The Free AviewTV Peace Talks

After contributing more than 100 movies and promoting this website for machinima, the censors of AviewTV decided last week that my movie DISAPPEARS FOR A WHILE could not be part of the network. The only reason given is the fact that Quan Lavender flagged the movie down.

Now is it true that Quan Lavender’s avatar is to see nude in connection with the large horse dick of her now virtual husband Scatterheart Aboma. They appear on large paintings in the museum that function as stage in the first 30 seconds of the movie. SaveMe Oh even seems busy to removed the evidence of the nametag of Quan Lavender in one of the paintings and it is also clear this picture was from before the wedding. Could that be an issue?

A question that remains is what are the rights of a pixelate cartoon image.

After I did several attempts to upload the movie last weekend the AviewTV blocked my access to Aview TV: You do not have permission to access this page.

SaveMe Oh: Did you deny me access to the AviewTV website?

LaPiscean Liberty: Yes, it’s not your screen or browser

SaveMe Oh: And is this gonna stay like this?

LaPiscean Liberty: I think this really depends more on you

SaveMe Oh: So you have more than 100 movies of me on your site but I can’t see it?

LaPiscean Liberty: You may order them down if you wish. I wish you wouldn’t. What I want isn’t that hard Save. But what you want is very hard

SaveMe Oh: What I want isn’t that hard either, no censorship

LaPiscean Liberty: life is censored ok

SaveMe Oh: Yes, but not on these grounds

LaPiscean Liberty: I can’t see you using someone else, to make that statement

SaveMe Oh: You are the only one censoring me on this, what can I do else?

LaPiscean Liberty: You can give me your word you won’t put that video in its present form on the site. That doesn’t mean change and leave the same pics in it. The same avatar if it isn’t her she can’t order it down

SaveMe Oh: Did she confirm it’s her? Are you sure it is not my alt?

LaPiscean Liberty: Evidence shows you posted earlier on blog. And Save, do me a favour. If you gonna print this stuff, please fix my spelling, please

SaveMe Oh: (I always fix your spelling as far as a foreigner can do that)

SaveMe Oh: Did you do a pixel identity check? Do you also think the Solo Mornington character in some other movies is Solo Mornington?

LaPiscean Liberty: No I didn’t. Because he wouldn’t do the character for ya, I think

SaveMe Oh: The Solo Mornington avatar you can buy in a shop, what if the Quan Lavender is also for sale?

SaveMe Oh: What makes an avatar so unique that you treat it as a human?

LaPiscean Liberty: Well that couldn’t exist with her ok

SaveMe Oh: Does she have an exclusive right on that avi?

LaPiscean Liberty: You keeping looking for a loop hole Save and Aview is just small video community. What’s the big deal? It’s on Vimeo

SaveMe Oh: I wish to find out why you censor things like that. I can’t believe it for somebody who likes art.

LaPiscean Liberty: No, that’s not what you want to know

SaveMe Oh: Yes I do, as you even make any kind of satire impossible

LaPiscean Liberty: What you want to know is if you account is going to reinstated or not

SaveMe Oh: That also.

LaPiscean Liberty: Everything else is an interview

SaveMe Oh: I do interviews to get a clear image why people act as if they do. When they pretend to be open and honest and change in sneaky and opportunistic

LaPiscean Liberty: I’m acting in behalf of an Adman’s request, plain and simple job

LaPiscean Liberty: You know what happening and please, don’t have others upload your video

SaveMe Oh: I feel the need to be defended for my work after more than 100 uploads

LaPiscean Liberty: I do defend your work

LaPiscean Liberty: I don’t defend your right to infringe on the rights of others

SaveMe Oh: I am not infringe the right of anybody

SaveMe Oh: I made a cartoon, an animation, and you talk about rights of people. Are you out of your mind?

LaPiscean Liberty: Strange, at this very moment I was asking myself that question

SaveMe Oh: I also ask myself this question

LaPiscean Liberty: you offer no terms, only demands

SaveMe Oh: I offer art and you try to stop that

As I couldn’t upload the movie myself anymore I indeed asked my colleague Glasz DeCuir to upload the movie under my channel and she did. And I might ask some more colleagues to do the same.

