LEA = Respect

After the rangers successfully did some pest control on the Burn2 sims resulting in a peaceful and decent art area on Christian grounds and values the LEA committee begged the rangers to do the same job on the LEA sims who are recently under attack of artists who refuse to obey to community standards, TOS and general etiquette.

And the LEA committee is proud to announce that the White Tiger Rangers were willing to engage the task of some pest control on the LEA sims.

The most important rule they will enforce from now on every LEA sim is: Respect.


Our White Tiger Rangers here, under the command of Slatan Dryke, have a great respect for the new artists, for the regular LEA visitors, and all other guests who want to visit BUT; Nobody will be abused here anymore, nobody will be allowed the use of any harsh words or swearwords.

The LEA sims will be turned into a place for all who are searching for a nice, calm art sim, or for help of any kind.  The White Tiger Rangers will assist you in your attempts not to annoy each other and will prevent you from the use of weapons of mass gestures or griefing or anything else like this.


Neither will the LEA sims ever be again the grounds for any Drama.

If you have a problem with any other user here just hand over the name to the White Tiger Rangers and the problem will be fixed or just right click their Avatar and choose exterminate.

Everyone can keep visiting LEA if they respect our will for a peaceful sim.

You can wear your weapons while you are here if they are part of an outfit, but don’t dare to use them or we will blow you away forever. Always remember too that we are a G-rated Sim, which means no swearing, nudity of adult talk or gestures.


Always remember that behind every avatar sits a real person, with real feelings, real emotions, just like you. Even when the avatar is dressed up as a typewriter or pretends he is a superhero.


We all hope you enjoy your stay here and will be coming back soon.

With all best wishes

The White Tiger Rangers and the LEA committee.e

A three month training program is available at our White Tiger Rehablitation Centre (only for serious and decent students):


LEA Committee Hires Christian Fundamentalist Hit Squad

When I spent some of my precious time to upgrade the depressing LEA17 sim of my dear friend Pixels Sideways, who personal invited me there, I noticed I was in no time under strict surveillance.


SaveMe Oh: Ah, the BURN2 army is also on guard? Hey Slatan, idiot, what are you doing here? Did they release you from church? You don’t have to work at Guantanamo bay today?

Slatan Dryke: Move from here please, right now

SaveMe Oh: shut up

Slatan Dryke: This is not the place for your show

Cat Shilova: Do you consider standing with sheep a show…?  Then we have to find a new definition for show!

Slatan Dryke: You are a broken record SaveMe.

SaveMe Oh: Fuck off, did I already say that? Go back to your Burn2 church

Slatan Dryke: Offending me, is this a peacefully talking?

SaveMe Oh: And don’t try to christen us here!

Slatan Dryke: Shit up Save!

Cat Shilova: Slatan, you are the bully here!

SaveMe Oh: We don’t want your buddy on the cross or you think he belongs to the philosophers here?

Lollita Larkham: Haha, longtemps que j’avais pas rencontré un specimen. Attention, j’appele mes cousins

Slatan Dryke: Well let’s continue your silly show

Lollita Larkham: Only silly people here please

SaveMe Oh: The LEA really hired that idiot? It’s really going down the drain here. I wonder if Quan gave him the job after a hot job interview

Lollita Larkham: what is his job?

SaveMe Oh: Kill me

Lollita Larkham: He’s from LEA staff?

SaveMe Oh: I fear he is as I saw him fly here before

Lollita Larkham: wow, so aggressive

SaveMe Oh: Slowly the idiots take over here for some free land

Pixels Sideways: I was afk on the phone  wtf just happened?

Lollita Larkham: free lands have no numbers just as free peoples

SaveMe Oh: the LEA hit squad inspected your place

Lollita Larkham: They detected you, that’s why, lol

SaveMe Oh: Luckily I was sweet as a newborn lamb


Lollita Larkham: They have a special radar for you

Pixels Sideways: what?   The only two people at LEA I coordinate with are PatricaAnne and Solo

Lollita Larkham: In France we have a new special radar, called Vals

SaveMe Oh: Yes, keep on dreaming, Pixels. What the philosophers say about people who pretend to be blind?

Lollita Larkham: I’ve already forgotten him…

Pixels Sideways: He’s an LEA Volunteer so he shouldn’t be instigating or investigating

Lollita Larkham: What a boring job he got

SaveMe Oh: In dictatorships the volunteers are always lining up in hordes

Lollita Larkham: Make police on pixels in a screen. lol!! I can’t believe it

Lollita Larkham: modérateur de forum en 3D

SaveMe Oh: Be glad you don’t have to feed the avi’s who are part of the self acclaimed police force.


Recommended reading on Slatan Dryke:



Core Sim Ban

When Solo Mornington announced they had a new welcome area, created by my longtime friend Eupalinos Ugajin I thought I might be welcome again too.

SaveMe Oh: Do I have access to LEA 3?
Solo Mornington: doubtful.
SaveMe Oh: welcome area??
SaveMe Oh: the word welcome gave me hope
Solo Mornington: http://lea-sl.org/about/ban-appeals-process 
SaveMe Oh: Can you send me an example, as I forgot why I was banned
Solo Mornington: if you want to go through the process, shoot me or some other LEA committee member a notecard and the process will happen.
SaveMe Oh: ok, hereby I officially appeal, hope to get an answer soon. There you go!

Solo Mornington: notecard. see: http://lea-sl.org/about/ban-appeals-process

Inventory item offered (notecard with the text: ok, hereby I officially appeal, hope to get an answer soon. There you go!)

Solo Mornington: ok. passed along. like it says on the page, answer within two weeks.
SaveMe Oh: Am already trembling
Solo Mornington: I know, it’s a thrill isn’t it?
SaveMe Oh: what an exitement


But they must have called a special G7 emergency meeting together when I already recieved the next day the official answer!

The LEA Committee has considered your request and has voted to continue your Core Sim Ban.

Your appeal, therefore, is denied.

Honour McMillan


Apmel Goosson: These are in the committe as far as I know..take a guess who voted against.


I Demand The Presence Of SaveMe Oh

Last week I met poor Fuschia Nightfire in a state of deep despair. Just as Gracie Kendal and Eupalinos Ugajin she was struggling with a heavy primblock. You make on paper a great plan, you are granted a LEA sim but after you have not a clue what to do with all those prims.

Luckily Fuschia is not the kind of ego-maniac like Gracie or Eupalinos so she has not any problem at all to accept some help from old friends.


I helped her out with some nice SaveMe Oh collector’s items and you saw the girl on the spot turning from pale to Fuschia. But the joy only lasted some hours, in no time I had all my stuff returned and found myself banned from every LEA sim. Fuschia couldn’t believe what was happening; she looked the LEA contract up and couldn’t find what problem had occurred.

These were the rules they had given her:

LEA rules state:

The full sim will start January 1… 15000 prim…the sim will be “sold” to you for one month free…  you may buy it under a group so you can have collaborators if you choose… the works you put on the sim do not have to be new… they can be old favourites, new builds you didn’t have a place to show… huge pieces~ the choice is yours. The biggest thing is~ USE it. No pressure…just have fun with it. Just a few things to mention~

1.you can’t sell art from the sim

2.you may have lm/notecard givers to your business where you do sell art

3.you may have music events there if you like

4.tip jars are ok

5.the sim must remain open to the public

6.sims are moderate

So apparently she and I had not broken any rule. Owner of this sim was Jayjay Zifanwe so Fuschia asked him what the problem was.


Please could you give clarification as to why SaveMe Oh got banned from my sim and her work was returned to her. I was under the impression that I was allowed to do anything I wanted to within this sim during the month that I had it and I was working on collaboration with this artist. I understand that she had been banned from many of the other LEA sims, but the work we were doing in my sim did not go against any of the LEA rules as far as I can tell and we are now unable to continue with our work together as she cannot enter the sim. I only have the sim for another few days, until the end of the month and would please like to have SaveMe allowed to enter for the remaining duration.


As always Jayjay Zifanwe played again the saint who has no clue;

Jayjay Zifanwe: I don’t know why you were banned but I think Fuschia wants you there. I’ll unban you.

SaveMe Oh: Thanks a lot, somebody banned me from the region and all the stuff Fuschia asked me to rez was send back

But then the real shocking question I had to ask him, which led to a great silence at his side:

SaveMe Oh: Now Fuschia told me that your committee in its endless wisdom decided to ban me always on LEA sims unless an artist demand my presence. Is this true? Since when? And decided by whom? And can I receive a written confirmation of that if that is the truth?


So before it is too late, better see the exclusive work of SaveMe Oh Fuschia Nightfire has collected and celebrate her rezday on 31 January at 1 PM SLT in her LEA 22 sim.

For Your Own Safety You Have No Entry

After I left the furious Solo Mornington yesterday night in despair for being such a fool to let me buy a LEA sim for 0 Linden I found out that the bastard in his anger banned me from half LEA now. That is exactly how he works. He fucks up something and others must pay for it.

As a complete pariah now I almost have no place to go anymore as everywhere I bump with my head into banlines. Even at the little hide outs of some of my best friends I am not welcome anymore as those former freedom fighters have decided to join the dark forces of the oppressor. What the shining sparkling glitter of a free sim can do to people….

But luckily there are also people who keep their backbone straight and wipe their ass with the rules and regulations of the self acclaimed elite of our virtual world. My old friend Fuschia Nightfire (a real pink hippie) got a sim for free as the LEA committee has no idea how to fill the sims as they only support the ass lickers and handed out in panic some sims to friends of their friends friends. And now Fuschia turned out to be a friend of…..guess……

In a joined effort of some minutes we rebuild her complete LEA 22 to a SaveMe Oh sanctuary as the inventory of SaveMe Oh turned out to be 1000 times more interesting than the shit Fuschia had in her own. Only for the safety of the visitor we put all NO ENTRY lines around it as we don’t want avatars or noobs run by accident into the work of SaveMe Oh and after be hanged or executed by Solo Mornington for looking at a SaveMe Oh work. Even with the NO ENTRY lines we still advice visitors to take extreme caution as having an own opinion is not appreciated at all by the LEA committee and her new army of minions and acolytes.


There might be a party to celebrate this but it is better you act as if you didn’t read this. The advice is to eat your device after reading these words.

You Have Been Removed As An Estate Manager

When I visited LEA 12 of Finn Lanzius to see another collection of cleaned out inventory in the style of Gracie Kendal, Eupalinos Ugaijin or Fuschia Nightfire (the new fashion for artists who have lost inspiration) I saw the old dictator of LEA, Solo Mornington flying in the next door sim LEA 10 and prepared him a little surprise but first I said a few nice words to this Finn Lanzius.

Finn Lanzius: Welcome SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Now what rubbish we have here?

Finn Lanzius: lol I put out a lot

SaveMe Oh: Why you think in a new world we need this old shit?

Finn Lanzius: Oh how I long for the old days

SaveMe Oh: try Disneyworld

SaveMe Oh: So how much you paid Solo Mornington to open your shop with old shit here?

Finn Lanzius: Nothing

SaveMe Oh: Did he torture you to create this? Don’t tell me you do this out of free will?

And then I visited the idiot who already for years rules LEA with his iron fist, Solo Mornington, who succeed time after time to kick out all of his fellow committee members and end up as the only survivor.

And what he didn’t know this time was that he had set up LEA 10 for sale for 0 Linden, so I took my chance.


SaveMe Oh: Ok, this piece of land will do.

Solo Mornington: For what?

SaveMe Oh: and in the mean time you can unban me from LEA 1-7

Solo Mornington: Hey, you know how.

SaveMe Oh: This land here is nice. Flat and empty. Will you thank the committee for me for giving me this piece of land? When you need it back? And how much prims I have here?

You have been added as an estate manager.

Solo Mornington: Knock yourself out.

SaveMe Oh: Because it is you I allow you on my land

Solo Mornington: so then you’re a hypocrite. :-)

SaveMe Oh: No, I will say this to everybody to make them feel exclusive

Solo Mornington: Well, that’s nice of you.

SaveMe Oh: I am nice

Solo Mornington: Well, except for the sexual harassment part.

SaveMe Oh: You would wish to be sexual harassed by me. Don’t flatter yourself

Solo Mornington: No, you kind of did it already. I have a hard time getting past that. the rest, meh.

SaveMe Oh: Unless you think puking by seeing you is an act of sexuality

Solo Mornington: So yah. anyway. not nice. but so what? you don’t need to convince me of anything.

Solo Mornington: So you came to LEA 12 for the thing?

SaveMe Oh: Now if you want to fuck me for this land, please do it quick and wake me up when you are ready.

If you want to fuck me

Solo Mornington: Again: not nice. did you come to just be a jerk or did you have something to say?

SaveMe Oh: I just saw you by coincidence flying above my land and was wondering what you were doing here.

Solo Mornington: Making a machinima, actually. But it’s not going very well. capture software is flaking out.

SaveMe Oh: Make sure you mention my name in the titles of the movie

Solo Mornington: Ok, we’ll work on that.

Solo Mornington: Haha. just got word you were being mischievous in another region.

SaveMe Oh: Explain mischievous

Solo Mornington: I think I won’t.

SaveMe Oh: Well, dont asume I am able to guess at it

Solo Mornington: Guess what I’m going to do.

SaveMe Oh: Thank me?

You have been removed as an estate manager.

Solo Mornington: Not exactly.

SaveMe Oh: Now this was your ultimate challenge. But you prove you are not worth it. A pity.

Solo Mornington: Not worth…. whatever.

Message from Second Life:

Your 2 objects have been returned to your inventory Lost and Found folder by Solo Mornington near parcel ‘LEA10 parcel’ at LEA10 94, 142 due to parcel auto return.

Message from Second Life:

Your object has been returned to your inventory Lost and Found folder by Solo Mornington from parcel ‘LEA10 parcel’ at LEA10 88, 142 due to parcel auto return.

Message from Second Life:

Your object  has been returned to your inventory Lost and Found folder by Solo Mornington from parcel ‘LEA10 parcel’ at LEA10 63, 142 due to parcel auto return.

SaveMe Oh: Banned from the region? You think that was necessary?

Solo Mornington: You can address the issue this way: http://lea-sl.org/about/ban-appeals-process

SaveMe Oh: I even didnt  get a reason. So appeal to what?


That Solo Mornington and his politburo accepted bribing was already clear when we saw a complete sim in LEA filled by the Portuguese board of tourism selling trips to this country by replica’s in a grotesque ugliness that must scare off every sane tourist. But also LEA 28 is sold to a commercial builder. Here we see tons of military equipment like submarines and space shuttles and the complete collection of trains which would not look bad in the “spoorwegmuseum” in Utrecht.


Here is the artist profile of the LEA 28 Grant holder: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/12250?id=12250

Now I already occupied that sim for my Bryn Oh Memorial but as all other visitors prefer to walk around with their eyes closed nobody noticed that you could build there.

So on 14 October I decide it had to be again me who had to do the dirty work by announcing the free building night in LEA 28.


And a lot of people took the challenge until the new politburo member of LEA, Quan Lavender came in and banned us all, Quan Lavender, the blogger who is so proud to tell everybody that it just takes a free gift to make her blog about you.

After the passing away of my sister Bryn from LEA, who didn’t want to meet me to collect the 5256 Linden but nevertheless couldn’t wait to put her greedy indiegogo claws on the hard cash, the current LEA collaborators who work happy together with the Linden who steal everything you own are JayJay Zifanwe, Werner Kurosawa, Oberon Onmura, Chic Aeon, Honour McMillan, PatriciaAnne Daviau, Lapiscean Liberty, Quan Lavender and Solo Mornington.  A nice mix of wannabe artists, self acclaimed academics, “be famous after you pay me with gifts” bloggers/media planners and the “volunteer if I get myself a sim for free” people.

And all those great people couldn’t allow us to build a night for free in a deserted LEA sim. Their killer fingers could do nothing else that search again as quickly as possible to that heavenly BAN button.

Where Solo Mornington comes barking about the LEA no sales policy it seems alright to use LEA grounds as an extra shelter for your war equipment that you want to sell on a later date, a little spontaneous building action is not tolerated.

The Linden fence and theft department sure knows which obersturmbahnfuhrers they have to commit to them to do their dirty work.

It’s just a matter of time before the first LEA sim will be turned into a virtual Guantanamo Bay where they can dump without any legal charges or evidence terrorists like you and me!

Josef K.: I got banned from the LEA sim. What is going on over there?

