Why Can’t I Wear Red?

You are invited to an exposition, you dress up nice (a lovely red dress), do your hair, add a nice make-up and this is the first thing you hear when you enter:


Miskat Qinan: hey SaveMe… we kinda have a Black&White dresscode going on…

SaveMe Oh: I hate rules as you know

SaveMe Oh: so you can do with your dress code what you want

Miskat Qinan: well, I ask you to respect it

SaveMe Oh: respect is an awful word

SaveMe Oh: please tell Imma (Imma is his gf, the only one allowed in red) she is totaly out of tune here

SaveMe Oh: nooo, you banned her???

SaveMe Oh: bad man

Miskat Qinan: Imma is my gf and it is my request

Miskat Qinan: can I ask you to leave now?

Miskat Qinan: I like this to be about me tonight, not you


Miskat Qinan shouts: I will make one statement and with that it should be clear. This exhibition is over. And not because of SaveMe, but because of one of the founders here find that I should accept that both me and my girlfriend get hugely disrespected, that I get shouted at and that that is perfectly fine to be repeated in open chat… I will not accept this and unprofessional behaviour like this is not an environment where either I, my art, nor my girl and dear friends belong. I thank Velaz and Milla for the awesome build and support. I thank Dex for willing to DJ. And I thank all my friends for being here and the compliments. But as of now, this exhibition has ended.

  • well when I received the invite to that expo in my mail and read about that dress code it was no big deal to figure hardly everyone would follow it. and asking someone to be banned–even if its SaveMe Oh–for reasons of speaking out is ridiculous to expect from Benvolio people. I am sorry for Vela and Josi. they allways put big effort in the artists they feature.

  • thats like expecting from rl vernissage visitors to walk in on their hands.
    i mean–its a very nice means to actively involve recipients into aninstallation and make them participants in a performance. and theres manyfolded examples for such all over the world. but as far as I know no one calls such things ‘dress code’.
    of course you can also make it an experiment. but then again, would someone who is interested in conducting a ‘dress code experiment’ within an arts gallery expo opening setting make such a drama over whatever turns out. ah well.. too many words on too much of nutting. guess I havent missed anything.

  • Miskat is a lovley person…you wore red to upstage…almost like wearing white to a wedding…just not cricket im sorry!

  • miskat is a lovley person…you wore red to upstage…almost like wearing white to a wedding…its just not cricket im sorry!

  • Nobody denies he is a lovely person, only most of the time nice persons behave nice. And how could I know his girlie had to be the red dress queen? And when it was al so personal and sacred, why he invite people? He makes lovely work but next time he better stays home himself. We have much more fun without him.
    Am I a lovely person now also?

  • ah. I have figured it. coincidentally savesomeoneelse and his gf wore both red and THAT was the critical point. how lame. :p

  • When Aging Hippies Start To Love You

    When I was flying around last week together with my friend Dream Scientist (the resurrected Flower Exonar who escaped from the claws of his mistress Calimero Lane) in the Diabolus Artspace of the CARPIES we were offered building space before we could wink. Josina Burgess and Velazquez Bonetto forced us to accept a building platform for our artwork and if they could have locked us up to immediately start building they would have done so. Why all those people who start to tremble when they saw me a year ago start now to hug and kiss me?


    They even forced me to go to Budapest with them!!

    Feathers Boa, who personally took care for my banning from Caerleon is now all milk and honey, maybe because she finally dare to show the art she always wanted to show, her shaved pussy, still a little disguised in tear jerking stories about drugs and mental illnesses, but she almost asked to marry me.

    In Public Townscape they kicked out Coco Jaxxon and Alf Ibbetson so they could ask me back in. Henry125 Petrov stated personally that he preferred to have me back than to be the slave of a religious fanatic who pretended to help the poor with gambling and poledancing.

    And now the CARPIES. This controlfreaking hippies who love to tie you up in a chair so nothing can go wrong when they stage their multimedia plays (not knowing nobody will do anything as all groupies are already deeply asleep after 10 minutes of slow told, mother earth related, pseudo visionary, symphonic hippierocking bombastic reinvented Woodstockstuff) are now inviting me in. How can I pretend to be one of them????

    Hey, I am an actress. If I can’t pretend I should change profession!

     So better check this out before they ritual burn me.

     Rotating prim


    And yes, I am ashamed to say, but my movies are also showed in their inworld cinema.


    Rebirth Of The Italian Screensavers

    Yesterday night we were invited to see the rebirth of the Italian screensavers. Where Windows Media Player and other media players deliver the service at random, Italian artist Evaluna Sperber spent months in designing and collecting 1 million textures to fire at us with the rezzing machines managed by big brother Velazquez Bonetto in his uberscripted control room that he managed to let play automatically, so he even don’t have to be present anymore. As CARP is a hippie kingdom, of course there were some hidden images of Jesus Christ and Buddha. (also an Arabic line to make nobody angry).

    After the first seconds of amazement about the marvellous techniques the show became boring and predictable, dark colours for bad things, light colours for the good and Evaluna like a lost fairy twisting around in her own images soup.

    The other Italian Screensavers, like Luce Laval, Solkide Auer, Shellina Winkler, Merlino Mayo and Lucian Iwish did what they always do. Make colourful screensavers. Funny thing is that their screensavers mix perfect with the one of your PC when it goes in standby mode.

    The Italian Art Maffia even forced poor MillaMilla Noel (M&M for friends), who makes beautiful images, to cut her stuff in pieces and had it been scripted and twisted.

    Was it that bad? No, not at all, it was overwhelming at first with an aftertaste of deception as it was about nothing, empty-headed show-offs.

    What was really bad was The Wall, another CARP project, there you see old hippies dance when they play a Pink Floyd soundtrack, with occasionally a dancing doll from what you have no idea why it dances. Should the wall behind it give a clue? Does George Bush as the bad guy gives a clear message? You tell me! My guess is that they want to tell me: DON’T BE BAD.

    So the best artproject of 2010 stays the landscape of Deruub Pastorelli. Nothing rotating, nothing scripted, just painted. A surreal landscape with an unique feel nowhere else to be found in Secondlife.

    And you, SaveMe Oh, with your big mouth, can you do any better???

    Of course, at least I don’t fall asleep when I build my own bullshit.

    Roxelo Babenco said:
    Saveme, this time also, you don’t leave your provocative role! The exhibition of the italian artists was very important and beautifull. Velazquest exhibit same of the better artist of Second Life, all italians. Your provocation, this tim don’t works :D )
    The italian people, all the honest italian people hate all the mafie!

