SaveMe Oh: I guess you won’t invite me to participate in one way or another?

    Newbab Zsigmond: Invite you? Why? You’re always where we are…

    SaveMe Oh: Most of the time you take care I am not where you are…

    Newbab Zsigmond: You’re right next to me I think, no?

    SaveMe Oh: Yes, but will I still be able to be here in…lets say 2 weeks? Or are you already calling Solo Mornington again?

    Newbab Zsigmond: This time I’m Estate Manager, so I can do it myself

    SaveMe Oh: Dangerous times

    Newbab Zsigmond: Noooo, SL isn’t dangerous ;)

    SaveMe Oh: Are you intending to let me be a free person this time?

    Newbab Zsigmond: You have always been free, but we also have this right

    SaveMe Oh: you also have been free always, you only felt the need to restrict others

    SaveMe Oh: Is that changed now?

    Newbab Zsigmond: What does not change is that we will again allow you to be a little creative.

    SaveMe Oh: A little, thats already something. And you are ofcourse the perfect judge on the meaning of LITTLE?

    Newbab Zsigmond: Noooo I don’t ;) I just listen what they think of you since Pirats left SL. It seems that you have been very boring.

    Newbab Zsigmond: And if I judge your haste to come to me tonight, I think that you need material.

    Newbab Zsigmond: So, Welcome back SaveMe ;)

    SaveMe Oh: You won’t believe it, but it was pure a coincidence

    Newbab Zsigmond: I love your humor!

    SaveMe Oh: OMG, he loves me.

    SaveMe Oh: a little… ofcourse

    Newbab Zsigmond: I love only when you try to believe what you say ;)

    SaveMe Oh: I was in LEA23, the sim Rose had until last week, where by coincidence I ran into Solo Mornington with his new protege. Then I went over to the sim of Cica Ghost, the only one who didn’t have to give up her sim to somebody else because she is Bryn Oh and then I saw you in my radar as you are next to her sim. Now lets see if you also believe what I believe myself.


    Newbab Zsigmond: You feel the need to justify yourself? You lost your trust in yourself.

    SaveMe Oh: No, I love to explain to get things clear.

    SaveMe Oh: Now do you want to ask me to do the opening show here for you?

    Newbab Zsigmond: I’m not very interrested in your explanation in fact.

    Newbab Zsigmond: No thank you, I think we will do it. But your proposal is very nice

    SaveMe Oh: Well you have my number, and I know where is LEA12

    SaveMe Oh: for sure it will be great.

    Newbab Zsigmond: Yes I have your number, but my phone crash each time I try to call you. I don’t know why….

    SaveMe Oh: How lucky for you that you found me here

    Newbab Zsigmond: Sure! We were able to exchange words so deep

    SaveMe Oh: May I thank you for the interview?

    Newbab Zsigmond: This is for me to thank you for all you do to promote Pirats.

    SaveMe Oh: You are welcome, it’s my pleasure.



    Newbab Zsigmond: I leave you, you still have work to format it all on your blog before you go to bed.

    SaveMe Oh: its ready

    Newbab Zsigmond: Ah yes sorry, it’s true, you no longer had much work before our return.

    SaveMe Oh: you prefer your own name or your sl name?

    Newbab Zsigmond: It’s the same for me.

    SaveMe Oh: I prefer your SL one, otherwise nobody has the slightest idea

    Newbab Zsigmond: As you like, you’re free

    SaveMe Oh: thank you for reminding me of that

    SaveMe Oh: did it hurt to say that?