Essentials Of Secondlife 

Always want to know what is essential about the Linden, The Pirats Art Group and DanCoyote Antonelli?
Come to discover it yourself in SaveMe Oh's new exhibition. A big homage to those 3 very important elements of secondlife.

Apmel huserar SaveMe Oh utställning

Den officiella öppningen är söndag 28 mars 22:00 svensk tid (1 pm SLT) och utställningen pågår fram till den 8:e april om inga diplomatiska eller legala konflikter stoppar den innan dess.

Apmelina fick en pratstund med konstnärinnan så här dagen före the grand opening:

SaveMe Oh: hi sweety, now you also want the name of my male avi?
Apmelina Slingshot: haha..would be nice..but how do you know i am interested in men?
SaveMe Oh: your male avi told me
Apmelina Slingshot: don´t trust him
Apmelina Slingshot: Tina wants him to write something for her to publish about your exhibition .. but he doesn´t know what time it opens yet..or what to say really

SaveMe Oh: I have a theatreshow rl tomorrow in the afternoon
SaveMe Oh: I dont want it to early
Apmelina Slingshot: 1pm okay for you then?
SaveMe Oh: or I might be late
SaveMe Oh: yes 1 pm
Apmelina Slingshot: good..i tell Tina that
Apmelina Slingshot: do you have anything else special you that you want me to say about it?..I read your blog..funny :))
SaveMe Oh: best is to continue with that in some way, just invent a story of war with the french or something
SaveMe Oh: or the swedish being afraid for their international connections now they have SaveMe in the house
Apmelina Slingshot: of course you will deny it all anyway :))
SaveMe Oh: its all about stories
SaveMe Oh: of course I deny what I want
Apmelina Slingshot: haha..nice working with you..and what IS the name of your male alt?
SaveMe Oh: you prefer fat, black or avarage?
Apmelina Slingshot: hahaha..i have to think about that for a while..I´m new as a woman you know
SaveMe Oh: only when you want a furry or necko i cant help you
Apmelina Slingshot: not interested in them either so that´s cool
SaveMe Oh: so think what you like and I will send him to you one day
SaveMe Oh: but
SaveMe Oh: they dont get much time online
SaveMe Oh: as I am the boss
Apmelina Slingshot: got it
SaveMe Oh: they only have to keep my money in case i get banned
SaveMe Oh: or spy at pirats, carp or caerleon
Apmelina Slingshot: i wonder who is going to keep my brothers money..when the secret service comes to get him
SaveMe Oh: then we go underground
Apmelina Slingshot: i´ll tell him you said that.. now i´m off.. cu..
SaveMe Oh: give him a kiss
Apmelina Slingshot: give it to him yourself..


Vad handlar det egentligen om SaveMe Oh?

Än ser Solace Island fridfull ut.. om än med viss slagsida åt sydost.

SaveMe Ohs utställning är ett jättebygge med tre interaktiva plattformar med pseudo-hyllningar som hänger hotfullt över Apmels holme.

SaveMe Oh: moneyrun for artwhores
SaveMe Oh: upstairs is the "pirats" chill room
SaveMe Oh: and I make fun of hyperformalism

SaveMe Oh: i dont mind rules but not self invented rules from a happy few
Apmel Goosson: well we don´t have any at covenant
SaveMe Oh: and breaking convenant rules is an act of freedom
Apmel Goosson: it´s a pity we don´t have any then
SaveMe Oh: I will invent some rules for the exhibition
SaveMe Oh: i see you for example in a boot controlling the people
SaveMe Oh: asking their tickets
SaveMe Oh: and check their iris and fingerprint


Konstnärer går aldrig och lägger sig

The grand opening party för SaveMe Ohs nya utställning: The Essentials pågick för fullt när Apmels husse går och lägger sig nu vid halv två snåret så att han har ork att sortera alla sina bilder från eventet och skriva ett blogginlägg om det under morgondagen.

Storslaget på Solace Island

Det blev en storslagen kväll även om SaveMe Oh öppnade sin senaste installation på platsen för Apmels gamla bokkafé i värsta museiguidestil.

SaveMe Oh: in 3 minutes i start the first guided tour

SaveMe Oh shouts: now catch all the free items in the black boxes and attach them
SaveMe Oh shouts: the quickest ones can after sit on a black poseball in the arenas
SaveMe Oh shouts: for the moneyrun for artwhores

GIF animations generator

SaveMe Oh: ampel was the first
Apmel Goosson: of course i cheat
SaveMe Oh: and Cat is running
SaveMe Oh: she is smart
SaveMe Oh shouts: fuchsia also behind the Linden money
Janie Genna: so , my run run away
Fuschia Nightfire: as usual always chasing linden money, but never catching it
SaveMe Oh: run for it ironside
SaveMe Oh: Ziga, you will catch him
SaveMe Oh: you can do it
Apmel Goosson: he is damn hard to catch
SaveMe Oh shouts: the people with money are always hard to catch

Apmel Goosson: and we have spyplane from the swedish secret service hovering over our heads

Santa Kohime: Nah just the ol Santa checking things out

SaveMe Oh shouts: ok first group, we go to the second floor now

SaveMe Oh: exiting art from 2 new french artists
SaveMe Oh: lina coucou and blahbalh blabbermouth
SaveMe Oh shouts: the young french artists where to shy to be here tonight
Zigadena Gabardini: oh.. i see

Apmel Goosson: blabbermouth is awesome
SaveMe Oh gave you Idiots armband (wear).
SaveMe Oh: take an idiot seat