    I replied:
    And what when I am not playing a role to provocate but am really meaning what I say? That “artists” are vanishing in technical showoff contests. Who has the best scripts, who has the newest textures? It’s just as with a new car, it is more powerful and quicker or greener then the last one, but at the end it is just another car. I am the romantic type and will wait for the artist who touches my soul. (when I have one)

    • SAVEME is the best I like it a lot. the only sleepwalker, who lives in his nightmares, pleased not to sleep. When she wakes up crap shoot that calls irony. help is just reacting a little, we do not want that to end up hurting yourself awake he believes it to be pardoned as when dreaming amuses us with his funny shit

  • Saveme I understand very well that saying the words “Italian Art Maffia” you were ironic and I laughed very much but you must know that call a italian ” mafioso” is as call a german ” nazist” . If I can give you a friendly sugger, don’t do it:D

  • I only write for those people who understand irony, the stupid people have the eurovision songcontest.


    Where One Avatar Commits Suicide And Another One Is Killed

    It was scheduled as Wirxli Flimflam’s last performance but the judges where already present with the verdict in their pocket to make it also my last performance in CARP.

    What happend?

    The night before the performance a friend was abused by Pirats group and was really unhappy about that. She also saw those Pirats at Oberon Onmura’s exhibition and I promised her to ask them who they fucking think they are. I went there screaming but they didn’t react so my friend was asking: are you taking pictures? And that give me the idea to film them. To make a movie like that I took at least 45 minutes of filming, they didn’t seem to bother, didn’t walked away or TP-ed out. They just stick to their usual coucou and Yay yay. I even invite my friend Dan Yapungku so I could stand on his head, to have good shots of Newbab Zsigsmond who was dancing on top of Merlina Rokocoko.

    The next morning I put the movie online and received enthusiast comments from Iono Allen, Pol Jarvinen, Penelope Parx, Luce Laval and Rose Borchovski. Never had so much positive feedback that quick until…..Josina Burgess came online. She was really pissed off about the movie because Thirza Ember left the Diabolus group because of the movie.  (use translator dutch english for some parts)

    Josina Burgess: Thirza Ember: (Saved Sun Feb 14 15:15:25 2010) Josina, I saw the last notice ‘Touche Pas’   because of this I am leaving your group  Diabolus. That is not ‘performance’ it is abusive behaviour, so I do not want any part of it. not at all.

    SaveMe Oh: heel goed

    SaveMe Oh: als virtuele werelden onder iemands huid kruipen begint het echt te worden

    Josina Burgess: je moet hier dus meteen mee ophouden, op deze manier beschadig je de groep en gooi ik je eruit

    SaveMe Oh: Als jij tot het legertje van de censors wilt toetreden kan ik je niet tegenhouden

    SaveMe Oh: gisteren had ik iemand zeer ontdaan in IM om wat de Pirats deden

    SaveMe Oh: het virtuele leven is soms lastig

    SaveMe Oh: je zou je eigen positie bij de Pirats eens goed tegen het licht moeten houden

    SaveMe Oh: heb je gezien hoe ze rondstappen met hun zwarte armbanden?

    Josina Burgess: interesseert me totaal niet, als jij via stomme video’s probeert mensen te raken op een gemene manier en dat doet op zo’n manier dat ik constant, en niet alleen nu! gedoe heb over en door jou, terwijl wij ons best doen een goeie groep te maken en te houden begin ik het zo langzamerhand moe te worden, constant  jou te moeten verdedigen,  ik ben het zat om iedere keer opnieuw aangesproken te worden op jou gedrag wat ik trouwens behoorlijk kinderachtig vind, dit heeft niks meer met kunst of wat dan ook, maar met rancune van een zekere avatar save me oh. Ik zal hier met Vela over spreken en ik kan je wel zeggen dat ik er genoeg van heb.

    SaveMe Oh: ok, ik hoor het oordeel wel. Ik heb nog nooit zoveel positieve reacties op een video gehad maar als jij je ogen wilt sluiten moet je dat doen.

    As Josina has good contacts with the Pirats she soon had contact with Newbab and he already had summoned her to do something about it and she did. She told me she was in the mood to kick me out of CARP but still had to talk with Velazquez Bonetto. She was only nice enough to wait until Wirxli Flimflam was dead and also Velazquez didn’t say a word although he knew he would ban me a few hours after. 

    Next day all CARP members received this message, most of them before me:

    Hello Saveme,

    Already a long time we as CARP/Diabolus are defending freedom of speech and freedom to express and exhibit Art in a confronting way.We believe that artists of all sorts must have the possibility to use the Art as a tool to create awareness, make people think and wonder, and express this through Art.Art was through history always an item that created openings and discussions and not only serving the beauty and the wonderful. Art can be a messenger, a clown, a mirror, a caricature of all whats happening in the world.When however an artist is using Art as a coveridge for personal revenge and starts trying to hurt and embarras people in a almost stalking way, the Art itsself is offended.

     As a response on the last video you made and also in response of the many other occasions where we as founders of the CARP/Diabolus group were confronted with complains and questions about your behaviour, we decided that we have to react.

    We discussed this many times with you and every time you seemed to just love the negative attention and even did a further step to see what happens and how far you could go. Not only you used openings of other artists to get negative attention on your avatar, you also went to annoy other guests that you disliked that moment, you exhibitioned projects that were directly attacking groups of people or cultures in such a hatefull way that we had to remove certain items. You did not learn from it, but continued with your solo actions that could not stay solo because many others got involved in these actions even when they were never asking for it.

     You finally reached the limit and we decided the following:

    1.You have to remove the hatefull and vindictive video you made about Pirats.

    2.We expect a apology for this video.

    3.You will be disrupted from CARP/Diabolus for 3 months, you will not be able to rez, or have any exhibitions on Diabolus, with the warning that when you come back you have to behave as a human being and put your personal vendetta’s aside.

     We respect your talent and we also know you from other conversations as a much nicer person in RL that uses the avatar Saveme Oh as a total transformation into something different from your RL personallity. You are totally free in doing so, but also in SL real humans are behind every avatar and they can be offended and get hurt. Through your actions we as CARP/Diabolus dont want to take the stand as your defenders anymore, because you lost your credibility.

     We hope to have reached with this deciding a opening for better communication and understanding and surely are not trying to push you into more negative and vindictive actions.

     Josina Burgess/Josina den Burger

    Velazquez Bonetto/ Laszlo Oerdoegh

    CARP/Diabolus founders

    Some comments in Diablus Ning group:

    Debbie Trilling: I know this was a hard decision for both Vela and yourself, Josina, and has taken many months of discussion and “second chances” before you finally arrived at it. I know from our group discussions on this matter that neither of you took the decision lightly, nor does it bring either of you any joy. However, it is the correct decision.

    This avatar’s behaviour and attitude to others’ hard work has caused far too many upsets and complaints to operate successfully in any group or within any project which requires collaboration. As CARP projects are essentially collaborative efforts, this group is clearly not the group that can provide this avatar with the correct environment to work within.

    Perhaps an enforced hiatus of three months might provide a suitable readjustment period. Perhaps not.

    Josina den Burger: thanks Debbie, it was not with great pleasure to decide, but you know us very well already and I am grateful you support this.

