Live theatre machinima experiment in Second Life: “Eh Oh”

3PM PST – SL Time ( = midnight 00:00 CET) – Teatro Massimo Falcone e BorsellinoNuova Sicilia, Second Life

+ Live streams on the web + Live projection screens in theatre De Balie, Amsterdam at the IAFF (International Amsterdam Film Festival)

It is our pleasure to announce SaveMe Oh‘s first theatre production in SL, starring Cupido Oh and CallieDel Boa – a remake of the Samuel Beckett classic Eh Joe, renamed for the occasion Eh Oh.

SaveMe is a RL Dutch Theatre director, fascinated by SL and its potential for the arts.

This opening night will be exclusive to the Nuova Sicilia Community as this is an experiment. With Eh Oh, we look forward to testing several new aspects of SL Theatre production – including SL to SL live streaming video for facial close-ups of the actors in real time (courtesy of Ze Moo and the RL Amsterdam Theatre De Balie).

A special thank you also to Don Laprade, the stage designer for Eh Oh.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Please join the ‘Nuova Sicilia Friends‘ group in Second Life, to be able to visit this virtual theatre show.

When the sim is full: please watch the show live on the web or inworld at the sim: Enschede 1,11,111

One replay will be broadcasted immediately after the show.


OH what a night 

December 16, 2007

Two performances of our play EH OH tonight in the theatre of Nuevo Sicilia. With the wonderfull voice of CallieDel Boa and even my father Cupido Oh not doing so bad Ze Moo, Hoeksteen and Chantal Harvey did a great filming and streaming job. Soon we will have the footage online for you all to see. But ofcourse the best place to be was in the theatre itself. A really great experience for all dedicated to go cross the boundaries of Second Life. Real life in Second Life is the future. Dont miss it. 

The televisionplay Eh Joe from Samuel Beckett in the version of SaveMe Oh, now called Eh Oh.
The piece was live performed in the Nuova Sicilia Sim in Second Life in 2008. Now the movie.

CallieDelBoa Awesome job editing Chantal!!!
  • noirgris0 That was really good 
  • zebra404 Modern theatre in Sl. Kewl ;)

    Sensation After Banning – Eh OH in Italian


    Supernova and SaveMe preparing for the show.

    Just an hour after the banning from my father out of the secret society of Public Townscape he had to be on stage in Nuova Sicilia’s Teatro Massimo for the premiere of the Italian spoken version of Samuel Beckett’s play Eh Oh and he did great. Nobody noticed what injustice was done to him and as a great actor he performed marvelous, together with the great Italian voice of Supernova Amat. The Italian public, loud as they are, went crazy after the play and when also Callie DelBoa, the english voice from the english version entered the stage the public cheered for minutes and flowers where thrown on stage. Cristos Benelli, who made everything possible was proud enjoying the acievement (and his new found love), Ze Moo, who did the life streaming pushed the replaybuttons and Don Laprade, who designed the stage also got a virtual bouquet. It’s a joy to be able to work with such creative people where on other places (Public Townscape) narrowmindness rules.

    At the afterparty we enjoyed our Second Life and praised ourselves happy to be with such fine company.

    Thanks all, SaveMe Oh


    Cupido Oh, Supernova Amat and Callie DelBoa recieve a big applause