Secret Save Screensaver Show

Or the Grafick Card Killer Show as some call it.

To celebrate her 4th rezday on 23 february SaveMe Oh will show all art that can be found in mass production in CARP, PIRATS, UWA and CAERLEON. In an absolute overdose as we are used from her she will wear this mess on her own tiny body during her exclusive birthday Mash Up. TP’s will only be given to people who send her a personal request to be present at the celebrations. Request are only answered on the day itself, so be online when she is. When you have been nasty to her lately your chance to be TP-ed in has reduced to zero. 

 Pictures from Hardwarehacker Hoch

  • Rose Borchovski 8 hours ago
    I find this amazingly beautiful x
  • iono_allen 5 hours ago
    Yay ! That was hypnotic !
    I long to see the part II :)
  • Kikas Babenco 3 hours ago
    This movie shows in a beautiful way the amazing party SaveMe offered to us.
    Thank you for giving us thid memories!
  • Tim Deschanel 3 hours ago
    It was a great and fantastic rezday :-))
  • Ziki Questi plus 2 hours ago
    Thanks so much for posting this! That was a beautiful and wild party. :)
  • SaveMe Oh just now Delete / Edit
    Ed, what a wonderful present and thanks for showing how exiting and wonderful it is to let creativity flow freely.
    And I am also happy that I could finally recognise some of my guests.





    torsdagen den 24:e februari 2011

    TRE fyraåringar samma dag - Det ni!.. osså den däringa SaveMe som inte ens kan ordna ett glas vitt... MEN SHOWA det kan hon!

    Inte en drink. inte en enda kaffekopp eller ens viiin....när SaveMe tar emot för sitt fyraårsparty. Uj Uj....

    Men fyra fyllde hon och flera gånger samma dag.

    Och bjöd på superb installation, upplevelse, happening, uppträdande, (gav oss fingret med!) underhållning, art, konst och sig själv. Och bannad blev hon inte heller.

    Nu skall tilläggas att evacaroline fyllde fyra år och och Vanadis ett* - de med denna sena vinterdag när vi alla vill ha vår i vårt IRL.

    Och Otni hade THE BARN som alla Onsdagar (Måndagskvällar med numera!) så fanns, fanns det att göra!

    Onsdagen var och blev en bra Onsdag (inkl SaveMe´s grafik card killer perfomance) i alla fall i mitt Second Life och IRL.

    /Tina - FYI bannad blev inte jag heller.

    PS: Jag fick inte ens ett par designers skor, smycken eller två-tre scarfs som mut... presenter - när jag gick som man brukar få på.. pffttt.. ähhh visst ja det är på modevisningar IRL ja...

    * Rättelse.

    Secret Save Screensaver Show

    När Apmel fick höra talas om det här tog han kontakt med källan direkt.

    Apmel Goosson: you don´t have that Secret Save Screensaver Show now do you?
    Apmel Goosson: if you do I want a TP otherwise I´ll go to FaceBook and give you a nasty comment there
    SaveMe Oh: of course darling
    SaveMe Oh: you will be the first
    Apmel Goosson: the first fool
    Apmel Goosson: you should have me copied en masse
    SaveMe Oh: your copies are all over
    SaveMe Oh: they copy themselves
    Apmel Goosson: true
    SaveMe Oh: so its me who has to adapt
    Apmel Goosson: adapt to follies
    SaveMe Oh: exaclly
    SaveMe Oh: luckley thats my profession
    Apmel Goosson: I know
    SaveMe Oh: and as the fools call me the biggest fool of all times it will be alright
    Apmel Goosson: i don´t call you that..a small fool is still a fool
    SaveMe Oh: I prefer being a big fool
    SaveMe Oh: if you dont mind
    Apmel Goosson: hahaha..I found your weakness!!
    SaveMe Oh: fools dont have weaknesses
    SaveMe Oh: their weakness is the power
    Apmel Goosson: sounds right.. so you are extremely weak then
    SaveMe Oh: very
    Apmel Goosson: it´s okay sweatheart

    SaveMe´s studio högt över Two fish är magnifik och hon var på strålande humör.

    SaveMe Oh: hi darlings

    Apmel Goosson: hello betty marma kikas cat iono kelty tim selavy yaia hock and last but not least kandi
    Apmel Goosson: hi sound?
    SaveMe Oh: sound? to do silly sl dances on?
    SaveMe Oh: ampel, you are so oldfashined
    SaveMe Oh: sing yourself something
    SaveMe Oh: didnt you download the last radiohead???

    Cat Shilova: is this a mature sim?
    SaveMe Oh: this is ampel in his younger years
    PetGirl Bergman: was apmel a papercut doll as young??