    Wiski oh: He he he… SaveMe needs some good spanking, for sure. Sister, you had been a bad bad girl… And brother Wiski will spank youuuuuuuuuuu…. Come come little darling… Im gonna save your soul, in the name of cheessusssssssssssss… Whip, whipppp… ;-) Argh, what had you done again, terrific sister ? Ho lord, save me for Saveme !!!!

    Calimera Lane: Well, Vela and Josy.. you wanted her, now you got her.

    I dont exactly see a big difference in that pirats movie compared to what she has produced before.
    Its all an expression of frustration and lament, n’importe where you look, at her blog or whatever media she spams. She has expressed her laments in a most destructive, disrespectful way all the time. Targetting something one personally also dont like–as for her puns on US american puritanism–makes no difference to it.

    HP Darcy: Well, well, let’s not going to exaggerate. First SaveMe was carried on the shoulders of everybody, but when ‘people’ complain, then there are penalties or punishment. First the CARP members, including the founders love it, until ‘others’ tell them they shouldn’t.

    And those ‘others’ are in my opinion – unfortunately – very short sighted. They have no sense for some good fun and humor, apparently they cannot see the irony in the work of SaveMe. Too soon they feel hurt, or are just jealous in an ordinary way. So what do they do? They begin to manipulate and actually they are the ones who start the fighting. Why not turn the head and walk simply away and stop the fuzz? Can’t you leave the things who don’t appeal to you alone or am I the one who is crazy?

    If there is one person trying to tell honestly her opinion, it is SaveMe Oh. And she takes fully the responsibility for that. I do not understand why honesty should be punished in this way. It should not be her problem if people can’t accept the truth. The (Pi)Rats must get used to the fact that there are individuals who don’t want to be considered part of their inner circle. We are not just mindless sheep following each other.

    I think the action should be reversed because no rules have been violated! Look at RL, take a look at the Civil Code. Shouldn’t you laugh out loud when an individual was excluded for having an honest sincere own opinion about certain people. There is really nothing forbidden about it and no judge would convict somebody for that, but in CARP they think they have to? Something is wrong here.

    Josina Burgess: HP you are right in much what you are saying, and We stood behind Save me for along time, as long (and I repeat) it is in a humorfull way and is not getting “personal” and really trying to damage or hurt. This is NOT about Pirats, although the last video did it, and its NOT because what öther”peole said. Its what we saw and experienced with our own eyes and ears. We never act from second hand information, but acted out of what we experienced ourselves by the behaviour of SaveMe during openings, in video’s and towards other people in SL. When you seed, you earn. SaveMe knows this and its never can be so that you can do and shout whatever you like without getting a response at some point.

    Debbie Trilling: Comment by HP Darcy: “If there is one person trying to tell honestly her opinion, it is SaveMe Oh. And she takes fully the responsibility for that

    If she truely takes “full responsibilty”, as you say, then she will see this decision as a direct consequence of her “honest opinons” (sic) and behaviour. As part of her “work”, SaveMe courts controversy and provocation. She actively seeks to be banned and I have even heard a supporter asking her, “Haven’t CARP banned you yet, SaveMe?” as if it is a Badge of Honor.

    This decision by CARP is a logical and predictable consequence of her actions; ‘Reaping what you sow’, as Josina has pointed out a number of times. Take responsibilty for that.

    Comment by HP Darcy: “There is really nothing forbidden about it and no judge would convict somebody for that, but in CARP they think they have to? Something is wrong here


    This is not a Court of Law or anything like it.

    This is about deciding who shares similar values/aims and who doesn’t; deciding who one wants to work with and who one does not; deciding who to freely donate prims to, land and exhibition space to, time and resources to and who one doesn’t care to; who one wants to spend their leisure time with and who one does’nt; who one respects and who one doesn’t; who has credibility and who doesn’t.

    Everybody has the individual right to make these decisions and act upon them as they see fit.

    In this instance, it was decided that SaveMe is not a person the group shares these things with.

    The thing that is “wrong here” is not the decision made by an SL group but your illogical comparison with a Court of Law,

    Calimera Lane: Re Josina: “We stood behind Save me for along time, as long (and I repeat) it is in a humorfull way and is not getting “personal” and really trying to damage or hurt.”

    Humour is something difficult to define. If you had a presentation on your latest visuals and I would show up and attach all effect sets I have made so that people dont see yours anymore, would you call that humorous? Imagine a concert was given and I would show up playing all sounds I could find in my inventory. Would you call that humorous? Given theres a discussion event that operates via text chat and I would pop up and take over the chat with cuckoos and fuckyous. Would you call that humorous? Especially when its done to debunk “false art” and to expose herself as a “true artist”.

    I’m with Debbie. Saveme Oh does not take responsability for her actions at all. Her self-righteous blog from its very beginning in pre carp membership times is one big lament about unjust bans and nazi sim dictators.
    She has been carrying out personal vendettas not only with DanCoyote Antonelli long before carp invited her to join.

    Let me ask you, Josina–and I truely am curious–what made you think you would change her?

    Let me add this. I have been absent from SL almost all 2009. Rumours over stress within carp triggered by saveme oh reached me only via my flatmate’s news from SL. I haven’t ever criticized Velas decision to invite her. Just wondered whether she will succeed to fuck this up also, the very climax of the drama she cultivates.

    I understand this has caused much stress to both Velazquez and Josina. Therefore I do well understand their reaction. A selforganized system either integrates or eliminates disruption.

    They don’t deserve this kind of shit, Saveme.

    Was this the first time the CARPIES had problems with my attitude??? No. Read this. (when they were still defending me)

    [Velazquez Bonetto: [14:38] Medora Chevalier: Hi Vela – people are hassling me about SaveMe Oh’s work at Diabolus – she got banned from one of the festival sims last night because its PG and she turned up with a fuckme attachment

    Velazquez Bonetto: ???????????

    SaveMe Oh: ah good publicity

    Velazquez Bonetto: [14:39] Medora Chevalier: now people are saying her work is a breach of terms of service

    Medora Chevalier: and not a poisitive imagining (well I agree with that one – but that’s bloody artists for you!)

    Velazquez Bonetto: behhh

    Josina Burgess: yes save me was banned from a american sim becouse her guys were wearing a t-shirt with fuck U on it

    Josina Burgess: hypocrits

    SaveMe Oh: you want to see what i wered?

    Josina Burgess: ok

    SaveMe Oh: how bad it was?

    Josina Burgess: show

    Josina Burgess: olol

    SaveMe Oh: you must be shocked

    Josina Burgess: pretty harsh yes

    Josina Burgess: for american puritan eyes

    SaveMe Oh: I hope we dont have to take that american puriteins in our future

    SaveMe Oh: the centre work will also be at the edge

    Velazquez Bonetto: neocreationist ultraright GWBUSH brains

    Josina Burgess: lol

    Josina Burgess: whats the message save me

    Josina Burgess: beside fuck u

    SaveMe Oh: of these dolls?

