15 Great Ways To Turn SaveMe Oh On and 9 ways to get SaveMe Oh moving  





Hey SaveMe! Are you a fan of Robert Ashley? 

Are you not under her spell yet? 



She must have gone mad. 

DearSaveme Oh

The team of the machinima selection is delighted to tell you that your machinima, Saved from you saved from me, is programmed in the Creative screening, during the Atopic Festival 2009

J.F. Culhane

"Excellent! AND TERRIFYING. "



The SaveMe Oh's celebrate again another ban. Go also dance the BAN dance. 

Deborah Berman

Ah, are the queen of the banned...hey, that would be a great video:) 


Deborah Berman

Thanks, SaveMe...i love that you made this inside my art...:) 



Maybe she is god and you will be saved in the Dutch Salvation Church of SaveMe Oh.
Come to pray.  



Pulsating Rotating Prims are the garbage of Secondlife. Watch this movie to be cured for the rest of your life. After this you will never use them again.  

Roxelo Babenco

i like it!




The monkey is in there.  

Michael Russell

Incredible video!!! Wow!!! Anxious to see more of what you're creating... peace!
Cisko Vandeverre
woot - more monkeys
Clairwil Oh
Lovely and wistful. Bob Dylan an influence with your signage, Ms. Oh? Another engaging machinima! 
Enjoyed this video very much - more, more! 

Larkworthy Antfarm

Oh My! Amazing prayer! As always, Save Me Oh is a subversive and jarring voice in the wilderness!

Clairwil Oh

Wonderful, wonderful, and hilarious!
yes, in His infinite wisdom, he is invisible. If my friends were as unavailable as God, I would have my feelings hurt. Wonderful performance, SaveMe.

Cisko Vandeverre

love the soundtrack- oh why.........-)  

Clairwil Oh

What a delightful machinima, SaveMe! I have never felt so relaxed as I do right now.

Tim Deschanel

So sweet video, i love the song and the relaxing :-)) 
Iono Allen

I like this ambiance... Very well done :)

Clairwil Oh

OMG are you *wearing* a noob army? Clever!! And frightening...
Nestra Careless
THIS. brilliant.
Sole Jie

Why did you make her cry?

Clairwil Oh

who could have been so cruel to SaveMe? /me hands SaveMe a clean hankie and gives her the biggest hug.
Sole Jie
/me send a kleenex to SaveMe.... before she die in that ocean of tears 
Clairwil Oh
Provocative! Great fiery fuck, you are (again) onto something good!  
Sole Jie
haha... hey girl.. your dreams come true??... 2 at the same time??.. lmao. i like that dark grey avi .. XX LOVE YOU

The televisionplay Eh Joe from Samuel Beckett in the version of SaveMe Oh, now called Eh Oh.
The piece was live performed in the Nuova Sicilia Sim in Second Life in 2008. Now the movie.

CallieDel Boa

Wonderful! Thrilled to see this production this way <3

Up4 Dawes

oh wonderful.

Jon Obsworth

I like eh oh, particularly your animation which has caught the
thing within us all. It is also like watching a dumb animal that has done something but cannot concieve of its actions, and is waiting to go about its way:)
very good.


With Eros Boa's renovator we can be forever young but will we find heaven or hell?? 


Clairwil Oh
oh, hahahahahahha ha hah!!! That is so cynical that I must laugh loudly in text here. Ha hah hah, SaveMe, what a wonderful machinima! I feel even less hope now for the future, but that's is to be expected, eh? Thank you for sharing your creative work. 
Sole Jie
heaven huni always heaven. you chosed one of my favorites song ever.. FOREVER YOUNG MY DEAR..XXX IN HEAVEN
Clairwil Oh
It is especially pleasing to see that Oscar Wilde book in your apartment!

Only watch in case of a permaban of SaveMe Oh 

Gwenette Writer

Hypnotic voice . . . Please stay with us and keep creating:)) You make my world;-

Clairwil Oh

Why is this artist not fully appreciated by Linden Labs? Note to LL: stop banning SaveMe Oh, one of the most original artists in Second Life!

Mr. Bones

i watched yar movie even without you being banned yet. slap me! or are you banned already? whatever, i like it  

Jon Obsworth

i liked the writing



 Rosanna Galvani: È brava, a volte insolente e rompipalle, ma brava!

Cuckoo, or fuck the Swiss 


Michael Russell

I LOVE this!!!!! Well done!!! Thanks for sharing; peace!
Lollito Larkham
Fuck all religions!!
Enea Fonti
If even someone from Switzerland loves this, it means we're not all like that after all... It's really really fuckin GOOD!

I suggest you sent a link of this to the political party that's behind all this, (, I think Mr Wilders is a left wing activist compared to them!