The future of all men who try to start an affair with SaveMe Oh. 



Save Community Standards
SaveMe Oh's body language gives a good impression what she thinks about the SecondLife community standards

Cisco Vandeverre
great theme - superb sound - thumbs up

Don't save me. I am a lost case. 



The requests are numerous; SaveMe Oh, please kill yourself!



OH Daddy Save Me  

Cisko Vandeverre
hilarious .-))

How much enemies can you have?  



Save Me, I don't want to live for tomorrow



The naked truth of SaveMe Oh

Therese Hartgring 

chapeau !


Wet and happy again  



Don't think you will escape me! Never!  



Please disconnect it!  

marc l'azou :

"Très original et personnel.
J'aime beaucoup le graphisme. Bravo"



Cisko Vandeverre

really very nice
Iono Allen
This one is great !

Art Visuel Dansomania
"really cute and well done."


I love how the hair penetrates the body of the guy @ 2:22 !


I thought she only hated dogs!  



So many tried!  

Cisko Vandeverre
cool postpro, and panties .-)
trying to control save me oh, ....don't bother trying..  i liked this,  i always like dancing in animations because not being a dancer i find it difficult to
animate. yours is good and your choice of music is excellent. you were made for that music, save me oh.
what more can i say without becoming a fawning flatterer:)
today for me you are creative expression.

Human rights in SecondLife, but some are still banned and denied a voice. Will he save me? 


"save me oh, this guy likes you now, he did before, but he wasn't sure if you liked yourself.
save me gary zabel....i liked the laid back feel and music.




Is It Me You Are Looking For?  



Do What I Say!!  

Lowe Runo
carramba! interesting visuals!

She is the devil in disguise  




As a natural beauty I can wear whatever I want, it always looks good on me.  

Roxelo Babenco

Great Video!

Lowe Runo

I liked the hamburger best! Nice work!



OH So Cold  



Who are you, SaveMe Oh?  

Cisko Vandeverre
hi - great idea !!
to bring the corresponse with LL in this.
text smt. to fast 4 first viewing.
ur little rebell - lol
Jon Obsworth
"liked your message, animation, and music.
thought you effectively made your point in and understated way. without the samurai sword...:)

Thanksgiving Day
From William S. Burroughs 

Nestra Careless

So patriotic. Beautiful.




They only want you when you are 17  




The smell of love 



Don't wait any longer, do it, SaveMe Oh!  

wow, at the start it is a lil bit confusing the voices, but is loved. Good work, let me know if i can embed the vídeo. Hugs
Rezzo Zabelin
coo!!!! ops very orrible
great saveoh ^^
Manuela Anania
It will provoke my nightmares...

Happy second birthday  

Lowe Runo
Nice medley of music! I was not aware of so many songs with "save me" in the lyrics!
Scarp Godenot
There are a hell of a lot of musicians who want to be saved, I am realizing! Nice work.
Luce Laval
save save me oh forever !!!

You All Shut Up