    Josina Burgess: yes

    SaveMe Oh: fuck you

    Josina Burgess: hahahahahahaaa

    SaveMe Oh: lol

    SaveMe Oh: an act of love?

    Josina Burgess: and of course they were shocked

    SaveMe Oh: i dont know

    SaveMe Oh: they asked me to remove it

    Josina Burgess: and of course you did not

    Josina Burgess: so drama began

    SaveMe Oh: ofcourse not

    Velazquez Bonetto: hahahah

    SaveMe Oh: i entered a sec time after being banned

    SaveMe Oh: with the monks

    Josina Burgess: still wearing it/

    Josina Burgess: ahhhh lol

    SaveMe Oh: that time it was my discusiion that get me banned

    Josina Burgess: and also the monks were no good?

    SaveMe Oh: discussion about freedom of speech

    SaveMe Oh:

    Josina Burgess: yes

    Sicily Zapatero: Can I say something?

    Velazquez Bonetto: yes sicily

    Sicily Zapatero: Could we please not generalize about nationality.

    Sicily Zapatero: It is individuals who have opinions.

    Sicily Zapatero: It’s hurtful to me.

    Sicily Zapatero: Please..

    Velazquez Bonetto: ok sorry

    Sicily Zapatero: I try never to judge never.

    SaveMe Oh: i love to judge

    Sicily Zapatero: And that is fine….

    Sicily Zapatero: It is your right..

    SaveMe Oh: its all about awareness

    SaveMe Oh: not about right or wrong

    Sicily Zapatero: No worries.

    Velazquez Bonetto: :-) ))))

    SaveMe Oh: ofcourse, a lot of worries

    SaveMe Oh: but thats why we do this

    SaveMe Oh: stimulate the grey cells

    SaveMe Oh: and hope something good comes out

    Josina Burgess: IT IS OF COURSE YOUR WAY OF DOING THINGS. i also do understand them. they were and stayed polite, and yuo really came there at a opening with trying to shock in mind

    SaveMe Oh: the last is not true

    Josina Burgess: what means OPG sim?

    SaveMe Oh: i just came with what i was busy

    Josina Burgess: PG

    Josina Burgess: that its open for children?

    SaveMe Oh: I have no problem children read fuck

    SaveMe Oh: is a normal word

    Sicily Zapatero: Ah, Save me…I must b honest…..Not for children.

    SaveMe Oh: its a much used word and people should explain that to their children then

    Josina Burgess: neither do i, they read that on the street all the time, but i can understand that the explicit way you set up the figures made them react

    Sicily Zapatero: Remember…I am a teacher of young children…

    Sicily Zapatero: They have a very very tender souls.

    SaveMe Oh: yes, but then you should be with them behind the pc

    Josina Burgess: but what was the rest of the conversation about, you say you came then as a nu with the monks

    Josina Burgess: whats wrongwith that

    SaveMe Oh: yes

    Josina Burgess: you changed as they asked

    SaveMe Oh: nothing was wrong with that

    SaveMe Oh: but then it was the conversation who annoyed them

    Josina Burgess: there THEY went wrong

    SaveMe Oh: i should shut up

    Josina Burgess: thet=y asked you nicely to remove and change

    Josina Burgess: you did

    Sicily Zapatero: I was not there so, I don’t kow.

    Sicily Zapatero: know

    Josina Burgess: and theh it was again not good enough

    SaveMe Oh: i took long before i did, lol

    SaveMe Oh: i teased them ofcourse

    Josina Burgess: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh you were pestering

    Josina Burgess: sure yes

    SaveMe Oh: not only image challenge the mind, also the talk

    Josina Burgess: in fact you could expect it

    Josina Burgess: so no reason to be upset

    SaveMe Oh: people think only a prim can be an artwork, but also writing and thinking can be considered like that

    Velazquez Bonetto: [14:54] Medora Chevalier: well it was just obvious that if you go to an area which is not supposed to have anything unsuitable for younfg students wearing people fucking you back and front you probably arent looking for a quiet life

    SaveMe Oh: she is right

    Velazquez Bonetto: i know yet what is PG

    Josina Burgess: she is

    SaveMe Oh: im not looking for a quiet life

    Josina Burgess: what is PG?

    Velazquez Bonetto: they banned also the LOUVRE is paris

    Sicily Zapatero: Parental Guidance

    Josina Burgess: ah ok

    SaveMe Oh: its a fight against Linden ofcourse too

    SaveMe Oh: owners who try to direct what oters can do or not

    Josina Burgess: well seems you have to live after some RULES when you enter a place like that

    Josina Burgess: and when you dont want you dont go there

    SaveMe Oh: i accept being banned

    Josina Burgess: yes

    SaveMe Oh: happens to me all the time

    SaveMe Oh: I know that it will happen

    SaveMe Oh: but sometimes that has to be the toll being paid

    Josina Burgess: still you gaved them something to talk about and that was why it is good also

    SaveMe Oh: thats the thing

    Velazquez Bonetto: ok i know the solution

    SaveMe Oh: art is to being talked about

    SaveMe Oh: otherwise is bad art

    Josina Burgess: i am curious if you had come with a guy that stebs you with a knife in the heart

    SaveMe Oh: the solution is to tie me up with something in my mouth

    Josina Burgess: and you are like bleeding all over

    SaveMe Oh: violence they wouldnt mind

    Velazquez Bonetto: if we decide that saveme dance in the first scene with the group tha ni swith in the sim the aging verification switch on

    Velazquez Bonetto: and then no problem

    Josina Burgess: as soon its about something that has a reference with sex

    SaveMe Oh: they get paranoid

    Josina Burgess: everybody is eek and aww

    SaveMe Oh: and keep on singign about love

    Josina Burgess: lol

    Josina Burgess: ok well done with that

    Josina Burgess: lets go on rehearsing

     Velazquez Bonetto: [14:59] Medora Chevalier: no one has spoken to you about her work being against the LL terms?

    Velazquez Bonetto: i read the community standard of course

    Velazquez Bonetto: but from this point of view we can close the LOUVRE in Paris

    Medora Chevalier: exactly

    Where they never angry before???? Yes, ofcourse. Read this and use your translator Dutch – English

    Josina Burgess: wil je stoppen met Igor zo vreselijk te treiteren

    Josina Burgess: ik vind echt dat je af en toe niet meer leuk bent zo, humor is ok maar treiteren gaat te ver

    Josina Burgess: daarbij is het nogal kinderachtig vind je niet

    SaveMe Oh: stel je niet aan

    Josina Burgess: je hebt geen idee wat je aan het doen bent nu, ook niet wie of wat voor persoon Igor is

    Josina Burgess: ik snel me niet aan maar sta me kwaad te maken

    SaveMe Oh: ik heb een hele verhandeling van hem gehad, ook niet ok

    Josina Burgess: dit is mijn tentoonstelling en ik wil dat het leuk is

    Josina Burgess: niet dat jij vervelend gaat lopen doen ten koste van iemand

    Josina Burgess: doe maar op je eigen tentoonstelling

    Josina Burgess: ik kan nu helemaal niet genieten


    I just can say, stop defending me. I am quite able to do that myself.