SaveMe Oh: I was banned. I think by Quan

Josef K.: I don’t know who banned me .. I was just thrown out

SaveMe Oh: me too

SaveMe Oh: Are you also banned?

ush Underwood: yes

SaveMe Oh: By your German friend Quan?

ush Underwood: what will happen to my creations?

SaveMe Oh: I hope it will survive

Ush Underwood: I am just not allowed.. hm  must read chat..

SaveMe Oh: we don’t want a new career broken at its birth

Ush Underwood: I didn’t even know that Quan has a function here. She has?

SaveMe Oh: They always find new Obersturmbahnfurhers

Ush Underwood: [14:14] Quan Lavender: nobody can come here now

Ush Underwood: but I don’t know yet why I should build big things.. sigh .. Nobody explains the world to me

Ush Underwood: LEA 28 is closed I think

Em Arabello: Hello, we was abandoned from the sim! We started to build. Can you return our things?

Em Arabello: Em Arabellos coloursculplture and FanFan Babiis constructions?

BaronessCRaven: As far as I know, that isn’t a sandbox sim and you can’t rez things there…Check your lost and found. If it isn’t there log out and back in and check again. You didn’t actually lose it.

BaronessCRaven: And no, I’m not affiliated with the sim beyond liking to spend time there.

Em Arabello: Ok. We just don’t want our things to be on the sim when we are abandoned.


Touristguides Take Over LEA

In their despair to fill up their LEA sims with as less work as possible Solo Mornington and his rat pack now went for the big money. Instead of handing over the plots to poor artists dreaming of eternal fame they decide it was time to be paid for all their hard work and they agreed in secret upon a commercial deal. First signs of this deal can now be seen in LEA 19 where the Portuguese Tourist industry bought a plot to show us the delights of this south European country.


Thrown in a fake Portuguese landscape are extremely poor replicas of what should be the highlights of this country and we are welcomed by a voice who tells us that we should not hesitate to catch an airplane and wow the wonders of the Portuguese basket industry, the incredible wines and the bright orange of their oranges.


Now I am myself a frequent visitor of this beautiful country but why an art sim is now sold to these promoters? Can’t they buy a sim themselves?

Now don’t they have anything artsy to keep up the illusion they are into art??? Yes they have, they dress up some idiot avatars in an attempt to make them look like Portuguese stars, play somewhere at home a live CD of this star and make us believe we are at their concert.

I call up the Scottish tourist board, the tourist board of Belarus and the tourist board of the Galapagos Islands to apply also for a LEA sim and shuffle some big money in the pocket of Solo Mornington. That will do the trick.

And just as before the revolution in 1974 in Portugal, banning is reintroduced as an effective way to deal with any opposition.



Betty Had To Call The Neighbour

When the biggest fake artist of SL Betty Tureaud had once more a pseudo event in her LEA sim where you would hope all the disgusting colours would be finally sucked in her black hole, she found it necessary again to PREBAN me as the autopilot pianist Ultralight Alter couldn’t concentrate on pushing the right buttons of her keyboard pre-sets. And so Betty Omo didn’t hesitate and pressed smiling the ban button once more. The only option I had was to occupy the next door sim and attach some mega prims so I was not completely unnoticed.


First I get some warnings from Granny Machinima.

Chantal Harvey: Cheesus, stop it for once, it is becoming so boring.

SaveMe Oh: Tell that to the bitch who ban me all the time. But I hope you can still make one of your fine little movies.

And then Betty send me her Dutch neighbour Marx Catteneo. Here is a translation of his efforts.

Marx Catteneo: Hi there, you are busy with mega prims in my sim?

SaveMe Oh: What’s your sim?

Marx Catteneo: LEA18

SaveMe Oh: Are you there now?

Marx Catteneo: I am in the sim of Betty.

SaveMe Oh: Do you want to become such a dictator as your neighbour Betty?

Marx Catteneo: Maybe you should just behave yourself a little bit like normal people do in my sim.

SaveMe Oh: There is nobody in your sim so now you volunteer to be Betty’s doormat? Did she give you a little assignment?

SaveMe Oh: When people are bothered by me you can always explain to them how they can mute or derender.

Marx Catteneo: I am not in a fight with one of you two but this is very childish.

SaveMe Oh: Betty is childish for years now by banning me all the time.

Marx Catteneo: You just love to wear a digital “kick me sign”.

Marx Catteneo: When nobody would ban you, you wouldn’t have any fun ;)

SaveMe Oh: Bullshit

SaveMe Oh: It’s not something I desperately want.

SaveMe Oh: Now that would be so childish.

Marx Catteneo: You are not waiting to be banned? You want to tell me you never provoke it?

SaveMe Oh: Never, what would be the fun in that?

Marx Catteneo: I have no idea.

SaveMe Oh: Me neither.

Marx Catteneo: I never ban people but I think you can’t abuse the hospitality of my sim.

SaveMe Oh: I think so too but have to make a choice between two bad options. That doesn’t have anything to do with you. But unfortunately for you, your sim is the closest to Betty.

Marx Catteneo: You are using my sim in the battle.

SaveMe Oh: and there is hardly anyone there.

SaveMe Oh: so much trouble I do not cause in your sim.

SaveMe Oh: I just use it briefly.

Marx Catteneo: But you “grief” from there on purpose. I have nothing to do with your fight and the people here just want to enjoy the concert

SaveMe Oh: I do it on purpose because I am pissed off the bitch can throw me out when she wants.

Marx Catteneo: When you won’t stop I will have to stop you, the choice is yours.

SaveMe Oh: No, the choice is yours, if you also want to join forces with the self acclaimed secret police who takes away people’s freedom. If you want to play boss too there is nothing I can do about it.

Marx Catteneo: The freedom to fuck up someone’s concert? For me it’s not about being the boss. You are abusing my sim and that is not acceptable. And you do it on purpose.

SaveMe Oh: Yesterday I could enter this sim, but because Ultralight is playing I am locked out now. That I think is not acceptable.

Marx Catteneo: You cannot say this has nothing to do with your behaviour before.

SaveMe Oh: I have just a few options to let them hear my protest and that right I use. When you don’t allow it, also grab your powertools.

Marx Catteneo: You are just waiting to add me on your list of dictators.

SaveMe Oh: That’s all up to you, when you take freedom serious you let me. It’s up to you how you use your power as a sim owner.

Marx Catteneo: It’s just childish.

SaveMe Oh: It is, I am also fed up extremely.

Marx Catteneo: You are asking for this.

SaveMe Oh: When you fight for freedom you ask for this, yes, I am aware of that as that is where it’s all about.

Marx Catteneo: It’s not my fight. I have better ways to use my energy.

SaveMe Oh: I don’t say it has to be your battle. So ban me and get rid of me. Then you can proudly tell it to your darling neighbour Betty.

Marx Catteneo: No, thats what you want so you can add another enemy.

SaveMe Oh: You think I am looking for enemy’s, that’s not true.

Marx Catteneo: If you are not searching for hem it is strange you found so much.

SaveMe Oh: Not so much, just a bunch of B-artists.

Marx Catteneo: Well, I wish you a lot of fun alone and when we can discuss another time real issues we should do so.

SaveMe Oh: We will.

When A Dictator Wants To Become Salonfähig

Solo Mornington: Where’s the party? :-)

SaveMe Oh: The party is tonight, 28 of May as it was yesterday and also 25 of May and also coming days and months.


Solo Mornington: You know, if you make these letters larger, they’ll appear on the map. Which could be amusing.

SaveMe Oh: I already made before large structures in LEA that appeared on the map, but I am glad you also start to see the advantage of that.

LEA plattegrond

Rose Borchovski: Why did you come Solo?

Solo Mornington: Why wouldn’t I come? It’s a thing. It’s happening.

Solo Mornington: Also I kind of own the sim. :-)

Solo Mornington: And the spirit of LEA is that SaveMe Oh is now doing an exhibit on a sim owned by Solo Mornington. :-)

SaveMe Oh: There is still space on the S,

SaveMe Oh: let me think….

SaveMe Oh: S……

SaveMe Oh: Solo?????

SaveMe Oh: Would you mind to hang something?? Have you ever made something nice Solo?

Solo Mornington: I’ve made a few nice things, but not so much flat art.

SaveMe Oh: I could flatten it for you?

SaveMe Oh: You can also put a lovely pic from when you were a nice young man?

SaveMe Oh: By the way Solo, did you already unban me from LEA 1 – 6?

Solo Mornington: Nope. You managed to burn that bridge.

Solo Mornington: Let it rez. Reminds me of something a friend says. One man’s griefing is another man’s visually appealing spectacle.

Solo Mornington: Btw, I’m the committee liaison for this region. send a notecard with an opening announcement and I’ll blog it.

SaveMe Oh: I prefer you won’t blog it

Solo Mornington: ok. :-)

SaveMe Oh: As that might attract a certain kind of people

Solo Mornington: People you dislike because they’re different from you?

SaveMe Oh: Now if you, as a dictator, want to become salonfähig I would skip that last remark!


Tonight, one of the openings of the openings to come. Where??? In LEA 11.

The party is where we are!  What time??? When we are there!

Inside Without Licking

Without licking Solo Mornington’s ass or cleaning the sheep shit from between Bryn Oh’s toes I succeed to enter in the heart of LEA even while those two dictators keep me already for more than a year banned from LEA 1-6.


It was brilliant the way I turn Vaneeesa Blaylock failed and boring LEA 11 disaster into an art masterpiece. She thought all she had to do is make a few posters and that would do the trick to use the fame of SaveMe Oh to attract the masses but 2 hours before she opened her SMO10b event I occupied the sim, cleaned out my inventory on holy LEA grounds without ever appearing for their corrupt land-grant jury’s and start really attracting the masses. Saturday 25 may 2013 was a historic SaveMe Oh event with ongoing activities for hours and hours. Ush Underwood running behind Mikati Slade on the “road to you” trying to pursuit her with Zen tactics to explore the inside of her Honda Jazz from which she is sure that the inside is bigger than the outside, Ampel Goosson playing a 69 trick on the dusty crops of Vaneeesa Blaylock with unshaved Ed Vespucciano waiting for his turn. Cat Shilova playing the Cat Duet from Rossini on my Dead Cat Singing installation so loud that Iono Allen wanted to hide forever in his German Bed. Betty Omo Tureaud pinned on the only place she belongs, the “Broken Wings” butterfly box.


And the festivities have not ended yet, tonight the GREAT LICKING EVERY ASS museum will open its doors that it doesn’t have, who needs fucking doors in a virtual world????


With all fine artworks of SaveMe Oh, but when you feel the need to glue your prims over it, go ahead as the fact that every shit is permitted in LEA goes also for LEA 11. Eat your heart out. Just as I eat out the heart of the LEA Dictatorship.


Washing Hands In Innocence

Just checking if the other GODS are existing.

SaveMe Oh: Would you be so kind and unban me at LEA5?

Jayjay Zifanwe: I could on LEA 6… as Mary Wickedtower’s full sim is compete for now

SaveMe Oh: that Bryn already did

SaveMe Oh: I am talking about LEA5

Jayjay Zifanwe: oh I see…. thats the sandbox right? yeah I wont be allowed to do that. People will think its bias because I like you so much

SaveMe Oh: not allowed??? You are one of the holy trinity

SaveMe Oh: Then do it together with LaPiscean so you two can hold eachothers hands

Jayjay Zifanwe: holy trinity?

SaveMe Oh: you, Solo Mornington and LaPiscean Liberty

Jayjay Zifanwe: haha… you’re talking in riddles now. The LEA is more than 3 people. there is Patricia, Zachh, Rowan, Werner, Bryn etc

SaveMe Oh: only the holy trinity owns each 9 or 10 sims!

Jayjay Zifanwe: no… we dont own them we hold them in trust. I cant be on the LEA like UWA

SaveMe Oh: Anyway, unban me on LEA5 please

SaveMe Oh: Or make it happen

SaveMe Oh: Would you be so kind and unban me at LEA5?

LaPiscean Liberty: I have no powers on LEA 5

LaPiscean Liberty: thats Solos group

LaPiscean Liberty: it group owned land

SaveMe Oh: so let that silly group of yours unban me

LaPiscean Liberty: what silly group of mine

LaPiscean Liberty: Solo and Patti run LEA5

LaPiscean Liberty: the sandbox group

LaPiscean Liberty: and its Solos group

LaPiscean Liberty: I not have powers in it

SaveMe Oh: ok ty

Sorry To Bother You Again, Dramalovers!

Today I send an IM to my sister Bryn Oh to unban me at LEA6 and a minute later is was done, I had a clear view on LEA5 and saw him…you know who. I took a deep breath, covered the picture of my darling Rose for a while, as I always get angry on behalve of her, and rehearsed some sweet words and put the bottle of vinegar outside. And then I called him….

SaveMe Oh: You already have unbanned me?

SaveMe Oh: Or do I have to stand here at the border all day?

Solo Mornington: whether you stand at the border all day is entirely up to you.

SaveMe Oh: When I talk with my sis I only have to ask once and I am unbanned, howcome?

Solo Mornington: http://www.lea-sl.org/about/ban-appeals-process

Solo Mornington: ask whoever you want.

SaveMe Oh: do Jayjay Zifanwe and LaPiscean Liberty also agree with your banning policies?

Solo Mornington: what makes you think they’re my banning policies?

Solo Mornington: or even that I banned you?

SaveMe Oh: You always ban me

SaveMe Oh: nobody else

SaveMe Oh: they might eject me sometimes when they are in a bad mood, but banning for ever or a little bit shorter they never do

Solo Mornington: so basically, what you’re saying is: everyone finds it necessary to at least eject you.

Solo Mornington: on another topic: am I really your muse?

SaveMe Oh: not really, but you manouvred yourself in that position

Solo Mornington: actually I didn’t do any such thing.

SaveMe Oh: You did, dont know why

Solo Mornington: well if you need me around to abuse so you can make art, then it becomes a billable service. :-)

Solo Mornington: otherwise please stop.

SaveMe Oh: No, I dont need you for that, I only need you to unban me and leave me work in peace

Solo Mornington: apparently you *do* need me for that.

Solo Mornington: or you’d just work in peace.

SaveMe Oh: You may also let somebody else unban me and stay hidden yourself so I can work in peace, it’s up to you

Solo Mornington: no, it’s up to you: http://www.lea-sl.org/about/ban-appeals-process

SaveMe Oh: I cannot participate in self acclaimed courts and judges, I can only ask from avatar to avatar

Solo Mornington: it’s not courts and judges. it’s you giving me a notecard and then me still not wanting to unban you, so then the committee can figure it out.

SaveMe Oh: you ban me, I want you to unban me. Its between you and me

Solo Mornington: just like last time.

Solo Mornington: it’s not between you and me.

SaveMe Oh: I have nothing to do with so called others

Solo Mornington: it really, truly, is not personal.

SaveMe Oh: they were not present or involved

SaveMe Oh: you did it, I want it stopped

Solo Mornington: then write a notecard, hand it to me, and I’ll hand it to the committee. or hand it to some other committee member.

SaveMe Oh: No, I want you to undo what you did!

Solo Mornington: again: you don’t even know that I did it.

SaveMe Oh: Don’t hide behind non existent boards

SaveMe Oh: You did it and nobody else, so undo it

Solo Mornington: ok, I’m about to mute you. but before I do, I want to direct your attention here:https://my.secondlife.com/solo.mornington/snapshots/5080e80650ec4408c3000001

SaveMe Oh: mute me permanent or after i send a notecard to you about a request to unmute me?

Solo Mornington: it seems clear enough that you don’t want to give me a notecard.

Solo Mornington: and you can give one to another committee member if you want.

SaveMe Oh: I always told you so. You banned me so you also unban me. No others needed

Solo Mornington: that’s not how it happened, and it’s not how it works.

SaveMe Oh: why you dont send me another committee member to deal with me?

SaveMe Oh: and step back yourself?

Solo Mornington: [10:10] SaveMe Oh: When I talk with my sis I only have to ask once and I am unbanned, howcome?

Solo Mornington: I assume you mean Bryn Oh.

Solo Mornington: so you already know who to talk to.

SaveMe Oh: No? Is she your boss?

Solo Mornington: but they’re not your muse, so not deserving of your harassment.

Solo Mornington: you also mentioned JayJay Zifanwe and LaPiscean Liberty.

Solo Mornington: that’s three you could start up a conversation with.

SaveMe Oh: She only produces sheeps and Fairytales, very boring to harass, send one of your choice to me and I will deal with him or her.

Solo Mornington: it’s entirely up to you.