    Trots detta påhopp var det svårt att inte låta sig imponeras :)

    Apmel Goosson: i hate to say this so that saveme can hear it..but i´m impressed
    Fiona Leitner: me too!
    SaveMe Oh: coming from your feet ampel???
    Cat Shilova: ahahahaha Apmel
    Cat Shilova: sorry, true, Ampel
    Apmel Goosson: hehe from my toes saveme..all the way up from there
    Betty Tureaud: Apmel you are a ass lick
    Apmel Goosson: i know betty..want a lick?
    Betty Tureaud: yes
    Betty Tureaud: lol

    any1 Gynoid: AWESOME SAVEME!!!!
    Apmel Goosson: calm down any i've already had my tounge up her ass
    puma Clarity: Apmel Quel Savage
    Apmel Goosson: ass licking is an old art
    Cat Shilova: the oldest of all
    any1 Gynoid: that's why Swedes are the best management consultants in the world... expert at *ss kissing
    Apmel Goosson: now saveme is giving us all the finger

    Cat Shilova: much more than art for art
    any1 Gynoid: art with a powerful message
    any1 Gynoid: or many
    Kikas Babenco: alive art
    SaveMe Oh: marma and kikas, please jump in

    ROSE (rose.borchovski): on arrival I already have an epileptic attack
    Kikas Babenco: pixelating epilepsy
    ROSE (rose.borchovski): I have put eifach stream on
    SaveMe Oh: yes we have no other choice
    Apmel Goosson: great rose

    ROSE (rose.borchovski): I will get the dance balls, they are still down
    SaveMe Oh: you always go without your balls Rose
    ROSE (rose.borchovski): that is because I have my hand full with your balls

    SaveMe Oh: kandi, welcome back
    Kandinsky Beaumont: congrats SaveMe
    SaveMe Oh: i have ampels here for you
    Kandinsky Beaumont: I am glad you are in sl
    Kandinsky Beaumont: oh god I had them all over me all day today already
    Cat Shilova: many ampels
    Apmel Goosson: omg kandi
    SaveMe Oh: so the offspring must be great kandi
    Kandinsky Beaumont: hehe

    Detta var Apmels homeopatiskt objektiva rapport från Secret Save Screensaver Show!  
    iReport —

    Audacious Protest Messages Explode Across Your Screen as Dutch artist SaveMe Oh expresses her powerful art. Beyond a new artform, SaveMe Oh's real time visual experience reaches out from the screen to engulfs your awestruck mind.

         Picture 1 flips a bird salute to all dictators and kleptocrats world round. Picture 2 SaveMe's boots dance on Dictator Moamar Gadaffi, evoking Middle Eastern gestures of extreme disrespect.

         Picture 3 shares Safety Tip #1 "Don't Let the Art Hit You" and Picture 4 Tip #2 "How to Survive an Art Attack"... gives us a clue... This is an ART ATTACK! Totally!

         In Picture 5, SaveMe Oh's attitude shows... she does have a reputation to uphold! After all!

         In Picture 6, Kikas Babenco joins the show, with interesting juxtaposition of Fish, Bowler Derby Hats, and Green Apples? Now how does that relate to Quilts? Red Meat? Eggs? And other symbols? Hmmmm

         Picture 7 and 10 reveal anti-consumerism themes bringing popular brands and Dutch spirits into the mix.

         Picture 8 I thought was the coolest part of the show Everyone was invited to dance  and become part of the exhibition in a transparent box labeled "Fantasy Zone" inside (where we were dancing) and "Reality Zone" outside where SaveMe and Kikas were generating extreme artworks.

         In Picture 9, SaveMe takes the cake, literally... Rehearsing for weeks with Kikas and her creative partner Marmaduke Arado... SaveMe launched her art explosion on her Rez Day... the anniversary of her entering Second Life. HAPPY REZ DAY SAVEME!

         SaveMe's rez day show happens high above Rose Borchovski's Two Fish Gallery. See Roses great art collection there now


    Also see my other super fun story about the exploits of SaveMe Oh... Chessus SaveMe! Oh!




    SaveMe Oh's 4th sl birthdy was 2 days ago. A brilliant and exclusive moment.
    SaveMe is the worst bullshiter in all Second Life. And the most necessary, and the most indispensable. A pure Drama Queen, a never ending role.
    She says that the king is naked. And most kings don't understand they are.
    I consider people like her as warrants against vanity, emptiness. They force us to adjust, to have interrogations about art, about the necessity of art to be, sometimes or always, disturbing, political and ... So, thanks, SaveMe (until the moment when you will criticize ME! lol!).

    Le 4ème rezzday de SaveMe Oh a été comme toujours brilliant, exclusif, excessif. SaveMe est la pire emmerdeuse de tout Second Life et je la considère comme totalement nécessaire, indispensable. Pure Drama Queen. Elle dit que le roi est nu, et les rois n'aiment pas que cela se sache. Des personnes comme elles, si nous somme attentifs, nous préservent de la médiocrité, de la vanité et de la vacuité. Celle des autres, la nôtre aussi certainement. Cela nous force à nous ajuster, à nous interroger sur l'art, sur la nécessité de l'art à être politique, dérangeant, authentique. Alors merci à SaveMe - jusqu'au moment où elle critiquera un de mes travaux, lol!

    Pictures from fredylajoie  

    Pictures from Tim Deschanel