SaveMe Oh shouts: OK first group to the last platform

Close Range: Janie Genna [22m], Moti Moody [22m], Fuschia Nightfire [23m], Dancoyote Antonelli [23m], Kay Uggla [24m], Eupalinos Ugajin [26m], Nar Duell [30m],Emarald Harvey [26m], Zigadena Gabardini [26m], aake Roffo [27m], IronSide Carlberg [30m], Radar Dalglish [31m], Philos Kidd [30m], Pol Jarvinen [33m], Larkworthy Antfarm [31m], Bronte Alcott [38m], Angela Eclipse [38m], Eifachfilm Vacirca [35m]

SaveMe Oh shouts: look here for the very first prim DanCoyote evre used
Dancoyote Antonelli shouts: hahahahaha
Dancoyote Antonelli shouts: you found that old prim?
SaveMe Oh shouts: the master himself is flying around here
SaveMe Oh shouts: I bought it in an obscure shop
aake Roffo: playwood wasn't invented yet then
Dancoyote Antonelli shouts: I hope you didnt pay too much!
SaveMe Oh shouts: was almost for free
Dancoyote Antonelli shouts: My work can be Oh so expensive!

Kandinsky Beaumont: you gave an armband but I cannot recieve it...
SaveMe Oh: are you IDIOT enough?
SaveMe Oh: it only works on IDIOTS
SaveMe Oh: serious people have problems
Kandinsky Beaumont: I turned into one right under your influence...

Mencius Watts: mine worked ;)
SaveMe Oh: you see? everybody has an idiot inside
Agnes Sharple: idiots have more fun...?
Kandinsky Beaumont: how do I joiin this idiot dance?
Newdawn Congrejo: lol
Rose Borchovski: touching pols head
Apmel Goosson: the head up on top i suppose?
Oberon Onmura: hi hi
Kandinsky Beaumont: He declined hehe
Apmel Goosson: try the lower one kandi..and he can´t refuse

Pol Jarvinen: was great to see all these idiots
SaveMe Oh: thanks for coming
SaveMe Oh: and stay idiot
Apmel Goosson: is this the infamous idiot group?
Alice Mastroianni: yes
SaveMe Oh: yes
Alizarin Goldflake: i am proud to be an idiot!
SaveMe Oh: you are a real good idiot ALIZ
Alizarin Goldflake: three cheers for idiocy!!!
Miso Susanowa: hip hip! um...
Alice Mastroianni shouts: Saveme you are an idiot genius
SaveMe Oh shouts: not a genius idiot?
Juanita Deharo: If I say this is bad art will save me ban me
SaveMe Oh: I dont know how to use a ban button
SaveMe Oh: never used it
Juanita Deharo: that would be something- to be banned BY Save me
Miso Susanowa: wow mind boggles
SaveMe Oh: ok next porject
Miso Susanowa: but SaveMe if you ban for idiots who will be left to see you?
SaveMe Oh: thats my dilemma

Apmel Goosson: well you all got my love idiots..and of course SaveMe :)) i´m going to bed now.. you can all drink breakfast in my bar when you are finished here :)
SaveMe Oh: ampel, you deserve ethernal love
SaveMe Oh: thanks for the space



SaveMe Oh Performance: only for Idiot

Sono entrata in Sl per ricordare ai ragazzi del gruppo di andare a votare e SaveMe Oh lancia un landmark

" Only for very Idiot Italian, other go to Silvio"

non ho potuto non accettare la provocazione e sono corsa a vedere cosa aveva combinato.
Ad accoglierci un sacco di gente (straniera) che ci applaudiva per essere fin troppi gli Idioti (ossia quelli che non seguono Silvio) e qualcuno però per i veri italiani idioti manca la televisione.... The Silvio Channel....
eheh bella considerazione di noi...grazie Silvio ne

La esposizione di SaveMe è su 3 piani:
Il primo dedicato agli italiani idioti
il secondo dedicato ai linden provate le sedie .... casualmente piegate eheh
il terzo dedicato agli idioti in parlando....con Philiph linden in persona eheh
La adoro :)




l'on y retrouve la famille de SaveMe OH et des trucs idiots...

....Des travaux imbéciles...ou de l'Art subversif  envers notre cher Monsieur Linden tout puissant ...


Elle est vraiement originale cette artiste ,ces soirées sont pour le moins curieuses j'aime bien etre surprise.

( elle nous a secoué comme des pruniers ! )



SaveMe, save my sanity....

Yes, SaveMe Oh has another art show, and it is priceless......

Impressed by the doodles of our supreme leader, (which reminded me of stuff I did when I was about 14), and particularly impressed by the following these invoked, Saveme has the ArtWhores MoneyRun on show

Make sure you get the freebies from the box and wear is hysterically funny....

Full details of the Banning and Unbanning of our delightful anarchist are to be found reported on her blog here.

.....still annoyed by a certain french bunch of pirats.... Saveme continues her critique of SL art on the next floor up...

...and Aliz, wearing a doodlely type of outfit....(one said "I have been doodled").... pictured here at a mock version of Dan Coyotes hyperfermentation retrospective on the next floor up from Idiots..... make sure you try the animations...I Am Animation...:)) have already said a load of good stuff about SaveMe, I think "My art is better than your art" is a complete classic.... but once again she has shown us just how important it is to have a Saveme in SL.

She is a thorn in the side or pure delight, depending on how up your own arse you are....