    I Demand The Following:

    1. Velazquez Bonetto and Josina Burgess have to kiss me in public on my 3rd rezday, 23 February .

    2. Me and Evaluna Sperber will do a screensaver performance together for the whole CARP community.

    3. CARP members will also receive an arm bandage like the PIRATS have, I suggest the marching hammers from Pink Floyd, so we know from which art army you are to prevent killing by friendly fire.

    Free SaveMe Oh

    18 february 2010

    [13:11]  Josina Burgess: You have been ejected from ‘Diabolus & Burgess Holding’ by Josina Burgess.

  • Ohhh nooooo!!! you did it againnnn???? omfg

  • ohhh noooo!! You did it againnnn?????? damn

    • You leave me all to myself, you know then this things happen. It’s not my mistake, but the mistake of my friends who leave me out in the jungle there alone.

      • i dont leave you aloneeee…. i am bussyyyyyy.. and my computer hate SL… but i stilll take care of you. in the distance.:D.. muacksssss

      • And were where you on my rezday, (cry)?

  • ahahahaha

  • Josina Once Said …

    Josina Burgess: but we will not cick her out of Carp

    Medora Chevalier: Hi Josi – we lost one of our sims because of SaveMe Oh’s work at Carp. I dont like it or think it fits but I would defend your right to present it

    Josina Burgess: you lost a sim?

    Medora Chevalier: the big future of weather one, it was given by UTSA. But saveme oh went with a model of two people fucking her yesteray to their opening

    Josina Burgess: yes i know

    Medora Chevalier: its PG – parental guidance – for students

    Medora Chevalier: then they realised she was still part of the festival

    Josina Burgess: i read the whole conversation

    Medora Chevalier: they’ve been IMing me all day but I was performing and organising

    Josina Burgess: she changed her outfit didnt she?

    Medora Chevalier: most people from core team have gone but for me – I cant stand her work – its not imagining a beuatiful future. But I would never back censorship becasue some institution was offended

    Josina Burgess: at the show tomorrow she did a great job

    Medora Chevalier: so they’ve gone

    Medora Chevalier: well all those dead UN people with sticks thro their penises

    Josina Burgess: i cannot speak for her , because I was not there

    Medora Chevalier: not like “imagine there’s no countries”

    Medora Chevalier: no in the show

    Josina Burgess: artists are always seeking for something to get attention from the crowed. They do it one way or another, goal is to get peoples attention on a subject they are bussy with, sometinmes a political mesage or a message of their own

    Josina Burgess: she showed us the way she apeared

    Medora Chevalier: its all attention with her

    Josina Burgess: then my question was; What when you should have shown up with a guy stabbing you with a knife and blood all over

    Medora Chevalier: still a principle only matters if you hold it for the most unattractive of the people you defend lol

    Josina Burgess: it seems  that as soon  there is a hint that smells like sex the puritans are faling over each other to shout; Shame , Shame

    Medora Chevalier: well the sim thing ws silly – she knew she’d be banned – sh hadnt had a headline for ages

    Medora Chevalier: then she attacked the festival for it

    Josina Burgess: when they appear like devils, or skeletons  covered in blood nobody yells

    Medora Chevalier: but the work is out of the dark bitter side we’ve been trying to get people to move out of

    Medora Chevalier: but it was not us curating

    Josina Burgess: well i was not there and dont know what her intentions are. I just can speak for myself.

    Josina Burgess: I am very sorry that this is happened

    Josina Burgess: but we will not cick her out of Carp

    Medora Chevalier: well – sometimes there are differences

    Josina Burgess: yes  there are

    Medora Chevalier: of course not – unless she misbehaves there

    Josina Burgess: here she is peace itsself

    Medora Chevalier: especially between US and Europe fundamental principles

    Josina Burgess: europeans for all the dutch (i think) are more crazy then the rest of europe:)

    Josina Burgess: well she got what every artist wants:) she is the Talk of the Town lol

    Medora Chevalier: well – that’s easy – we could all do what she did

    Josina Burgess: we are not her

    Medora Chevalier: if headlines were what we wanted without regard to any consequences

    Josina Burgess: did you personally talk with her/

    Medora Chevalier: no, I’ve been busy with the festival and then had this intensely pushy discussion trying to get me to cut her out of the festival

    Josina Burgess: pushed from others?

    Medora Chevalier: oh yes all day!

    Josina Burgess: öthers”have no say

    Medora Chevalier: well only against me they pulled out because I wouldnt push you lol

    Josina Burgess: they must know that save me is an artist that works on her own and  when she  misbehaves”in other peoples eyes and is not sticking  to the “rules”they have set up, and they Own the sim, they are very well intitled to cick her out or ban her

    Josina Burgess: She accepted that.

    Medora Chevalier: they didnt want to be asociated with anything with her in it ie Imagine fest

    Josina Burgess: For me  I have no troubles whatsoever with her, she collaborates greatly, makes  interesting projects, has something to say

    Josina Burgess: and when that is nor suiting some people they can, shout and push whatever  and how much they want to me, I will not ban or cick her out

    Medora Chevalier: no -of course not. I just dont like negative work except when it really tells things well, but thats my taste

    Josina Burgess: ithe ways of an artist are not always easy to understand like not every book is easy to read. Still true artists are clearing the road for  the ones  coming later, this always was and will be in history. And yes they shock sometimes and cick a lot of asses, thats why they  are artists. they follow no “rules”they have no message on what people think or find, they go their own way.

    Josina Burgess: what would happen with the world when there would be only artists that nicely do what the crowd thinks?

    Medora Chevalier: yes – I just believe more people are won round by vision that shocked into thinking diffrently

    Medora Chevalier: but shock is needed sometimes

    Josina Burgess: very much so

    Josina Burgess: it was was i did when i was a protest singer

    Josina Burgess: my records were banned from the radio

    Josina Burgess: because I used the word ‘Rape”

    Medora Chevalier: aw Josi – you must have been singing out of tune !

    Medora Chevalier: LOL

    Josina Burgess: lol

    Josina Burgess: so when soemthing like this happens i am right on the barricades to defend  atrists, even when I  myself would not  apreciate the work. I would never listenm to what “people”say

    Medora Chevalier: yep – well it seems that’s where I am too after running the national campaign for the arts I could never let art be kicked out for controversy

    Josina Burgess: yes, so its a storm in a glass of water. as usual. After tomorrow they find something else to be shocked about and make a fuzz over that:)

    Medora Chevalier: despite my personal taste sorry to have lost the 10 artists tho

    Medora Chevalier: wonder if they agree?