AviewTV 1

 AviewTV 2

Later that evening my friend Larkworthy Antfarm uploaded a movie to YouTube (see previous post on this weblog) and I send the link to LaPiscean Liberty as I thought it was quite relevant for the topic

SaveMe Oh:

LaPiscean Liberty: Wow, That’s a damn good show Save. Great filming by Lark too

SaveMe Oh: When she offers it to AviewTV better watch it closely as people might be offended

LaPiscean Liberty: Well if she does I sure will promote it :)

SaveMe Oh: Until one of your securitate will flag it down

LaPiscean Liberty: Well don’t tell me what to look for ok? Let me doing on my own. I just watched it

SaveMe Oh: I only help you out, before you are again whistled back by your “friends”.

LaPiscean Liberty: lol. Unlike yourself Save, I really don’t have that many

SaveMe Oh: Now don’t ask me to marry you

LaPiscean Liberty: I just wanna watch lol

SaveMe Oh: Then don’t censor, in my latest movie I advise the first minute

LaPiscean Liberty: Is the revision up

SaveMe Oh: I don’t censor my own work

LaPiscean Liberty: Put the revision on Vimeo and I look at it, if cool, I put it on site myself and reinstate account

SaveMe Oh: I will never redo the movie.

LaPiscean Liberty: That’s fine but do you agree to keep it off aview or put it on AviewTV but remain private

SaveMe Oh: I don’t agree, but what can I do? You play the deciding dictator. Whatever I say. What means private???

LaPiscean Liberty: You have option if video is public or private

SaveMe Oh: And when it is private I can allow people to see it?

LaPiscean Liberty: Well your friends. People that you have connected with on AviewTV. But not general public no

SaveMe Oh: Friends inside AviewTV? Ok. And I can campaign to make friends there?

LaPiscean Liberty: Don’t start a bunch of shit for me Save. I really don’t have the time

SaveMe Oh: No, but I will call people to become my friend there, and when they want it’s their free choice, isn’t it?

LaPiscean Liberty: yes of course

SaveMe Oh: Ok deal

LaPiscean Liberty: We are talking like we know each other right. Don’t give me reason to just put it all aside.

SaveMe Oh: I fight my battles all in the open. Not like your friends in the dark. In my case I allow people to make up their own mind, not tell them what they have to think

LaPiscean Liberty: Really, well if I find the video public because your finger slipped, this too, will be till the cows come home. If ya don’t want me to trust ya, say so

SaveMe Oh: I think I am more to trust than the sharks you surround yourself with

LaPiscean Liberty: As a Pisces, I may swim the sunlit, superficial water of the shallow, but not think I can’t dive to the deepest darkest, depth of your imagination. -)-(-

SaveMe Oh: It’s the imagination of the viewer you have to question, not from the messenger.

vloer schrobbenkopie

Floor pics SaveMe Oh also censored during RL exhibition!

Sorry I Am Not Smart Enough To Be A CEO

SaveMe Oh: You already have time to tell me the reason of your decision?

LaPiscean Liberty: It wasn’t my decision, but I do have to stand behind the decisions of the people that work for AviewTV If for some reason what She did was wrong or unjust, I may have superseded, but she did not.

SaveMe Oh: But don’t you think that at least a clear reason has to be given, if it is your decision or someone else’s?

LaPiscean Liberty: and I the parties involved resend the order down, I will reinstate the video and your account. You account was suspended due to repeated posting of the film, once it as down, not because of the video itself.

LaPiscean Liberty: And Save, I have to tell ya, I feel really bad. It’s just one video. And ya have it on vimeo and places. Can’t we just let this one video go?

SaveMe Oh: I can understand the trouble, but this really gets down to censorship, that’s why I can’t let it pass. Nothing personal. But it touches really to the basics of freedom.

LaPiscean Liberty: censorship perhaps, I’m not by any means pro censorship, but I’m also a spokesperson for a community involved project, to wit, AviewTV. The standards we set, we have to practice. Again Save, I’m truly sorry, I really did like the video.

SaveMe Oh: But back to the start, don’t you think it is normal practice that first comes an explanation why and after a discussion if it’s right or not. So you allow one of your associates to censor videos because she doesn’t like my nose?

LaPiscean Liberty: If in fact she censored it because of your appearance, it would be up on Aview now, but you know s well as I and the whole community now, why it was really pulled.

SaveMe Oh: Does an artist have the freedom to make what she wants?

LaPiscean Liberty: does the community have the right to act accordingly?

SaveMe Oh: Does the community not have to make clear on what grounds then? What are exactly the grounds???

LaPiscean Liberty: The community has to do nothing, except act accordingly to however the community will act upon it.

SaveMe Oh: Nudity, satire, surrealism, narrative? What? Did owners of AviewTV complain?

LaPiscean Liberty: no

SaveMe Oh: Is AviewTV based in a country where there is no freedom of expression?