SaveMe Oh: you banned me, so solve it too

Solo Mornington: if you can’t manage to make this decision, then you can’t manage to get unbanned.

SaveMe Oh: dont be lazy

Solo Mornington: :-)

SaveMe Oh: GOD only rested on the seventh day.

The Holy Trinity

I picked out just an answer from Solo on a comment of Rose in this blog:

Solo Mornington: The LEA sims are generously given by Linden Lab. They offered the sims, we own them. The three LEA estates are each owned by a different committee member, through a contract with Linden Lab: Me, JayJay Zifanwe, and LaPiscean Liberty. JayJay and I each ‘own’ 10, and LaP ‘owns’ 9. All committee members are also estate managers on all estates.

The 10 that I ‘own’ are half of the land grant sims that we hand out for 6-month grants. JJ ‘owns’ the other half. LaP has the ‘core’ sims.

The LEA regions aren’t managed by me, though I often end up doing the work. They’re managed by collective decision on policy and project, and then a subcommittee will typically manage sims as needed. So for instance, PatriciaAnne Daviau and I manage LEA5, because we’re the sandbox subcommittee, and that’s the sandbox sim. The sandbox project originated with the committee before I was even involved at the LEA.

This system comes about so that there’s a diversity of ownership, to help prevent exactly the sort of problem you’re talking about, Rose.

But clearly I’m a self-appointed czar who is there to just make sure your day is horrible. It couldn’t possibly be any other way, at all.

I know that my sweet Australian network caretaker and ArtIkea box builder Jayjay Zifanwe would never ban me like the dictator Solo Mornington does, and I know that my sweet friend LaPiscean Liberty, who has a serious problem with woman concerning the battlefield he left behind with Ginette Pinazzo and Glasz DeCuir, never will ban me if I provide him once in a while with a movie with music of Leonard Cohen, which makes him as wax in my hands. So it comes down again to the one and only hangman and executioner of the team, Solo Mornington, who bans, eject and judge at will! That the other members are such great cowards for not to speak out can mean two things, or they are afraid for the influence Solo Mornington has with the Linden as there can be no doubt he licks their asses best (especially the one of Viale Linden) or they prefer to shut up as they love the free sims they get provided by the Linden.

Now I got a clear insight in the commanding structure. Assuming the other two are in there for the sake of art it’s now 2 against 1 to unban me quick so LEA can again be delighted with the wild artparty’s we throw there as for now the only thing that attract or attracted visitors is the work of Cica Ghost and was the work of Mikati Slade. And the megalomaniac building is already again on the rise with cubes from Solkide Auer for 1000 visitors and hippie sky dancers Medora Chevalier and Junivers Stockholm involved so better be quick before the next disaster, the returning of Josina Burgess, eeeeekkkkkkk.

The Rape Of SM

Is SM standing for SaveMe or for Solo Mornington? Which pixel is hurt, raped and harassed here most? Is it the loud artist who will use every weapon to get things her way or is it the self acclaimed dictator who floats in self-pity that not the whole world sees how good he is in arranging everything for the stupid and the dumb?

Is Solo Mornington harassed in this movie where he speaks out how much he is missing SaveMe if she is not around?

Are the pixels of Solo Mornington hurt in this movie with an almost exploding bomb on his genitals and dynamite stuck in his ass, while SaveMe is shaking her booty above him?

Are 5 SaveMe Oh’s making fun of the LEA committee, represented by Solo Mornington, Dan Coyote and Betty Omo or does she make fun of herself in the LEA Idols show? And is it mean of SaveMe Oh to ask so explicit what the price of freedom is?

Is Solo Mornington raped by the troll SaveMe Oh or is the Dictator Solo Mornington raping the rights of an independent artist and can this been shown in pics like this?


Are all the actions of SaveMe Oh in LEA a direct attack on the poor dictator Solo Mornington who knows so well what is good for the people or is the dictator Solo Mornington abuse his self acclaimed rights to divide and conquer.


Let’s end with the wise words of Edward Folger who brings back the debate to the essence:

Solo, we are talking about a virtual sandbox devoted to creativity where nothing remains longer than a week and anything can be derendered by other users who find it annoying and any avatar can be muted if one needs to concentrate on working. The only issue is your power to ban someone and keep them out indefinitely, for your own personal reasons. Creativity is being stifled by your personal bugaboos.

Making Art Also Means Dealing With Fucking Bastards

SaveMe Oh: Dear Solo Mornington, Could you be so kind to unban me from LEA 5 and 6 and other LEA sims I might be banned?

Solo Mornington: http://www.lea-sl.org/about/ban-appeals-process

SaveMe Oh: No boss playing please, just unban me on LEA 5 and 6 and other like you also banned me without sending me links about processes and appeals.

Solo Mornington: I’m not inclined to do you any favors.

Solo Mornington: you’re welcome to follow the appeals procedure.

Solo Mornington: you can send the notecard to me and I’ll bring it up to the committee.

Solo Mornington: and… a hearty hi-ho to your ‘blog readers!

SaveMe Oh: they refuse to read about you anymore

SaveMe Oh: they dont want to have to puke all day

SaveMe Oh: so save us the trouble and just unban me

Solo Mornington: see, it’s that delightful attitude that gets you banned. :-)

Solo Mornington: but that’s all part of the schtick so whatever.

Solo Mornington: but seriously: send the notecard, I’ll pass it along to the committee, we’ll vote and whatever happens happens.

SaveMe Oh: but seriously, you banned me without that invisable committee of yours so just unban me

SaveMe Oh: I will tell it to nobody

Solo Mornington: here’s the appeals process URL again, in case you missed it the first time:http://www.lea-sl.org/about/ban-appeals-process

Solo Mornington: and you know how this works, having done it already.

SaveMe Oh: I never send an appeal I think, did !?

SaveMe Oh: Last time you all just agreed you had all behaved like morons

SaveMe Oh: I think my sis Bryn unbanned me personally

Solo Mornington: actually it was me, after the committee decided.

SaveMe Oh: it was? How friendly of you

Solo Mornington: I’m the friendliest guy in the world.

SaveMe Oh: you see. you have it in you

Solo Mornington: your schtick disallows you from understanding this.

SaveMe Oh: so, stop that macho attitude and unban me

SaveMe Oh: Let me be the light of LEA once more

Solo Mornington: if all you want to talk about is what we’ve already discussed, then this conversation is over.

Solo Mornington: that’ll be your new sandbox griefing party: ‘over.’

SaveMe Oh: I was not intending to discuss, I was just asking you to just do the unbanning and after that just shut up

Solo Mornington: ok. :-)

SaveMe Oh: So when can I go there?

Solo Mornington: I meant OK about the shut up part.

SaveMe Oh: ahhh, did you?

Solo Mornington: yes, and then you started again.

SaveMe Oh: oh my

SaveMe Oh: why you dont you just unban me?

SaveMe Oh: much easier

Solo Mornington: muting is much easier. but if I mute you, you can’t hand me a notecard.

SaveMe Oh: and after you can play dictator again at the next banning

Solo Mornington: and you’ll have to find another committee member to harass.

SaveMe Oh: there are no other members

SaveMe Oh: you know as well as me

SaveMe Oh: you rule this toko alone

SaveMe Oh: as your ultimate wet dream

SaveMe Oh: If you want to avoid hell, in which you surely believe, you better show your cristian face

SaveMe Oh: and turn your other cheek to me

Solo Mornington: you wanted me to shut up.

Solo Mornington: so I did.

SaveMe Oh: I want you to unban me and shut up

Solo Mornington: and if you continue, you’re harassing me.

SaveMe Oh: you dont have to answer

SaveMe Oh: and can close the window

Solo Mornington: already did.

SaveMe Oh: go offline

SaveMe Oh: use an alt

SaveMe Oh: mute me temporary

SaveMe Oh: or go crying to a Linden

SaveMe Oh: lots of options

SaveMe Oh: just unban me my friend

SaveMe Oh: much easier

Dead People Talking About Nothing

Solo Mornington: you know, just the other day I was thinking about how great it would be if SaveMe Oh were to troll us again, and lo and behold it happened.

Solo Mornington: I’d have to say she’s the best thing that ever happened to the LEA.

Solo Mornington: waht do you think, Cupido?

Solo Mornington: any opinion about SaveMe Oh?

PatriciaAnne Daviau: I wonder what z=0/a equates to

Solo Mornington: Q=xyz/0 results in divide-by-zero error

PatriciaAnne Daviau: why?

Solo Mornington: because it divides by zero. :-)

Solo Mornington: which is undefined.

Solo Mornington: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Division_by_zero

PatriciaAnne Daviau: ahhh ok

Cupido Oh: I guess it’s NOTHING

PatriciaAnne Daviau: ahhh cleverly done

Solo Mornington: it speaks! :-)

Cupido Oh: Why you hit my daughter so harsh everytime about nothing, dear fellow?

Cupido Oh: You have children yourself, if you allow me to ask?

Solo Mornington: you mean me?

Cupido Oh: Yes, Mr. Mornington, as I have reason to believe you are the one with particulair problems with my daughter

PatriciaAnne Daviau: “LEA bans anyone who disrupts LEA mission or other artists, and we do not discuss a ban with other avatars”.

Solo Mornington points to that.

Cupido Oh: But can you inform me if she did so?

PatriciaAnne Daviau: “LEA bans anyone who disrupts LEA mission or other artists, and we do not discuss a ban with other avatars”.

Cupido Oh: And did someone gave you this powers, are you elected, or payed in some way to act as the force to implement these rules?

Solo Mornington: hehe

Solo Mornington: it just goes on and on. the fun never stops.

PatriciaAnne Daviau: Response to any inquiries about a ban – “LEA bans anyone who disrupts LEA mission or other artists, and we do not discuss a ban with other avatars”.

Response to banned person – “You may request a lift of the ban here: http://www.lea-sl.org/about/ban-appeals-process”

Cupido Oh: And who invented those rules?

PatriciaAnne Daviau: does not matter who

PatriciaAnne Daviau: “LEA bans anyone who disrupts LEA mission or other artists, and we do not discuss a ban with other avatars”.

Cupido Oh: And who gave you the powers to decide about the ban actions

Cupido Oh: ?

PatriciaAnne Daviau: “LEA bans anyone who disrupts LEA mission or other artists, and we do not discuss a ban with other avatars”.

Cupido Oh: Did you study law, are you ellected? Did an owner put you in this job?

PatriciaAnne Daviau: “LEA bans anyone who disrupts LEA mission or other artists, and we do not discuss a ban with other avatars”.

Solo Mornington: no comment. :-)

Cupido Oh: Is it corporate policy to hide behind the rules invented by the board itself?

PatriciaAnne Daviau: no comments

Cupido Oh: Don’t you have to typ a smiley behind that frase?

Solo Mornington: no one’s under any obligation to smile.

Solo Says Nothing

After a few days not visiting LEA after my happening NOTHING last week I found myself banned by dictator Solo Mornington again

SaveMe Oh: what this time?

Solo Mornington: why ask now?

Solo Mornington: you already told the world why.

SaveMe Oh: I only found out an hour ago that I was banned

Solo Mornington: facts don’t really matter that much to you, it seems.

Solo Mornington: so you only found out an hour ago, and then you told the world that you knew why, and now you’re asking me why.

SaveMe Oh: Throwing an artparty and asking you why I am banned this time are two different things

Solo Mornington: you are throwing an art party because you were banned.

SaveMe Oh: Actually a friend came with the idea before I even knew I was banned

Solo Mornington: and?

SaveMe Oh: and stays the question why I am banned this time

Solo Mornington: you already told quite a few people why you were banned, so you must already know.

SaveMe Oh: No, I am asking you

SaveMe Oh: Sometimes dictators speak out what is on their minds

Solo Mornington: you don’t need me to say anything. you already lied about it.

SaveMe Oh: I am asking you

Solo Mornington: make up whatever you want.

Solo Mornington: facts haven’t stopped you in the past.

SaveMe Oh: no, I am asking you

SaveMe Oh: what is the reason you banned me?

Solo Mornington: well then, this conversation is over. :-)

SaveMe Oh: So you won’t give me an explanation why you banned me again?

Nothing Removed!

First I received a message from Solo Mornington about NOTHING in the LEA sandbox!

Solo Mornington: Heya. having more complaints about ‘nothing’ in the sandbox. returning those. leaving the rest.

SaveMe Oh: Please provide me with the reasons on which your decission is based!

When I Replaced NOTHING I was griefed by Tyrehl Byk

Ofcourse I complained immediately by the guard of duty PatriciaAnne Daviau

SaveMe Oh: Patricia, Tyrehl is griefing me

SaveMe Oh: he is hurting me with cubes that follow me

PatriciaAnne Daviau: ask him to stop

SaveMe Oh: He is Solo Morningtons boyfriend. I don’t dare!

PatriciaAnne Daviau: ahhh I did not know that! :)

SaveMe Oh: Solo loves Tyrehls particles exploding in his ass, you should know that!

PatriciaAnne Daviau: nope I did not

SaveMe Oh: Now you know

SaveMe Oh: And are you aware that Solo Mornington removed NOTHING from LEA5?

SaveMe Oh: all NOTHING was in my lost and found folder, because he recieved complaints

SaveMe Oh: why?

PatriciaAnne Daviau: yes … there were complaints

SaveMe Oh: but when there are complaints about NOTHING you return everything?

SaveMe Oh: It’s not friday yet

PatriciaAnne Daviau: no it is not friday you are correct

SaveMe Oh: So what is the reason to remove NOTHING?

PatriciaAnne Daviau: you had surrounded most all builds in the sandbox

SaveMe Oh: Is there a LEA rule forbidding the surrounding of the sandbox with NOTHING?

SaveMe Oh: And why there is no communication with me about NOTHING before removing it?

PatriciaAnne Daviau: there is common courtesy

PatriciaAnne Daviau: and you would have to ask Solo why he did not communicate anything with you first

SaveMe Oh: Nothing was carefully build between other works

PatriciaAnne Daviau: but it is up to the admins of the sandbox to decide when to return things

SaveMe Oh: Why you did not return NOTHING and he did?

SaveMe Oh: Do you two communicate about NOTHING?

Boss Oh

In LEA there are loads of important acting people who want to make you believe that they are those special chosen and selected elite who have that exclusive line between you, the simple ignorant avatar and the almighty holy Linden. The gardeners of morality. The defenders of good taste and the teachers of the rebels without a cause. So we have PatriciaAnne Daviau gardening around and sweet answering every question but never coming with an answer. We have the instant god himself, Solo Mornington, who has so much problems realising that he is not a real Linden God that he wants to wash everything more white than white in the hope that one day his hands start to bleed for the stigmata he thinks he deserves as an almost god. We have the nice guys like Jayjay Zifanwe and Werner Kurosawa who may do the shopping and cutting the lawn and we have the creeps like DanCoyote Antonelli, who wants all LEA for himself but don’t know how to lick a Linden ass in that way they like it most.

The Ginette’s and Rowan’s who need it as the last opportunity to make somewhere a career talk and talk and talk. But all of them have zero power. No one has the right to push a button, make a decision, suggest a direction except one, Boss Oh, my dear sister Bryn. She can touch ban buttons in a second, lift bans during the wink of an eye, arrange festivals and exhibitions without asking anyone, and giving out sweet candies of land to the ones she loves like the Oberon Onmura’s and other cube gluers.

Am I going to attack Boss Oh aka Bryn Oh????? Hell no, she is my sister and unbanned me yesterday in various LEA sims in seconds. What else you have family for? (And she is filthy rich after everybody donated her money).

Linden Forces Them To Lick For A Bone

SaveMe Oh: Ginette out, DanCoyote out, Dekka out, Sasun out and dictator Solo still the boss

SaveMe Oh: Who still supports still the idiots who rule LEA?

SaveMe Oh: hands please

SaveMe Oh: Dont say after: wir haben es nicht gewust

Eifachfilm Vacirca: my hand is busy masturbating

SaveMe Oh: use your other hand

SaveMe Oh: Hey Elise Linden, do something about the clowns you put in charge here

SaveMe Oh: or is this the ass licking united group?

SaveMe Oh: not ready yet Eif??? My god, are you slow

Eifachfilm Vacirca: it’s a perpetual event

SaveMe Oh: Galea, are you still the alt of Sasun?

SaveMe Oh: How much was it Pirats had to pay to the committee to get a free sim?

SaveMe Oh: BTW, who is now in charge of LEA to unban me?

Werner Kurosawa: You are! :-)

Veleda Lorakeet: Aren’t you?