    Josina Burgess: in the meantime they probably  squeeze the cat in the dark:0

    Medora Chevalier: dont know that one :)

    Josina Burgess: its a dutch say:  means, they do things save me showedm but do that in the dark and hidden

    Josina Burgess: when its about murder, weapons or such things its all allright

    Medora Chevalier: yes I hate that

    Josina Burgess: when there is a taste of s.e. x they fall over each others feet to point fingers ans scream eeek

    Josina Burgess: is that hypocrit or what?

    Medora Chevalier: well- I recognise hte tendency

    Medora Chevalier: but I think it was that the “work” was exhinited in a PG area. In this case it was the depiction of violence they were offended by

    Josina Burgess: yes , I had to ask what PG was, I did not know that, and save me agreed she made a mistake here

    Josina Burgess: she was tp’d over there and just was bussy making those guys and just finished, she went  like she was

    Josina Burgess: and then found out it was this opening

    Josina Burgess: she did send me the whole converstion that took place and she started to change her outfit when they asked

    Medora Chevalier: I saw her but didnt see what it was wrapped round her lol

    Josina Burgess: but the rezzijng was slow and took some time

    Medora Chevalier: I need my eyes tyesting – too many hours in sl

    Josina Burgess: then they banned her

    Medora Chevalier: I saw on her website

    Josina Burgess: then she came back, (and that is save me) as a nun, with 5 monks, then they banned her again

    Medora Chevalier: what was wrong with the monks?

    Josina Burgess: i think the nun with munks thing was in fact very funny

    Josina Burgess: well maybe  also that was shocking lol

    Josina Burgess: she kicked religion now

    Medora Chevalier: well so did john lennon – imagine there’s no haven

    Josina Burgess: many dont listen to the words well

    Josina Burgess: they make their own stories

    Josina Burgess: dont be bothered by it medora. like i said, next week there is something else they are scremaing about

    Medora Chevalier: I wonder what people like Artistide, Sabrinaa, UB think

    Josina Burgess: but she writes sl history thats for sure

  • mhm great dialog, I soon share it on facebook :D

    but I’ve a question: where is now the Saveme Oh stuff I recently visiited at Diabolus …

    huh ?

  • Rose, from Two Fish adopted me, as did the Odyssee people, Miso kissed up with me, ColeMarie became my friend, Dan offered me a space, HP came back from the open sim to help me out, and Pol invited me to the sim of his friend Minerva where is my work too, Dekka invited me, as did Louise Portillo, as did Tina and Ampel. Just stay tuned or visit my roadshow. Nobody can stop me, or it must be my rl avatar!!!! But me and all my alts are trying hard.

  • Apmel loves you.. but who the hell is Ampel??? :) ))

    • You don’t know ampel? He is my secret Swedish lover. Don’t tell it to the Goose.

  • Y C now SaveMe, that Josina isn’t that bad. She is a lovely nice Dutch girly, just like you. I love Dutch woman !

    • Who said Josina is bad?? Not me. I only show what she said. That doesn’t mean I don’t love her. It’s you I don’t love because you are much worse.

  • Bug Breaks Ban

    Yesterday Josina Burgess send out an invitation for a 3D expo in Diabolus Sim where she banned me for 3 months and I gave it a try and the miracle happened, I could go in. I arrived with the TP 1000 meters lower as the exhibition place but I could easily fly up. The only thing what was not possible was using public chat. People saw me typing but the chat lines didn’t appear, but attach something was no problem. On the pic you see me with attached ban lines next to Josina Burgess. Not on the pic is the steam coming out of her ears!


    I thank the Linden for not being able to let the ban system work perfect and hope the sim owners who think they deserve special powers because they pay will search alternatives for their happy trigger finger on the eject button.  When it was up to these people Nelson Mandela would still be in prison.

    SaveMe Oh: What is this big brother? Am I half banned now?

    Velazquez Bonetto: Half? How works that?

    SaveMe Oh: My public chat doesn’t work, why?

    Velazquez Bonetto: Nothing is perfect, the banning system of SL hmmmm don’t work, not software from me.

    SaveMe Oh: haha what a relief for you

    Velazquez Bonetto: :-) ))))

    SaveMe Oh: Well then better unban me completely.

    SaveMe Oh: So???? I am waiting?

    Velazquez Bonetto: If you can be here than you can everywhere because the system works not. Don’t need waiting, nothing to do.

    SaveMe Oh: I mean, when it don’t work, why leave me on a ban list?

    Ow SaveMe, I love this picture. You know what, I copy it. Thanks!

    Independent Artists Crushed By Simowners

    More and more poor skilled simowners find themselves more important than the artist they host. In the beginning they keep up an image of being art lovers who love to host the works from various artists, but the turning point has come where the simowners wants the audience to focus on themselves and expect compliments for their good Samaritan behaviour. The ones who saw the poor painting ability of Merlina Rokocoko (PIRATS) or Josina Burgess (CARP) compared with the exposure they create for themselves must agree that is pure injustice that those amateurs decide who is in or out of the SL art scène. Of course it comes always down to the point that the one who pays decide, but it’s a sad development. Now they are all day busy tagging themselves in the most boring movies in the metaverse, the ones who are of openings of exhibitions. PIRATS produce this bullshit weekly, so a hell of a lot tagging to do, CARP is a little less frequent as they are the champions of reproduction, remakes of The Wall or Metropolis, done over and over again, and the openings, just as PIRATS, always the same ritual. At PIRATS nobody looks at the artwork as it is a sad market of 100 “artists” a week, where it is obligate to say coucou to Newbab Zsigmond or Merlina Rokocoko. In Carp you are not forced to say hello to Josina Burgess or Velazquez Bonetto but you have to wear sunglasses as they love to crush you under a firestorm of floating screensavers and particles from which they love to take millions of pics. And of course Josina expect you to accept her invitation to join her dancehud. That means floating like a hippie thru her texture bombardment.

    The space an artist is given is also always of the same boring construction, the labyrinth tree structure of PIRATS, where an artist almost can’t present any work, is holy like the sacred grey wander fields of CARP. The simowners of both places think they invented the Columbus egg.

    Al those developments, together with the sad contests organized everywhere by simowners too lazy to do themselves some work make the environment in which artists have to do their work a business of artwhores who listen as dogs to their bosses.

    It’s time for a league of artists who decide themselves where and under what conditions they present their work, not controlled by simowners or secondlife owners who tell them what to make, in what colors, and how big.

    OMG….did I really write that down??? Of course it’s only a scream for attention from a sad avatar that lost all credibility (quote from Debbie Trilling). I am begging on my knees…please Merlina and Josina, close me in your arms again, please…I need a mother.

  • Oh, SaveMe, you found THE point!!

  • probably why so many people have their own land… join us! outside the “art” world and into the new way. the good way. the way ahead. fuck big art.

  • I agree with you !!