LaPiscean Liberty: it was a private citizen of SL. And you know it.

Snapshot_001 (2)

LaPiscean Liberty: Stop baiting Save. I’m not smart enough to engage you in a battle of wit.

SaveMe Oh: Is a pixelate private citizen of SL with a fake name party in this?

SaveMe Oh: Pity that the:

University of Western Australia / Virtual Media Advisor

LEA Linden Endowment for the Arts / Committee Member

Videopathic Machinima Gallery / Curator

Cutting Edge Concert Events / Media Director / Founder & CEO / Founder & CEO

….is at once not smart enough to give clear answers.

LaPiscean Liberty: ignorance is bliss

SaveMe Oh: So I am alone in this? As you wish!

LaPiscean Liberty: no not at all Save, you have made pretty much the whole community at one time or another involved. I may not agree with you, but I do stand up for your right to free expression

SaveMe Oh: to get everybody involved is the task for an artist

LaPiscean Liberty: Some people follow an Artist, Some people follow the Art. In your case, I have followed both. You are very emotion invoking, this in itself is a great power. How you choose to wield this power is within yourself. I guess in the end, it’s the response you get from the community, which feeds the need of the Artist.

LaPiscean Liberty: We teach others how to treat us. :)

SaveMe Oh: I would love if you teach the ones around you what freedom means

LaPiscean Liberty: as if taken from one of your own writings, what would freedom be, without Liberty:)

SaveMe Oh: Jokes from the one who abuse power are never funny.

LaPiscean Liberty: I’m crying Save, not laughing. I just couldn’t resist that

SaveMe Oh: Let me send you a Kleenex

Love Before You Kill

Today I released the third movie of my “coat” trilogy. As I did with the more than 100 movies I made before I also add it to AviewTV, a platform special created for machinima that I support already for a long time. In the AviewTV sim in secondlife I did my ScreenMe performances (attachments with live movie streaming on its textures) and AviewTV owner LaPiscean Liberty helped me out with special links that made it possible to stream my movies one after another during the ScreenMe performances.

Only thing that could stand in between a warmer relation between me and LaPiscean was when he joined the LEA dictatorship where he had to join forces with notorious wannabe rulers of the international virtual art scene Solo Mornington, Jayjay Zifanwe and Quan Lavender.

But I never noticed a change in his attitude towards me and as always it did not take long before he “liked” my new video on VIMEO. (see bottom right of the pic)



But today when I added as usual my new movie to AviewTV it disappeared after some minutes…..

SaveMe Oh: My movie was online on AviewTV and disappeared again. What happened?

LaPiscean Liberty: Quan flagged it for removal. I guess over some pictures.

SaveMe Oh: And? Is she your new boss now?

LaPiscean Liberty: I don’t have time right now Save

SaveMe Oh: I don’t accept censorship. So let me know the reason of your decision when you have time.

LaPiscean Liberty: Ok.

When I added the movie a few times again after it was removed I got a message from the HEAD CENSOR of AviewTV Secret Rage

Secret Rage: SaveMe this is your only warning…if you wish to keep your account on AviewTV you will stop reposting the film you have reposted and reposted after it being removed for due cause and being told not to post it…I am the chief operating officer for Aview and I am insisting you stop. This is not a discussion. If you post it one more time you will be suspended from any further posting on AviewTV.

SaveMe Oh: First start with explaining what is exactly the problem?

Secret Rage: You are many things…stupid is not one of them…please don’t try to play me. You know exactly what the problem is…

SaveMe Oh: So I have to think myself very deep what is your problem with my movie?

Secret Rage: It was someone else’s problem…and it is our position not to support this video…as I said…this is NOT a discussion. You were told not to repost it. You did. Many times.

SaveMe Oh: I was not told that. I only saw it removed and removed without explanation

SaveMe Oh: And I am still waiting for yours.

Secret Rage: You may not post videos that violate not only people’s privacy but TOS as well…not to mention it was a personal attack, as an aside

SaveMe Oh: Who’s privacy is violated, what TOS is harmed and who is personally attacked besides myself?

Secret Rage: Look…as I said…this is not a discussion…I have had you muted for months and only took you off in an official capacity…which is now complete….and I am putting you back on mute

SaveMe Oh: So you refuse to give me an answer for your censorship?

Secret Rage: I already did…it isn’t censorship…it is the rules of secondlife…if you don’t like it…start your own grid…goodbye.

Moral Issues On A Horsedick

Emmalena Damour: I think it is wrong to invade anyones privacy in the way you did and to Photograph it. Don’t tell anyone it was an accident or a coincidence that you photographed it. Why would you even do anything. People regardless who they are deserve privacy.