SaveMe Oh: All recent dictators fall like apples from the tree

SaveMe Oh: Werner, make me a tea and unban me

SaveMe Oh: Werner, darling….Teleport failed, you are banned from the region. What I do now??? Send again a plea notecard to your friend, the dictator of LEA Solo Mornington?


SaveMe Oh: if you have a second, can you unban me from the LEA region?

LaPiscean Liberty: no, not under ban appeal process they have in place now

LaPiscean Liberty: it up to the whole committee, whoever that is now

SaveMe Oh: haha

LaPiscean Liberty: DC got fired by LL

LaPiscean Liberty: so did Gina

SaveMe Oh: yes, I know

LaPiscean Liberty: several walked

SaveMe Oh: they should

LaPiscean Liberty: not many on board now

LaPiscean Liberty: Sasun gone

SaveMe Oh: yes, great

LaPiscean Liberty: may be back who knows

SaveMe Oh: hope not

LaPiscean Liberty: but the only ones left are JJ, me , Solo, and Werner

SaveMe Oh: and Solo owns the banbutton?

LaPiscean Liberty: and a couple advisors

LaPiscean Liberty: oh and Bryn

LaPiscean Liberty: Bryn almost left

SaveMe Oh: she should

SaveMe Oh: she is a disgrace to the artists

SaveMe Oh: only Gina showed some backbone

LaPiscean Liberty: sorry I don’t share your feelings toward her but do understand

LaPiscean Liberty: Yes Gina fought

LaPiscean Liberty: and fought hard

SaveMe Oh: Bryn is like DC, only in for herself

SaveMe Oh: Gina and Rowan really tried

SaveMe Oh: I think

LaPiscean Liberty: at any rate no new business until we get together again today and listen to what the LL has to say

LaPiscean Liberty: they will run today’s meeting pretty much

SaveMe Oh: they should invite me for a meeting

LaPiscean Liberty: yes Rowan walked

LaPiscean Liberty: in protest

LaPiscean Liberty: I really liked her to

SaveMe Oh: all the good people walk

SaveMe Oh: and the dictators stay

SaveMe Oh: as they love the ruling

LaPiscean Liberty: well in this case they offed one of the dictators

SaveMe Oh: as dictators always do

SaveMe Oh: dictators prefer to rule alone

SaveMe Oh: so on a certain moment they skip a friend

LaPiscean Liberty: well I can’t keep up with what I’m doing, let alone the rest of them

LaPiscean Liberty: it’s all i can do to stay focused on community

LaPiscean Liberty: and community is what started all this

LaPiscean Liberty: DC had a grip and self appointed ruler of what is art and what is not

SaveMe Oh: yes, he thinks he know it all

SaveMe Oh: Kick Solo out and there might be a new hope

LaPiscean Liberty: he fought with most everyone in committee at one time or another

SaveMe Oh: he is a big asshole I know already for very long

SaveMe Oh: the undiscovered famous artist

SaveMe Oh: tell me if they need my advice

Freedom Lurks Around The Corner After The Coyote Fled

SaveMe Oh: Breaking news: DanCoyote Antonelli fired from LEA

SaveMe Oh: Is Sasun Steinbeck and Solo Mornington next?

mcarp Mavendorf: breaking news: group chats dont work!

PatriciaAnne Daviau: ask Ginette .. .she seems to know all about it

SaveMe Oh: there is even a Linden in group chat ( A Linden appeared in groupchat and disappeared quickly again)

mcarp Mavendorf: details?

SaveMe Oh: must be crisis

mcarp Mavendorf: you should have already gotten a note that sasun has left

Geo Meek: is she still working for LEA?

SaveMe Oh: two down, one to go

Geo Meek: can you pass me one please

Geo Meek: and no i did not get the note?

SaveMe Oh: freedom is near

mcarp Mavendorf: freedom of/for what?

mcarp Mavendorf: maybe it was a notice, i forget

Tyrehl Byk: Does this chat ever get used for…well….you know….NEWS, and not gossip?

SaveMe Oh: freedom from the LEA policeforce

mcarp Mavendorf: actually its a notice by solo to the LEA Endowment group

Geo Meek: please read it to me

fiore Samiam: Ok, I am lost.

SaveMe Oh: no, you are free

And then from the blogs of Ginette Pinazzo (nobody reads the poor girls stuff)


Ginette Pinazzo: To LEA: you fired me: deal with it

As of May 30th, 2012, The Linden Endowment For The Arts (an agency that is LL-sponsored) has terminated my status as an LEA Board Member. My response appears below, to LL, to the Board itself, and particularly those within the LEA committee who are directly responsible for this action. I believe in transparency, not secret meetings and closed-door politics. Let the evidence present itself.

CC of my response to LL:

I wont resign so Ill need to be fired, and since its a matter of discrimination Ive been subjected to, I will need to uphold my principles which come first regarding ethics (this isnt personal) and view the current LEA as a corrupted entity.

As such my firing must be public, in one way or another.

Ive worked hard to be on this board and have only asked to be treated as equal, which has not occurred.

In fact, this board was happy to ask me to help out in every area and I have done so only to be disenfranchised, which is an equality issue I take very seriously.

The board you support has violated its own rules a number of times, and engaged in behavior that proves it is not sustainable, whether I am there or not.

‘Firing me’ does nothing to address the LEA sustainability problem, which was there when i arrived and apparently is condoned by the Lab.

If you really did place any value on contributions from board members such as I, you would not condone the discrimination and disenfranchisement I have been subjected to, and you would have found a more mutually beneficial solution. As it seems, you simply condone the unprofessional and discriminatory practices of a currently corrupt agency, display obvious favouritism towards certain residents, and are doing nothing but vindicating the public perception of LEA as being a elitist, prejudicial and collusive organisation.

- Gina (the ‘key’ member of LEA who apparently isnt key)

Please do not wish me continued success in SL endeavors when you have clearly taken steps to undermine that effort.

And now to you, Board:

I will be disengaging myself from this farce of an agency over the coming days and sadly, telling lots of people aside from myself how their time and efforts have been wasted too.

I will not be associated with an agency that sets ethical business practices back 100 years.

Dream Promenade will be removed and adult SL will be notified of those implications.

Media Arts Center will have all of my work removed.

Land Grant Artists communication will be truncated and all work I have done in that department will be undone.

Etc Etc

Thanks for wasting people’s time. Obviously you do not value some people’s time at all.

Why did I want to be fired rather than resign?

So you would have some investment in the process of what you were doing….so its not so neat and tidy and covered up by PC statements.

So you would feel it.

The art community of SL will certainly have far better choices than the LEA going forward, based on the current events unfolding.

And finally, to those who really stuck the knife in:

You’ve done this yourselves. Through close-mindedness, arrogance and stubbornness, this organization will collapse. You cannot grow or even sustain with the elitist and discriminatory behaviors, and the corruption and unethical practices allowed to fester within this board will become transparent to all. The truth will not stay hidden. The bad reputation this org has now will only intensify and will become validated. As this organization falls, it will be a sad disservice to the countless artists of Sl, and the entire community, to all of those who gave their time, energy and passion. You have cost this virtual world dearly with your miscalculations…the possibilities of attraction and retention…the lucrative chance to build upon SL’s artistic strength……. Because you wanted to draw a hard line, you chased away your chance to survive. One day soon, more innovative and progressive organizations will emerge, and if you come crawling to them for favors, you will get exactly what you have asked for….what you worked towards….which will be nothing.  We are all connected, whether you like it or not. Because you didn’t listen, and didn’t try to work with the team…

Those who cooperate will make it to the future.

Don’t even think for one second I am responsible for this.

You have done it yourselves.

This will never be forgotten.

 Need Facts?  (here are  a few to start with…more available)

While all other community organisations have been shut down in Second l.ife LEA survives. Why?

My 6 months or so within the committee has answered that question tor me:

LEA is not a community organisation at all.

LEA does not, and does not pretend to, represent the arts community, despite their published mission statement. (see below) 

The ‘Mission Statement’ from LEA’s own literature:

■Provide a starting point for artists in Second Life, and for those interested in art to make connections and display their work.

■Encourage and cultivate art and artists within Second Life.

■Foster community, creativity, and innovation among artists and all residents interested in art.

■Provide a way for artists to promote their art.

■Collaborate with existing art regions, galleries, exhibits, and performance spaces to help nurture their valuable participation in SL arts.

LEA is a very small body of hand-selected individuals who manage an incredibly large amount of land (greatly underused, by the way) I can demonstrably prove that LEA does not fulfill its mission statement and, in fact, counters it


1.  Every attempt I had made within the committee to introduce concepts of greater inclusiveness, transparency or public connection were shut down. The actual arts community would be better served by almost any other agency.

2. Despite being unanimously voted in to the committee as Board Members, certain ‘older members’ later refused to acknowledge us as Board Members, denying our status, and incredibly, denying our votes! Check your history. This is Disenfrachisement. And its alive and well within LEA. It’s a serious ethical violation, at the very least. Matters of suffrage shouldnt be in the boardroom in this day and age, in a modernized society anyway.

3. One such discriminated member was subject to insults, humiliation and intense pressure to resign, and she did.

I refused to resign and said ‘fire me’ because I worked hard to be at that table and if they were going to discriminate, I expected them to be invested in the process, to demonstrate their responsibility in the act.

4. The LEA did not have much of its ‘procedures’ for voting in writing, yet ‘key’ members would arbitrarily decide what voting process was legitimate or not, based on their preferences at time. If they didnt like you, your vote didnt count. That simple. If they wanted to rewrite history and claim a certain vote was invalid, they’d do that. It was all a game, because they could make up any process they wanted on the spot, and had zero accountability. This is what happens when you populate a ‘deciding body’ with artists only and scare away anyone who also has organisational, business or human relations experience. I am an artist too, but I am pleased I have learned to use both sides of my brain.

5. Even the voting procedures they did claim to have, they violated on several occasions. They would run ineptly organised votes, so confusing people didnt even know what they were voting for or against. They would talk about respecting the process, but in fact, had no process.

6. Since their processes were undocumented and unverifiable, they would fail repeatedly, but it didnt matter to them, because the ‘rules’ would go ‘out the window’ if certain key members threw a tantrum and called in LL to straighten things out for them. This is not a community organisation. It is a very small circle that colludes to maintain imagined power, and doesnt even have the skillset to do so kindly.

7. One trick of the LEA key staff: if you write a proposal, they will claim its not a proposal, yet anything they write (no matter how half-formed) they will claim is the ONLY actual proposal on table. This is one way they control the conversation. They literally have no comprehension or willingness to listen to team members and could benefit from months of training in this area.

8. While purporting to want new talent, new voices, new energy to grow the organisation, LEA inducted myself and others but amazingly managed to lose us all.

Can LEA be fixed? Maybe…anything is possible.

At present, the majority of the organisation (good, talented people) are being misrepresented by a corrupt and manipulative minority. If eyes open wide enough, things may change.

Until then, there are far better organisations out there….and more to come.


And then from the blogs of Rowan Derryth(nobody reads the poor girls stuff)


Three months (or so) with the LEA

June 1, 2012 by Rowan Derryth

Disclaimer: this post is long, slightly rambly, sans pretty pictures, and with only a small amount of shameless self-promotion thrown in.

Well, I’ve been stewing on this one a few weeks, and I think it’s probably time, in light of recent events (and the rumours flying about them). Like many contentious events, this is a LONG story. And honestly? I have no desire to rehash it in great detail. So, in what will be a travesty of journalism, I will now mostly regale you with this saga in bullet points.

The beginning:

  • I was asked to join the LEA as an Advisor back in February.
  • I accepted because I was honoured, and also because outside of the land grants, I had no idea what they did, and I was curious.
  • I began attending meetings, and learned that they were an incredibly active group. But as I was given access to their online site of documents, although I saw many good ideas, I was having a hard time finding any sort of governing documents outside of their mission statement.
  • I was offered the opportunity to guest curate an exhibit at LEA 1, which I was pleased to accept.
  • I slowly began trying to offer my advice (as an advisor does), mostly trying to make them understand that the general public was unaware what they were up to, and for some, particularly those invested in the arts community, this lack of communication and transparency was developing into a situation of wariness and distrust. My goal was to try and write a bit about the committee and the various good things they were doing as a step towards a solution. I was just getting to this when three things happened at once.

The Middle, Part 1:

  • I was informed via group email that I had been elected to full committee member, alongside another advisor, Ginette Pinazzo, who had been around longer than I had.
  • I was flattered, but I had not been asked if I wished to take on the responsibility, and I wasn’t sure I had the time or inclination, so I decided to think it over.
  • I ended up accepting about a week and a half later, in the midst of what follows…

The Middle, Part 2:

  • There was an ongoing protest in the LEA Sandbox regarding the banning of SaveMe Oh, and the general view that the LEA sucked (‘police state’ was a term thrown around a bit).
  • I popped round to try and see what I might do, as a NEW person, to diffuse what had already been a protracted and ugly dramafest between all sides.
  • I was actually treated just fine by this group and was able to talk and ask what they wished to see done or improved (besides the ban being lifted, which I had already shown favour for to the committee simply because I thought it had gone on long enough – I think this displeased some of the committee, and may be part of why things got so bad later on).
  • The main question that came up was ‘Who is even on the LEA, and what do they do?’ I had recently discovered that finding an up-to-date committee list was rather difficult, and it hadn’t even been put on the web site or blog. I had already been pressing for this so I thought this was a very valid question.
  • I emailed the group reporting this, and that I thought providing this information would be an easy and wonderful step forward into healing the breach that had developed. AND that I would be happy to be part of this solution by writing a post about us myself (Sasun Steinbeck and myself also talked about this privately and she really liked the idea).
  • In response, DanCoyote Antonelli sent an email with the following subject line: ‘Please do not make public information about the roles and composition of LEA without board consideration and approval.’ I found this rather outrageous, considering that this really was public info; and I was also affronted as I felt it called my professional judgement into question. In hindsight, I am sure my reaction to this was more outraged than it warranted (basically I was all WTF?!). I also want to make an important note that pretty much everyone else on the committee agreed that he spoke out of turn, and that what he was saying was wrong. He even admitted this later on. However this was the first major red flag for me, and really underscored this transparency issue in relation to how some of the committee viewed their role.

The Middle, part 3:

  • In the aftermath of announcing that LL would not organise SL9B, the committee began talking about whether or not we might participate in the community sponsored events. While it was suggested by bloggers that we have all these sims that could be used, this was not the case – all sims were already committed to land grant artists and special projects throughout the birthday period.
  • I personally suggested that we might take ONE of the core 9 sims and parcel it out for a small art festival as part of the wider celebrations. This idea was buried in the ensuing discussion, in which some claimed that the LEA ‘wasn’t about parties’, others claimed we should do it but only if LL gave us more sims, etc. etc.
  • Linden Labs, who have community reps on our email group but who do not actively participate in the LEA, offered to the LEA what Saffia Widdershins astutely called (in a private conversation with me later) a ‘poisoned chalice’ -  in the form of 12 sims for the birthday, and possibly events beyond, complete with strings attached.
  • The strings were that we would use manage the sims in an ongoing manner, and that they were to be used for community wide events, and not be limited to art.
  • Understandably, many members were hesitant as they ‘signed on’ to be an arts council, not manage community events for LL. Others (and I count myself amongst this group) also agreed with this, but did not want to see 12 free sims be easily denied the wider community, and sought another way forward. (Poisoned chalice: we accept them and we are suddenly responsible for things outwith our mission; we say no and we are elite art snobs that don’t care about the community, see?).
  • I’m going to leave out a LOT here, including an email thread I started questioning what our overarching goals were, in which I was specifically told by some that the LEA was NOT a transparent community organisation, in their view – which I found alarming, and I then questioned whether I wanted to be involved. Not everyone sees it this way, though.
  • After MUCH heated debate – a downward spiral of it really – we offered a counter-proposal to LL, to help form a NEW group that would operate like the LEA, but would serve to manage these sims for community events and festivals (yes, beyond SL9B, like Burn, etc.).
  • LL declined the counter offer, saying they would only turn the sims over to the LEA and didn’t want another new group.
  • It was during the course of this that I learned that while the core 9 sims were still owned by the lab, the ownership of the land grant sims had been split between DanCoyote Antonelli and Solo Mornington – both of whom were against taking more sims at all. To their credit, they went along with the majority vote on this new committee idea; however Antonelli at least did not wish to take on more liability in terms of the sims, which was fair. Other members were willing to do so (it was agreed LaPiscean Liberty would, for example), but this also seemed to be a problem for LL, or was reported to be.
  • It was also of concern that LL was contacting these two directly, as sim owners, and they were taking the meetings with the Lab alongside only one of the other ‘older’ members of their choosing, without extending an invitation to the group as a whole. It is reasonable that only 3 should meet, but the way this was handled, and seemed to exclude those with different views to them, was worrying.
  • After LL’s refusal, more debate ensued as members still tried to find a way forward, and things got truly ugly. In the midst, LL saved us the trouble of a decision by rescinding their offer, as it seemed unworkable.