    Avatar Hi Jacked

    During another ”exiting” exhibition in CARP, this time from the father of hyperbullshitism DanCoyote Antonelli an avatar was hi jacked by me and was forced to take this fine shots from the masterminds of nothing. But who the hell is that Hi Jacked avatar??? A poor unlucky bastard, that’s for sure, who took a big risk.

    DanCoyote Antonelli and Mr. X (or Oh?)

    Velazquez Bonetto and Mr. X (or Oh?)

    Debbie (Un)Trilling and Mr. X (or Oh?)

    Josina Burgess and Mr. X (or Oh?)

  • lclassic. the wolf in sheep’s clothing amongst the flock.

  • And a new exiting game coming soon: SWAP your avatar.


    Remember 15 February 2010?

    1.You have to remove the hatefull and vindictive video you made about Pirats.

    2.We expect a apology for this video.

    3.You will be disrupted from CARP/Diabolus for 3 months, you will not be able to rez, or have any exhibitions on Diabolus, with the warning that when you come back you have to behave as a human being and put your personal vendetta’s aside.

     Josina Burgess/Josina den Burger

    Velazquez Bonetto/ Laszlo Oerdoegh

    3 months after 15 february is 15 may, so I was expecting to be unbanned and received with open arms back in CARP, but I could try as much as I want, no answer, only complete ignorance.

    I am afraid we have again found a group of owners who are liars and only want to stare at their own bellybutton.

    And instead of open up they banned also my 36 sisters. On behalve of Josina and Velazquez I apologise to them for their arbitrariness.

    [2010/05/15 15:13]  SaveMe Oh: Hi Vela

    [2010/05/15 15:23]  SaveMe Oh: Hoi Josina

    [2010/05/16 14:12]  SaveMe Oh: Hi Vela

    [2010/05/16 14:18]  SaveMe Oh: Hoi Josina

    [2010/05/17 13:01]  SaveMe Oh: Hi Vela

    [2010/05/17 13:12]  SaveMe Oh: Hoi Josina

    [2010/05/18 13:39]  SaveMe Oh: Hi Vela

    [2010/05/18 14:19]  SaveMe Oh: Hoi Josina

    [2010/05/19 15:21]  SaveMe Oh: Hi Vela

    [2010/05/19 13:34]  SaveMe Oh: Hoi Josina

    [2010/05/20 15:47]  SaveMe Oh: Hi Vela

    [2010/05/20 15:09]  SaveMe Oh: Hoi Josina

    [2010/05/21 14:12]  SaveMe Oh: Hi Vela

    [2010/05/21 14:44]  SaveMe Oh: Hoi Josina

    [2010/05/22 13:58]  SaveMe Oh: Hi Vela

    [2010/05/22 13:19]  SaveMe Oh: Hoi Josina

    [2010/05/23 13:12]  SaveMe Oh: Hi Vela

    [2010/05/23 14:11]  SaveMe Oh: Hoi Josina

    [2010/05/24 15:54]  SaveMe Oh: Hi Vela

    [2010/05/24 13:33]  SaveMe Oh: Hoi Josina

    [2010/05/25 13:26]  SaveMe Oh: Hi Vela

    [2010/05/25 13:09]  SaveMe Oh: Hoi Josina

    [2010/05/26 13:42]  SaveMe Oh: Hi Vela

    [2010/05/26 14:17]  SaveMe Oh: Hoi Josina

    [2010/05/27 15:22]  SaveMe Oh: Hi Vela

    [2010/05/27 13:46]  SaveMe Oh: Hoi Josina 

    Guantanamo CARP, Banned For Eternity

    to SaveMe Oh,

    This to let you know that CARP has decided to keep your banning stand and well for eternity.
    After all the provoces, crazy behaving, childish herassments, spoiling openings and totaly chysophrenic behaviour of this avatar we think we really have no need to let this avatar take part in any of the productions or events of CARP/Diabolus.

    For us the SaveMe OH avatar no longer exists, and thats final.


    Josina Burgess
    Velazquez Bonetto

    Us in happier times:


    If Your Remake Sucks, Better Make A Copy

    The Wall from CARP, redone for the fourth time, bigger, more tastefull then ever they say, but it’s just like a BigMac XXL, after you taste it you get sick and have to puke.

    Josina Burgess: ty for coming you all!

    Josina Burgess: it helped a lot to have you here

    SaveMe Oh: it was lovely

    SaveMe Oh: Leni Riefenstahl would be proud of you all, what a megalomaniac, bombastic, simplistic work, but the dances from the old fairies that are there to distract from the subject danced great like always

    Velazquez Bonetto: I love Leni Riefenstahl, she was a very innovative filmmaker

    SaveMe Oh: Yes, already feared that

    Ataro Asbrink: leni was better than saveme

    Clovis Luik: her politics were misguided but she did know how to use lighting well

    Clovis Luik: at least within the context of her time period

    Velazquez Bonetto: yepp unfortunately

    Ataro Asbrink: “the blue light”, a wonderful film, together with bela balasz

    SaveMe Oh: But I was not revearing to the techincal side, but to the bombastic, megalomanic message that was hidden in that technics

    Ataro Asbrink: eisenstein did the same for stalin

    Velazquez Bonetto: yes you have right the pink floyd has megalomanic bombastic message

    SaveMe Oh: but it was clear

    Velazquez Bonetto: and great technics

    SaveMe Oh: how about your message?

    Clovis Luik: the message was a seduction for the masses

    SaveMe Oh: how I should read Josinas dancing with the Pink Floyd message?

    Josina Burgess: was great to see you came with so many

    Velazquez Bonetto: some understand the message other not, it is milieu question

    SaveMe Oh: could you explain it for the more stupid people like me?

    SaveMe Oh: and for the ones banned behind walls or bars?

    Velazquez Bonetto: not necessary SaveMe you are not stupid and you understand well the message

    SaveMe Oh: I understand the message from THE WALL, but I find it a little being abused here

    Velazquez Bonetto: thats your problem

    SaveMe Oh: messages killed because technics are obvious more important

    SaveMe Oh: I think thats a pity

    SaveMe Oh: more is not better in this case

    Velazquez Bonetto: all have right to decide that it is more or not, you also, no problem

    SaveMe Oh: it was a rehearsal, my advice is to stop, and watch the DVD of Pink Floyd again

    SaveMe Oh: and when you feel the need to do a remake, better make a copy 

    I asked myself the same questions as SaveMe asks.

    And in addition to that I think it is very conventionally staged in the end with the lonely guitarplayer/singer Junivers high up on a podium and the dancers far below…

    As an audience you can not take in the whole scene, you have to look at the individual avas one or a couple at a time.
    So the masseffect does not work… if you back the camera and get the whole picture the look just like ants, nothing more.
    Put them all up close to Juni instead. His person is not important, his song is.