Patrick Cournoyer: Agreed, in principle

SaveMe Oh: And avatars too?

Ush Underwood 2

Emmalena Damour: And avatars too, there are real people behind those avatars

SaveMe Oh: And what if you are invited in a home and they have sex?

Emmalena Damour: Well you weren’t invited to come at that time, you were invited to come the day before

SaveMe Oh: There was not a time set

Emmalena Damour: Well you came the previous day

SaveMe Oh: You always go directly when somebody sends you a LM?

Emmalena Damour: She wasn’t expecting you to come back again

SaveMe Oh: I wasn’t expecting her there riding a horsedick either

Iono Allen

Emmalena Damour: It’s her sim, her house. She can do what she wants on her own land

SaveMe Oh: Of course, and I can go wherever I am invited, not?

Emmalena Damour: You on the other hand should never have taken photographs, that is just rude and if you saw she was intimate you should have left

SaveMe Oh: Now what If Quan want somebody as a voyeur?  And is your stomach perforated by a horsedick an intimate act? Poor Quan was almost in two parts

Emmalena Damour: Well I am not going to argue with you, I think you are jealous about her actions or you wouldn’t have said a word let alone take photos

Josef K.

ChrysTeRox: Really is this the place for this discussion? I thought this was about art.

Emmalena Damour: I can imagine that you lost a lot of friends over the post you made. People will not trust you anymore. They will feel that you will broadcast all there private moments on a blog.

SaveMe Oh: Jealous I am not at all and I have not any desire to get my stomach perforated too, for artsake the pics where masterpieces, I have a complete museum with them which can be invited to any home. And Emma, are you aware you can also end up on my blog or do you need some publicity?

Emmalena Damour: No I don’t need publicity and I will not end up in your blog under those circumstances.

SaveMe Oh: And what is you attitude towards horses?

Emmalena Damour: I own horses in RL and in SL

SaveMe Oh: Hope not for the same reasons Quan does?

Emmalena Damour: You have one sick mind

SaveMe Oh: Now there comes in the art. Or was it Quan with the sick mind? Ah no, she is in the welfare business, so she is mother Teresa.

Fafner Hofmann

Emmalena Damour: You obviously do as you can’t let it go. Get over it people have sex, avatars have sex and if you are an sl virgin then I will clap for you

SaveMe Oh: I was not talking about sex, I was actually talking about a freakshow. Maybe I should exhibit the pics in your photostudio so you can have a better look

Emmalena Damour: No you will not be allowed to exibit in my gallery ever!

SaveMe Oh: You already have me banned without knowing me?

Emmalena Damour: No you can come and look but you will not be able to rez anything

SaveMe Oh: I never rez.  rez is for losers.

Ziki 3

The Mistreated Horses Of India


In a strange symbiosis between porn and Nazi vehicles I had yesterday a small exhibition in LEA 28. On one hand I was protesting with the porn pics of one of the LEA advice committee members against the grant for commercial builders to use an artsim to build submarines and Nazi machinery, on the other hand I was testing among a small audience the possibilities to organise a charity event for the mistrated horses in India. Is there an interest to buy these pornpics to save those poor horses? The first signs are hopefull that it can be done.

Iono Allen

Iono Allen has a closer look

Fafner Hofmann

Fafner Hofmann creates a smokescreen

Mark Bizet: One of the best pieces of art LEA ever had. Your place just should be bigger to make it all perfect

SaveMe Oh: Now thats what I also thought

Ush Underwood 2

Ush Underwood: Is this the party already?

SaveMe Oh: This is just a petit expo

ush Underwood: Its about Quans sexlife in sl?

SaveMe Oh: No, its porn. How you know its Quan, btw?

ush Underwood: Dont know .. therefore asking! Now i see .. on a pic is Quans tag

SaveMe Oh: Omg, I thought I cleaned everything

ush Underwood: Quans sex … who cares?

SaveMe Oh: I have no idea. You?

ush Underwood: Maybe not even Quan cares really.

SaveMe Oh: You can ask her, I never speak to her anymore.

ush Underwood: But maybe you know better .. who could be interested .. to watch Quans sex?

SaveMe Oh: Is she your friend?

ush Underwood: on my list yes — why?

SaveMe Oh: Then you might know better the answers on your questions

SaveMe Oh: I am just an artist

ush Underwood: Whatever ..see you!

Josef K.

Josef K. yellow ribbon  says he is not allowed to watch

Ziki Questi: That was a quick exhibition ;) Gone already I see.