The Beginning of the End:

  • I’m not going to rehash the arguments here, but suffice it to say that while all parties were trying to do what they thought best, pretty much everyone communicated VERY poorly at one point or another, myself included. In the end, there was a very deep schism in the group.
  • I simply don’t know how to write this next part without pointing the finger, it cannot be done. So I will state this as diplomatically as I can, but with awareness that I am sure my bias will come through. In the midst of this debate, DanCoyote Antonelli, from who myself and the other newly-elected member of the board, Ginette Pinazzo, held a different viewpoint, decided to call into question the validity of our election.
  • He first did this by saying that the LEA had never agreed that votes could be done by email – which was how the election was conducted. This complaint was fairly quickly shut down, though there was still contention about this from him and the other committee member who supported him. He continued to toss out terms like ‘due dilligence’ and ‘fast-track illegal vote’ via email, which many argued against (I kicked back and rolled my eyes – I wasn’t going to bother fighting that one as the burden of proof was on him).
  • Then, at the following LEA meeting whereby a final decision regarding the 12 sims was supposed to be discussed (post refusal of our counter offer), he took the reigns as Chair (there is no LEA chair but they share meeting chair duties), and brought up an agenda item (which he had placed at the top) in which he stated that by LEA rules (of which there are none in writing anywhere) all Board members had to be elected unanimously. Solo Mornington and Werner Kurasowa had not voted in this election (which in legal terms is an abstention, incidentally, although they debated this too). Therefore, we had never been elected. Antonelli was very calculatingly trying to manoeuvre a revote. And to his credit, he very neatly sidetracked everyone from further discussion of the 12 sims. It was smoothly played.
  • I walked out of the meeting, fed up, done, and not willing to stand for that kind of behaviour. Apparently no resolution was met.
  • I finished curating A Rusted Development at LEA 1 and IT ROCKS. Just sayin’. It opened the following weekend.
  • After emailing the group about the opening success and the wonderful catalogue PJ Trenton and I produced, Antonelli replied a congratulations, but that also he was sorry to again bring up bad news, but the inclusion of Bryn Oh’s work in the exhibit was in direct violation of LEA rules against Board members using the LEA to show their own work (reminder: the board has no written policies governing them), and that she should remove her work and apologise to the whole board. Thus extending his witch hunt to Bryn (who had also been very supportive of me and shared my opinion on most things).
  • Most committee members were outraged at this, and I wrote informing them I would be stepping away for a week to cool down as I was astounded at this behaviour. I stopped reading emails.

The End:

  • The following day, just before the regular Tuesday meeting, Sasun Steinbeck dropped a note of resignation on all LEA members. She was likewise fed up, although I was sad to see in her note she felt that I had spoken rudely to her. This was due to a comment that was actually not aimed at her at all, and which I should not have ever said (it was along the lines of telling people who didn’t want to be part of the solution to shut the fuck up, said in anger and stress). I have incidentally cleared that up with her, for which I am glad.
  • However, her leaving was for me the final straw, and I wrote my own resignation within the hour. It wasn’t worth it anymore for me.
  • After this, Viale Linden (who I guess is the Community Manager or something) asked to attend the next LEA meeting with other team members Lexie and Xiola Linden, to see if they could help sort out the problem (I’ll leave it to readers to be amused or not.)
  • No longer being a Board member, I didn’t attend. However, I did send an email before the meeting making it clear that for me, the biggest problem with the LEA is that they have no written policy for election, term limits, or any other important governing procedures outside of a mission statement and the policies for land grant sims, etc. Antonelli would never have been able to attempt what he did if these had been in place (or alternately, he would have had a leg to stand on if he could prove those policies existed).
  • After this meeting, I received another email from the Community Team, which they sent to all current and now former Board, asking what we thought went wrong, and if we were willing to stay or thought of leaving. I responded basically reiterating my concerns about policy, but also saying that I had already left, but were I to return under the right circumstances, the first thing I would do is insist on policy and more transparency. This was LAST week.
  • At this week’s meeting, the Community team attended and said something about a Board reshuffle, and that they would be emailing two members privately.
  • Dancoyote Antonelli and Ginette Pinazzo were emailed, and met with Linden Lab.

So, why do I bother writing all this NOW? Why not just leave it? Well, some things have transpired this week, and rumours are flying. And misinformation is starting to spread, and I don’t see the LEA rushing to write a press release to try and do any damage control in the form of saying what has actually transpired (which I would do if I were still involved). They are currently letting the rumour-mill write their history, which I think is a mistake, but to be fair, they’ve been so deep in sorting out this mess, and they really are a group of volunteers. Not like they have a PR department.

I believe in accuracy in information, and also that there is no one better to tell my own story than me. So now that I see my name being discussed elsewhere, I suppose I better take control of the information and let people have this tale straight from me. The above is my attempt to set the record straight, but apologies dear reader, I have just a bit more to say…

Two days ago, Antonelli chose to resign from the board. And yes, he DID choose that, and he DID resign. He wasn’t fired, as many are repeating everywhere, and here is why I say this: that same day, Ginette Pinazzo informed me that Antonelli had resigned, and copied his calm and professional resignation letter to me; shortly thereafter, she made the choice to inform SaveMe Oh that he had been fired (and SaveMe subsequently copy-pasted her IM into the LEA Sandbox group chat). I know that Ginette has felt incredibly angry about what has transpired, as I have. However, this was not taking the high road, and I wish she had. While speculation might tell us that Antonelli was asked to resign (as I imagine Ginette was also asked), it was rather unprofessional, I feel, of her to stir the pot in such a manner with misinformation.

Further, if he was in fact asked to step down, I’d like to at least note publicly that he did so quietly and with grace, for the greater good of the LEA. And for all the good work he has done for the LEA (and yes, he has done a lot), that should have been honoured. Perhaps it is splitting hairs, but being asked to resign, and choosing to do so gracefully, is different than being fired.

According to her own account, Pinazzo refused to step down when she was asked. She insisted on being fired. That was what she wanted, and so it is.

Also in her own account, she has insinuated that my resignation was because I was humiliated and forced to resign. Let me be clear: I left because I was fed up, because I knew I could not have a positive working relationship with Antonelli after what had happened, and because, as I said in my resignation, my ego is NOT bigger than the mission of the LEA. No one forced me… I took control and made my choice not to stay and stand for it. I decided I was better serving virtual art through writing and curating, because really, life is too freakin short.

But here is another important fact: THE LEA ROCKS. To all you naysayers? You are wrong. Well, maybe not completely wrong – they obviously have problems with communication and management. But hello, have you been over? See this post, and this… and yes, MINE… there is amazing freakin art at the LEA. And THAT is what it is all about.

And I’ll go ahead and start solving the transparency problem NOW with something I’ve long wanted to report: the selection process for the land grants is completely democratic, and wonderfully done. People have moaned about it being insider and cliqueish, and that is completely wrong. I wasn’t a voting member in the last round, but I was privy to the whole process, so I can report this without bias. Here is what they do:

  1. All applications are made available for everyone to read.
  2. Each member compiles a list of their top 20, privately, without discussion.
    • Now, on this I CAN say that while they didn’t discuss applications, they did chat a bit about criteria, and what I liked is that there was no one set criteria. Some voted for people whose work they knew, while some went solely on the application (and yes, some apps by very good artists were crap). Some only wanted new people who hadn’t had a grant before, while others thought those who had worked hard should be renewed. And everyone had a different view of what ‘virtual art’ should be: real or not, immersive or not, etc. So in the end, there was a wonderful check and balance happening with a variety of opinions represented.
  3. The top 20 are tabulated.
  4. This usually resulted in a few ties for the last few sims. In this last round I believe there was a tie of about 5 or 6 people who got 2 votes each, for 2 sims (in other words, 18 applicants had 3 votes or more). THESE tied artists get voted upon, and this is the only time where any public discussion is had, mostly along the lines of ‘does anyone feel particularly strongly’ or ‘where can we see their work’.
  5. The top 20 are notified. This is kept private until all accept, in case someone has changed their mind, in which case an alternate is selected.

And that is how it works. Incredibly fair. And incidentally, there aren’t nearly as many applications as people think. To my memory, more than half of applicants actually got sims.

Also, the LEA rocks for a whole bunch of projects I bet you didn’t even know about. Yes, Bryn organised the ever-entertaining Avatar Games, and there are events in the unique theatre built by architect Werner Kurasowa. But did you know that L1aura Loire has spearheaded a virtual education project called the School of Virtual Art? It has amazing potential, and really, more should know about this awesome endeavour.

Yes, the LEA is awesome, I am still a fan. It’s why I was happy – excited even – to be involved, and why I was incredibly disappointed things went as they did. They have not asked me to return, I don’t know if they will, and I don’t know if I would. I am happy to keep working with them as a curator, and as a writer, which is probably where I best fit.

So, there you have it. Call this what you like, an attempt at transparency, though I’m sure some will think it a form of retribution. But if I had wanted that, I would have fired something off weeks ago when I was mad. I feel very calm about the whole thing, and I think in the end the outcomes were good. I had planned to write a really clear think piece on Prim Perfect about the policy thing, the LEA’s good deeds, etc., but I realise I can’t. I can’t be an unbiased journalist on this. So here is the information – from my view – and I’ll let others who might wish to talk about it do so. Both Quan Lavender and Dividni Shostakovich have written eloquently on issues of the LEA, and were closer to the mark than I think they ever knew.

What I hope more than anything is that positive things come from all this. Policies that are clear. The understanding that the community is invested, and that the LEA should not strictly be an elite group of curators (I was told this by one of them), but rather by virtue of being given this responsibility, they ARE in fact beholden to the art community (I know several current members agree with this view). I hope they set term limits for service and make clear paths for new members to become involved, not those few of us who are lucky to be picked.

And I hope they continue being a positive force for virtual art. It is sorely needed.

Ginette Pinazzo And The Concrete LEA Wall

Ginette Pinazzo: just checking in to see how my favorite artiste is doing these days

SaveMe Oh: your favorite artist is just back from holidays

SaveMe Oh: could you wait that long?

Ginette Pinazzo: I’ve been watching your videos and reading your blog w/ fascination

Ginette Pinazzo: a lot of very funny stuff

Ginette Pinazzo: (and some serious stuff too)

SaveMe Oh: welcome in a sick world

Ginette Pinazzo: I know it!

Ginette Pinazzo: can I ask you a slightly serious question?

SaveMe Oh: yes, when it’s a good question I might answer it serious

Ginette Pinazzo: ok

Ginette Pinazzo: if you had to point your finger towards the very first moment….the very first incident or revelation…..that helped define your feelings about the LEA, what would that be?

Ginette Pinazzo: I am asking for personal reasons………(I have my own issues with LEA)

SaveMe Oh: The real problem started when I performed in the sim of Moti, next to the Pirats sim

Ginette Pinazzo: that was not too long ago, no?

SaveMe Oh: before that there were mild battles

SaveMe Oh: nothing serious

Ginette Pinazzo: battles? Really?

SaveMe Oh: with DanCoyote I already battle for years

Ginette Pinazzo: oh..hahaha…that can’t surprise me

Ginette Pinazzo: the LEA curmudgeon I call him

SaveMe Oh: and LEA is nothing new

SaveMe Oh: the history is repeating

SaveMe Oh: same happened in CARP

SaveMe Oh: UWA



Ginette Pinazzo: I have developed a simple theory…..

Ginette Pinazzo: it’s what I call SL’s middle management…..

Ginette Pinazzo: below the MM its fine….everyday people having everyday lives…..

Ginette Pinazzo: above the MM is the usual clueless LL

SaveMe Oh: self employed MM

Ginette Pinazzo: but once you encounter that MM………

Ginette Pinazzo: that layer of self-appointed self0important residents

Ginette Pinazzo: there are many nice people in the MM

Ginette Pinazzo: but there are those baaaaaaad apples

Ginette Pinazzo: so I understand part of your perspective, I think

Ginette Pinazzo: hey are you applying for free space at SL9B, by any chance?

SaveMe Oh: I never apply for this bullshit

SaveMe Oh: I can do what I want wherever I want

Ginette Pinazzo: hey you never know….it’s not an LL event anymore

SaveMe Oh: I am a free artist

Ginette Pinazzo: SL9B is free….in a lot of ways now

SaveMe Oh: I don’t need spaces

SaveMe Oh: such an old concept

Ginette Pinazzo: hahah……a rebel until the end..I do understand

SaveMe Oh: I can wear everything

SaveMe Oh: why I want a space?

Ginette Pinazzo: true

SaveMe Oh: But if you are in need you always can invite me

Ginette Pinazzo: ok

Ginette Pinazzo: depends on how the witch hunt at LEA goes today (I seem to be on trial)

Ginette Pinazzo: they are setting the fire now

SaveMe Oh: although in LEA I am still banned

Ginette Pinazzo: a Woman with a mind of her own tends to attract firewood

SaveMe Oh: they don’t like that at LEA

SaveMe Oh: If I have to beat them up tell me

Ginette Pinazzo: hahah if they are still left alive after I beat them, Ill le you know

SaveMe Oh: Dan is a bastard, Solo is a bastard and Sasun a bitch

SaveMe Oh: so good luck

SaveMe Oh: only Dekka is ok, but never there

Ginette Pinazzo: my issues with them are somewhat serious…….professional ethics, discrimination, disenfranchisement……..I honestly have worked extremely hard to help the place (and I’ve carried much of the weight…..)…….but if they fire me, I will go very public…….I do hope it can be turned around, though…I have to try, at least

Ginette Pinazzo: so let’s see how it goes today

SaveMe Oh: wear a good helmet if they already have the firing squad ready

Ginette Pinazzo: they will have to fire me…I want them to FEEL it….I won’t resign

SaveMe Oh: they can’t beat art, that why we win in the end

Ginette Pinazzo: of course

Ginette Pinazzo: and if they fire me, they will just implode themselves…..it’s at a breaking point

SaveMe Oh: When I had my other battles in art sims it was always about content

SaveMe Oh: and then the police

Ginette Pinazzo: this is one reason I wanted to talk w/ you…to see how genuine you’re feelings were about the corruption………nothing can’t be fixed with good intentions………I just wanted more context

SaveMe Oh: in LEA its only police

Ginette Pinazzo: I think it’s even dumber than that

Ginette Pinazzo: its simple mongers power-mongers

Ginette Pinazzo: it’s the ‘old guard’ (3 people) and the majority who are nice, new people with insights and progress in mind

SaveMe Oh: yes, that’s so strange in LEA

SaveMe Oh: no vision

Ginette Pinazzo: most in LEA are good…have vision…..youthful aspirations……..understanding of what it takes to become more inclusive

Ginette Pinazzo: but they are perpetually blocked by a few micromanagers who seems to like their own words a bit too much

SaveMe Oh: some are living there permanent and think the place is theirs

Ginette Pinazzo: LL has tried to get more people and fresh voices into LEA…..today will be a test to see if that succeeds…or will the trinity of fools win

SaveMe Oh: now be a nice girl and give me the chat log after

SaveMe Oh: haha

Ginette Pinazzo: hahah are you kidding?

SaveMe Oh: of course not

SaveMe Oh: drama is the highest art

Ginette Pinazzo: these people asked me to LEAVE a meeting recently…so they could talk about me….and THEN even they wouldn’t give ME a chat log

SaveMe Oh: and not that silly primglueing

Ginette Pinazzo: trust me, if they fire me, you’ll get the exclusive interview of a lifetime

SaveMe Oh: deal

Ginette Pinazzo: if they don’t, LEA will become a better place you won’t hate anymore

SaveMe Oh: and when you don’t give it me I will invent the story myself

Ginette Pinazzo: haha

SaveMe Oh: And I don’t hate LEA

Ginette Pinazzo: actually, I’m pretty transparent……my material is everywhere…won’t be hard to research

SaveMe Oh: it’s giving a lot of inspiration

Ginette Pinazzo: though I heard some of those bloggers are just too lazy to do any research

SaveMe Oh: I never research, or I get it or I invent it

Ginette Pinazzo: so right now, I am basically being targeted by the trinity: DC, Sasun and Solo

SaveMe Oh: they are the idiots

SaveMe Oh: I don’t understand their goal

SaveMe Oh: Dan’s I understand

Ginette Pinazzo: and Sasun resigned, blaming me for everything, probably including the eruption of Mt Vesuvius, who knows

SaveMe Oh: Dan wants free building space

Ginette Pinazzo: Dan is an outdated and irrelevant hippie…..somehow tolerated

SaveMe Oh: and a direct connection to LL

SaveMe Oh: the other 2 are a mystery to me

Ginette Pinazzo: sure….LL seems to trust the worst of the lot….interesting irony, eh?

