Clairwil Oh: My sis, SaveMe Oh, has created a machinima that demonstrates how performance art can be executed in a 3D environment.

Iono Allen: This one is just exceptional.

Crystal Rehula: I'm the one at the far left at 0:45... thank you for letting me participating in this exceptional ART video! :)

Hypathia Pickens: Bizarre and totally cool!

Larkworthy Antfarm: Love this!

Kandinsky Beaumont:  One of my favorites.

Flimsey Freenote: I loved every shot, simply amazing. 

Penumbra Carter:

Poetic gentle binary

of mischief in the sacred cube

of thought

it is irony to lube the cube and think naught

of the hungry sheep


Rosa Isela Huỳnh-StolfiIt's so CRAZY!!! I LOVE IT!

Crystal RehulaExcellent!

Rose BorchovskiLove your hair darling and if you want to walk with someone , why not walk with me!

Penumbra CarterMade me want to go to the roller rink!

Hypathia PickensBrilliant. ;) I have attachment envy.

Whirli Placebowherever did you unearth that deliciously wonderful old Chris Anderson tune? :) I'll leave for you the same comment I read from someone talking about Chris's music: "Really a delicate balance between ridiculous and haunting, a loner on the mighty organ." Wonderful creation, SaveMe!

GlasscapsuleReally nice. I'm gonna have dreams about this tonight.

Nessuno Myoo:  I'm crazy but love this :°)

Aino Baar:  Fantastic SaveMe Oh ! Really interesting your mix of surreal things, actions, and vintage music. Your own style and by the way, i like it a lot

Edward Folger:

I'm allergic to cats. They are harsh. Sheep are pastoral, arcadian. I like you with your sheep better - like Returned. 


Freeze frames with music are really cool

2sense Productions:

Being an elderly catlady like the rest of your viewers i love the fantasy of throwing fire in a leopard body suit, it arouses me sexually If The Truth Be Told

SableFilms International:

Interesting! Lol re 2sense comment!!! :) Keep up your passion in filmmaking!

Kikas Babenco:

You devil one, two, three! 

Fatima Pedro:

Fantastic SaveMe! Very structured

Charlotte Ba:

Love the creative idea, the quality of the music and the graphics are very poor though


????? Even if so, isn't that part of it?

Vanessa Blaylock:


Pirats Art Network:

Good work ;)

Glasz DeCuir:

all witches to fire! :)


Waaaay cool, and very haunting. Totally can't be done in real life. ;)

2sense Productions:

Ingenious! Did you make those swirly colorful thingies? I loved them, Machinima Needs More Primary Colors

Fatima Pedro:

Lovely and very sweet. Thank u 

2sense Productions:

A funny procession of objects and bright 2D design against a gradient, I liked all that

diptheria glas:

Made me smile!


2sense said what I would have said. Love the music and the stylized mixture of 2 and 3D images.

Aino Baar: SaveMe Oh WOW! That's an excellent example of talent and creativity. Bravo and Bravo!

Solkide Auer: I am moved to tears!

Kandinsky Beaumont: This is Olympic class

Kandinsky Beaumont: Strong. Distressing. 

Linda Laura LindseyAnd now for something completely different. [for my non-SL friends] Here is another use of a virtual world... fabulously wild machinima by SaveMe Oh

Linda Weatherford-Papa: Wow... very nice!

Betty Tureaudnice video but a new born kid is still a hope.

Angels Die TooThis is exactly the piece of internet trash we've come to expect of you. Congratulations on another spectacularly horrible video. I didn't even pay to see it and I want my money back.

Mandel SolanoI like your video SaveMe, good work:))

VimPickensI think it's macabre. More a statement about the perils of our world than newborns. But then, that's always been the case. We come into the world and take our chances.

2sense ProductionsI like tracking the relations of imagery, how one thing is replaced by a related thing. Commie dictator joined by fascist dictator, then muslim icons layered on world trade, naturally suggesting planes, then planes become bats, and meanwhile stuff evolving at ground level, scorpions, then skeletal sheep, then human skeletons, then jackasses (you like those, admit it), then skeletal sheep or whatever those running mammals are, oh and many of the related things running, running skeletons etc. plus your new avatar running in terror. Plus NO LIPSTICK. Wait I forgot the babies! MY BRAIN HURTS

Robert WithersFormally elegant, terrifying, glamorous.