SaveMe Oh: I can come for a sec?

Ziki Questi: Oh perfect. Good thing it’s Quan.

Ziki 2Ziki Questi discovers a forgotten nametag

SaveMe Oh: Now how you know? Did I forget to brush her name somewhere?

Ziki Questi: She will appreciate it more if I blog about it.

Ziki 3

SaveMe Oh: Yes. For sure she will and its great for your ratings.

Ziki Questi: Oh yes yes certainly. It was very nice of her to have invited you over.

SaveMe Oh: She didn’t. I came in by accident.

Ziki Questi: Well, yes, but she did give you the landmark, yes?

SaveMe Oh: A day before

Ziki Questi: Well, that’s an invitation

SaveMe Oh: And when I checked it out I end up in this

Ziki Questi: They’re for sale?

SaveMe Oh: Not yet, but I was thinking of selling them for a charity event

Ziki Questi: To help support her gallery?

SaveMe Oh: To save the mistreated horses in India or something like that. What you think?

Ziki Questi: Yes, terrible situation there. Quite nice of Asterion to host your little exhibition here too

SaveMe Oh: He didnt know

Ziki Questi: Oh, he simply said he asked you to remove it when you left :)

SaveMe Oh: I thought it was a nice gesture of me next to his Nazi vehicles that are granted by LEA

Ziki Questi: yes, good industrial designers, the Nazis

SaveMe Oh: He is an old fashioned builder, he doesnt understand wearing so well

Ziki Questi: Yes, this certainly provides some, uh, different material for the sim

Ziki Questi: that’s hard work, trying to remove her name

Ziki 4

KandinskyKandinsky Beaumont searching for inspiration

calliope lexingtonCalliope Lexington loves nature

Removing Evidence

After the turmoil that rose after my unintended confrontation with the monstrous dick with the friend of a former friend attached to it I decided that it would be nice of me not to contribute more to the exposure of this LEA member who banned me, unfriend me and put me on the blacklist of every list she could find.

Also because my exposure of another LEA member was not received with a lot of applause it might be better to stop with these confrontations as it also starts to influence the warm relations I had until now with my sweet neighbours.

I must admit that I forget sometimes the hard work these fine people are doing to provide us poor artists with free land so we can build navy bases and sell the submarines for real Linden, dump our yachts and Jacuzzi’s for free in a LEA harbour and promote our country so more tourists will go to Portugal.


That’s why I took a brush and removed by hand all the name tags of her on the pictures that I unintended took on this unlucky day in the hope that her identity will stay secret.


In a further attempt to restore the disturbed relationships I hereby announce that the porn pics will only be used in future for charity or welfare purposes, fundraising events for the people in need and never, I repeat never for commercial purposes or as evidence for the NSA.


Reach out and touch

Somebody’s hand

Make this world a better place

If you can

Mama, Mama, They Deleted My Facebook Account

In the light of recent events (see my posts about monstrous dicks and corrupted LEA sims) I could notice a higher level of attacks to prevent me from using my freedom of speech. Warnings, threats, secret service activities and pressure on my friends to dump me or change my mind give a perfect picture how the narrow-minded rulers inside SL think they have to imitated the Vladimir Putin’s and Barack Obama’s of this world. I already made an escape plan to the Embassy of Ecuador, just in case. (Although I hate that I have to eat fried squirrels).

After some warnings from facebook today I found for the third time in some years an account deleted. What a relief. I hate so much to have to do the cleaning of my friends list every year, and this does it with one click from some idiot somewhere.

Unfortunately the spy activity led to more victims. Something I have nothing to do with but I will never be believed as they prefer to shuffle all the guilt to SaveMe Oh than look themselves in a mirror.

Apmel Meerson: Quan.. are you banned from Facebook? I noticed I couldn´t reach SaveMe Oh’s notices..and when I search you..not you either

Quan Lavender: Yes, obviously another game of this asshole

Apmel Meerson: Omg, I was hoping it was a mistake

Quan Lavender: I don’t think so. The account is deleted. I had to confirm with passport. But of course I can’t

Quan Lavender: I have a RL account too and when I see all the HUGE ASSHOLES in SL I am more that glad that nobody knows who I am.

Quan Lavender: Btw, thank you that you encouraged Save to blog this

Apmel Meerson: hehe

Quan Lavender: I hope she will do that to you too

Apmel Meerson: nobody can touch me..not even SaveMe

Quan Lavender: A good position to hurt others, concrats

Just wait...