SaveMe Oh: they must have nothing better to do

Ginette Pinazzo: actually sasun tries very hard…and has done good work….but gets blinded sometimes when the chaos starts……..her intentions are good…….but she slips when things get rocky

Ginette Pinazzo: solo is just a mess….no comments until later

Ginette Pinazzo: let’s see how today goes

SaveMe Oh: Sasun banned me and never speaks with me

SaveMe Oh: end of contact

SaveMe Oh: easy, isn’t it?

Ginette Pinazzo: yeah..I know what you mean

Ginette Pinazzo: ok…here’s my interpretation, based on the little I saw…PLDS tell me if I am close…………

SaveMe Oh: try me

Ginette Pinazzo: LEA is a buraucracy of sorts……as such; it should expect to be lampooned…….

Ginette Pinazzo: I would expect it

Ginette Pinazzo: so….

Ginette Pinazzo: you lampoon it, protest it, etc….as it often deserves……

Ginette Pinazzo: the Trinity of LEA are not used to this stuff…….

Ginette Pinazzo: they overact……

Ginette Pinazzo: you create those 3 statues…..

SaveMe Oh: and now they are famous

Ginette Pinazzo: (which really, who even would get the reference from the general public about those…)

SaveMe Oh: nobody

Ginette Pinazzo: so solo sees the statues and cant laugh…he takes it TOO serious,

SaveMe Oh: but in their important self images they think the entire world will see it

Ginette Pinazzo: so they overreact and make themselves ten times worse as burocrats

Ginette Pinazzo: solo should have just laughed those statues off

Ginette Pinazzo: he actually made it personal

SaveMe Oh: they show perfect how dictatorships work

Ginette Pinazzo: when true professional would have just laughed it off

Ginette Pinazzo: did any of the content truly break TOS or CS? (Honestly?) I am not sure

Ginette Pinazzo: if it did, they simply could have reported you and left it at that

Ginette Pinazzo: I won’t get into. it…but let’s assume for a moment I am ‘famous’ enough to have a public image……I expect some press or lampooning…it goes with the territory

Ginette Pinazzo: I’d prefer to have you as my friend than enemy

Ginette Pinazzo: and I mean that sincerely, not as some type of strategy

SaveMe Oh: My friends never have me as enemy

Ginette Pinazzo: yay…good

SaveMe Oh: they only are sometimes angry with me

SaveMe Oh: that’s all

SaveMe Oh: And the TOS I use as toilet paper

Ginette Pinazzo: haha

Ginette Pinazzo: nice chatting w/ you…I am off to the burning

Ginette Pinazzo: I may become very depressed afterwards…or not….it depends

Ginette Pinazzo: but it’s been nice talking

Ginette Pinazzo: if things do go very badly…..remember me kindly

SaveMe Oh: I will remind you on my blog, I promise

First LEA Plea Bargain By Larkworthy Antfarm

Dear LEA curators:

Please consider lifting the ban on Save Me Oh for humanitarian reasons. As an artist, hers has been a very hard life. Abandoned at birth by her mother, she was raised by her eccentric polygamist father who daily fed he…r small portions of poisonous plants in order to make her immune to all known toxins. He hoped to create the ultimate art critic fatale in order to avenge himself upon the world that spurned his “sperm” art that he spewed in a veritable fountain of expressionist gush in the direction of anyone who caught his attention. She has never known a normal existence. Her first kiss when she was the tender age of 12 resulted in the death of the boy. Her first sexual experiences took place after she was kidnapped by a band of excommunicated nuns who abused her and left her in the hands of a convent of Dutch art forgers who forced her to learn how to paint fake Thomas Kinkaid’s in spite of the fact that she has always longed to be a fauvist and grow a mustache like Dali or Frieda. The nuns beat her everyday and often injected her with linseed oil in order to keep her from running away. Over the years, she was forced to produce velvet Elvis art, card playing dogs, and pictures of Jesus that bled from the eyes on command. Eventually she snapped. She set her captors hair on fire while they slept and afterwards, the balding nuns shipped her off to a secret research lab where the scientists taught her to perform Pavlovian dog tricks and then sent her to live in a Hungarian circus where she was forced to wear magic underwear and sleep with underage ex-polygamist sisterwives of her father. Oddly, they all looked like her and this made her question for the first time the purity of her father’s love. As a result of her treatment, she has developed a severe allergy to men with mustaches and anything that smells like carbolic acid. She cannot deny that she has relieved herself on the leg of more than one LEA curator, but she insists this is a sign of affection. She has posthumously forgiven all whom she has trespassed against. She has swallowed syrup of ipecac and bathed in smelling salts so that the committee would find her pleasing to the eye and nose. Please please release her from the bondage of being banned. Save her. The life you save may be your oh.

Why You Don’t Obey?


 Why you don’t obey?


We could solve the problem!


I smell a solution!


 I feel a solution coming for a few seconds!


I am all ears!


 I think the solution is a little lower!


 Sometimes a solution is close at hand! 


 This solution might hurt a little!  


Grab the solution!


Ruling need wider horizons! 


You get there when you work on it! 

Solo Mornington Ejects More Than An Average Man Of His Age

Solo Mornington: You have been ejected from ‘LEA Art Sandbox’ by Solo Mornington.

SaveMe Oh: Coward

SaveMe Oh: when will I be unbanned?

Solo Mornington: please do not be abusive to me in IMs.

SaveMe Oh: You are already abusing me for months now

Solo Mornington: I banned you for violating the rules of the LEA Art Sandbox.

Solo Mornington: and that is not abuse.

SaveMe Oh: there is not any rule that gives you that right

SaveMe Oh: nor your collaborators

SaveMe Oh: you are violating my freedom

Solo Mornington: please do not continue to abuse me in IMs.

SaveMe Oh: you keep me prisoner

SaveMe Oh: you condemn me on a self acclaimed base

SaveMe Oh: you play GOD

SaveMe Oh: who I assume you are not

Solo Mornington: this is my third request: please do not continue to abuse me in IMs.

SaveMe Oh: You are a criminal misusing your undeserved power on free citizens

SaveMe Oh: you have no right to do so

SaveMe Oh: you are not my father, you are not a judge, you are not the police, and you are not my guard dog.

SaveMe Oh: And I would like to add that you started this IM

SaveMe Oh: so don’t complain when you get a response

SaveMe Oh: And your close Linden friends for sure pointed out to you that you have a muting button

SaveMe Oh: besides changing the rules at your will and accusing me now from abuse so you have a next file to send to your friends, anything else?

Solo Mornington: interestingly, I never claimed to be any of these things: “you are not my father, you are not a judge, you are not the police, and you are not my guard dog”

SaveMe Oh: I don’t care what you claim; I mention what you try pretending to be

Solo Mornington: you are imagining things.

SaveMe Oh: on shallow grounds

SaveMe Oh: you are the prototype of a corrupt ruler

Solo Mornington: anyway. I’m off. Have fun pounding sand.

SaveMe Oh: why not chance that, it’s not too late for you to become a normal human being

Solo Mornington: I asked you nicely to stop abusing me in IM.

Solo Mornington: 3 times.

SaveMe Oh: I nicely asked you 100 times to unban me, but you must get horny from making a power play out of it

Solo Mornington: when I don’t mute you, you call me a coward. If I were to mute you, you’d call me a coward.

Solo Mornington: so instead I ask nicely, like an adult.

Solo Mornington: please stop abusing me in IM.

SaveMe Oh: why can’t I call you a coward when you are one, that’s not abuse

SaveMe Oh: how you call somebody who is a coward, coward in a not abusive way?


What Solo Mornington Soon Will Say

My fellow Americans,

With proud I accept the offer from the Linden to stay in power forever as I know it is based on their appreciation of how I handle things.

Under my responsibility the LEA sims are in a permanent state of high activity where obeying artists work their ass off for the benefit of the Linden without complaining.

Also the way I handled the disgusting situation with the troll SaveMe Oh, who terrorizes the grid now already for over more than 5 years is a reason for the Linden to keep me in power for as long as my second life lasts.

How did I tackle the SaveMe Oh problem? First you keep DanCoyote Antonelli, who owns the sims for the Linden and Sasus Steinbeck, who kills for the Linden stay out of sight so they can do their dirty work unnoticed, secondly you drop 2 complete fools like PatriciaAnne Daviau and Eddi Decosta (who may play once in a while the troll Znort Gant himself) in the sim to hand out the recipe of blueberry cheesecake when somebody asks them a reasonable question.

And SaveMe Oh you just ban forever knowing that her silly minions and acolytes will start to cry and moan. But my fellow Americans, where do they cry and moan? Precisely, they do it in our sim every night so that is a guarantee for a high visitor’s level what is exactly what the Linden want. In a way is banning the troll SaveMe Oh also an endowment for the arts as we all know that the childish SaveMe Oh will do everything to fight the ban, resulting in the production of a high number of alts, projects, movies and artworks. In that way you almost can call me the muse of SaveMe Oh. When I would not ban her she would all day sitting on a chair with that art snob Rose Borchovski, looking in each others eyes saying “honneponnetje”, “schatteboutje” and “suikerhartje” against each other.

Now, because of me we create a furious SaveMe Oh, Rose Borchovski, Marmaduke Arado, Kikas Babenco, Kandinsky Beaumont, Cat Shilova, Larkworthy Antfarm and Ziki Questi or whaterver the names may be of this sad bunch of people, and they create, and create, and create. Doing exactly what I want them to do, artists who promote the Linden.

Of course I know that SaveMe has already an army of new alts spying around in LEA as she is to curious to stay away but that is fine with me because I know, when visitors numbers will drop again, I will ban every alt of her until visitors numbers will rise again. Because we all know that people who pay for Secondlife don’t come for the watercolors of Josina Burgess, the who is afraid of purple, orange and yellow of Betty Omo or the particlefarts of Tyrehl Byk, they come for good drama. Created by me, Solo Mornington. But to make it more simple, you all may call me GOD.

Hangman’s Lament

Solo Mornington: so SaveMe is a commodity?

Dancoyote Antonelli: I thought just a troll?

Dancoyote Antonelli: a sociopath posing as an artist…

Dancoyote Antonelli: ban the bullies

Dancoyote Antonelli: Ban no one who isn’t hurting others!

Dancoyote Antonelli: but she’s muted!

Dancoyote Antonelli: bwaaaaaaaahhhhh

Dancoyote Antonelli: I wonder why!

Dancoyote Antonelli: I wanted to come and be at the party

Dancoyote Antonelli: protesting you being mean to everyone

Dancoyote Antonelli: about defending the rights of an ASSHOLE

Dancoyote Antonelli: of a poser

Dancoyote Antonelli: of a sociopath posing as an artist

Dancoyote Antonelli: I didn’t ban anyone

Dancoyote Antonelli: I wasn’t there

Solo Mornington: DC’s a lover not a banner

Dancoyote Antonelli: I don’t know the details

Dancoyote Antonelli: if you attack other people it’s not art

Dancoyote Antonelli: I don’t speak for anyone but me

Solo Mornington: why do you think that someone who has lied about me, compared me to Hitler, and generally started a bunch of shit around me would get the benefit of the doubt?

Dancoyote Antonelli: now I wanna be your dog!

Solo Mornington: her attacks against me *are* about me.

Dancoyote Antonelli: if you attack people with your art it is not art but assault

Dancoyote Antonelli: it is violence

Solo Mornington: we’re volunteers you know.

Solo Mornington: assault and abuse of *people*.

Dancoyote Antonelli: abuse is not art

Dancoyote Antonelli: it is violence

Dancoyote Antonelli: if you attacked someone with your art in RL you would go to jail

Dancoyote Antonelli: I am not going to shut up

Dancoyote Antonelli: stop with your illusion of censorship

Dancoyote Antonelli: nobody hear is censoring you

Dancoyote Antonelli: we are interacting

Dancoyote Antonelli: nobody here as privilege

Dancoyote Antonelli: I don’t have any power other than my free speech

Dancoyote Antonelli: just like you

Dancoyote Antonelli: and if I violated TOS

Dancoyote Antonelli: I would get banned too

Dancoyote Antonelli: her act is about hate

Dancoyote Antonelli: she hates

Dancoyote Antonelli: that is what she does

Dancoyote Antonelli: it is her art

Dancoyote Antonelli: it is cyber bullying

Solo Mornington: if it is, it’s bad art.

Dancoyote Antonelli: what about abuse of people

Dancoyote Antonelli: what about abusing other people with your art?

Solo Mornington: SaveMe was abusive here, so she’s banned. That’s all there is to it.

Dancoyote Antonelli: art that abuses others is not art

Dancoyote Antonelli: it is violence

Dancoyote Antonelli: posing as art

Dancoyote Antonelli: using art as an excuse to hate

Dancoyote Antonelli: who has been abusing people and stalking people for years

Dancoyote Antonelli: for years

Dancoyote Antonelli: on facebook

Dancoyote Antonelli: in SL

Dancoyote Antonelli: a stalker

Dancoyote Antonelli: an abuser

Dancoyote Antonelli: a stalker and serial abuser

Dancoyote Antonelli: her acolytes don’t know the real story

Dancoyote Antonelli: they aren’t let in on the real activity

Dancoyote Antonelli: in RL there are police

Dancoyote Antonelli: and there is rule of law

Dancoyote Antonelli: in this space

Dancoyote Antonelli: there is only personal honor and compassion

Dancoyote Antonelli: TOS

Dancoyote Antonelli: a stalker

Dancoyote Antonelli: and a serial attacker

And God Saw That It Was Good

First the Solo God made his wallet & his ass. His ass was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Solo God said, “Let there be asslickers”; and there were asslickers. And the Solo God felt the licking was good and it brought some light in his tunnel of darkness. The Solo God made the asslickers bringing some light in his wallet while they were licking the darkness away. And there was wealth and there was power, one day.

And the Solo God said, ” Let there be a Licking Every Ass (LEA) SIM in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the asslickers from the assholes.”

And the Solo God made a pocket for his wallet on his ass and called it Heaven. And there was evening and there was morning, a second day. And the Solo God said, “Let the asslickers gather together around my ass and lick the dry pieces away.” And it was so. And the Solo God saw that it was good.

I Have The Right To Kill Her

Kikas Babenco: and the only way you can handle SaveMe is banning her?

Solo Mornington: I’m sorry, but as a well known public figure that has been subject to violent personal attacks I have the right to kill her.

Marmaduke Arado: just some simple questions

Marmaduke Arado: and not a single answer

Marmaduke Arado: the Lindens in the sky are too busy counting money

Solo Mornington: I’m sorry, but as a well known public figure that has been subject to violent personal attacks I have the right to kill her.

Marmaduke Arado: the question was how long will the ban last, and who has the power to decide that

ush Underwood: maybe we are talking to the wrong person .. and the right one doesn’t exist

Marmaduke Arado: yes ush

Solo Mornington: I’m sorry, but as a well known public figure that has been subject to violent personal attacks I have the right to kill her.

ush Underwood: solo .. why not ban Van Gogh?

Marmaduke Arado: History will tell who made the biggest mistake…

Solo Mornington: I’m sorry, but as a well known public figure that has been subject to violent personal attacks I have the right to kill her.

Marmaduke Arado: you surely know about the Salon des Refusés

ush Underwood: in Germany once they burned art

ush Underwood: Nazis

ush Underwood: Hitler

Kikas Babenco: they were trolls

Marmaduke Arado: do you know the name of any artist who was approved by the LEA of the time?

Solo Mornington: I’m sorry, but as a well known public figure that has been subject to violent personal attacks I have the right to kill her.

Marmaduke Arado: the Napoleon committee who selected the “safe” artists

ush Underwood: what is another word for COWARD, maybe SOLO?

Kikas Babenco: are you god?