    Comment by SaveMe Oh on June 13, 2010 9:00 pm

    SaveMe Oh: again this link is missing, Josina….
    Josina Burgess: old news judging to fast to soon about a rehearsel that was just for proving the balnce of the sim and if tp’s are working, and Not the final performance,and coming from a yelaous mind , has no value at all have no value
    SaveMe Oh: its not up to you to judge if my opinion has value, people can decide that themselves
    Cleo Collins: We heard you the first time SaveMe
    Josina Burgess: like i said, coming from a yelous mind, prejudging and not having seen the real thing, has no value
    SaveMe Oh: [13:36] Josina Burgess: You have been ejected from ‘Art Gallery Diabolus’ by Josina Burgess.
    Cleo Collins: /applaudes
    SaveMe Oh: censorship is not easy for makers of THE WALL
    SaveMe Oh: sorry Josina, SL is acting strange today
    Josina Burgess: we will continue doing so\
    SaveMe Oh: making the WALL or censor people?

    Hi, CARP group members,

    You may have heard that Igor Ballyhoo deleted his account on July 23, 2011 (you can still find his profile, I think it takes about six months for it to be removed). The reason for this was he could no longer endure the persistent bullying and ongoing harassment by SaveMe Oh. She has been attacking him for the past year or so, part of this has been ongoing on her blog, part of it has been at gallery openings and part of it has been via private IM. 

    Many of the Art groups, and also Nordan Art and CARP, discussed earlier tonight what could be done about this. We want Igor back and SaveMe to be removed. While there is still some RL business that needs to be affirmed before any action can be taken,  letters from art houses and art groups could greatly contribute and also personal letters from creators and art lovers like you. Also we will look into steps that can be taken in RL concerning the blog where she  writes her lies and harasses innocent people.

    While we realize this is not an easy undertaking, we want to move forward with our plan. SaveMe Oh has terrorized SL long enough and nothing has ever been done about it. We ask you for your support in the form of a Letter of Complaint addressed to Rhett Linden, Director of Experience, Linden Lab. Drop it in his profile. The more people show that the terrorism Saveme Oh is acting out on SL is not longer possible; the more chance there is she will be removed from SL forever.

    Thank you.

    Josina Burgess 

    Sim Owners Occupy LEA

    Some people might have thought the LEA sims were for independent artists but we already see that the Licking Every Asshole (LEA) practice is getting widespread. Owners of huge sims like the CARP members are now occupying LEA to make remakes of old junk they did years before. Cleaning out their inventories. Other starting artists have to do land rushes to get a little piece of ground but these friends of friends of friends re-invent corruption every day to keep the divide and conquer rules alive in secondlife.

    Velazquez Bonetto: ah SaveMe hallo

    Velazquez Bonetto: thank you we don’t need your help

    Junivers Stockholm: well now we have video proof for who’s the worst griefer in SL

    SaveMe Oh: contributor I would prefer

    SaveMe Oh: aren’t you glad?

    Junivers Stockholm: it’s the most hateful person I met

    SaveMe Oh: or is you firebreathing art and mine griefing???

    SaveMe Oh: strange

    Velazquez Bonetto: ah thank you SaveMe you are here in the right place

    Velazquez Bonetto: in the last scene can you dance if you have inspiration

    SaveMe Oh: I am a walking inspiration, as you know

    SaveMe Oh: I always bring out the best in people

    SaveMe Oh: they don’t realize it always in the first moment

    SaveMe Oh: but after they will

    Velazquez Bonetto: aha interesting theory

    SaveMe Oh: One day you will realize it too

    SaveMe Oh: but you have still all your SL to discover

    SaveMe Oh: It’s so nice LEA brings us all together again

    junivers Stockholm: I just sent an abuse report for SaveMe

    junivers Stockholm: she´s the worst griefer SL saw

    Josina Burgess: mute it

    junivers Stockholm: I’ve been tolerating her too long now. My patience is over – kaputt

    Josina Burgess: we will talk in conference

    SaveMe Oh: is this not a public art space?

    junivers Stockholm: she can be allowed to GRIEF herself in

    SaveMe Oh: am I by accident on forbidden grounds?

    SaveMe Oh: I was just flying by and was wondering what nice things where in front of my eyes

    SaveMe Oh: as I also sometimes drop a thing or two in LEA

    junivers Stockholm: I muted her and I will NOT unmute her. She can do what she wants on her blog. More and more people are discovering how hateful she is

    SaveMe Oh: I don’t see the hate part???

    SaveMe Oh: I thought interaction between artists was a high goal?

    junivers Stockholm: And to all saveme´s blog reader – Watch out she gonna use you. That’s what she does

    SaveMe Oh: not?

    SaveMe Oh: I never used you, Junivers

    Josina Burgess: ah derender is super

    SaveMe Oh: I only said once your guitar solos were far too long

    SaveMe Oh: but that’s just an opinion nobody has to agree with

    junivers Stockholm: In all groups she was welcome she´s now banned. ! person gets banned almost everywhere – is that a coincidence????

    SaveMe Oh: I am only banned in the groups were owners find themselves more important than the artists

    SaveMe Oh: or the groups who are ruled by amateurs

    junivers Stockholm: we now have video proof how she destroys our video shooting. We are grownups with valuable time. We don’t have time to waste it on griefers

    Josina Burgess: \o/

    SaveMe Oh: I didn’t saw a sign saying “silence, movie shooting ahead”!

    SaveMe Oh: And as I made more or less 100 movies I know something about moviemaking

    SaveMe Oh: I even did a remake of remakes of remakes of remakes that you guys did

    Velazquez Bonetto: good strategy SaveMe

    SaveMe Oh: I could not know a firebreathing Juni was a moviestar in action

    SaveMe Oh: I just anticipated on his performance

    SaveMe Oh: what was very nice of me

    SaveMe Oh: as it made his performance a lot more exiting

    SaveMe Oh: he in that tefal suit, me almost naked

    SaveMe Oh: the beauty and the beast

    SaveMe Oh: a classic

    SaveMe Oh: hope you had some good shots

    Velazquez Bonetto: yes we have good shots made before you come

    SaveMe Oh: whatever you want, you are playing the director


    SaveMe Oh: ok guys, break is finished, lets shoot some scenes

    SaveMe Oh: Josina, do your butterfly

    junivers Stockholm: I can’t understand why she is here when she hates us so much – seems real stupid to me.

    SaveMe Oh: I don’t hate you, only your pathetic work

    Medora Chevalier: (quotes Rose) Rose Borchovski: “when you want Save to leave you just ask”

    Medora Chevalier: SaveMe please leave

    Josina Burgess: plz yes

    SaveMe Oh: sorry guys, I have you muted I think

    SaveMe Oh: what did you asked?

    Quan Lavender: they muted you all

    SaveMe Oh: I know

    SaveMe Oh: pass me some nice conversations when you hear one

    Quan Lavender: all non-members of carp are not allowed to film here

    Josina exhausted after heavy skydancing