Eupalinos Ugajin: Hello, I just had an offline message from Rose and sent her this: Hello Rose, I have nothing to do with SaveMe’s FB account, in fact I did not know she had such a problem until you told me. Once again my intention is not to start a campaign against her (like the person from Nordan in the past). (Flora Nordenskiold and Josina Burgess)

SaveMe Oh: Not a campaign? By banning half secondlife from LEA 20 in an attempt to keep me away, or to ask Quan Lavender to ban me from the region? Looks to me like an organised systematic campaign.

Eupalinos Ugajin: Well think what you want, I did ban you from lea 20 and told Quan you were standing with big attachements in the next sim. I don’t want to do more and will not.

SaveMe Oh: You will delete all the bans and will not censor my freedom of expression as an artist, that is what you will do or all your words are fake

SaveMe Oh: I will check in one hour……ok two hours

Eupalinos Ugajin: Just the freedom to annoy people, I will not unban you from the sim. We simply could not work with you around.

SaveMe Oh: Then your words are fake. Thank you for clearing that out. I already had that impression

SaveMe Oh: Now please dont contact me anymore unless its to tell me you respect every artist right to express herself. You can also kick somebody out for one day

Eupalinos Ugajin: I don’t care about your “impression” in fact, this im has only one purpose: I have nothing to do with this FB removal and no intention of starting a “campaign” against you.

SaveMe Oh: No but who knows your boss does. Stay close to yourself. Unban me. The work you had to do is done now so that can not be the problem.

Eupalinos Ugajin: I like the way you play with prims in SL not the way you insult people.

SaveMe Oh: I dont care what you like or not

Eupalinos Ugajin: No this project is ongoing with more builds and changes

SaveMe Oh: I want my freedom

Eupalinos Ugajin: You are not in jail

SaveMe Oh: Thats for me to judge, you have no idea what your kind of people create. The day you can do without ban and banlines we talk again. Now you are just a policeman with a mask.

Eupalinos Ugajin: Same for you I would say, you have no idea how your are agressive towards people thinking you are more wise or something.

SaveMe Oh: I am who I am

Eupalinos Ugajin: haha

Eupalinos Ugajin: I guess everyone is

SaveMe Oh: Yes, but not everybody is a camp commander disguised as artist

Eupalinos Ugajin: I will not “react” to camp commander, police, “artist” or other very subtle arguments you will use. A few line above are the reasons I banned you: simple

SaveMe Oh: How long is your banlist is LEA 20 in an attempt to hit me?

SaveMe Oh: 20, 30 avatars?

Eupalinos Ugajin: Have a good evening and I a sorry for your problem with FB

SaveMe Oh: Stand for what you do.I will check in 2 hours

Eupalinos Ugajin: I answered to this hmm… ultimatum above already

Eupalinos Ugajin: See you later

SaveMe Oh: Then go back to guard your borders

Secret wedding preparations 1

Aino Baar: Hello Saverina, Are you already married? I thought we will celebrate the wedding in the museum!

SaveMe Oh: my FB account was deleted due to actions of my enemies so I had to take this step

Aino Baar: Congrats by the way. They deleted your account in FB?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, for the 3th time

Aino Baar: Is that possible?

SaveMe Oh: Happens all the time

Aino Baar: Have you tell FB that? They have to protect you

SaveMe Oh: I dont talk with idiots

Aino Baar: then you have hackers as enemies

SaveMe Oh: A corrupt system has to protect me? Dont be naive. When I tell FB Aino Baar is a fake account, watch what happens.

Aino Baar: Hope you dont do that

SaveMe Oh: Never, I am an artist, not a KGB agent

Aino Baar: Because i am not fake, i am a real avatar

SaveMe Oh: But some people would love I would not exist

Aino Baar: Yes i know perfectly: I recieved some messages saying that if I dont delete you from the group they will leave it and it’s not only one. I told them that I am so sorry for them but I will never delete no one, nor SaveMe! And they left the group. Its ok. I am not going to accept pressures or blackmails from anyone. For me you are an artist and an excellent one btw.

SaveMe Oh: I have the same attitude. In SL people also threat simowners to leave when they work with me. And a lot have no backbone.

Aino Baar: It is a no sense. SaveMe,it is clear that you awake all type of passions, you do not leave anyone indifferent. Well, let me know if I can do something for you, if I can help you somehow.

SaveMe Oh: I trigger emotion, what else a dramaqueen can ask for?