Marmaduke Arado: the future’s not here yet for us to know

Marmaduke Arado: I believe the art books of the future will mention SaveMe while the LEA approved ones will be a footnote at best

Marmaduke Arado: may be wrong…

Marmaduke Arado: of course I’m just a “fan”

Marmaduke Arado: but I’d advise you to read Vaneesa Blaylock’s post about SaveMe.http://vaneeesa.com/2012/03/31/the-minority-report-on-saveme-oh/

Solo Mornington: I’m sorry, but as a well known public figure that has been subject to violent personal attacks I have the right to kill her.

ush Underwood: weasel words solo

Solo Mornington: I’m sorry, but as a well known public figure that has been subject to violent personal attacks I have the right to kill her.

Marmaduke Arado: Soror Nishi seems to be a “fan” of her too

Marmaduke Arado: but I digress, I don’t want to convince anyone of nothing

Marmaduke Arado: I’m going now, good night Solo!

Solo Mornington: I’m sorry, but as a well known public figure that has been subject to violent personal attacks I have the right to kill her.

LEA Declaration Of SaveMe’s Rights

Article 5

SaveMe Oh shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment by Solo Mornington, Sasun Steinbeck, DanCoyote Antonelli or one of their representatives.

Article 7

All are equal before the law except SaveMe Oh and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law except SaveMe Oh. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination except SaveMe Oh.

Article 12

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence except SaveMe Oh’s. Her privacy and family and friends can be harrased as much as possible and attacks upon her honour and reputation are strongly encouraged. Everyone has after harrassing SaveMe Oh the right to the protection of the law as we are the law.

Article 29

(1)  Everyone has duties to the LEA community in which alone the free and full development of our personality is possible if we kill SaveMe Oh.

(2)  In the exercise of his rights and freedoms, everyone shall be subject only to such limitations as are determined by law solely for the purpose of securing due recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of the LEA community and of meeting the just requirements of our morality, public order and the LEA committee’s welfare in a the society we rule.

(3)  These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of LEA.

Instead Your Ghandi Look You Should Wear Your Idi Amin Shape

Last night my artwork LICKING EVERY ASS was in full swing in the LEA sandbox attracting herds of visitors, this morning Hangman Mornington decided it was enough, for sure after a big talk with his bosses Sasun Steinbeck and DanCoyote Antonelli. I got the work returned. So I rezzed it again.

SaveMe Oh: somebody accidentally returned it

Solo Mornington: no accident. :-)

Solo Mornington: it’s a personal attack against three people.

Solo Mornington: please remove it.

SaveMe Oh: you had a voting?

SaveMe Oh: it’s not against people, it’s against avatars

Solo Mornington: please remove it.

SaveMe Oh: who plays boss here


Solo Mornington warning twice!

Solo Mornington: I said please twice. :-)

SaveMe Oh: you are the hangman

SaveMe Oh: do your job

SaveMe Oh: you might want to look like Ghandi, it was better you wear an Idi Amin shape

Solo Mornington: I’m telling you: the *reason* it has to go is because it is personal.

SaveMe Oh: No its not, Solo Mornington is not a person; this work is a reflection on dictatorial tendencies in a virtual world.

Solo Mornington: well then it fails on a number of levels.

SaveMe Oh: Again, I am not interested in the opinion of a hangman

SaveMe Oh: It’s my right to say what I want, if you like it or not

SaveMe Oh: I don’t make things in the hope you like it

Solo Mornington: I’m not saying I like or dislike it. I’m saying it fails as a statement.

Solo Mornington: wouldn’t be the first piece around here to fail. :-)

SaveMe Oh: When an artworks triggers your need to have an opinion it works very well

Solo Mornington: the reason it has to go is because it’s a personal attack.

Solo Mornington: and there are 30,000 other sims where you can go have your opinion.

SaveMe Oh: Art is personal

Solo Mornington: ok, discussion over. :-)

SaveMe Oh: Good thing is you are not a person, so it won’t hurt that much

Solo Mornington: I *am* a person, typing through an avatar.

Solo Mornington: this doesn’t hurt me, but we have rules about personal attacks.

In LEA groupchat:

SaveMe Oh: He is almost killing me

SaveMe Oh: Solo Mornington

SaveMe Oh: the hangman of LEA

SaveMe Oh: when you want to see my work in LEA, be quick

SaveMe Oh: he already returned it once

SaveMe Oh: it’s in the sandbox

SaveMe Oh: He just banned me!

Warp Bubble: I know, let’s all discuss it at length in an inappropriately public forum… that’ll make them change their minds.

SaveMe Oh: If someone wants the banned and returned artwork, please IM me and I will send it to you

Solo Mornington waves.

SaveMe Oh: And feel free to place it in the LEA sandbox yourself, if you dare

Solo Mornington: LEA Art Sandbox has a rule against personal attacks.

SaveMe Oh: Are Solo Mornington. Sasun Steinbeck and DanCoyote Antonelli persons?

Solo Mornington: You have been ejected from ‘LEA Art Sandbox’ by Solo Mornington.

“Trolling And Whining” Says Papa Solo

SaveMe Oh: She will not answer

SaveMe Oh: she loves to play the stupid

SaveMe Ordinary: they really park her here to do nothing?

SaveMe Oh: looks like

SaveMe Oh: but now we have intimidated her and she lost her tongue

SaveMe Ordinary: can’t you call that Sasun here?

PatriciaAnne Daviau: oh sorry was on the phone

PatriciaAnne Daviau: I’ll talk to Sasun when I catch her online and see what she says about the ban

SaveMe Ordinary: promise?

PatriciaAnne Daviau: but it is up to her about the outcome

PatriciaAnne Daviau: yes I promise I will ask her

SaveMe Ordinary: ok

PatriciaAnne Daviau: then this matter will be done as far as I am concerned

SaveMe Oh: as we are concerned we will see

PatriciaAnne Daviau: ツ that will be up to you

SaveMe Oh: there you shall have it

SaveMe Ordinary: oh dear

Solo Mornington: how hangeth it?

SaveMe Oh: better not look

SaveMe Ordinary: I won’t

Solo Mornington: heya Werner. :-)

Werner Kurosawa: Hi Solo

Werner Kurosawa: Hi SaveMe oh

SaveMe Oh: omg another traitor, Mr. Mikado

SaveMe Ordinary: the one from the spaghetti buildings?

SaveMe Oh: yes, ssshhh

Solo Mornington: two saveme’s. A rose by any other name. :-)

SaveMe Oh: Looks like the tribunal is all set and done

Solo Mornington: what tribunal?

SaveMe Oh: will they shoot us at the stand?

Solo Mornington: lighten up.

SaveMe Ordinary: better close your eyes

Werner Kurosawa: Denk ik niet geld in elk geval niet voor ieder van ons

Solo Mornington: no sense of humor at all, those SaveMe’s.

SaveMe Ordinary: are those the ones who keep you banned here all the time?

SaveMe Oh: yes, that’s the ones

SaveMe Oh: the self acclaimed tribunal

Werner Kurosawa: Don’t count me in

Entering chat range: Eddi Decosta (18m)

SaveMe Oh: I’m also banned at you place Werner

SaveMe Oh: so I also count you in

Solo Mornington: so, like, what exactly are you hoping to provoke here?

Werner Kurosawa: which place save me oh?

SaveMe Oh: the flying saucer of yours

Werner Kurosawa: I don’t have a place

Werner Kurosawa: LEA 9 isn’t mine

SaveMe Oh: where you work with that DC type

SaveMe Ordinary: omg Znort Gant is also here

SaveMe Oh: he denies he is Znort

SaveMe Ordinary: will we ever know?

SaveMe Oh: now we only have to wait for Sasun to finish me off

Solo Mornington: clearly that’s the desired outcome. :-)

SaveMe Ordinary: My sister don’t want that

SaveMe Ordinary: I assure you

SaveMe Oh: Solo always accuses me from wanting that

SaveMe Oh: don’t know why?

Solo Mornington: and you never deny it. :-)

SaveMe Oh: Maybe to clean his conscience

SaveMe Oh: I always deny it

SaveMe Oh: Eddi/Znort may be a ban collector, I am not

Solo Mornington: well, if you’re not a ban collector, why are you clearly trying to get banned?

SaveMe Oh: I am not trying at all

SaveMe Oh: I cheer up events here, I help you out, and so what is the problem

Solo Mornington: you have a history of harassing LEA committee members, and now you’re making it personal with three of them.

Solo Mornington and PatriciaAnne Daviau playing Mama and Papa.

Eddi Decosta playing innocent while SaveMe Ordinary and SaveMe Oh stand trial.

SaveMe Ordinary: yes, why you Americans have not any sense of humor

Solo Mornington: so clearly you’re trolling for a ban.

SaveMe Oh: no, I am already asking for weeks why I was banned from the region, and all of you don’t give me an answer

SaveMe Oh: am I banned for ever from the region? For weeks, what’s it going to be?

SaveMe Oh: why Sasun don’t answer?

Solo Mornington: ok, so you’re doing this, in order to get an answer as to why you were banned before?

SaveMe Oh: no, two things

Solo Mornington: ok, so then you weren’t being honest when you said it was why you’re doing this.

SaveMe Oh: I want an answer, and this work is a general artwork in reaction how things work here

Solo Mornington: ok, so it’s an artwork about your perspective of getting banned.

SaveMe Oh: And what has honesty to do with this?

SaveMe Oh: No this work is general

SaveMe Oh: for LEA

SaveMe Oh: was already an issue before I was banned

SaveMe Oh: and when you want to be honest you also know that

Solo Mornington: ok, so then it has nothing at all to do with getting banned, despite your having said that it was related to your getting banned.

SaveMe Ordinary: for months

SaveMe Oh: I don’t say it’s related

SaveMe Oh: LEA in general is one thing

SaveMe Oh: the banning from Sasun another

Solo Mornington: I only know that you troll people and then whine when they do something about it.

SaveMe Oh: you always say that but you are wrong

Solo Mornington: see?

SaveMe Oh: Znort is a troll

Solo Mornington: :-)

SaveMe Oh: I am not

Solo Mornington: you’re a troll, saveme.

SaveMe Ordinary: She really isn’t trust me

SaveMe Ordinary: I know her

Solo Mornington: you have placed a personal insult against me right here on this land I manage, in order to put me in a bind: either I ban you and you get what you want, or your troll art stays, and you get what you want, both at my expense

SaveMe Ordinary and SaveMe Oh licking the ass of Solo Morington and DanCoyote Antonelli.

Solo Mornington,PatriciaAnne Daviau, Eddi Decosta and Oberon Onmura don’t dare to lick Sasun Steinbeck.

Solo Mornington: we in the adult world call that ‘bullying.’

SaveMe Oh: did you already try the work btw

Solo Mornington: I do not want to give any of your scripts permission to animate me.

SaveMe Oh: what you think that the attack from Sasun on me means?

Solo Mornington: I really can’t discuss that.

SaveMe Oh: you only think the world turns around you?

Solo Mornington: nope.

SaveMe Oh: you all hide behind Sasun Steinbeck and let her do the trigger work?

Solo Mornington: I’m not hiding behind anyone. You’re welcome to say whatever you want to my little virtual face here.

SaveMe Ordinary: she does, she does

Solo Mornington: no, she doesn’t. She only wants things.

SaveMe Oh: no I contribute

SaveMe Oh: a lot

SaveMe Oh: I cheer up the things here

SaveMe Oh: make it alive

SaveMe Oh: show the direction

Solo Mornington: mild distraction, yes.

SaveMe Oh: and what do I get??? A ban.

SaveMe Oh: from the narrow-minded

Solo Mornington: yah, of course. You broke the rules.

SaveMe Ordinary: Artist under rules?

Solo Mornington: yah, there are rules.

Solo Mornington: just like everywhere.

SaveMe Oh: Everyone can mute and derender, you know that

SaveMe Oh: so don’t be so pathetic

SaveMe Oh: as the keeper of the rules

Solo Mornington: a skilled artist can manipulate the rules, bend them to their will. This is what saveme oh is trying to do.

Solo Mornington: but not really succeeding at.

SaveMe Oh: you invent those rules

SaveMe Oh: and I have to listen?

Solo Mornington: they’re reasonable rules.

SaveMe Oh: that’s the deal?

Solo Mornington: I’m hearing a lot of whining.

SaveMe Oh: and what makes you that superior to set the rules?

Solo Mornington: not seeing much art.

Solo Mornington: I’m not superior. I just happen to be talking right now about the rules.

SaveMe Oh: it’s not that important what you think, you are not the judge, or are you?

SaveMe Oh: or now you also are the specialist on what is art or not?

Solo Mornington: still hearing lots of whining.

Solo Mornington: do you have something to add?

SaveMe Oh: is that your newest sentence when you don’t know it anymore?

SaveMe Oh: now you also want to play my daddy?

SaveMe Oh: so rules, and behavior advises?

Solo Mornington: what exactly are we discussing, saveme?

SaveMe Oh: something more?

SaveMe Oh: I would like to discuss why I am banned from the region by Sasun Steinbeck

Solo Mornington: you’d have to ask Sasun.

SaveMe Oh: and why that is still so

SaveMe Oh: and Sasun doesn’t answer

Solo Mornington: I’m pretty sure she has you muted, though.

SaveMe Oh: exactly

SaveMe Oh: so?

Solo Mornington: so?

SaveMe Oh: I keep on asking forever?

SaveMe Oh: is that the tactics?

SaveMe Oh: very smart

SaveMe Ordinary: sometimes they also try to be funny, SaveMe, you have to allow them

Solo Mornington: if you want to know what’s on her mind you have to ask her.

Solo Mornington: <– not a mind reader.

SaveMe Oh: you are not all together in this?

SaveMe Oh: One day you are a committee, the other day nobody knows

Solo Mornington: in what way do you mean?

Oberon Onmura: hey kids

SaveMe Oh: in the way that Sasun is not the ruler I guess

Solo Mornington: I don’t have to tell you what the committee’s opinion is on that, and I can’t tell you what sasun thinks about it.

Solo Mornington: heya Oberon. :-)

Solo Mornington: we’re in the middle of troll time.

Solo Mornington: it’s kind of amusing.

SaveMe Oh: So if Sasun decides to kill me you all stand by and watch?

Oberon Onmura: oh fun

Solo Mornington: you’re not dead are you?

SaveMe Ordinary: She is really adding something, look at the audience

Solo Mornington: there are like thirty thousand sims you could go annoy people at.

SaveMe Ordinary: and it’s even not announced

SaveMe Oh: yes, they say they hate it but they come as flies

Solo Mornington: actually they’re all here to see me. :-)


SaveMe Oh: so, can you unban me from Oberon sim?

SaveMe Oh: as I assume he would like to see me there

SaveMe Ordinary: Yes Oberon really loves you

Solo Mornington: see? Trolling.

SaveMe Oh: no, asking a friend

SaveMe Oh: Oberon, you want me banned at your sim?

Oberon Onmura: I’m always welcoming

SaveMe Oh: yes you are

SaveMe Oh: but these creeps keep me banned

Oberon Onmura: I missed the event

SaveMe Oh: I would do an event for you anytime, you know that

SaveMe Oh: but now I cant

Oberon Onmura: yes – thanks.

Oberon Onmura: hi Werner

Werner Kurosawa: Hi Obe

Werner Kurosawa: are you having Tea?

Oberon Onmura: the farting DC dog is pretty neat

Eddi Decosta: ok Wener have a good one :)

SaveMe Oh: Obi you dont have the DC dog?

Oberon Onmura: no

SaveMe Oh: I gave that out 2 years ago

Oberon Onmura: I have a new blue mask that makes flute sounds

SaveMe Oh: 500 linden

SaveMe Oh: pfff

Oberon Onmura: yes, it was expensive

SaveMe Oh: the dog is for free

Oberon Onmura: thanks

Oberon Onmura: :-)

SaveMe Ordinary: she is always so generous

SaveMe Oh: pity Solo doesnt know that

SaveMe Oh: he only wants to spank me

Solo Mornington: you keep asking me why I don’t do something I can’t do, so all you know is what you asked.

Slaves Obey Their Masters

Slaves of LEA, be obedient to those who are your masters according to the TOS, with fear and trembling, in the sincerity of your art; not by way of eyeservice, as men-pleasers, but as slaves of LEA, doing the will of the Linden Lord from the heart. With good will render service, as to DanCoyote Antonelli, and not to men, knowing that whatever good thing each one does, this he will receive back from the Linden Lord, whether slave or free.