Maxxo Klaarimpressive run 'n surf, great work!

Iono AllenLife is not a long and quiet river. It has never been. This is excellent.

(I thought at first it was a Nina Hagen' s soundtrack!)

2sense Productions: Progressively awesomer primwear! SL would be a funner place if we all looked more like buildings

Mandel Solano: You are good SaveMe, I like tour works in Second Life:)

FreeWee Ling: Nicely done. I hadn't heard the Varese "Poeme" in many years. A good inspiration for your fine ballet production.

Ataro Asbrink:  "If you live in a dark cellar too long, you will hate the sunshine." (Wilhelm Reich)

FuzOnAcid: I used to do the 20 minute workout but usually to different music. This video may start a trend...Christian Workouts. 

Rose Borchovski:  Beautiful and a bit unsaveme sad xx

Fearchar Enoch: It doesn't make sense in a conventional way, but at least SaveMe's videos are never boring!

LaPiscean Liberty: Bravo!

Cristina Garcia-Lasuen: Big bravo

Beth Holmes:  Why does the chicken cross the road, to get to the other side. SaveMe is amazing because either she is leading us to exit through the gift shop or she is,

Tutsy Navarathna: Beautiful I like it !

2sense Productions: A succession of unsettling experiences. The footsteps strung everything together like beads of sound. Simplistic and surreal sets were more suggestive than realistic - like the non-car in the non-mountains and the simple disc of spotlights overhead - very interesting to me how that works, how setting a simple design against a real sound is more emotionally immediate than a photographic or mimetic image

VimPickens: This is AMAZING, and so inspiring. The sets LOOK simple, and their incongruity bizarrely matches the impact of the narration... yet I suspect they were not easy to find or set up. Hard work and a wonderful conception. I like the ambiguity of the title and the last sentence. 

Iono Allen: This one is a masterpiece!

Larkworthy Antfarm: Someone looked emasculated.

VimPickens: I LOVE this walking in place that you're doing!!!! So cool.

Azhdarchidae Smith: Apotheosis of [static] walking; Muybridgean imagery serves as a great metaphor. And i like the way in which it corresponds with "Oh! To Be Invited To a Venice Biennale" and, off course, "I'll Meet You On The Other Side", all your filmography looks like a logical sequense to me, there is a lot of consistency. 

2sense Productions: What especially grabbed me in this one was the sun and sky backdrop and the stark but colorful objects - gas station etc - while applying a richly colored gamma value - black and white are so often used for starkness that these lively reds and flesh tones feel bracing and come as a surprise

Larkworthy Antfarm:  An unorthodox film: the line between virtual reality and something more is clearly crossed here. Quan's real feelings are a part of the accidental work. Are you pinning our poor avatars like butterflies into a specimen box? Or are you just dragging us out of our coccoons?

Mario Zecca: Well Done, reminded me of Peter Greenaway in some ways.

Lemonodo Oh: Loved your new movie, Saveme.  It helps make sense of Janet Cardiff's tours.  She said of her work somewhere, the one where there was a breakthrough back in the 90s, that it became bigger than she intended.  The same can be said of these recent movies. I think your cinmatography is awesome as an interpretation, particular, very particular, and accurate, just wonderful what looks to me like a huge amount of work

Fuzonacid: Possibly Petula Clark had issues with the bad Karaoke? Other than that it’s quite a fascinating movie and very well spoken by “Janet” I assume? Love the different sets almost Daliesque (is that a word?).

Deceptions Digital: You do art thats what i know

Zev Tiefenbach: Hi SaveMe Oh, I'm writing from the studio of Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller. Janet came across your recent trilogy today and was really impressed with your work. 

2sense Productions:  Especially struck by the trans figure singing the countertenor, that really hit me for some reason - I'm glad you explore such arresting visuals with Cardiff, I had never heard of her before

LaPiscean Liberty: Audio very well sync to the ride. well done.

2sense Productions: Buxom riding togs, camera angles and the bouncier equestrienne animations left an erotic impression. I'd like to watch a TV excerpt in which Herr Ed wiggles his mandible and snorts jokes in German.

Mirja Bonetto:Eat it or love it