Aino Baar: lol lol yes! You are right. When people said me that you are a terrorist and the things you do are not art, so, I had to delete you from the group. I said that they maybe dont know the Viennese Actionism. I think some people hates you because they dont know art history

SaveMe Oh: They are not into art but into conquering land and ego

Aino Baar: I think most of the people get scared to what they do not know and do not understand, and react against what hating unknown. So, I think that those who hate you is because they don’t know anything about contemporary art history. They think are personal things no art actions.

After completing this post I checked if Eupa already lift the ban but this pseudo artist prefer to continue as undercover camp commander.

Dilemma Around A Monstrous Cock

Yesterday I received a LM of a home of a friend where I was banned last months. I went there immediately to thank the friend with one of my paintings on this friend’s wall. When I came today to see if everything was alright I walked without paying very much attention inside the house and found the friend in an intermezzo with a huge monstrous cock with this friend’s partner attached to it.

As I wanted to take some pics of my painting I had my camera ready to shoot and could not help to catch some images that are normally not for publication. Unfortunately also the “show interface” option was checked so I end up with pics even showing the nametags. When I tried in panic to disable this function I could not help to shot some more random pics which are rather intimate….no, let me be more precise, they are what some people call porn.

The friend was outraged in IM and banned and ejected me. The cock this friend was working on did not eject anymore as I function more or less as reason for a coitus interruptus.

In a state of shock I arrived home and decide this time to ask some friends for advice, something I never did before.

Black out

SaveMe Oh: I need advice

Apmel Goosson: about what I´m standing here trying to tell ppl that jesus never existed

SaveMe Oh: my problem is similair

SaveMe Oh: what would you do when you would enter the home of somebody on your friendlist, that you have a troubled relation with, who is an artblogger and simowner and you find her in her home riding a monstrous cock?

Apmel Goosson: äh

Apmel Goosson: sounds fun

SaveMe Oh: and when you have lot of pics of the event?

Apmel Goosson: you blog it!!

SaveMe Oh: ok. ty

Apmel Goosson: yw


SaveMe Oh: I need your help

Glasz DeCuir: tell me what you need?

SaveMe Oh: what would you do when you would enter the home of somebody on your friendlist, that you have a troubled relation with, who is an artblogger and simowner and you find her in her home riding a monstrous cock?

Glasz DeCuir: join the party, is the best :)

SaveMe Oh: she ejected me and is furious and banned me from her home

Glasz DeCuir: she ejected you from YOUR house or HER house?

SaveMe Oh: Her house, that she send me yesterday a LM from

Glasz DeCuir: what strange friends you have, Is she french? XD

SaveMe Oh: No ******

Glasz DeCuir: this is serious…

SaveMe Oh: yes

Glasz DeCuir: what is the situation? I dont understand, You love her?

SaveMe Oh: No, not at all

Glasz DeCuir: Then forget that girl. It is her private life. You cant publish that.

Glasz DeCuir: And when you do it anonymous it’s cruel

SaveMe Oh: Also not when its virtual pics of avis?

Glasz DeCuir: also

SaveMe Oh: and she is a pain in the ass for the artworld?

Glasz DeCuir: who cares of what others do in sex

SaveMe Oh: I was shocked

Glasz DeCuir: never have sex with a blogger

Black out 4

SaveMe Oh: I need your advise

ush Underwood: hehe   you never need my advice — must be wrong window…

SaveMe Oh: what would you do when you would enter the home of somebody on your friendlist, that you have a troubled relation with, who is an artblogger and simowner and you find her in her home riding a monstrous cock?

ush Underwood: hm .. think i would say “sorry” and  leave

SaveMe Oh: I need your advise

Cherry Manga: tell me

SaveMe Oh: what would you do when you would enter the home of somebody on your friendlist, that you have a troubled relation with, who is an artblogger and simowner and you find her in her home riding a monstrous cock?

Cherry Manga: snapshot?

SaveMe Oh: Yes I have! With names on it and all

Cherry Manga: I’m not sure about what kind of advise you wish from me…push you to be evil or to ease your excitment? I would say, don’t blog about sex craps unless you find any interest in it..Keep art purpose…I don’t know, you say “what would you do”…me i would maybe laught and tell some of my friends, in a childish play..but surely not put that to public place

SaveMe Oh: but its avis in a virtual world?

Cherry Manga: rewrite your question, i mean an advise on what? ahaha

SaveMe Oh: I have pics from a virtual world, not from rl. How bad is that?

Cherry Manga: To be honnest, I think you shouldn’t go that way, it’s too much “people magazines”

SaveMe Oh: And now when it was for eaxample Bryn Oh or Solo Mornington?