      And masters Sasun Steinbeck and Solo Mornington, do the same things to them, and give up threatening, knowing that both their Master and yours is the Linden Lord, and there is no partiality with Him.

       Finally, be strong in the Licking of Every Ass (LEA) and in the strength of Linden Lord’s might. Put on the full armor of the Linden Lord, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devilish SaveMe Oh. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against her evil pixels, against her powers, against her combined forces of this darkness, against her spiritual forces of wickedness in our heavenly place. Therefore, take up the full armor of the Linden Lord, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.

The Socially Aggressive Narcissism Of SaveMe Oh

In an attempt to determine if SaveMe Oh should stay banned at LEA we decided to do a study to be able to make a clear decision.

The Secondlife study done by the Linden Endowment for the Arts Committee resulted in finding a link to socially aggressive narcissism and the avatar SaveMe Oh.

Psychology paper finds Secondlife offer a platform for obsessions with self-image and shallow friendships which are evidently present in the avatar SaveMe Oh resulting in a socially disruptive narcissism.

The Linden Endowment for the Arts Committee have established a direct link between the number of friends SaveMe Oh has on Secondlife and the degree to which she is a “socially disruptive” narcissist, confirming the conclusions of many social media sceptics.

SaveMe Oh, who scores highly on the Narcissistic Personality Inventory questionnaire has more friends on Facebook and Secondlife, tags herself more often and update her newsfeeds more regularly.

The research of the Linden Endowment for the Arts Committee comes amid increasing evidence that SaveMe Oh is becoming increasingly narcissistic, and obsessed with self-image and shallow friendships.

The latest study of the Linden Endowment for the Arts Committee, published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences at Guantanamo Bay, also found that the narcissistic SaveMe Oh responded more aggressively to derogatory comments made about her on the social networking site’s public walls and changed her profile pictures more often.

A number of previous studies have linked narcissism with Secondlife use, but this is some of the first evidence of a direct relationship between SaveMe’s friends and the most “toxic” elements of narcissistic personality disorder.

Researchers at The University of Western Australia studied the secondlife habits of all the friends of SaveMe Oh, aged between 18 and 65 (and Ampel Goosson), and measured two “socially disruptive” elements of narcissism – grandiose exhibitionism (GE) and entitlement/exploitativeness (EE).

GE includes ”self-absorption, vanity, superiority, and exhibitionistic tendencies” and people who score high on this aspect of narcissism need to be constantly at the centre of attention. They often say shocking things and inappropriately self-disclose because they cannot stand to be ignored or waste a chance of self-promotion.

The EE aspect includes “a sense of deserving respect and a willingness to manipulate and take advantage of others”.

The research of the Linden Endowment for the Arts Committee revealed that the higher someone scored on aspects of GE, the greater the number of friends they had on Secondlife, with some amassing more than 37 “self constructed” friends in the case of SaveMe Oh.

SaveMe Oh’s scoring highly on EE and GG means also that she is more likely to accept friend requests from strangers and seek social support, but less likely to provide it, according to the research of the Linden Endowment for the Arts Committee.

Sasun Steinbeck, our social scientist and chief executive of the Centre for Confidence and Well-being, said SaveMe Oh is becoming increasingly narcissistic and LEA no longer wants to provided a platform for her disorder.

“The way SaveMe Oh has been educated is focusing more and more on the importance of self esteem – on how she is seen in the eyes of others. This behavior has been imported from the US and is ‘all about me’.

“Secondlife provides a platform for people to self-promote by changing profile pictures and showing how many hundreds of friends they have. And SaveMe is in this case friend of herself more than 40 times.”

Dr Solo Mornington, senior lecturer in social psychology at UCLA, said there was “clear evidence” from studies that SaveMe Oh is becoming increasingly narcissistic.

But he added: “Whether the same is true for her friends remains an open question, as far as I know.

“Without understanding the causes underlying the slow change in SaveMe Oh, we do not know whether these causes are factors that are relatively specific to this unique individual, such as her political focus on increasing self-esteem or whether they are factors that are more general, for example in the behavior of the always toxic appearing Rose Borchovski or the consistently irritated and angry seeming Cat Shilova.”

Mornington said the correlational nature of the latest study meant it was difficult to be certain whether individual differences in narcissism led to certain patterns of behaviour in Secondlife, whether patterns of Secondlife behaviour led to individual differences in narcissism, or a bit of both.

DanCoyote Antonelli, who ran the study, said: “In general, the ‘dark side’ of SaveMe Oh requires more research in order to better understand SaveMe Oh’s socially beneficial and harmful aspects in order to enhance the former and curtail the latter.

“If LEA is to be a place where people go to repair their damaged ego and seek social support, it is vitally important to discover the potentially negative communication one might find on LEA and the kinds of people likely to engage in them. Ideally, people will engage in a pro-social Secondlife rather than anti-social me-booking.”

As a result the Linden Endowment for the Arts Committee needs further study to come to a conclusion and will keep SaveMe Oh banned during the time needed.

The Linden Endowment for the Arts Committee

LEA Guarddog Tough As Virtual Pirats Concrete

SaveMe Oh: Could you please unban me from all sims who surround the PIRATS sim?

Solo Mornington: Nope.

SaveMe Oh: Why?

The LEA Committee in real life, OMG! (Solo Mornington without hat)

Solo Mornington: What I love about this performance of yours is that you define it in such a way that I don’t owe you an explanation. Being banned is your art form; congratulations on your latest opening.

SaveMe Oh: Being banned is not my artform, so you don’t have to congratulate me with it and so it would be nice if you could give me an explanation

Solo Mornington: Listen: If you want to wrap yourself up in the flag of artistic expression, then what you are doing is art. And that means that the act of getting banned for behaving like an ass and then complaining about it is your artform. Congratulations on your latest success.

SaveMe Oh: I am not so interested in your opinions,I just want you to unban me as I asume as the gueardog for the Linden in LEA  you have that power.

Solo Mornington: If you’re not interested in my opinions, then you’re SOL.

Solo Mornington: Because frankly, I’m the closest thing you have to an ally at LEA.

SaveMe Oh: And what if I pay you 10000 linden, dear closest ally I have at LEA?

Solo Mornington: then I’ll be 10k richer. what’s your point?

SaveMe Oh: You give me the impression I have to be nice to you to get my rights.

Solo Mornington: The right to annoy other people when asked nicely not to?

Solo Mornington: The right to negate the hard work of others in pursuit of your selfish performance art?

SaveMe Oh: Nobody asked me anything yesterday and I was in another sim yesterday

SaveMe Oh: Sasun didnt say a word, nor did the pirats

SaveMe Oh: If you can give me the chat were somebody asked me nicely toget lost or to move myself it would be nice

Solo Mornington: If that’s the case, then it’s their mistake.

Solo Mornington: and you’ll have to work it out with them.

SaveMe Oh: Thats the case

SaveMe Oh: I was in Comet Morigi sim

SaveMe Oh: where was nobody

SaveMe Oh: after people came fro the performance

SaveMe Oh: and yes, it was next door to Pirats

SaveMe Oh: is that also forbidden?

Solo Mornington: so building on someone else’s project sim.

Solo Mornington: how rude.

SaveMe Oh: not any building as nobody has building rights there

Solo Mornington: not *now.*

Solo Mornington: but then, yes.

SaveMe Oh: people wear things, just like their hair or shoes

SaveMe Oh: and when Comet had been there and objected it was another situation

SaveMe Oh: but she wasn’t

Solo Mornington: so you view those 50m prims you were wearing before as equivalend to hair.

SaveMe Oh: the sim was empty

Solo Mornington: it wasn’t empty, actually.

Solo Mornington: not that you care about the art that was there.

SaveMe Oh: it doesnt matter if it 50k hair or prims

Solo Mornington: yes it does. :-)

SaveMe Oh: I thought you know a little about art

SaveMe Oh: cést nést pas un pipe

Solo Mornington: so then your performance at annoying people is your artform.

Solo Mornington: you can’t have it both ways.

SaveMe Oh: I didnt annoy people, nobody has to watch and the concrete virtual walls of PIRATS are thick enough that you dont have to see through

Solo Mornington: hehe…. so then your desire was that no one see your art performance.

SaveMe Oh: The people I invited came for my performance

SaveMe Oh: I didnt invite the PIRATS people

Solo Mornington: unfortunately it was disruptive to the LEA event that was going on.

SaveMe Oh: now there cant be 2 performances next to eachother?

SaveMe Oh: is that what you are saying?

Solo Mornington: I’m saying that if you want to have a performance at the LEA, you need to follow the rules of the LEA.

Solo Mornington: this is very basic stuff.

SaveMe Oh: and when it is disrupted you say something about that, but nobody did

Solo Mornington: take it up with them.

SaveMe Oh: they dont communicate

SaveMe Oh: thats why I asked the 4 LEA guarddogs

Solo Mornington: likewise, you only communicate in complaints.

Solo Mornington: you don’t want to set up anything, just show up and disrupt stuff.

Solo Mornington: and then whine when someone does something about it.

SaveMe Oh: an apologize is more what I expect

SaveMe Oh: for abusing my rights and bullying me

Solo Mornington: you might show a little contrition if that’s what you expect.

Solo Mornington: see, this is where your performance fails. well-adjusted people see you overreach with all that talk about ‘abusing your rights’ and the illusion is shattered.

Solo Mornington: you’ve told me you’re ‘just pixels’ and not really a person.

Solo Mornington: then you demand that you have human rights.

Solo Mornington: I’m intrigued by what you do, but it lacks consistency.

SaveMe Oh: avatar rights will do

Solo Mornington: hehe.

Solo Mornington: you don’t buy your own line on that, do you?

SaveMe Oh: now unban me on the surrounding sims, as Pirats are quite able to do their own dirty work

Solo Mornington: I mean it’s fine for working up the blog readers and stuff, but really… ‘avatar rights?’

SaveMe Oh: since when an artist have to be consitent? It’s better when a guarddog is consistent and be fair

Solo Mornington: well, see there you go. you don’t know the line of shit I put up with keeping you unbanned from lea 5.

Solo Mornington: and keeping your work from being returned.

Solo Mornington: because I believe in the things you pretend to espouse.

Solo Mornington: so knock it off, ok?

Solo Mornington: you don’t get unbanned, because that’s just how it is.

SaveMe Oh: Just say; “ I will see what I can do.

Solo Mornington: If I’m a guarddog, I’m guarding *your* alledged rights.

Solo Mornington: you just have no idea how to appreciate that.

Solo Mornington: coming into IM and trying to bribe me? sheesh.

SaveMe Oh: it was a joke, I only have 406 linden.

Protected By The Self Acclaimed Law Enforcers

Recently I placed my work PRIMWASTE in the LEA self-curated sim and last night attention beggar Znort Gant or one of his many alts build as a reaction on my work a church of offensive notecards in which I was called “SaveMe Ho” around my work.

I saw it, smiled about it and was satisfied with this reflection on my work as interaction is almost never seen in SL, although it was extremely poor done and full of mistakes, the poor guy certainly needs some years in a good school. As defender of freedom of speech the idiot Znort Gant has every right to put whatever he wants in the LEA sim.

But then the self acclaimed law enforcers of LEA took action:

[7:08]  Solo Mornington: (Saved Wed Dec 07 07:49:29 2011) Hi. I wanted to let you know about a piece placed on the LEA self-curated gallery, around your ‘primwaste’ piece. I find myself in the position of needing to ask you whether I should return it, because it attacks you by name. I can return it if you like, or leave it. If I leave it, it will be here for another week and a half.

[7:08]  Solo Mornington: (Saved Wed Dec 07 07:51:36 2011) if I’m not around when you get this, you can tell PatriciaAnne Daviau or Sasun Steinbeck that I offered to return it, and they can remove it.

[7:08]  Solo Mornington: (Saved Wed Dec 07 08:12:27 2011) well I talked it over with some other land officers and we decided to return it since it was a personal attack.


Dear Solo Mornington,

I would ask you to set up the work again as I don’t want you to be a self acclaimed judge, self acclaimed law enforcer or self acclaimed simowner. I don’t allow you to think or deal on my behalf as in my opinion you have no right to decide anything. I didn’t elect you, I don’t know who you are and I have no idea why I or anybody else should listen to your judgments on shallow grounds. Never have your qualifications reached me with the question towards me if I could check it to see of your qualifications where good enough for any job. And they also don’t have to reach me as I don’t offer jobs or give out security guard approvals.

Every artist has full rights of freedom of speech and to qualify the (tasteless) work of Znort Gant as a personal attack on me is complete bullshit as SaveMe Oh is not a person but an avatar with more or less the same rights as Donald Duck.

And as my darling Rose recently told me you have not even a general opinion on art or how to create good conditions for artists to flourish without having trouble with the Linden, who are only in there to get rich, I would advise you to step down and don’t bother us.

Let the Linden do their own dirty job and don’t volunteer to be their doggie.

PS: In my work PRIMWASTE, that is still there I read on some prims “I HATE SAVE ME OH”. Is that considered as a personal attack on myself? And scheduled for removal also?


Giving Art Class In LEA

SaveMe Oh: tell me the name of a classic SL artwork?

Solo Mornington: saveme, they’re in a class.

Werner Kurosawa: Saveme Saveme

SaveMe Oh: I want fingers

Werner Kurosawa: she’s teaching them solo

SaveMe Oh: and a smart answer

comicmess Resident: how are you typing without them?

SaveMe Oh: is pushing a classic SL artwork?

SaveMe Oh: could be

Solo Mornington: depends. :-)

Solo Mornington: dnnie, it’s not cool to push.

SaveMe Oh: that’s a smart answer, solo


SaveMe Oh: you all wrote that down, class?

Solo Mornington: yah, like diapers.

SaveMe Oh: sometimes pushing is art, sometimes it’s not

SaveMe Oh: very clever

SaveMe Oh: now, how we know the difference?

SaveMe Oh: Class? Fingers!

comicmess Resident: what do you mean by “fingers”?

Werner Kurosawa: it’s an old Dutch habit

SaveMe Oh: that you have to put your finger in the air, when you have an answer

comicmess Resident: ahh

SaveMe Oh: so you don’t scream all together

comicmess Resident: in America we just say “raise your hands”

SaveMe Oh: ok fingers or hands, its fine with me. I adapt quickly to every culture

SaveMe Oh: but talking about procedures doesn’t get us to the deeper answers

SaveMe Oh: so class???

SaveMe Oh: what you think?

SaveMe Oh: now that you have finished DanCoyote Kindergarten we must proceed to a higher level

SaveMe Oh: as LEGO isn’t the answer

SaveMe Oh: when I rez for example this, what you all think? Take a good look.

I rezzed the famous dog as seen here in this old movie:

SaveMe Oh: now class, what can you tell me about it?

Solo Mornington: so saveme, could you do me a favor and not put me in the position of having to be an administrator?

SaveMe Oh: I love so much freedom of speech

Solo Mornington: me too.

SaveMe Oh: so I only can hope you defend it wisely

SaveMe Oh: any questions, class?

Solo Mornington: because they’re trying to do something here, and I’m trying to make sure everyone can have their liberty and so forth.

SaveMe Oh: did you already teach them in class they all have a mute button?

Solo Mornington: that has probably happened, yah. :-)

SaveMe Oh: so everyone can be their own administrator?

SaveMe Oh: and don’t need pseudo officials for that?

Solo Mornington: well, all I’m asking is that you not put me in that position, please.

SaveMe Oh: But it’s always interesting to see if we go the art way or the controlling way

Solo Mornington: well, then pushing is art. Why didn’t you say so? :-)

Solo Mornington: stand up for what you believe. :-)

SaveMe Oh: I didn’t thought you were a student still

Solo Mornington: eternal student.

SaveMe Oh: but ok, why not

SaveMe Oh: good students never end up as administrators

SaveMe Oh: they are too curious for that

comicmess Resident: SaveMe is your art your protest?

Solo Mornington: see? That’s a good question, comic.

SaveMe Oh: sometimes, comic

SaveMe Oh: when an artist feels the need to protest, I guess so

SaveMe Oh: other times it’s not an issue

SaveMe Oh: of course it depends how hypocrite is the society you are in

SaveMe Oh: and how angry it makes you

Solo Mornington: or, how hypocrite the troll in question. :-)

comicmess Resident: liberty or death, right

SaveMe Oh: now naming somebody a troll is a poor way out

Solo Mornington: who did I name a troll?

SaveMe Oh: I can point him out with my nose

Solo Mornington: :-)