Cherry Manga: I don’t know what sextape you have from Bryn, but the assfucked Solo never made me laugh so much

Cherry Manga: nor think

Cherry Manga: what are you writing on today, because you never waited my advise to post sextapes do you,

SaveMe Oh: I never published sextapes before unless it were my own that I fabricated with a purpose. Now I run into a difficult situation

Cherry Manga: Cheesus, my advise is not for you but for them, being a well known personality of art people  …use an alt to fuck!

SaveMe Oh: thats a smart and good advise, ty

SaveMe Oh: Now can I have your advise?

Ole Etzel: I thought u would do the thinking?

Ole Etzel: You said that. Now dont pressure me

SaveMe Oh: This is a delicate matter

Ole Etzel: The answer may be chainsaw

Ole Etzel: Not sure yet

SaveMe Oh: Could well be the best option

Ole Etzel: There may be several answers but the last is always chainsaw

SaveMe Oh: ok ty

Black out 3

Simotron Aquila: hehe… beautiful sight Save!

SaveMe Oh: Helps me to keep an eye on everything

Simotron Aquila: ;)

SaveMe Oh: And you really dont want to know what these eyes saw tonight

Simotron Aquila: owwww I’m afraid to know it lol

SaveMe Oh: I could ask your advise about it

Simotron Aquila: yes

SaveMe Oh: what would you do when you would enter the home of somebody on your friendlist, that you have a troubled relation with, who is an artblogger and simowner and you find her in her home riding a monstrous cock

Simotron Aquila: I say: “oh sorry… maybe I disturb you”

SaveMe Oh: Thats very polite of you. And when I was not that polite?

SaveMe Oh: And took some pics by coincidence?

Simotron Aquila: oh! that’s not so polite! lol

Simotron Aquila: I dont know… I’m so polite!

SaveMe Oh: I wish I was you, I blew it

Simotron Aquila: Save!

Simotron Aquila: uhm…

Simotron Aquila: well… if is a really friend of you, know you. so, np :)

SaveMe Oh: Its not a real friend, more somebody you know

Simotron Aquila: ahhh… ok, she’ll have time to know you :)

SaveMe Oh: she is furious

Simotron Aquila: uh oh…

Simotron Aquila: Save Save…

SaveMe Oh: But how could I know she was doing that?

SaveMe Oh: the door was open

Simotron Aquila: yes

Simotron Aquila: eh…

SaveMe Oh: And to be honest, I didnt believe people I know were still doing that in SL

Simotron Aquila: eh yes

After hearing all the advises I decide to publish but to keep the privacy of my friend as it’s up to her how she want to combine pole dancing with a horsedick and art blogging and being a curator of several art events. Let me finish by sharing our conversation with her name blacked out.

Black out 2

****: Asshole, you go to far

SaveMe Oh: You send me yesterday a LM, I come to visit you and find you like this?

****: Uninvited

SaveMe Oh: How should I know this?

****: You should respect privacy

SaveMe Oh: You invite people with a LM or not

****: I invited to ****, not to my private place

SaveMe Oh: No, you send me yesterday this LM. You banned me before, remember?

****: Now you stay banned here. Obviously you prefer to stay lonely

SaveMe Oh: The monstrous dick you were fucking doesn’t make me want to come back quick. Maybe you should buy a horse

SaveMe Oh: Did you like the painting btw, I give you yesterday? Its on your wall!

Message from Second Life:

Your object ‘Object’ has been returned to your inventory Lost and Found folder by **** from parcel **** due to parcel owner return.

****: I warn you, you go too far

SaveMe Oh: I warn you too, if you forget to laugh you turn into acid

****: I forget to laugh when I see assholes

SaveMe Oh: Hey, I am not the horsedick fetisjist or was it a sculpture he was wearing and were you reviewing art?

****: If somebody wanted you, you had better to do than disturbing others privacy

SaveMe Oh: One more time, you send me a LM with invitation yesterday, I gave you a painting on your wall, I came to visit you today and found you completely naked fucking a horsedick. Sorry for having my eyes open.

****: One more time, I invited you to **** where you could not behave too

SaveMe Oh: And also to your home, the invitation came yesterday even before the **** one

SaveMe Oh: Why otherwise I would end up here yesterday as you had me banned until now?

SaveMe Oh: Now dont make me responsible if you fucked things up yourself. And when its your kick next to art to fuck with horseshaped man, you do so.

SaveMe Oh: That it throws another light on you, I cant help.

****: you are a waist of time

SaveMe Oh: Now you climb back in your lamppost